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End Gaza Siege


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Syria News - December 7, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


December 7, 2011

Martyr Huseen Shehadah Al Dgheem and Mohammed Esmail Al Dabaan martyred by the shots and shells of the Syrian army forces in Maaret Al Noaman in Idlib in Syria .. 2011-12-7

Three martyrs, kidnapped on their way to work and tortured to death by Assad regime gangs

(12-07-11) Sanamayn | Daraa | (GRAPHIC) Human Heart Found Thrown Under Bridge - ENGLISH Subtitles

(12-07-11) Homs | (GRAPHIC) Activist Omar Tlawi Tells of Martyrs Tortured to Death

These Martyrs were kidnapped on (12-05-11) and tortured to death by Assad's shabiha in abandoned house for three days. Martyr Firas Mulla Hassan was hit with a metal pole and one half of his head is gone. Martyr Kamal Al-Hazoori the Uncle of the third Martyr Muhanad Al-Hazuri was beat, electrocuted, his right shoulder has been cut.... They were beat with metal poles and the shabiha attempted to run over them with cars. Martyr Muhanad Al-Hazuri the shabiha hung him from the ceiling and beat and electrocuted him, even gouged both of his eyes out, his whole body is broken

(12-07-11) Al-Sukhna | Homs | Mother of Martyr Muhammad Al-Allawy Bids Son Farwell

Homs, Elkhalidia.Martyr Khaled Tahane.07122011

(12-07-11) Al-Bayda | Homs | People Try to Rescue Injured Man Right before he Dies

Syria , Homs 8 related martyrs (Shwetrani Family)were massacred in Zahraa Area 6/12/2011

Idlib: Shelling Saraqeb today

[7 Dec 2011] #Homs: A messile launched by the pro-regime military passes right beside the cameraman in Al-Bayadah neighborhood.

Talbeesah Homs-Miserable humanitarian situation in the city- 04-12-2011

Today death toll reached 21 martyrs including 5 killed under torture. 14 of them were in Homs, 3 in Idlib, and 1 in each of Zamalka in Damascus Suburbs, Marea in Aleppo Suburbs, and Tarmisah in Hama Suburbs.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Very intensive machine gun shooting.

Homs: Abdulmajeed Khudair Al-Othman (known as Abu Majed) was killed after being kidnapped by Shabiha two days ago. His body was found today in The National Hospital with toturing marks left on his body.

Damascus Suburbs: Kafar Batna: A campaign of mass random arrests the included 6 persons so far accompanied with heavy security presence.

Homs: Very intensive shooting in Inshaat near Wafa'ey Mosque.

Aleppo: Marea: The sergeant major Mohammad Ameen Subhi Al-Najjar from the military security was shot dead after attempting to dissent.

Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Very intensive shooting in all the city districts.

Hama: Tarbasma: Anas Al-Moustapha Al-Younes was martyred under torture; it should be noted that security forces arrested him after he had been wounded.

Damascus: Department of Media and Infromation: Junior student Sarah Khalid was arrested in the University campus. Yesterday also witnessed the arrest of both Mutaz Entaby and Bishr Asadi from the campus.

Raqqa: A night protest from Hameedah School sorroundings chanted for the sieged cities and demanded toppling the regime.

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: Sounds of massive explosions and heavy shelling all around the perimeter of the city, in addition to a total electricity blackout.

Homs: Heavy shelling on Bayada neihborhood, sounds of more than 10 huge explosions accompanied by heavy shooting that is still taking place now.

Daraa : Dael : a big explosion is heard accompanied by complete cut for water and electricity.

Homs : heavy shooting from middle and heavy weapons in Baba Amr neighbourhood.

Aleppo : a night demonstration in Al-Marjeh neighbourhood demanding the downfall of the regime and bringing the president to trial.

Damascus Suburbs : Zabadani : a big night demonstration chanting for besieged cities and demanding the downfall of the regime.

