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Syria News - December 28, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


December 28, 2011

Video showing the martyr Mari Al Qattan, 40 year old who was targeted by a regime sniper’s fire near Al Alaf roundabout

Idlib - Haas: A Zil vehicle dumped 2 bodies in a village in Jabal Al-Zawiya, the people were unable to identify the victims

Damascus Suburb: Kiswa: the martyr Mohamad Jabr

Daraa: Busr Alharir: the martyr Dawoud Alhariri

Homs : Ahmad al-Raee is killed while the Arab League delegation is in the town

[28 Dec 2011] #Homs: The blood of Ahmad Al-Ra'e on the car of the Arab League monitors in Baba Amr neighborhood.

(12-28-11) Homs | Two Defectors Executed by Assad Forces

(12-28-11) Al-Sharqiya | Hama | Unknown Martyr Shot 5 Times by Assad Forces

Homs: baba Amro: shooting despite the presence of the Arab Committee

Homs: Shelling Baba Amro during the Arab Committee visit to the city

[28 Dec 2011] #Homs: The security forces shooting live ammunition at the civilians accompanying the Arab League monitors in BaB Al-Siba' area.

[28 Dec 2011] #Homs: The security forces shooting fire at the protesters in Bab Al-Buraib neighborhood in the presence of the Arab League monitors.

Damascus Suburb: Harasta: Security forces & shabiha breaking into on strike shops

(12-28-11) Deir Ba'alba | Homs | Home Shelled by Assad Forces

[28 Dec 2011] #Homs: The Arab League observers being brought into the mosque to see the body of 5-year-old boy shot by the regime's forces in Baba Amr neighborhood.

(12.28.2011) Bab Sba'a | Homs | Assad thugs shoot at Arab observers

Syria, Homs. [28 Dec 2011]. Arab League observers pinned down by gunfire in Bab Al-Sebaa area

[28 Dec 2011] #Homs: The Arab League monitors visiting Baba Amr neighborhood, and the army's tanks are not removed.

Arab League observers in Baba Amr neighborhood of Homs [27 Dec 2011].

[28 Dec 2011] #Homs: Khaled Abu Salah, an anti-regime activist, accompanying the Arab League monitors and showing them the destruction in Baba Amr neighborhood.

[28 Dec 2011] #Hama: The security forces preventing the protesters from reaching Al-Asi sqaure (the main square) using teargas and live ammunition.

Today’s martyrs reached 15 martyrs including two (2) children. Five (5) martyrs were in Homs, three (3) in Hama,two (2) martyrs in each of Aleppo and Damascus Suburbs (Douma and Erbeen) and one (1) martyr in each of Daraa, Idlib and Lattakia.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Security forces besieged the city and have dispersed in the masses on the International Autostrad rd. All of the three main corridors connecting the East to the West, have been blocked. Residents’ fear a massive raid, by the security forces, on the orchards that lie between Barzeh and Harasta

Daraa: Bosra Al-Sham: The town is witnessing gunfire and reports of clashes between the regime army and the Free Syrian Army.

Homs: Security forces are shooting fiercely to intimidate the residents in AlQaryatain.

Daraa: Jassem: Security forces stormed the house of a sergeant in state security department and shot him, he got medical aid to Al-Sanamein of injuries in his hand and flank.

Daraa: Da'el: Scattered shooting from the checkpoint at AlHassan mosque.

Aleppo university: Security forces are arresting students in the university camp, among the arrested known: Randa Saleh, Nisreen Alamoudi and Haya Alabdallah from unit 16.

Idlib: Taftanaz: Shooting of heavy machine guns from the airport towards the houses.

Latakia: A demonstration got out now in Citadel neighborhood in solidarity with besieged cities and as a reaction to arresting some youth after the night time protest.

Aleppo: Albab: In funeral of martyr Wa'el Haj Qaddour Al-Naqo many got out and turned it into demonstration demanded for freedom and trial of regime.

Damascus : Jobar : revolutionary youth barricaded the road during their night demonstration against the regime. This demonstration lasted for long and had big crowds of people participating. The young men organized traffic in adjacent areas.

Latakia: Intensive security alert in Haffeh after a night time demonstration got out in solidarity with besieged cities in Babna and Jankeel.

Damascus: Al-Hajar Al-aswad: A campaign of raid and arrests of tens after a demonstration went on in the district.

Hama: Martyrdom of young man Khaled Samer Alhussain, 18 years old, in Ashrafiya district after he got a bullet in his belly by shooting of security forces at protesters who were heading to Assi square.

Daraa : Sanamein : electricity blackout in the city and one of the agents on the Souk checkpoint has defected, security forces are now combing the streets looking for him.

