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End Gaza Siege


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Syria News - August 27, 2011 (Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


August 27, 2011

(08-28-11) Hama | Assad's Thugs Force People To Dig Up Graves

HOMS 27/8

Al-Rifa'e mosque under attack

Syria - Mosque Under Attack - Shabiha Shoot Worshippers in Al Rifai Mosque - Damascus

27 Aug 2011 Damascus - Blood in the ablution area of Al-Rifa'e mosque after the attack

Aug 27, 2011 - Kafarsouseh (Rifae mosque) Damascus

(08.27.2011) Kafr Souseh | Damascus | Abdul-Kareem Rifai Mosque attacked by Assad's thugs

(08-27-11) Kafr Souseh | Damascus | Syrian Government Forces Shoot Inside Mosque

(08-27-11) Kafr Souseh | Damascus | An injured in AlRifai mosque attack

(08-27-11) Kafr Souseh | Damascus | The Brave Protesting Inside AlRifai' Mosque

(08.27.2011) Damascus | An injured in Rifai mosque attack - Free Syria

Damascus - A civilian wounded by the security forces when they attacked a mosque in the center of the city this night.

Damascus- worshipper injured because defended Sheikh Osama Rifa

Osama Al-Rifa'e, the Imam of the Al-Rifa'e mosque in the hospital after he was attacked by the security forces.

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: security forces launched at dawn on Saturday a wide detention campaign in Hajar Aswad (black stone) that included tens, known among the detainees so far: Reyad Awadi, Amjad Awadi, Mohammad Awadi, Abdullah Qano, Bassam Qano, Khaled Qano, Ady Bassam Qano, Amer Abd Qano, Samer Qano, Ala'a Qano, Mohammad Hammod Barakat, Mohammad Turky Barakat

Daraa: Jeza: state TV has introduced today one of Jeza's detainees as a terrorist who killed two of the police in Daraa, with the knowledge that the detainee Loqman Mohammad Deen Atya was arrested three days ago and he was wanted days after the funeral of child Hamza Ali Al-Khateeb for his active participation in that funeral and he used his private car in the funeral with adding speakers on it chanting against the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Heavy gunfire to disperse 5000 demonstrators near Douma hospital.

Damscus Suburbs: Harasta: fall of martyr Samer Afandi due to heavy shooting on a big demonstration that was heading to the highway leading to Damascus to prevent it from moving to the capital despite the protesters attempts, news about splits in the army on the entrances of the city.

Qamishli: demonstration in Antaryieh neighborhood it was dispersed by about 200 security unit, and another one in Hlalyeh started from Qasmo mosque.

Damascus Suburbs: Kanaker: heavy security spread around the city.

Daraa: Daeel: About 5000 demonstrators in the middle street now chanting to topple the regime and in solidarity with Damascus neighborhoods, Damascus Suburbs and all besieged cities

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: hundreds of security units siege Zaid Bin Thabet mosque.

Aleppo: Gunfire to disperse a demonstration in the western neighborhood in Maree, another demonstration in Darat Aza village.
Deir Ezzor: about 1,000 people went out from Jaa Al-Farj in Tayana neighborhood and everyone is chanting in solidarity with Sheikh Refai and the martyrs.

Idlib: massive demonstration with participation of thousands started from one of the mosques in the city passed on the homes of the martyrs to salute their families, with the participation of a women's demonstration involving hundreds.

Deir Ezzor: Dispersing a demonstration marched from Fatth mosque, armed thugs (Shabiha) assaulting demonstrators and beating them up.

Homs: shelling nail bombs toward the demonstrators in Mala’ab area, many people are injured and the security forces surrounding the area.

Qamishli: arrest of Mohammad Shabeeb Abd Al-Rahman, one of Tay clan elders, in a security ambush.

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: 4000 demonstrators now sit –in Junainant square in solidarity with Kafar Sousah and the detainees
Damascus: demonstration took off in Kafarsouseh square chanted for toppling of the regime and it was dispersed by force by the security

Idlib: Ma’arshourin: about 2000 demonstrators chanting for Damascus. A wide arrest campaign in Maaret Al-Nouman.

Aleppo: Maree: Security force dispersing a demonstration in the city by teargas

Daraa: Nawa: another demonstration start in the middle of the city with the participation of hundreds chanting for toppling of the regime and in solidarity with Kafarsosa.

