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Syria News - September 30, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


September 30, 2011

Bashar al Assad, killing defenseless people Syria Hama Kffersita Martyrs Friday 30 9

Bashar al Assad, killing defenseless people Syria Hama Martyr Abdullah Mahmoud Al Ali 30 92 011

Bashar al Assad, killing defenseless people Hama Syria Kffersita Martyr Abdul Latif Hassan Bkour 30 9


Bashar al Assad, Syria kills defenseless people of Homs Alshahydmamed Albashat 30 9

(09.30.2011) Homs | Martyr Muhammad AlBashat shot by Assad forces

(09.30.2011) Midan | Damascus | A protester got shot by Assad's gangs inside Al Hassan Mosque

Hama - Kafrzita, martyr Abdellatif Hassan Bakour, 09-30-2011

Death toll in Syria in the Friday of "Victory for Sham and Yemen" has reached 23, 12 are from Homs province ( Homs city , Rastan , Talbieseh), 6 in Hama and suburbs, 3 in Douma and Darayya in Damascus Suburbs, and one in each of Idleb and Daraa.

National Council: After meetings that lasted for two days, which was with the participation of the forces of Damascus Declaration, the Muslim Brotherhood, the temporary administration authority of the Syrian National Council (SNC), a number of forces and Kurds partys, the Assyrian Organization, the General Authority of the Syrian revolution, the Local Coordination Committees, the Supreme Council of the Syrian revolution, and Dr.Burhan Ghalyon. It was agreed on forming the National Council on the basis of equal participation . The final composition will be announced in a manifesto that will be issued during the next two days.

Rastan : shortage of water, food and medication in the city. Appeals for blood donation are raised. Necessary medical assistance seems to be lacking due to the continuous raid and arrrest campaigns and the ongoing artillery shelling coming now from Rastan dam and big bridge (eastern part)

Hama: arbitrary Arrests in the neighborhood of Al-Shreya and Janob Al-Malaab.

Aleppo: shooting now to disperse a night demonstration in Shakour neighborhood.

Damacus Suburbs: Qudsaya: martyrdom of Saleh Edden Zaky after he was shot by the security this morning, and Salah is the first martyr in Qudsaya since the beginning of the Syrian revolution.

Daraa: Daeel: storming of the city this morning by security forces who carried out a raids and arresting campaign along with insulting the people, beating women, destroying homes, stealing money, and arresting more than 100 people, they also burned the motorcycles and cut the connections to return a short while ago.

Daraa: security forces are doing a random arresting campaign in Al-Arbaeen neighborhood and Yarmouk neighborhood, and heavy shooting is heard.

Damascus suburb: Doma: hundreds are protesting chanting for toppling of the regime and bringing the president to trial.

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: martyrdom of soldier Mohammad Khaled Jomaa Al-Ibrahim in Hama for refusing to shoot at demonstrators.Qamishli: hundreds perform a sit-in in front of Al-Rahmeh Hospital where the injured are treated with the participation of Assyrians and demanding the topple of the regime and chanting for national unity.

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: tens of Shabiha are provoking the people with pro-Assad expressions in the main square.

Damascus Suburbs: Kafar Batna: heavy deployment of the army and Shabiha in the streets and on the roofs of the building.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: evening demonstration take off from Al-Mahmoud mosque, security patrols roamed the area after it.

Jableh: security forces disperse a demonstration that came out in Jarks neighborhood and chanted for Rastan and trial of Bashar,and arrested one of the participants in it, and heavy security deployment in area with cut of electricity on it.

Lattakia: Hafeh: demonstration in Bakkas village now, chanting for Rastan and trial of Bashar.

Damascus: demonstration took off from Al-Kabeer mosque in Barzeh Al-Balad neighborhoods and went far to Janain neighborhood, the demonstrators are singing "Bashar go now" and chanting for Rastan and toppling of the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: at least two wounded after the security started shooting on the massive demonstration, which came out from Al-Jeser Al-Kabeer mosque despite the severe siege on the city today.

Damascus Suburbs: Doumair: massive demonstration came out chanting for toppling of the regime and is facing live ammunition by the security agencies.