Daraa: Taseel: A night time demonstration in solidarity with besieged cities took off infront of the wake of the martyr Fadi Allatif, chanted for freedom and toppling the regime.

Homs: Sounds of explosions followed by heavy shooting was heard in Baba Amr neighborhoods.

Daraa : dense shooting from the security checkpoint in the middle of the town of Naeemeh.

Daraa: Kherbet Ghazaleh: A nighttime demonstration in solidarity with the besieged cities, chanted for toppling the regime despite the storming the siege of the town. Many of the town's people were arrested and electricity is cut off.

Aleppo: Security forces shoot tear gas to disperse a peaceful demonstration in Al-Marjeh neighborhood.

Damascus: Jobar: A demonstration with more than 1500 protesters chanted for martyrs and besieged cities, and demanded for toppling the regime.

Aleppo: A nighttime demonstration in Al-Zahra neighborhood in solidarity with the besieged cities where protesters chanted for freedom and toppling the regime.

Daraa : Al-Hara : a night demonstration in the Janoubi neighbourhood, chanting for the besieged cities and demanding the downfall of the regime. the army is chasing the demonstrators now.

Aleppo : a night demonstration in Al-Sahara village in the Atareb area, demanding the downfall of the regime and bringing it to justice.

Damascus: Mazzeh: A demonstration started from Al-Mostafa mosque, chanted for the besieged cities and demanded the toppling of the regime.

Lattakia: A nighttime demonstration started in Qalaa neighborhood, chanted for the besieged cities and demanded the toppling of the regime. The demonstration was dispersed by force by the regime's security, and atleast 9 people were arrested.

Daraa: Jizah: A nighttime demonstration in Al-Jazbara, chanted for the martyrs and demanded the release of the detainees.

Aleppo : a night demonstration took off in Al-Marjeh neighbourhood in solidarity with Homs, the besieged cities, and chanting for freedom and bringing the regime to justice.

Deir Ezzor : a night demonstration in Aljoura neighbourhood chanting for the besieged cities and demanding the downfall of the regime.

Lattakia : activist Ahmad Darbaleh from Algharraf neighbourhood was martyred by the hands of security forces while trying to escape to Turkey.

Daraa: Daeel: Nighttime demonstration in the liberty square chanted from Homs and the besieged cities and called to trial the regime.

Damascus: Qaboun: Syrian security forces are opening direct live fire on a demonstration which took off a while ago.

Damascus: Barzeh: A nighttime demonstration chanted for freedom and called to topple the regime. The activists closed the bystreets and the neighborhoods as the current stage of the dignity strike.

Damascus : Qaboun : a night demonstration took off from Al-Kabeer mosque, chanting for freedom and the downfall of the regime. The revolutionary youth blocked streets and alleys in compliance with the steps of the strike of dignity.

Daraa : Qusai Ayash was martyred after security forces opened fire on a demonstration that took off in Al-Minishiyeh neighbourhood in Daraa Balad, shooting still continues until now.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: A demonstration marched after Isha prayer (night prayer) called to topple the regime, to free the detainees and condemning the raiding and damaging of the towns and cities done by the security forces.

Hama: Security forces are shooting from heavy machineguns in Tareeq Halab neighborhood from Naseh Alwani School which been converted to a security center.

Hasakah : a night demonstration in Al-Ghweiran neighbourhood despite the security presence. Demonstrators chanted for the downfall of the regime and demanded the release of the detainees.

Hama: Anti-regime, nighttime demonstrations in Hamidiyah, Sharqiyah, Al Qousor, Tareq Halab, Al Arbaeen and Kazo neighborhoods, all condemned the global silence toward the massacres conducted by the regime against the Syrian citizens.

Aleppo : a night demonstration took off for the first time in Al-Matakh village, which is part of the Aleppo Suburbs, chanting for freedom and the downfall of the regime.

Homs: Heavy gunfire and a mortar fall in Baba Amr neighborhood while a nighttime anti-regime demonstration was out in the same neighborhood

Damascus: Kafar Sousah: A demonstration after Isha prayer (night prayer) marched from Al Hadi mosque chanting to topple the regime and called the Arab League's observers to move to the hot spots in Syria and report the situation there transparently and professionally.

Damascus Suburbs: Heavy and widespread security presence on the Douma-Harasta-Basateen Al-Zeitoun (olive groves) road.

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: A nighttime demonstration marched from Al Hussain mosque chanted for freedom and called to topple the regime.

Qamishli: Security and Shabiha forces attack the sit-in in front of Qasmo mosque to break the peaceful sit-in that lasted from the early morning.

Deir Ezzor: More than 30 youth were arrested when the security forces made a trick for them by announcing a rumor that the Arab league’s observers arrived to the main square of the city, and when the guys went there to meet the observes they were arrested.