Damascus Suburbs: Kanaker: More than 1500 demonstrators marched from Omari mosque in solidarity with Kafar Sousah.

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: More than 1000 demonstrators marched from Arnoos mosque toward Junainant square to sit –in.

Damascus Suburbs: demonstrations in Zamalka and Erbeen has met and the protesters are heading toward Jobar.

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: A demonstration chanting to topple the regime

Homs: A massive demonstration took off from Karm Al-Shami and is heading towards Midan to joing up with another demonstration there. Another demonstration also took off from Al-Talla mosque in Bab Hood heading towards the main square in the neighbourhood, chanting for toppling of the regime and in solidarity with Damascus.

Daraa: Nawa: Hundreds participated in a demonstration marched near the private hospital, chanted to topple the regime and to trial the President. Military forces and tanks deployment to disperse the demonstration.

Homs: Kseer: more than 5000 demonstrators gathering in Ahmed Harba square, despite the heavy security presence, the numbers are increasing.

Lattakia: Mashatti Mosque in Slaibeh, and Byraqdar Mosque in Mashroou Slaibeh, have been sieged to prevent any demonstrations from starting.

Daraa: Two demonstrations in Inkhil in solidarity with Kafar Sousah, one in the northern neighborhood, the security forces dispersed it by gunfire the second one marched from Huda mosque.

Idlib: Intermittent gunfire in Kafrnabl after a demonstration took off in the town. And another demonstration in Sirmeen has started chanting for toppling of the regime and in solidarity with Damascus and Sheikh Al-Rifai.

Banyas: heavy security spread in Marqab and siege of the mosque to prevent the people from demonstrating to demand the release of the detainees.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: The people gathered in Al Sabil neighborhood and trying to march to Damascus, however the city the completely surrounded and all the telecommunications are cut off.

Lattakia: Gunfire to disperse the demonstration marched from Fatahi mosque in Slaibeh and another demonstration marched from Rahman mosque in Tabiyat.

Homs: martyrdom of Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Najar (60 years old), and works as a driver of a minibus, affected by injury he got beaten by Shabiha (regime armed thugs)

Homs: Hawleh: people of Hawleh go out in a demonstration in solidarity with Damascus

Damascus: sporadic shooting in Dahadel and Qadam and a demonstration start from Al-Majid mosque in Al-Zahra Al-Qadema (old Zahra).

Rastan: arresting Mamoun Fawaz –25 year old from the company he works for between Rastan and Talbiseh.

Damascus Suburbs - Daraya: heavy gunshots fire in the air on the way to Daraa next to the Daraya exit. people are fleeing town fearing a possible invasion.

Damascus Suburbs: Moadamiah: Security are deploying in all over the city specially over Rawdah ST.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Security forces have set fire into a wanted man's house during a raid, and after failing in finding him. Fire has expanded to the whole building.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Imad Abu Habra died from his injuries that he suffered security forces shot him in the chest. His relatives could not rescue him to the hospital due to the siege, the security barriers and the continuous gunfire.

Damascus suburbs: Harasta: A demonstration started from Baidar Shamali and heading to Tanawieh street passing from Ajami and Intaj neighborhoods raising banners demanding to topple the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Security forces stormed the city and have begun shooting.

Damascus Suburbs: A demonstration with the participation of about 150 children in Zabandany chanting We want to celebrate Eid without Bashar.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: A demonstration is taking place in front of the Shafi'i Mosque.

Homs: Security forces are shooting at a massive demonstration on Dablan Street in Homs; no reports of casualties at this time.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: The Army and security forces are erecting barricades in the city with the goal of arresting demonstrators coming in from Douma.

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Security forces have imposed a curfew on the city; in the meantime, they are conducting raids, and vandalizing and looting shops.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Security forces and shabbiha (regime's armed thugs) are shooting randomly; there are reports of several wounded.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Security forces stormed the city and have begun shooting.

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: security forces shoot in an attempt of preventing the youth from gathering to join Douma-Hamouria's demonstration and fall of three injuries.

Hasakeh: Security authorities launched an arrest campaign on Friday that included a number of activists, among them Ahmad Hussein Bakr; Adnan Mustapha Omar; Mahmoud Azad; Walid Abdel Kader; Alaa Sirhan; and Miral Al-Sheikha, who suffers from heart disease, recently underwent surgery, and requires special medical care.