Idleb : Saraqeb : Adel Abed Rustom (born in 1965) and more than 30 wounded, most of them were children, after random shelling on the city by the regime's arm.

Lattakia : two explosions in both Raml Janoubi and Qnenis accompanied with dense security deployment and fire trucks entering the scene.

Aleppo: Qabtan al Jabal: a night demonstration started down town with the participation of Dar Ezzeh village chanting for freedom and the besieged cities and greeting the free students.

Homs : a night demonstration in Al-Malaab neighbourhood chanting for freedom and the downfall of the regime.

Daraa: Hara: A massive demonstration started in the center of the city; participants are chanting for freedom and in solidarity with the besieged cities. They are demanding the fall of the regime and calling for international protection of civilians.

Idlib: Ayn Shayeb: start of a huge demonstration asking for the fall of the regime and the protection of civilians.

Aleppo: Kafar Nouran: start of a night demo in the village related to Atareb in Aleppo suburbs. The demonstration is taking place in solidarity with the besieged and disaster- striken cities and asks for the fall of the regime and the prosecution of the President.

Aleppo: Ekhterben: start of a huge night demonstration in solidarity with Aleppo's demonstrants and the besieged cities and chanting for the fall of the regime and the prosecution of the President.

Aleppo : Ratian : a night demonstration in solidarity with the university residence and the besieged cities, chanting for the downfall of the regime and bringing the president to trial.

Damascus SUburbs : Harasta : a bug demonstration took off after the night prayers chanting for the downfall of the regime.

Aleppo : Tal Rifaat : a big demonstration took off in the city chanting for freedom, detainees, martyrs and saluting the demonstrating students.

Idlib : Kafar Takhareem : heavy shooting from heavy machine-guns while the farms close to the city are being shelled. all this accompanied by complete communication blackout.

Hama : complete communication and internet blackout in the city and its suburbs. also the international road connecting Aleppo and Hama has been blocked.

Aleppo : a night demonstration started in Al-Sakhour neighbourhood chanting for freedom and saluting the free university students.

Idlib : heavy shooting in the city accompanied by complete land, cellular and internet communication blackout since one hour until now.

Hasakah: Amouda: Big protest in solidarity with sieged cities in the city center chanting for freedom and trail of the president.

Idlib: Khan Shiekhon: Many casualties; there bodies are spread in the streets and the local people can't reach them due to continuous Army firing and heavy bombardment since few hours. No electricity or telecommunications in the town and its surroundings.

Idlib: Electricity and telecommunication disconnection in Kafarnabel and it's surroundings.

Aleppo: Big protest in solidarity with sieged cities chanting Assad ouster in Meridian District.

Aleppo: Marea: Complete electrlicity disconnection to intervene people from protesting.

Idlib: The cellular communications is cut down in the city.

Aleppo: 3 students, Akhwin Reinaz, Deisem Keno, and Mohammad Badrakhan (from Ain Al-Ararab) have been arrested at a demonstration calling for the fall of the regime.

Al-Qunaitra-Khan Arnabeh: A student demonstration started after school, from Salim Al-Samieh school, calling for Assad regime fall.

Damascus: Qadam: A student demonstration took off in the neighborhood calling for the toppling of Assad regime.

Idlib-Saraqeb: Hasan Al-Naser, 17 year-old, was martyred and 25 injured due to regime military random shelling of the city.

Aleppo: storming the Mechanical Engineering faculty with more than 350 security men to disperse the protests, they assaulted a female student near the faculty they clashed with students, security forces although surrounded the Mechanics and IT faculties and started random arrests.

Aleppo: a student demonstration in the IT faculty chants for toppling the regime and condemns the Arab League's patience.

Idleb: Kafrenbel: Heavy gunfire from heavy machine guns fixed on the tops of armored vehicles which roams the town , amid heavy military presence.

Liberal Union of Syrian Students. University of Aleppo: a large demonstration in the Faculty of Science and chanting to bring down the regime and for international protection.

