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Syria News - December 24, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


December 24, 2011

Martyr Ahmad SadEdden from Khaldeih, Homs

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: The two martyrs Samer Ezzeddin and Hamed Sleik

(12-24-11) Ma'arit Nu'maan | Idlib | Family Mourns Murder of their Child, Mahmoud Zakari

(12-24-11) As-Sayida Zaynab | #Damascus |(GRAPHIC) Martyr Muhammad Ghazi As-Shadeed At Moment of Death

(12-24-11) Ghabaghib | Daraa | Mother of Martyr Muhammad Al-Faqeer Prays for her Son

(12-24-11) Talbeesah|Homs | Martyr Fahid Muhammad Saleem Deir Ba'albawi Murdered by Assad

(12-24-11) Bab Amr | Homs | Child Reema AlMuhaymeed Murdered As Assad Forces Shell

[24 Dec 2011] #Homs: Child wounded in the face by nail-bomb in Bab Tidmur neighborhood.

[24/12/2011] Nawa, #Daraa: Civilian Muhammad Al-Talha killed by pro-regime soldiers

Syrian Child Killed by Dictator Assad Army in Maarat Al Numan - 12-24-11 Idlib

Syrian Child Shot in Neck and leg Army as Assad Attacks Jeb Jandali town 12-24-11

syrian Woman Maimed Horribly by Dictator Assad in Homs - 12-24-11 Baba Amr Under Siege

24 12 Homs - Baba Amr

Syria_24.12.2011_An SOS appeal for women living in Baba Amr to people of the world

(12-24-11) Nawa | Daraa | Assad Forces Break Taxis that Participate in Strike

Destruction in Deir Balbah,HOms

burning residences houses in Qureieh - Deir Ezzor

(12-24-11)Kafar Aweed| Idlib | Witness to Massacre, 'Alaa Adeen Al-Yousif Gives Account - ENGLISH

The number of martyrs has reached 38 thus far, including 2 women and four children,25 in Homs among them are 2 defectors soldiers that we couldn't know their names yet, 6 in the suburbs of Damascus 2 in Daraa, 2 in Idlib,2 in Hama and 1 in Aleppo.

Aleppo: Three days ago, Mustafa Owaid, a judge born in Aleppo and a former member of the Syrian Parliament, has been arrested by the security forces as he tried to leave the country. His fate is still unknown.

Homs: Security forces open heavy fire in the neighborhood of Khaldieh.

Homs: The security forces are intensely shooting near the Hal Market, in the Qasoor neighborhood.

Homs: Security forces raid AlBir hospital in Waer neighborhood and news of kidnapping of the wounded.

Daraa: Tafas: New security and military reinforcements have arrived to the 61st Brigade amid fears of storming the city in the morning.

Homs: Sound of a heavy explosion in the neighborhood of Bab Sbaa. Security forces open random fire from heavy weapons targeting houses.

Homs: Arbitrary and powerful explosions along with heavy gunfire from large weapons are heard in the Bayada area. Armored vehicles are roaming the streets of the neighborhood.

Homs: Talbeisah: The Syrian security forces opened fire randomly using heavy arms and machine guns.

Hassakeh: Security forces strom Azizieh and Salhieh from the direction of Mohafaza Bridge. Some security forces have spread on the rooftops of the water company and spreading of security checkpoints in the neighborhood of Ghouyran.

Homs: Security forces open heavy fire in Wadi Arab and Bayyadah, while electricity is cut off the neighborhood of Bab Dreib.

Homs: Talbeisah: Intensive shooting for machine guns and heavy arms coming from security and army checkpoints toward the Southern Masjar neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: A nightly demonstration in Baydar Soltani in solidarity with the besieged cities. Security forces have forbidden public transportation from heading towards Damascus since the morning and forced owners of buses to check the division of the Baath party to transport participants of a demonstration in favor of the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Arbeen: A unit of secret secret service, protected by members of the security forces, have entered the city tonight and have closed off Madina Square with concret blocks and imposed a curfew around the square.

Damascus: Al-Qadam: A nighttime demonstration started in solidarity with the besieged cities, in spite of the presence of the security forces, where protestors chanted for freedom, the trial of the regime, and condemned the stance of the Arab League.