Homs: Talbiseh: Om Ali Al-Ghajary was killed from random shooting from heavy weapons by the security forces.

Qamishli: sit-in in front of Al-Rahmeh Hospital where the people injured from gunshot were transfered.

Homs: Shooting in Deir Baalbeh neighborhood in the city of Homs, shooting from heavy weaponry in Talbeiseh now.

Damascus suburbs: Erbeen: heavy fire shooting in the city after the entry of 15 cars carrying members of the security forces and of the Shabiha through the Qwaider fuel station. The city is now besieged from all sides.

Homs: fire shooting from heavy weapons in Bab Sbaa neighborhood.

Damascus: Security forces are deployed in Qaboon neighborhood, they've established checkpoints to check ID cards of people in the streets.

Hama: Kafar Zita: fire shooting aiming to disperse the participants to the funeral of martyr Abd Al Latif Bakuri.

Damascus suburbs: Harasta: fire shooting and sound grenades accompany the reestablishment of the communications in the area.

Qamishli: 6 were wounded due to shooting at a night demonstration.

Idlib: Kafr Awid: The army has raided the town using BMP vehicles. This morning, three personnel carriers moved from Kafr Nabl toward Kafr Awid

Damascus Suburbs: Qudsaya: Security forces are conducting an arrest campaign throughout the town, and have arrested Hamido Razma for the second time.

Homs: Reports of gunfire from the Farabi barricade to terrorirze residents in the Bab Sbaa area.

Damascus suburbs: Erbeen: until now continuous fire shooting in the city.

Damascus: Qaboon: A demonstraion after Asr prayer in solidarity with Rastan despite the heavy security presence.

Damascus suburbs: Aqraba: Hundreds demonstrated after Friday prayer and security forces opened fire randomly to disperse it and arrested some participants.

Idlib: Khan Shekhon: shooting from heavy machine guns in the town and deployment of tanks in it.

Homs: Mohammad Rafeeq Al-Saeed was killed by security bullet in Khaldiyeh neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: heavy shooting returned in Saqba and Hamouria towards the demonstrators.

Homs: Heavy gunfire from heavy machineguns in Khaldieh caused to the damage of several electricity poles.

Qamishli: Electricity and internet are cut off in Amouda.

Homs: shooting in Bab Sbaa neighborhood by snipers deployed on Al-Qalaa.

Damascus: Qaboun: Storming Al Fath mosque and arresting some of the youth there among them, Mohammed Aiyda the brother of the martyr Adham Ayiyda.

Damascus: Qadam: Many were injured during shooting at a demonstration that went out from Sayyeda Aisha mosque, arrest campaign is conducted after a demonstration that went out from Salam mosque.

Homs: Deir Baalbeh is being stormed by armored vehicles accompanied by random shooting causing many injuries, shooting from heavy weaponry in Cairo street.

Daraa: Tseel: More than 11 were injured during shooting in Shekh Mousa neighborhood after defections in the army.

Damascus suburbs: Douma: Martyrdom of Colonel Samer Al-Hafez after he defected from the army today.

Homs: Three injured due to gunfire toward a demonstration in Karm Al Shami neighborhood.

Deir Ezzor: Demonstrations in Saraya, jourah and Jubailah neighborhoods despite the heavy security presences.

Damascus suburbs: Qudsaya: A lady was hit by security forces bullets as demonstrations renewed and security forces are trying to disperse them violently.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Heavy gunfire in Thaghra and Al Sabil neighborhoods.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Heavy gunfire everywhere and especially in Al Jalaa street.

Damascus: Qudsaya: Raids and house storming campiagn is continuing, among the detainees is the son of Shekh Riadh Sayyed, preacher of Omari mosque.

Damascus: Qaboon: Security forces are storming some alleies in the neighborhood and a heavy security presence in Nahr street.

Qamishli: Teargas bombs thrown on the demonstrators, the security are beating the demonstrators with electricity sticks.

Damascus: Barzeh: Random arresting campaign is going on in Barzeh now.

Damascus: A demonstration marched from Abdullah Bin Abi Huzafa mosque in Naher Aesheh area, holding Yemen's flag and chanting to topple the regime despite the heavy security presence

Damascus suburbs: Erbeen: Shooting in the main square.

