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Syria News - January 26 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


January 26 2012


[26 Jan 2012] Homs: Shabiha slaughter a whole family in Karm Al-Zaytoun neighbourhood. Five children under the age of five years old, a young girl, a man, and three women killed by Assad's thugs.

[26 Jan 2012] #Karam-Az-Zaitoun #Homs: The martyrs of the Karam-Az-Zaitoun massacre

[26 Jan 2012] #Karam-Az-Zaitoun #Homs: A massacre in the area. A real massacre.

[26 Jan 2012] #Karam-Az-Zaitoun #Homs: People killed, and injured, and houses destroyed.

[26 Jan 2012] AlRifa'i Neighbourhood #Homs: Bombs blew half of this man's face off

[26 Jan 2012] Homs - Mahmoud Najib Balasem, kidnapped two days ago in a pro-regimeneighborhood, then was killed and chopped by Assad thugs | Wadi al-Arab

[26 Jan 2012] Homs - Muhammad Khudair Kaja’a, defected soldier was killed for refusing to shoot civilians | Ghantou

[26 Jan 2012] Homs - Abdullah al-Kassab, defected soldier was killed by asniper for refusing to shoot civilians | Karm al-Zeitoun

[26 Jan 2012] Homs - Unidentified fallen hero, killed by a sniper | Karmal-Zeitoun

[26 Jan 2012] Homs - Tamim al-Hamwi, random bombing | Karm al-Zeitoun – Rifai

[26 Jan 2012] Homs - Karam-Az-Zaitoun: A women severely injured by a sniper

[24,25 & 26 Jan 2012] Homs - AlQusair: Civilians injured as a result of bombings by Assad forces

[26 Jan 2012] Jub-Al-Jandali, #Homs: The suffering of the people in the area. No fuel, no water, no electricity, no work.


The martyr Ahmad Mahmoud Bady from Khenezer village in Hama who was tortured to death

[26 Jan 2012] #Hama, Bab Qibli: [GRAPHIC] Many prisoners from the neighborhood massacred by regime forces.

[26 Jan 2012] AlFaraya Neighborhood #Hama: Martyr Mahmoud Ahmed Melis - a defected soldier


Syria, Daraa, Martyr Ali Al-Mtheeb (15 years old) was shot in Assad's gangs, Jan 26, 2012


[26 Jan 2012] #Idlib: Martyr Ayman Sha'ban

The Free Syrian Army captured Iranian snipers. The Iranian detainees with the Farok military group with FSA

The number of martyrs today rose to 65 among them were 10 children, 4 women and 8 defected military soldiers, they were martyered on Thursday by the bullets of security forces and the heavy weaponry of the military. There were 32 martyrs in Homs, 22 martyrs in Hama, 4 martyrs in the Damascus Suburbs, 3 martyrs in each of Daraa and Idlib, and a martyr in Damascus.

The number of the recorded martyrs in Syria since the arrival of the Arab League Observers’ committee reached thus far 1317 martyrs, including 30 women, 70 children (out of them 15 female child), 67 martyrs killed under torturing. Homs had the biggest share with an 464 martyrs followed by Idlib with 252 martyrs then Damascus and it’s suburb with 164 martyrs and then Hama with 145 martyrs.

Damascus Suburbs: Qatna: Several demonstrations started throughout the day and security forces along with shabhia responded with intense gunfire. The bullets were coming from dwellings of regime forces including army generals and officers located on Telet al-Sultan which is under their control. In addition, mortar shells are launched from tanks stationed at Halaleh Orchards. Several light bombs were launched into the night sky by military personnel stationed in the area.

Daraa: Bosr Harir: Sound of several explosions and heavy gunfire from heavy weapons from checkpoint at roundabout on main road and east of town and north at entrance of Lajat area.

Daraa: Nahta: Heavy shelling on the village by security forces and army and sounds of explosions heard from all areas.