Hama: Powerful explosions are heard from the side of the road to Aleppo, near western Jabra. In addition, the security forces are stationed at the top of the Civilian Defense Ministry building and are firing indiscriminately at civilians

Homs: The security forces continue to bomb civilians in Bab Al-Amer area using artillery, mortars, and Shilka tanks.

Homs: The martyrdom of three men, at the hands of the Syrian security forces, due to torture in the dungeons of prison. Their names are as follows, Mr. Zayad Sways, Mr. Yaseen al-Ahmed, and Mr. Abed al-Kader Nabbhan.

Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Martyrdom of Ahmad Ibrahim Naqrash and Khalil Khattab and Naeem Darweesh (a defected soldier). They were hit by bullets of the Syrian security forces and arrested after being injured.

Aleppo: Asharafiyeh: Security forces attack and beat peaceful demonstrators and carry out a random arrest campaign.

Lattakia: Al-Heffe: A bus, carrying around 70 members of the security forces and Shabiha, has arrived to Saraya Square in preparations for a massive raid on the area and the surrounding villages where demonstrations are occurring daily.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Fall of several wounded from shooting on the demonstrators, where security ambushed them in Bostan neighborhood. Heavy security deployment in Al-Seel, Bostan neighborhood, Al-Koaa, and Al-Thanawiya with random arrests campaigns in Al-Koaa.

Aleppo: A vast demonstration set out in front of Saladdin Mosque in the neighborhood of Ashrafiyah chanting for the toppling of the regime and for the martyrs, and in solidarity with Homs.

Deir Ezzor: A massive demonstration is taking place in Antakya Street in solidarity with the besieged cities.

The body of the medical student Ahmad Sheikh Yassin was found in the neighborhood of Abi Alfida, after a speeding car of the security forces dumped him in front of Maha Pharmacy.

Aleppo: Ratyan: A nightly demonstration chanting for the toppling of the regime and in solidarity with Baba Amr.

Homs: The building of Military Intelligence in Mahatta is firing shells towards Bab Sbaa and the neighborhood of Shammas in which two shells went down, leading to the partial destrucion of a building.

Homs: Security forces carried out the assassination of Mr. Ghazi Mohammad Khaled Zoaib, former secretary general of ...the Homs' division of the Baath Party, and his wife Rajaa Mohammad Khaled Bakkar while raiding their house and opened fire on them in the neighborhood of Baba Amr, and then burned the house. The martyr had been threatened before by the regime as a result of his support of the revolutions since its beginning.

Homs: Zahed Al-Masry (37 years old) was martyred by a shell that hit his house in Baba Amr neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: A demonstration started after Isha prayer, chanting for toppling the regime.

Damascus Sububrs: Harasta: A nighttime demonstration after Isha prayer despite the heavy security siege. Security forces are shooting to disperse the demonstration and several young men were arrested.

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: A nighttime demonstration started in solidarity with Baba Amr neighborhood and the demonstrators are chanting for toppling the regime.

Raqqa: The general customs forces are shooting randomly on Raqqa-Hassakeh road to terrorize the people, it should be noted that they placed permenant checkpoints in the villages of Aayawa and Al-Kantery.

Aleppo: Bab: A nightly demonstration chanting for the besieged cities and for the toppling of the regime.

Daraa: Dael: A nightly demonstration set out in Horriay (Freedom) Square despite electricity being cut off, and heavy rains. Protesters are chanting for the toppling of the regime and in solidarity with the besieged cities.

Homs: Captain Abdul Kader Mostafa Swaidan from Hama was martyred by a bullet of the security forces for refusing to open fire on civilians.

Homs: Ghazy Muhammad Al-Khaled Al-Zaeeb and his wife ragaa Al-Khaled Bakkar were martyred by security's bullets in Baba Amr area.

Homs: Martyrdom of Mogheira Abdu Bakkour in Hawla and Fahd Mohammad Salam in Talbiseh by the bullets of the security forces.

Homs: Massive demonstration in solidarity with Baba Amr and the other besieged neighborhoods in most neighborhoods.

