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Syria News - November 17, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


November 17, 2011

Martyr Hisham Badri Al-Ahmad Murdered by Security Forces, Deir Ezzor City, 17-Nov-11

(11.17.2011) Idlib | Martyr Anwar Alkhalaf who got murdered by Assad's gangs

(11.17.2011) Dair Ba'alba | Homs | Martyr Mohammad Alkan

17 6 Homs

Savage torture of martyr Yusuf Al-Zayadi 16/11/2011

Martyr Yusuf Al-Zayadi was arrested in Idleb -- Kafrooma by Assad thugs, only to return 25 days later to his family a dead body, a tortured body. The face is black due to electric shocking, and burns are all over his body.

Number of martyrs in Syria today rose to 26; amongst them 4 defected soldiers and 2 children; 9 martyrs were killed in Hama and its Suburbs,8 in Homs, 5 in Idlib, 2 in Deir Ezzor and one martyr in both in Kobany and Raqqa.

Homs: Martydom of the doctor of law Mohammad Farhan Abualkhair (45 years old) a professor in the facult of law at the University of Khaled Ibn Alwaleed (previously known as Baath). He was shot dead upon his arrival at home today.

Daraa: Three huge explosions shake Dahiya west of the city of Daraa.

Hama : Uqayrabat: Funeral of the young man Saleh Khudr Beck (35 years old) who was martyred two days after he was kidnapped by security forces and armed gangs (Shabeeha). The funeral turned into a mass demonstration demanding the fall of the regime.

Aleppo: Kobani: Martydom of the soldier Ayoub Ahmad Khalil (23 years old) after his defection from the military with twenty of his friends. It should be mentioned that the soldier was detained after suspicion of his intentions to defect and then he was released.

Idlib: Maarat Nouman: Arrest campaigns in the city and raiding of homes by Security forces and armed gangs (Shabeeha).

Damascus Suburbs: Kiswa: Heavy gunfire from heavy weaponry most regions of the city, especially in in the region of Albasateen (orchards) after defections in the ranks of the army.

Idlib: Maarat Nouman: Rocket propelled grenades and tank shells shower the residents of Wadi Aldayf following the defection of soldiers and news of civilian casualities.

Idlib: Maaret Shamsheh: Army forces are shelling and bombarding the village indiscriminately.

Damascus: A demonstration for students of Alhamak (Facult of Mechanics and Electricity) and arrests of two students

Deir Ezzor: Qooriya: Heavy gunfire and explosions shake the city accompanied with a complete interruption of electricity in the city

Homs: Talkalkh: Martydom of Mohammad Ali Alshaaer by a sniper bullet of the regimes armed gangs (shabeeha)

Hama Suburbs: Haylein: Three matyrs fell in a security force attack of the village, Fadi Mohammad Jassem, Khaled Sulaiman Alfares, and Abdelkareem Alfares

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Demonstrations started in seperated neighborhoods in the city and met in a massive demonstration in front of the condolence tent of martyr Ahmad Borhan, and Dr.Kamal Al-Labwany also consoled the family of the martyr in the tent.

Homs: Three women were injured due to a direct shooting from AL Qousor checkpoint toward their car.

Hama: Demonstrations took off in the neighbourhoods of Qusoor, Saboniyeh and Manakh chanted for the besieged cities and for toppling of the regime.

Raqqa: Demo in Rameleh and Batani roundabout and a very heavy security and thugs deployment in both areas.

Damascus Suburbs: Bet Tema: Night demo in solidarity with all the besieged cities, chanted for the fall of the regime and was dispersed by security's bullets.

Idlib: Martyrdom of Nawar Mustafa Al Khlas under torturing, he was arrested after getting injured on 15th Nov, the security forces refused to give his corpse to his family.

Deir Ezzor: martyrdom of Samer Al Tayeb under torturing, he was arrested this morning when the security forces stormed Al Joura neighborhood.

Lattakia: Al Nahiya: Night demonstration called to topple the regime and to free the detainees.

Daraa: More than 2000 demonstrators in Daraa- Balad calling to topple the regime and trial Bashar.

Aleppo: Night demonstration with women participations walked in Halab Al Jdida neighborhood in front of Al Noor mosque, called to topple the regime.

Aleppo: Dar Azza: Massive demonstration marched after Isha Prayer (The night prayer), from the mosque in Ard Al Qobor area, in solidarity with the besieged cities, called to topple the regime and trial Bashar.