Damascus Suburbs: Qudsiya: Storming and arresting campaign included 50 person, the gunfire is going on.

Jableh: A demonstration went out chanting to topple the regime and in solidarity with Homs and Rastan.

Damascus: Midan:<blockquote> Security forces arrested several demonstrators between Hasan and Ghawwas mosques and put them in Jeep cars.

Lattakia: raids and arresting campaign in Qnenis after a demonstration came out in the neighborhood, and arrest of Ahmad Rastum, Ahmad Omar, and Abu Zainab.

Damascus: gunfire renewed in Barzeh near Al Salam mosque.

Damascus suburbs: Zabadany: Heavy shooting at a demonstration in Gharbi neighborhood and Jabal Gharbi, reports about 2 injuries.

Daraa: Othman: Two demonstrations in the city, the first one marched from Bilal Al Habashi mosque in the southern neighborhood, the other one marched from Salah Eldin Al Ayoubi mosque, both met in the city main square chanting in solidarity with Rastan.

Homs: Heavy shooting in neighborhoods of Khaldieh and Shammas, electricity was cut off in Qusoor.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: heavy gunfire in all neighborhoods after demonstrations marched from several mosques, news about some injured.

Homs: Qosair: heavy shooting and expolsions with alert of the security forces in the area.

Damascus: Security forces open fire to disperse demonstrators in Barzeh.

Damascus suburbs: Shooting in Harasta.

Homs: Shooting to terrorize people in Qusoor neighborhood.

Hama: Snipers are deployed on Saraya building in Asi square.

Damascus suburbs: Kanaker: More than 2,000 demonstrators are chanting to topple the regime and security forces arrested one of the participants.

Homs: Direct gunfire toward the demonstrators in Khaldieh.

Daraa: A demonstration from Rahman mosque in Naiema village in solidarity with Rastan and calling to topple the regime.

Homs: shooting in Bayada neigborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Qudsiya: More than 20 demonstrators were arrested when the security forces attack a demonstration in the area and storm the houses in a violent ways.

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: heavy shooting on the demonstrators and arrest of more than 25 people of them.

Damascus Suburbs: Artooz: Maram Khashfa (24 years old) was kidnapped by Shabiha after dispersing a demonstration in the town

Lattakia: raids and arresting campaing in Al-Amod neighborhoos along with shooting and insult of the people, in affect of a demonstration that took off in the area.

Homs: at least two people are injured due to heavy gunfire toward demonstrators in Al Shamas neighborhood and huge explosions can be heard in the area.

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: fall of injured from shooting on demonstrators.

Homs: Gunfire to disperse the demonstration in Deir Baĺalba.

Aleppo: Mareĺe: A demonstration marched in the city chanting to topple the regime and in solidarity with the besieged cities.

Damascus: demonstration in Al-Ghawas street in Medan neighborhood and another one in Zain Al-Abdeen mosque in Zahra street.

Homs: shooting from heavy machine guns placed on tanks on the demonstrators in Ashira neighborhood.

Daraa: Nemer: A demonstration in the city calling to topple the regime.

Homs: Kseer: 3000 demonstrators chanting to topple the regime and in solidarity with the besieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: A demonstration marched from Osama mosque and another one from Abu Edris Al Khoulani mosque chanting to topple the regime despite the heavy security presence.

Daraa: Harra: More than 2000 demonstrators chanting to topple the regime.

Lattakia: hundreds demonstrate in Qnenis, and the security forces disperse a gathering while trying to demonstrate near Al-Bazar mosque, and arrest one of the people there, while the security forces and Shabiha are surrounding the mosque of Omar Bin Al-Khattab and Touraify in the neighborhoods of Segen, Ghareeb, and Fatahy in Salebyeh neighborhood and Homsain in Mashroaa Al-Salyybiyeh.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Gunfire toward demonstrations marched from several mosques after Friday prayer.

Hama: KaferZita: Martyrdom Abdulatif Al Bakour due to the heavy security gunfire.

Idlib: Saraqeb: a mass demonstration chanting for freedom and toppling the regime.