Damascus: A demonstration set out from near Tareq Ben Ziyad Mosque, condemning the bombings and bloody violations committed by the regime in Idlib, Homs, Midan and Qadam.

Daraa: A massive demonstration started in Daraa Al-Balad, chanting for the martyrs and the release of the detainees.

Tabqa: A demonstration set out after Ishaa (night) prayer from Hamza Street, calling for the toppling of the regime and chanting in solidarity with Jabal Zawyeh and the besieged cities.

Hama: The roads leading to Assi square are cut, and heavy security deployment after a security car exploded near the old cultural center.

Damascus Suburbs: Saasaa: Military recruit Abdul Baset Mohammad Thiab, from Saasaa residents, was martyred by security and Shabiha after he refused to shoot at civilians. He is originally from Golan.

Hama: Clashes between security forces and defected soldiers in Assi Square, leading to a car of the security forces burning out and the injury of several members of the security forces.

Damascus: A demonstration started from Zahra Al-Qadeema neighborhood under Al-Motahaleq Al-Janoubi to Al-Ashmar mosque, with large women's participation.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Massive presence of security forces after Maghreb (evening) prayers in the area of Seel and the neighborhood of Bostan.

Homs: Execution of two defected soldiers on Masthal Bridge between Ramleh und Qosair. The residents could not retrieve their bodies yet.

Homs: Qosair: The corpses of martyrs Tala Hosain and Ali Al-Haseky were found on a minor road in the city, after they were kidnapped by security forces. The fate of Abdul Nased Al-Rayed is still unknown after 20 days of his abduction.

Homs: Hawleh: Heavy shooting from the barricade between Aqrab village and Baarein towards the people in Aqrab, Sounds of ambulances rushing to the place and reports of a defection in the barricade.

Homs: A demonstration started in Ghota neighborhood after Maghrib prayer, despite the security presence and under the heavy rain, the demonstrators are chanting in solidarity with the besieged Baba Amr neighborhood.

Aleppo: Tel Rafaat: Thousands are marching in the funeral procession of the martyr, Ms. Hasna Al-Daj, she was randomly shot at by the army while at security checkpoint near Saraqeb.

Homs: Huge explosions in Karam Al-Zaitoun and Al-Khaldye area accompanied with heavy shooting.

Homs: Tanks from the fourth division of the army, fired indiscriminately at houses, after a huge explosion shattered all the widows in the surrounding buildings, overlooking Teshreen Street.

Idlib: Jabal Zawyeh: Military reinforcements arrived to the area and more than 50 armored vehicles are still on the main road in Orm Al-Goz.

Damascus: Al-Midan: A protest began after the noon prayers, near the Al-Dakak mosque at the Abou-Hail Market, chanting for the martyr Mouhammed Ayhem Al-Saman, who was buried in hurry because the security forces banned a funeral procession.

Damascus: Daria: The Syrian Air Intelligence officers forced the burial of the martyr, Mohaned Fayez Abou Bakker, without a traditional funeral procession. In addition, they also surrounded his family’s house, after his martyrdom in Daraa because he refused to fire at protestors.

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: The corpse of martyr Ahmad Hamed Qanbar, 30, was located. He had been shot in the back after being kidnapped by the regime's security forces this morning.

Homs: Renewal of shooting in Inshaat neighborhood and Baba Amr after a quietness that lasted for less than an hour. Electricity is cut off in most of the city's neighborhoods.

Damascus Suburbs: Domair: For youths have been injured due to security forces gunfire. The youths were carrying loudspeakers during chants of "God is Great" in the Saturday market. Security forces kidnapped three of the youths: Ahmad Ibrahim Naqras, Khalil Khattab, and defected soldier Naeem Al-Darwish.

Homs: Hula: The bodies of four young men were discovered with signs of torture after being arrested by the security forces, from their homes. They have been identified as the following: Mufeed Abara 35 years , Abed Al-Kareem Abara 25 years , Anwar Abara, 35 years, and Loudy Jamaa 25 years.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Army recruit Mohannad Fayez Abu Baker was martyred after he was shot by security forces for refusing to repress the demonstrators by force during his military service in Daraa.