Aleppo: Mar'e: Massive protest now in solidarity with besieged districts of Homs and chanting for the toppling of the regime.

Daraa: Hirak: Martyrdom of soldier Ahmad Salama Al Hariri 20 years old at the hands of security forces.

Latakia: Security forces and shabiha stationed at the checkpoint on Harash road open fire towards Bustan Saydawi to scare residents.

Latakia: Night protest in Antakya Street in solidarity with Karam Zeitoun and besieged districts of Homs chants for toppling the regime.

Idlib: Sound of several explosions and heavy gunfire in Hanano square.

Daraa: East Mlayha: Sound of RPG shells and gunfire from Doshka in addition to live gunfire from security checkpoint between Nahta and Hirak.

Latakia: Night protest in Antakya Street in solidarity with Karam Zeitoun and besieged districts of Homs chants for toppling the regime.

Homs: Sound of intense explosions in Baba Amrdistrict accompanied by heavy gunfire from heavy machine guns.

Daraa: Bosr Harir: Entry of 3 armored vehicles from eastern barracks to city and stationed at Sweida'a road roundabout and gunfire of heavy calbires randomly

Daraa: Intense gunfire reported in Daraa's surroundings while the mosques' minrats praise their victory.

Homs: Heavy gunfire has been reported from a house belonging to a regime officer, Zou al-Heme Shalish, near the Education Department on the highway.

Homs: Mortar shells and RPG's are being launched by the regime's forces in Bab al-Sabaa.

Hama: Kefar Naboude: Two children were detained by security forces, Subhey Mousa Bakour and Qusay Abed al-Razaq Othman. They were detained while returning from the Center for Excellence in Homs to their home in Hama. It's worth noting, that Subhey was an outstanding student with high marks while Qusay is a candidate for the World Math Olympics.

Homs: Heavy shooting by two sniper stationed on the rooftop of the National Hospital in Jouret al-Sheyah. Heavy gunfire has been reported in al-Bayada district.

Hasakeh: Despite heavy security presence in Ghouran district, on Jameh Street, demonstrators continue to march while chanting for freedom and toppling regime.

Homs: Qusair: Shelling of the town has resumed from the National Hospital and from Sweden Bridge and the bridge of Hamid Amer.

Hasakeh: A massive demonstration in al-Kalaseh area. Participants demanded to topple the regime and its trial. They saluted the Free Syrian Army and condemned the massacre in Karam al-Zaytoun.

Damascus Suburbs: Clashes in areas of Arbeen and Harasta. Security forces are randomly detaining civilians in Qaboon.

Hama: The martyrdom of the defected soldier Aaref Abu Rekeb. He was found along with several other unidentified martyrs, whose corpses had been discarded by the regime in front of the Inspectors Technical Institute in the city.

Hasakeh: Shadady: Security forces launched a raid campaign targeting the youth activists in the village, including Addy Manaa and those previously detained.

Aleppo Suburbs: Maart Atrab: An evening demonstration started for the first time in the village; participants chanted for the besieged cities, the Free Syrian Army, and demanding to topple the regime.

Hasakeh: Demonstrators on al-Jamaa Street are chanting in honor of Afaf, a female martyr, and demanded to topple the regime. Security forces and shabiha responded with ferocious violence and tear-gas.

Hama: Two borthers have been detained, Ala and Melaz al-Barazi, from their home in al-Saboney neighbourhood.

Homs: sounds of intensive gunfire are heard from Jouret Al Shaiah and Khaldieh neighborhood

Homs: The funeral of Abdul Ghani Al Souqi who was martyred while he was leaving his house in Bab Sbaaa, despite the security siege and deployment.

Hasakeh: Massive demonstration in Ghowiran neighborhood chanted to topple the regime.

Deir Ezzor: Qouriah: Security forces shot intensive gunfire, to disperse anti-regime demonstration marched from the town.

Daraa: Busr Al Harir: Militray reinforcement including 7 tanks entered the city under heavy and random gunfire.