Idlib: Tal Aawour: The martyrdom of a child, Mariam Sammer al-Hamer,3 years old, in Tel-aaour village.

Idlib: Saraqeb: closing all the roads as part of the current stage of the dignity strike.

Damascus: A demonstration started in al-Qaboun in solidarity with the besieged and destroyed cities, chanting for the ouster of the regime.

Homs: Two soldiers were martyred: Osama Mahmoud Salama from the town of Douma, and Mohamad Sabihi from the town of Erbeen. They were killed for refusing to fire on protesters.

Aleppo: A demonstration started at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Aleppo, heading towards the University Hospital and the dorms. The protesters chanted for the ouster of the regime.

Damascus Suburbs : Douma : security forces are invading the market place and breaking shop locks, breaking their window displays, and looting their contents while the general strike continues.

Idlib: Army Private Wael Haj Qaddour Al-Naqou, from Kadinet Al-Bab in Aleppo, was martyred after he refused to fire on protesters.

Homs: Bab Sbaa: Residents are trying to convince the Arab observers to enter one of the mosques and informed them about the humanitarian situation, showing them some of the injured. Some of the observers show clear sympathy.

Daraa : heavy shooting on demonstrators in Daraa Balad.

Homs : Tal Shor : the army was removed from the Baath school, and their armoured vehicles were hidden in the farms behind the school.

Hama : Khattab : security forces are setting up checkpoints, supported by tanks and armoured vehicles, on all the town's entrances to surround it.

Homs: A soldier defected from Bab Draib clinic checkpoint, during the presence of the Arab League delegation, which has lead to the subsequent defection of many soldiers. Security forces fired at the defected solders and several have been injured, including the leader of the defected army soldiers.

Idlib: Areeha: Security forces and the army storm Martyr Mohammad Beek Square and disperse a women's sit-in using live ammo. There are reports of injuries.

Damascus Suburbs : Ain Tarma : military jets fly-by over the city.

Homs: Talbiseh: Security forces at the checkpoint arrested four people who were on their way to participate in a demonstration.

Homs: Security forces fired on a children's bus near the university campus, which led to a number of wounded. Red Crescent vehicles were prevented from entering the area to treat the wounded because of security forces' random gunfire along the road to the campus.

Homs: Martyr Fayez Mohamad Al-Mahmoud, a youth, died under torture. He was arrested some time ago by one of the intelligence branches and his corpse was delivered to his parents this morning.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: The Strike for Dignity continues to be observed and security forces have entered the area, breaking into shops participating in the Strike and cutting off all power in the city.

Aleppo: Marea: Ahmad Al-Ramzi Al-Dada was martyred due to security forces' gunfire as he was returning from the Andan protests.

Homs: 10 people have been wounded, some critically, due to security forces' gunfire in the Bab Sbaa area. The gunfire is ongoing.

Idlib: Kafroumeh: Five are reported wounded as a result of security forces' gunfire at a protest. In addition, a number of protesters have been arrested.

Hama: A martyr was killed due to security forces' gunfire near the Omari Hospital in the Aleppo Street area, and his corpse was found in the street. His family was unable to retrieve the body due to the widespread security stationed in the area.

Daamscus Suburbs: Domair: Local residents attended the funeral of elderly martyr Ahmad Arabi, killed by security forces' gunfire during the funeral of his grandson Mohamad Al-Sayegh. The funeral takes place amid a complete electricity and Internet blackout in the city since yesterday.

Aleppo: The security forces are firing at protestors in Dar Aaze, Maraa, and Tel Rafaat after they the start of the demonstration at Adnan. There are several injuries along with one martyr.

Homs: Protestors have gathered from Karam Zaytoun, al-Nazeheen, Bab Sabaa, Jeb Jendaley, and Bab Tadmour in the presence of the Arab League delegation at Bab Draib checkpoint. Together chanting and denouncing the army and the security forces.

Homs: The defection of a First Lieutenant in the presence of the Arab Delegation at the Bab Draib checkpoint.

Homs: The martyrdom of Abed al-Karim al-Masry after a mortar shell landed on his house.

Homs: The martyrdom of Radwan Zaheran under torture by the security forces. He was detained at Dewar Nakhele checkpoint while trying to deliver bread to Baba Amr.

Homs: Martyrdom of Nedal Buny due to the heavy gunfire that took place at KafarAya checkpoint.

Damascus Suburbs:Kesweh: Massive security reinforcements arrived to the city, some heading toward a military point others heading towards the police building.

Hama:Heavy gunfire in Saboneih neighborhood, Alamen ST and Lozeh roundabout.

Daraa: Harra: The security forces is firing on protestors using heavy armor.

Homs: Security forces fired at a car on the highway to Damascus wounding two women, along with the martyrdom of a child, Ahmed Al-raayhis, and his father suffered a critical head injury.