Homs: Hawla: the martyrdom of the two women, Shamsa Khalid and Fatima Rashad because of preventing them from getting necessary treatment. Mrs Shamsa suffer from a cancer which and she is in her seventies, and Ms. Fatima suffered from kidney failure and she is in her fifties.

Aleppo: a student's demo took off from the university after they were expelled from the Technical and Electrical Engineering faculty, the demo is still going on near Abu Risheh sq.

Homs: Martyrs Hasan Hamad Al-Mohamad and Aamer Abdul-Karim have been killed after being shot by Shabiha & Security forces in Karm Al-Zaytoun neighborhood. Ahmad Al-Aamer, from Shammas neighborhood, martyred under torture while in detention by security forces.

Homs: waurence Mohammad Al-Fareej, a young man from Bab Amro, martyred under torture in one of security forces branches.

Homs: Martyr Karem Hassoun, a taxi driver of "Aeideen" Palestinian camp, has been killed by Assad thugs (Shabiha).

Lattakia: A student demonstration set out from Qadissieh School chanting for freedom and putting the president to trial while security forces attack the students with batons.

Aleppo: A demonstration in support of the regime transforms into a huge demonstration against the regime in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Security forces clash with the students.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Student demonstrations set out from several schools condemning the transgressions of the Shabiha and security forces towards the schools and in solidarity with

Idlib: Massive presence of the army on the road at the foot of Jabal Zawyeh.

Aleppo: Security forces spread in the Faculty of Science in preparation for the suppression that the students were preparing.

Aleppo: Students' sit-in in the Faculty of Civil Engineering in condemnation of the repression by the security forces and in solidarity with their arrested fellow students.

Idlib:Saraqeb:invading the city by tens of tanks and wave of random arrest took place before they withdraw to surround Saraqeb.

A statement of appeal to all forces of democracy in Syria and around the world

To the national powers inside and outside Syria, to the human conscience, we – the students of the University of Aleppo – urge you to rescue our university after the campus was violated, scientific ethics humiliated, and the sanctity of universities violated by security forces and Assad’s gangs (shabiha). Hundreds of students were arrested, humiliated, savagely beaten, and intimidated, and many were wounded. In addition, many students were threatened with failing grades and expulsion from the university for having chanted for freedom and for seeking to assume a role in rebuilding the country.

As with all revolutions around the world, university students have always been at the forefront, and indeed the basis of, each and every democratic revolutionary change. The barbaric acts and atrocities carried out by the repressive Syrian regime have clearly demonstrated that it has lost legitimacy and its downfall is approaching.

We appeal to all forces of good conscience, worldwide, to consider our plight, and contribute in exposing the crimes of this corrupt regime in order to purge it from our universities and our beloved country, to build a new, democratic Syria.

The Union of Free Students in Syria - Aleppo Branch

The disappearance of peace activists: Who is pushing Syria toward the unknown?!

It has been three months since nonviolent activist Yahia Shurbaji disappeared. Today Yahia Shurbaji, the peaceful activist, ends his third month of enforced disappearance. Yahia was arrested with a group of activists from the city of Daraya, a place known for its commitment to peaceful protest in the Syrian Revolu...tion. Among those arrested was martyr Ghiath Matar, 26, whose corpse, bearing the signs of brutal torture, was handed over after he had been detained for two days.

From the words of Yahya: "if this Revolution does not change and purify us, then we don’t want it."

The regime’s insistence on "disappearing" peaceful activists leaves no doubt that it also wants to "disappear" reason and logic, and push toward more brutal violence. The regime, in fact, wants to create discord and clashes between the united people of Syria, and provoke reactions as a means of creating sectarian strife, to ensure its survival despite the demands of the Syrian people.

In expressing our deep concern over the fate of activist Yahia Shurbaji and his disappeared colleagues, we appeal to human rights and international organizations to pressure Assad’s criminal regime to make public the fate of Yahia and his colleagues, and to release them without further delay.


Syria Protests December 7, 2011 : A Video Roundup

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