Damascus Suburbs: Security forces are dispersing a demonstration through heavy and systematic shooting in Hamouria; they are also chasing demonstrations across farms.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Residents of the city have closed their shops in protest against security forces' gunfire on demonstrators.

Damascus Suburbs: Security forces fired live ammunition at protesters, wounding many, near the Saqba cemetary in Hammouriyeh.

Damascus Suburbs: Thousands of protesters marching from Douma and through Misraba have reacehd Hammouriyeh.

Damascus Suburbs: Security forces are shooting at protesters to disperse a demonstration in Ma'adamiyeh.

Homs: A massive demonstration in support to Damascus and the besieged cities started moments ago in Deir Ba'albeh in front of petrochemicals college.

Homs: A massive demonstration in support to Damascus and the besieged cities started moments ago in Deir Ba'albeh in front of petrochemicals college.

Daraa: Atba'a: Security forces and shabbiha (regime's armed thugs) have stormed the town amid heavy gunfire, raids, and arrests

Damascus: A demonstration in front of Mansour mosque in Midan.

Deir Ezzor: Boukamal: Sporadic shooting from Hajjaneh barrack and Wadi Ali.

Damascus suburbs: Kanaker: A demonstration of hundreds went out after dawn payer from Omari mosque.

Damascus suburbs: Zabadani: Heavy shooting as a demonstration going out from A'ara sq. now.

Damascus: Security forces and shabiha (regime's armed thugs) are attacking the people sitting-in in Kafarsouseh sq

Damascus: Kafarsouseh sq. is full of residents who are staging a sti-in, a number of shabiha (regime's armed thugs) retreated and more than 1000 agent are in the area.

Damascus: Large demonstrations in Tijara, Midan, Nahr Aisha and Qadam trying to head towards Kafarsouseh sq. to end the siege and join the revolutionists there.

Damascus Suburbs: Qodsaya: A demonstration set out moments ago from Omari Mosque

Damascus: A massive demonstration went out moments ago in Tijara neighborhood in the heart of Damascus.

Homs: Demonstrations in all of Qosour, Inshaat and Ghouta.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Campaign of house raids and arrests in Shohada Square now.

Aleppo: Security forces and Shabiha shoot in the air to keep the worshippers that are leaving Zaim Mosque and Abu Hanifa Mosque from protesting.

Aleppo: A huge demonstration in Tal Refaat set out from the front of Abdulrahman Mosque.

Damascus: A demonstration set out now from Daqqaq Mosque in Midan to ease pressure on those trapped in Rifai Mosque.

Damascus: Sheikh Osama Rifai was beaten by security forces and Shabiha, more than 100 people were arrested, while hundreds are still surrounded inside the mosque.

Homs: Rastan: Tanks surround the town while helicopters fly above it.

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Random detention campaign in Thawra neighborhood now.

Lattakia: Heavy presence of security forces in Slaibeh and Slaibeh Projects to avoid any demonstration after morning prayers.

Damascus: The young men are refusing to step out of Rifai Mosque after Sheikh Osama Rifai tried to negotiate with them, fearing to be betrayed by the security forces as has happened before. Sheikh Rifai is inside the mosque with the young men right now.

Damascus: One person killed and many injured in the heads and stomachs by live ammo, in addition to problems breathing from tear gas

Daraa: Dael: A huge demonstration in Awsat Street after finishing the ceremonies of Lailatul Qadr.

Deir Ezzor: Shaheel: Abdul Rahman Issa Abboud Alhajr died as a result from his injury hat he suffered today when security forces opened fire on demonstrators.

Damascus: A demonstration set out from Nazeer Mosque behind the foreign ministry, in solidarity with the protesters in Rifaee mosque . Another demonstration in Mazzeh was dispersed by security forces. A third demonstration in Ziqaq Jenn is heading towards Kafar Souseh.

Idleb: Abdullah Hammoud Dani was killed in Kafar Nabl by bullets of the security forces.

Damascus: 10 people injured, 5 of them are in threatening condition, following the attack on worshippers in Rifai Mosque. Some of the worshippers have stepped out of the mosque after Sheikh Rifai has intervened, it is not known if they were detained or not, since the entire neighborhood was locked down by the security forces.


Syria Protests August 27, 2011 : A Video Roundup:

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