Hama: A number of protesters where injured by Syrian Security Forces in the neighborhoods of ElBarodeyah & AlFrayah, several cases of suffocation from the tear gas, protesters still trying to reach AlAasy square from all direction despite the sound bombs that are clearly heard.

Idleb: Ma'arat AlNoaman: Security Forces transfered some of the detainees from the security branches and prison to the barracks of Wady AlDaif and the cultural center in AlMa'ara where security buses where seen transfering them at night, news about hiding the detainees from the Arab League inspectors are reported from Hama military airport.

Hama: Khatab: Security forces supported by tanks and heavy weapons continue storming the town for the third day in a row amid heavy shooting by anti-aircraft.

Homs: An anti-regime demonstration started in Bab Sbaa neighborhood and the regime is starting a pro-regime demonstration in the surrounding Faraby neighborhood at the same time the committee arrived.

Aleppo: Andan: Security forces are shooting live fire on Andan junction to disperse thousands of demonstrators creeping from Aleppo suburb to the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Sayeda Zainab: A demonstration started from the girls high school in Hajeera area and it was joined by a demonstration from the boys high school, the demonstrators chanted for freedom and toppling the regime. Security forces are dispersing the students by forces.

Hama: Anti- regime denomination marched from Al Nour mosque in Al Elliliat neighbourhood, the security forces met it with teargas and gunfire to disperse it.

Damascus Suburbs: Security forces stormed Al Abada village under heavy gunfire in the eastern Ghouta, and conducted random arrest campaign, news about some injured.

Deir Ezzor: Security forces assaulted and beaten the demonstrators to prevent them from reaching the liberty square and arrest some of the demonstrators.

Aleppo University: A demonstration marched from the University’s hospital, toward the University’s main square, the security forces are trying to prevent the students from reaching the main square by force.

Damascus: Barzeh: General strike all around the neighbourhood and all the roads are closed.

Hama: The demonstrators arrived to the immigration building near Al Asi square and the security forces are facing them with teargas to prevent them from reaching Al Asi square.

Aleppo University: A students’ demonstration in the electrical faculty chanted for freedom and called to topple the regime.

Banyas: Al Bayda village: Security forces are calling for a shop to repair the damage that the shelling and the gunfire resulted on the houses and stores.

Idlib: A massive demonstration with women participation is walking now toward the Province’s building in Al Qousor Street, the demonstrators were never able to reach there due to security gunfire on any demonstration that try to a reach there.

Daraa: Kherbet Ghazaleh: Security forces and the army closed the southern entrance of the city, from the autostrade point, by sand barrricades using bulldozers, and they're digging a trench there.

Aleppo: Andan: A demonstration chanted for freedom and called to topple the regime, and to welcome the people coming from Aleppo northern suburb who are creeping to the city to sit-in.

Banyas: students demonstration started in Emad Arnoq School, and another in Jalal Khadam School in solidarity with Homs, the demonstrators chanted for freedom and toppling the regime.

Aleppo University: Arrival of security reinforcements to the University's yard, and the street linking the Faculties of Literature and Architecture.

Aleppo: The demonstrators are heading from Byaton, Raytan, Hayan, and other areas of the Suburbs to Andan.

Homs: More than 7,000 demonstrators are participating in the funeral of martyrs Yaseen Mohammad Abdul Samad, and Mohammad Rodwan in Khaldieh neighborhood.

Idlib: A massive demonstration in Ibrahim Hanano square in the city, the demonstrators are chanting for freedom and the free army.

Damascus: Midan: A massive demonstration started nearAl-Daqaq mosque, chanting in solidarity with Baba Amr and for toppling the regime.

Homs: A demonstration started from the square of Shamsy Basha mosque in Qusoor neighborhood, the demonstrators chanted for freedom and toppling the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Security forces supported by army launched a wide arrests campaign, and arrested more than 20 people so far, while cellular communications are cut since yesterday.

Damascus Suburbs: The authorities placed "Welcome to Douma" banner at the entrance of Adra Al-Amaliya area and they brought high school students to welcome them.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Army and Shabiha units are breaking the striking shops in Al-Koaa area, Al-Thanawiya road, and behind the bakery.

Harra: Massive demonstration now in the main street in the city center in solidarity with Homs, chanting for freedom and toppling the regime, and demanding the protection of the Syrian people from the daily massacres.

Daraa: Kherbet Ghazaleh: Security forces and the army stormed the town with bulldozers to break the strike that lasted 18 days. Clashes occurred between the regime forces and the Free Syrian Army this morning, followed by sweeps from both, the northern and the southern entrance along with a campaign of raids and arrests. Approximately 20 people were arrested..


Syria Protests December 28, 2011 : A Video Roundup

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