Lattakia: Night time demonstration marched in Al Owina neighborhood chanted for freedom and called to topple the regime.

Damascus: Salhiah: Night time demonstration with participation of people from Ruk Eldin in solidarity with Homs and the besieged cities chanted to topple the regime and greeted the Free Syrian Army.

Hama: Gunfire from machineguns 500, snipers and light weapons from the towers in Al Sharqiah neighborhood.

Daraa: Al Sanamin: Security forces and regime’s thugs are deployed in the town and conducting random arrest campaign.

Banyas: Night time demonstration in AL Qala’a neighborhood condemning the horrible massacres that the regime's thugs conducted in Karm AL Zaiton, calling to topple the regime.

Hasakeh: Night time demonstration in Kalaseh neighborhood chanting to topple the regime.

Qunaitra: Clashed between the Syrian Free Army and the regime's forces. Heavy fire has been reported near Naamyeh Village.

Homs: Several powerful explosions are heard in the vicinity of Homs University dormatories near the Southern living units and the camp.

Homs: Qusair: Night-time demonstration in the town. Protestors chanted in solidarity of the besieged cities and demanded toppling the regime.

Damascus: Naher Ayeshe: A dmonstration started after evening prayers despite a complete electric outage; participants demanded to topple the regime.

Idlib: Tanftanz: The people in the funeral of the martyr Mustafa Shaban chanting to topple the regime.

Homs: Intensive gunfire in Al Barazel Street in Insha’at neighborhood.

Qamishli: A night demonstration started in al-Massaken area; participants demanded to topple the regime.

Deir Ezzor: Massive demonstration marched in Jubailah area chanted to topple the regime.

Daraa: Jassem: Security forces and shabiha waged several raid campaigns in the Southern area of the city.

Daraa: Martyrdom of a soldier from Idlib in Daraa City (at the Dahya barricade which is near the Dahya bridge) when he tried to defect from the army.

Damascus: Kafr Souseh: Massive demonstration, in solidarity with Douma and the besieged cities, took off from Hadi mosque.

Damascus: Night-time demonstration in the main street that leads to Sayeda Zainab. Protestors are chanted for toppling the regime and they cut the road with burnt tires and draw anti-regime graffitti on the walls of the street.

Idlib: Taftanaz: Security forces and regime’s thugs murdered Mustafa Shaban in AL Sawaghia area.

Hama: Martyrdom of Abdullah Orfali by security forces gunfire while they were storming Al Faraiyah neighborhood, they also kidnapped his corpse.

Damascus: Barzeh: A night-time demonstration started near the Hakeem Mosque and is now taking place in Masaken Barzeh behind the Ministry of Supply. Protestors are demanding toppling of the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Ein Terma: Intensive gunfire and several injured in the village.

Deir Ezzor: Massive demonstration in Joura area and Wadi Street demanding toppling of the regime.

Damascus: Al-Qa'a: Night-time demonstration started in front of Majed Mosque and marched towards Sakhana Square. Protestors chanted for toppling the regime.

Hama: Taibet El Emama: Military reinforcement including 10 armored vehicles and military elements, entered from the southern entrance of the town and conducted raid campaign to the activists houses, Nedal Yousif Al Omar, 35 year old, was arrested for the second time since the start of the uprising.

Deir Ezzor: Heavy gunfire in Howaiqa area and the Swords Square.

Idlib: Saraqeb: Gunfire from heavy machineguns to the south of Joubas junction, news about tanks moving toward the town.

Homs: Intensive gunfire from the security's checkpoints on the University City and 8th or March roundabout –previously- toward Al Shamas neighborhood.

Damascus suburbs: Douma: Fall of two serious injuries by sniper's bullets one in the head and another in the chest, near Al-Arab neighborhood.