Daraa: Jasim: Many people are injured due to security forces gunfire, after a students’ demonstration called to topple the regime.

Idlib: Martyrdom of Anwar Mustafa Al Khalaf due to random gunfire by security forces in front of Fateh AL Sayed School.

Daraa: Complete cut off electricity includes most cities of the province.

Hama: Qalaat Al-Madiq: Security forces are launching a campaign of raids of houses and arrests in the town, along with cut off electricity in the area.

Idlib: Land communication lines and Syriatel lines are cut off in the villages of Sharq Maaret Al-Nouman and Kafroma town.

Lattakia: Security forces are raiding houses in Qusour neighborhood searching for wanted activists.

Idlib: Heish: Martyrdom of a student in the third junior Mostafa Abdulah Ismaeel from being shot in the chest by security forces while he was returning from school.

Daraa: Hara: Reinforcements of armed units arrived in a bus to the military security detachment, and security reinforcements on the 15 barricades deployed in the city, while patrols are roaming the city and telling the people of a curfew from 4PM.

Damascus Suburbs: Kesweh: Reinforcements of armed units arrived in a bus to the military army detachment in the city.

Deir Ezzor: Martyrdom of Hisham Badri Al Ahmed, many people were injured including a child in a critical situation after random security gunfire.

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Security forces are dispersing a demonstration that started from Al-Rahman mosque by shooting and arresting a number of demonstrators.

Hama: Sahl El-Ghab: Martyrdom of young man Ayham Shehada Al-Bagghal from Al-Zeyara district by a random shooting from the checkpoint of Al-Diqmaq village while he was looking for gaz to his heater.

Banyas: Students' demonstration in Basateen and Bayda, chanting for toppling the regime.

Idlib: Talmans: More than 14,000 people are participating in the funeral of martyr Mohammad Ismaeel Izazy who was shot from a military barricade.

Lattakia: a student demonstration from the secondary compound school for girls set out chanting for toppling the regime, the security forces and Shabiha disperse the demonstration and follow the students.

Daraa: Storming and looting of more than 35 shops in Shohadaa street in Daraa Al-Mahatta in revenge of the general strike, which is still going for the third day in a row.

Damascus Suburb: many students got suffocated due to the teargas grenades trying to disperse a student demonstration set out near Al Sharaieh secondary school.

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: Shooting in Al-Daghmaq village after the defection of a number of soldiers, four of them were martyred because they couldn't run away.

Idlib: Jisr Al-Shoghour: A students' demonstration in the girls' school in the city, and security forces and army are storming the area amid sporadic shooting.

Banyas: Marqeb: A students' demonstration in solidarity with Homs and chnating for toppling the regime.

Der Ezzor: Martyrdom of Taghreed Samir Al-Mijbel, 8 years old, by random shooting from security forces towards the houses of Subeikhan town.

Aleppo: Al-Bab: A students' demonstration started from Taha Abdul Raoof School, chanting for toppling the regime.

Daraa: Jasem: a student demonstration in the town despite the heavy security presence.

Idlib: military reinforcements at the Maintain building in the city, the snipers are centering on the roofs of the goverment departments with heavy security present in Al Jama neighborhood.

Hama: siege on the neighborhoods of Jarajmeh, Hamidiyeh, and Janoub Al-Malaad with wide arrests campaign.

Damascus: Nher Aysheh: random arrests amid the heavy security presence in the region.

Homs: random shooting fire at the houses of Khaldieh and Bayada neighborhood from the barricades of Qahera street.

Daraa: a student demonstration in the university set out in solidaruty with Kalamoon and International universities chanting for freedom and toppling the regime.

Homs: many wounded people fall in Bayada neighborhood by thrownig nail bombs from Qahera roundabout barricade toward the neighborhood.

Homs: Security forces raided Al-Sina'a area north of the city covered by heavy shooting. Arbitrary arrests are going on.

Homs: the total enclosure of the industry region on Hama road and preventing the entry and the exit to it.

Homs: the martyrdom of Walid Al Anji and Mohammad Abd Allah Abas by the bullets of the security and the continuing of shooting fire since the morning in Naziheen neighborhood.

Deir Ezzor: a massive demonstration set out from Al Forat secondary chanting for the martyrs and toppling the regime.