Aleppo: Tal Rifaat: a demonstartion set out in the region calling for toppling the regime.

Aleppo: Andan: a demonstration came out in Andan calling for toppling of the regime, despite the siege on the area.

Homs: 3 thousands in Bayada neighborhhood chanting for Rastan and demanding for toppling the regime.

Deir Ezzor: shooting heavy fire in Jbileh neighborhood.

Daraa: Nseeb: a demonstration set out chanting for Yemen and assured on the demands of freedom and toppling the regime.

Homs: a demonstration set out in Waer neighborhood calling for toppling the regime and the president's trial.

Idlib: Saraqeb: a mass demonstration chanting for freedom and toppling the regime.

Daraa: Tibet: a big demonstration set out calling for toppling the regime and the president's trial.

Homs: a demonstration set out in Khaldieh chanting for Rastan and demanding the president's trial.

Lattakia: a demonstration set out from Bazar mosque despite the heavy spread of the security.

Homs: demos in Alqossor and Alghota neighborhoods chanting to prosecute the president and in solidarity with Alrastan.

Hama: demonstrations set out in Teibet Al Imam going to Freedom square and chanting for toppling the regime.

Hama: heavy gunfire in Hamdyieh and the west of Al Mashtal region.

Hama: a demonstration set out from Hader region and the securoty is shooting bullets at the demonstrators.

Homs: a demonstration set out in Bab Hood chanting for toppling the regime and in solidarity with Rastan.

Banyas: heavy security deployment around the mosques of Banyas in the south part in addition to the security presence in the square of Byada village and around Thoraya mosque and patrols are marching through the streets.

Dier Ezzor: massive demos in Albo Saraya neighborhood chanting for the regime to be toppled.

Homs: Tadmor: a demonstration set out from Iman mosque chanting for toppling the regime.
Homs: a demonstration set out from Bab aldreb despite the the severe security besiege chanting for the president's trial.

Hama: a demonstration set out in Hamedieh neighborhood from Abo Bakr Al Sideeq mosque in solidarity with Rastan and chanting for toppling the regime.

Homs: a demonstration set out from Hamra neighborhood demanding to topple the regime and the president's trial despite severe security besiege.

Daraa: demonstrators are beseiged inside Mousa bin Naseer mosque in Qsoor neighborhood with shooting fire directely at the mosque.

Homs: a demonstration set out from Hamra neighborhood demanding to topple the regime and the president's trial despite severe security besiege.

Qamishli: 4 thousands demonstrators in front of Qasmo mosque chanting for freedom and toppling the regime.

Amouda: A massive demonstration marched from Al Kabir mosque chanting for freedom and to topple the regime, the demonstrators are heading to the liberty square.

Damascus: Qaboun: Buses, full of security forces are entering the area, Abu Baker Al Sedik mosque is surrounded to be ready to disperse any demonstration might happen.

Homs: Hawla: The warplanes penetrated the sound barrier over the city in order to terrorize people.

Deir Ezzor: Heavy security presences with many security buses and cars near the Police headquarter and Sabe Bahrat roundabout.

Daraa: Nawa: entering many buses of the security and regime's armed thugs(Shabiha) to the town after reducing the number of the tanks to 25 ones which positioned at the center of the town.

Damascus: Barzeh: heavy security deployment and most of the branch roads are closed with the spread of the snipers in the cemetry region.

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: Heavy security deployment. Erbeen mosque is besieged and most of the mosques are closed.

Homs: Martyrdom of Rami Hassan Al Fakhouri in Inshaĺaat neighborhood due to his injures that the security forces caused to him in the beginning of September.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Heavy security deployment, snipers centralize on many buildings to prevent demonstrations form going out.

Deir Ezzor: Storming Quria awhile ago with more than 10 tanks Zel military cars supported by huge number of security forces and armed thugs. Snipers are based on the roofs of many buildings.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Heavy security deployment with snipers based in Quatli Street and around Al Kabir mosque in order to terrorize people and prevent them from demonstrating.

Idlib: Gunfire accompanied by cutting off electricity off Magara village now.


Syria Protests September 30, 2011 : A Video Roundup:

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