Damascus suburbs: Douma: Security forces and army are implementing a violent military campaign on the city, where all its entrances were sieged and reinforcements of security and heavy vehicles entered. The city was shelled especially Al-Hejaria area, which led to the destruction of one of the houses. Shooting continues since morning, in addition to deployment of army forces who launched a random arrest campaign and raids of houses, which affected about 200 person, all this in conjunction with full cut off electricity.

Deir Ezzor: An evening demonstration started in Hasan Taha street, chanting for the besieged cities and demanding the toppling of the regime.

Aleppo University: At least 100 fully equipped units of the maintenance of order entered the university city, and stationed in front of the residential unit No. 16 for girls.

Homs: A massive demonstration in Ghota neighborhood in solidarity with the besieged cities.

Hama: Martyrdom of Mrs. Nawal Abdullah Khalaf (58 years old, a mother of five children, and a widow) in Bab Al-Nahr neighborhood after she was shot by a sniper from Al-Qalaa security checkpoint this morning.

Homs: Fall of martyrs and dozens of wounded from a violent attack launched by security forces and army on Karm Al-Zaiton, where mortar shells were fired, which led to the displacement of the residents of two entire streets in the side of Al-Janoubi neighborhood, and destruction of several houses.

Hama: Martyrdom of defected military recruit Mahmoud Ahmad Meles in Faraya neighborhood by security forces while he was defending the neighborhood's residents.

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: Heavy shooting in Qastoon village by security forces positioned at Al-Sadd checkpoint.

Homs: Martyrdom of defected military recruit Abdullah Qassab in Karm Al-Zaitoun neighborhood after he was shot by Al-Steen security checkpoint.

Homs: Martyrdom of Liza Ali Abbas from Bayada neighborhood after she was shot by a sniper by security forces in Qahira street.

Homs: Martyrdom of Alaa Zaeery, Tameem Al-Hamwy, Mohammad Zaghlol, and Aboud Saood from random shelling of Refaai neighborhood by security forces and army.

Damascus suburbs: Ain Tarma: Martyrdom of Mohammaed Khaled by security forces, the residents are coming to participate in his funeral.

Idlib: Kafaroma: Martyrdom of Sargant Aiham Faheem Hamad from Hadr village in Jabal Al-Sheikh, where his body was found dumped in the north of Kafroma town in Al-Harsh. He was shot in the back of his head. He was also found with the ID of the police, which were distributed on army soldiers after the entry of the Arab league observers committee entered, was found with him.

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawyeh: Security forces arrested yesterday: Maan Mohammad Mostafa Harmosh from Ibleen village (nephew of lieutenant colonel Hosain Harmoosh), and Ahmad Saeed Horia from Basmas village (the uncle of lieutenant colonel Hosain Harmoosh),from one of the houses in Hanano in Aleppo governorate.

Damascus suburbs: Kanaker: Violent clashes at the checkpoints after the defection of a large number of brigade 121 of the regime's army including an Officer in the rank of a Major, and a Lieutenant.

Homs: Qosair: Defected soldier Abdul Kareem Satoof, from Al-Dabaa village, was martyred during clashed with the regime's army.

Damascus suburbs: Security forces and army are implementing a full military campaign on Douma especially the neighborhoods of: Sendayana, Abdul Raoof, AL-Hejarieh, and Jisr Masraba, where the shelling and shooting increased. Sounds of explosions are heard from all directions, in addition to clashes between the Free Army and the regime's army in Masraba.

Damascus suburbs: Martyrdom of Ammar Ali Al-Kholy by security forces in Masraba.

Damascus suburbs: Rankoos: Security forces and army are shelling Karesa farm by tanks and artillery.

Damascus Suburb: Assal: Al-Ward: Security forces and Shabiha are launching arrest campaign in the neighborhood and raiding several houses and destroying their contents.

Aleppo University: A students demonstration in the Faculty of Electricity, chanting for the besieged cities and demanding the toppling of the regime.