Homs: Storming of the neighbourhood of Bustan Al-Diwan with heavy gunfire heard in the area.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadane: Four loud explosions followed by heavy gunfire from the main branch of security forces following news of the defection of some soldiers in the region.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadaneh: Sounds of intense explosions accompanied with heavy gunfire.

Damascus: Qaboun: Firing from heavy weaponry from the area of the Orchards (Basateen) that connect Qaboun to Barza.

Assad Thugs Even in The Universities

I arrived to my university "The private Arab- European University", on 15th November 2011. I noticed a level of tension among the students; there was a general mood suggests there might be a plan for sit in calling to free our colleagues who were arrested for demonstrating. The university administration determined to cancel all classes for the rest of the day a...nd directed the students to the buses taking them out to their cities.
The students demonstrated for about 5 minutes before heading to the buses, they called to topple the regime and trial Bashar and everyone involved in killing Syrian peaceful citizens. The demonstration then dispersed and the students headed towards the buses.

Meanwhile, a group of pro- Assad students were tracing one of with Sticks and beatings. In the meantime a number of security forces' vehicles arrived along with buses full of thugs (Shabiha militias), they banned the students’ buses from leaving the university campus.

One of the officers got out of the security car and started to insult the pro- Assad students as according to him they weren’t able to prevent the demonstration, he demanded them to play a bigger role in suppressing any kind of demonstrations - at whatever cost – even if it cost them to kill whoever mentions the word "freedom" and bury him in the university campus.

The thugs were getting out of their buses; some of them are members in the National Union of Syrian Students and were armed with sticks and electric batons. They started to distribute these weapons to the pro-regime students, and the voice of the security officer was loudly heard booming out and demanding them to get onto the students' buses and "bring down those dogs", referring to the students who had participated in the demonstration, as well as any student known to be in opposition to the regime, even those who had not participated in the demonstration.

Thus began the process of forcing the students off the buses one after the other, each one harshly beaten with rods on his/her descent and given all forms of insult; following this, all the teachers, staff and students still inside the university building and classrooms were taken outside in the most undignified and humiliating way, to say the least, especially considering this took place in an academic environment.

At this point, one of the older female teachers fainted, so myself and a colleague of mine proceeded to bring her to a university ambulance, despite the fact that the harassment to which we were being subjected by the regime’s thugs had reached the point where they were hitting and insulting the teacher who had already fainted; when the driver of the ambulance switched on the ambulance siren, he was stopped and beaten because of it, based on claims by the security men that the wailing siren could cause concern among people outside the university campus; the driver was forced to switch it off.

Meanwhile, out in the campus courtyard, the security officers started arresting students after having beaten them, and forced them to get on the thugs bus. Next, they forced four students to kneel and gave them various forms of insults and beatings, while in front of the college entrance were a group of armed men yielding Kalashnikovs who started picking up one by one the students lying practically on top of each other, in a scene that resembled the actions done by the bands of thugs (Shabiha militias) in the famous video footage from Beida village in Banyas.

The number of students detained on that day is close to thirty, one of whom was a female student who, after refusing to be subjected to their humiliation, started being beaten by members of the security forces; she was arrested and loaded into the security forces' bus, which was incessantly shaking as a result of the beatings and abuse of students ongoing inside.

After finishing their abuse of the university students and teaching staff, the thugs – in stark violation of all forms of humanitarian principles – played a loud recording from one of their vehicles and began to dance what appeared to be the dance that tribes used to do in historic times at the moment of slaughtering their fellow humans, but here it was played against a background of music praising the greatness, achievements and merits of the Syrian President, chanting "We are the Shabiha... for the (slaughtered) opposition"...

While this party was going on, a security officer invited the pro-regime students to take the electric batons to be used within the academic hours of the university, instructing them to use them immediately to suppress any kind of movement against the regime; he also gave them his mobile number, requesting them to inform him immediately if the university’s administration objected to their having these sticks, threatening the teaching and administrative staff if they objected.

They then proceeded to enter the school building and proceeded to damage it, including the English language department and the faculty of Pharmaceutical studies, also passing through the office of the University’s Dean - even he was not protected from their vandalism.

Finally, after four hours during which we were helpless spectators of this terrorist operation, they let us finally leave towards the town, forced to leave our comrades and friends to face their unknown fates; our hearts are appealing to the darkness of their prison cells that they will be safe and protected the barbarism of these monsters.


Syria Protests November 17, 2011 : A Video Roundup

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