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: Mahmoud Abdel Mon'em Zakary, 10, was martyred due to wounds sustained two days ago.

Deir Ezzor: Sobeikhan: The village was raided by a large number of soldiers and military equipment. Tanks have been stationed in the village and Joueijet Al-Najres is being shelled.

Homs: A female child was killed and the rest of her family was injured due to security forces' shelling homes in Bustan Jobar.

Daraa: Al-Lajat: The regime's security forces have begun to invade the town with tanks and security buses. They have sealed off transportation routes by erecting checkpoints with armored vehicles throughout the area. Clashes are reported between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's forces that invaded the area.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: A women's demonstration started today; participants chanted for national unity and to free the detainees

Homs: Pharmacist Mohamad Al-Awd, father of two, was martyred in Baba Amr after being shot three times by the regime's security forces.

Aleppo: Tal Refaat: Mrs. Hasnaa Saif Edden Al-Daj was martyred by security's bullets at a security checkpoint in Saraqeb at a car she was in when she was coming to visit her parents.

Homs: Pharmacist Mohamad Al-Awd, father of two, was martyred in Baba Amr after being shot three times by the regime's security forces.

Aleppo: Tal Refaat: Mrs. Hasnaa Saif Edden Al-Daj was martyred by security's bullets at a security checkpoint in Saraqeb at a car she was in when she was coming to visit her parents.

Homs: Security forces are shelling the neighborhoods of Bayada, Khaldiyeh, and Karm Al-Zaitoun by heavy shells and machine guns. Warplanes are flying over these area.

Child Rema Al-Mohemed was martyred by Syrian security's bullets in Baba Amr neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Heavy shooting on the mourners in Al-Hojaira near Al-Saida Zainab.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Raids and arrests campaign accompanied by heavy security deployment in the main roads with a through inspection of the passers on the checkpoints that have been recently created.

Daraa: Nawa: Martyrdom of a person during the funeral of martyr Naser Al-Khalil where security forces and army attacked the funeral and shot at the mourners and everyone who comes out of his house, they also surrounded the old cemetery with tanks and BMP vehicles.

LCC Syria welcomes the coordination committee of Occupied Golan.

A crime of deception described in Kafar Souseh

The criminal regime in Syria received the vanguard of the delegation of observers of the Arab League with two bombings in the capital, Damascus, targeting two heavily fortified and guarded security headquarters. In the two bombings dozens of innocent people were killed because the regime wanted to use them as fuel to its official propaganda and media speech, and to use their blood to search for missing credibility to offer it to the delegation of observers.

As a complement to the regime’s relentless attempts to abort the Arab role and dilute the role of observers, and in pursuance of its attempts to circumvent the content of the Arab initiative and shorten it by the observers’ protocol without other items included in the initiative such as: stop the killing, release the detainees and withdrawal of the armed manifestations from the streets. It didn’t save any efforts in staging the event to serve its propaganda about extremism and armed gangs on the inside, all in the context of its effort to undermine the legitimacy of converting the Syrian file to the Security Council. This is the first step that we consider essential in the framework of real action on the ground to protect Syrian civilians from systematic daily killing.

The criminal regime in Syria got used to benefit from explosions that claim civilians' lives throughout its history here in Syria and in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey, carried out by militias operating on the regime’s behalf or by the regime’s criminal security apparatus directly.

In the Local Coordination Committees we see that what happened in the usual context of this regime long history and its attempts to use the security apparatus to prevent other fractions from playing a permanent political role. They were never held back by the fact that innocent civilians were losing their lives, even if they were their supporters or in some cases even their own employees. And now, holding on to its power, the regime is committing different crimes every day against the Syrian people and their peaceful demonstrations demanding change and the toppling of the regime and freedom for Syria.

The Local Coordination Committees invite the delegation of observers of the Arab League to head towards the besieged cities and areas to witness the incidencts as they are happening. We are confident that the Arab League delegation will realize how the regime is trying to sabotage their mission and forging the truth to manipulate the delegation’s important role as an official eyewitness to the daily bloodshed by the criminal Syrian regime


Syria Protests December 24, 2011 : A Video Roundup

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