Damascus: Midan: A students demonstration started from Hassan Bin Thabet School, chanting for toppling the regime, in conjunction with closure of Al-Haqla street at Al-Haqla cemetary by activists.

Damascus suburbs: Tal: A demonstration started in solidarity with the besieged suburbs cities with women's participation, chanting for toppling the regime.

Damascus suburbs: Kafar Batna: Heavy security deployment from Al-Khair markets to Ain Tarma junction.

Aleppo: Security forces and Shabiha are shooting and launching tear gas grenades to disperse a demonstration that started in Marjeh neighborhood towards the condolence tent after the burial of the martyr.

Damascus suburbs: Douma: Violent raids campaign, and entire families were taken out from their houses, with heavy shooting and intensify patrols in order to intimidate the residents.

Daraa: Nawa: The child Ali Naji Al-Muthaieb due to security forces gunfire on a student demonstration in which protestors chanted for toppling the regime.

Daraa: Nawa: Fall of several wounded from shooting live ammunition by military security to disperse a students demonstrationt that started from Nawa School for boys, the demonstrators were chanting for toppling the regime.

Daraa: Nawa: Security and Shabiha forces surround Imam Nawawi mosque and fire at the funeral of Omran Al-Balbeisy

Aleppo: Security forces and shabiha are forcing all teachers, students, and public employees in the town of Bazaa to participate in pro-regime demonstrations.

Banyas: Students are demonstrating at the Imad Arnouq High School and demanding the fall of the regime.

Daraa: Kherbet Ghzalaeh: Fall of more than three wounded after security forces and Shabiha stormed the town amid intense shooting. Raids and searches of houses positioned western of the town from the international highway, where security barricades were placed to conduct minute inspections of vehicles.

Homs: Mohamad Mahmoud Hassan, 12, was martyred in Bab Dreib as a result of a regime sniper's gunfire. The sniper is stationed at the Ugarit School security checkpoint.

Qamishli: A massive demonstration started in the city center in front of the municipal building, chanting for toppling the regime, reports of Shabiha and security surrounding the demonstrators.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Security forces are conducting a widespread raid and arrest campaign in Hajjarieh, Abdel-Raouf, and Martyrs' Square. There is a heavy security presence all over the city; regime forces and their machine guns are stationed at all major points. The entrances to the city are sealed off, and all communications have been cut.

Homs: Security forces shelled the houses in Bab Sbaa' neighbourhood with 2 RPG rockets hitting the electricity cables. This was accompanied by heavy gunfire from heavy weaponry by security agents in Qala'a and Farabi barricades.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Heavy gunfire for the last 15 minutes heard in Thanawya Street, Ajami, the gardens and the Vehicle Management area.

Massacres in Hama

Gradual discovery of crimes carried out by armed forces and security forces of regime yesterday after attack on Bab Qebli in the city of Hama. Residents found 23 corpses of martyrs so far, most of them handcuffed and show signs of torture and bullets to the head. 5 Corpses were found near the Institute of Technocracy Monitors, 4 corpses were found in orchards of Hamidiya, 6 corpses were found in Bab Qebli. 8 of the martyrs have been identified. There still remain 15 other martyrs who are unidentified so far. The following are some of the videos of some of the corpses that were found.

5 Sites where corpses of martyrs were dumped. A total of 17 martyrs, 2 of them were identified so far. 15 Corpses remain unidentified

1) At the labor pool- 1 corpse- It was identified as the martyr Tha’er Al Hasan of Hamidiya, Hama. He was a defected soldier.

2) At the Instituted of Technocracy Monitors- 6 corpses- Only one was identified as the martyr Aaref Abu Al Rakab who was 19 years old and from Hasiniat, Hama. He was a defected soldier.

3) Bab Qebli- 6 corpses

4) Hamidiya Orchards- 4 corpses- They have still not been recovered and none have been identified

5) Hamidiya- One corpse that was handcuffed


Syria Protests January 26, 2012 : A Video Roundup:

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