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Syria News - January 30, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


January 30, 2012


The activist Abu Mo’az talking about two massacres in Karam Al-Zaytoun, Homs speaking with great difficulty: The family remained 5 days in their home… The first martyr is a handicapped boy who was disfigured and tortured to death! The second martyr is a little girl tortured by shabiha who took out her intestines. The third image is of the father who was ortured and disfigured with broken ribs… He looked as if they smashed his whole body. The fourth martyr is a baby boy pulled strongly away from his mother’s lap while holding her hair. … He was tortured and deformed; some of his mother’s hair is still in his hand. The fifth martyr is a little girl brutalised and tortured till she passed away!! The mother was the last one! Her eyes are almost ripped out. Apparently, she was tortured to death!

(01-30-12) Karam az-Zaytoun massacre | Homs | Child, Ahmad Al-Muhammad Murdered by Assad

Homs - Al Safsafa Massacre - Air raid leaving 4 martyrs : Complete destruction and bodies under the debris

Homs - Al Safsafa Massacre - Air raid leaving 4 martyrs :Bodies of the 4 martrys

The child martyr Dalya Saleby, 10, from Homs

30 Jan 2012] #Homs: The body of a martyr on the streets of Joret AlSheyah.

Homs, Jeb Algandal The hero martyr Abdul Hamid Alabrash killed by Assad's thugs 30-1-2012

Homs Alqusoor Martyr Adham Al-Sabsapi was fatally shot by Assad's sniper 30-1-2012

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs: Gazwan al-Nasser, random gunfire by Assad forces | Qusayr

The hero martyr Murtadha Izzat Idriss killed by Assad's thugs 30-1-2012

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs, Baba Amr: Civilian Ahmad Ibrahim killed by a sniper bullet to the head.

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs: Bilal al-Fashkha, random gunfire by Assad forces |Khaldiyeh

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs: Ahmad Mahmoud al-Gaith, killed by a sniper | Karmal-Zeitoun

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs: Hussein Fweran al-Khaledi, random gunfire by Assad forces| Deir Balba

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs: Murhaf Suleiman al-Saeed, random bombing | Baba Amr

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs: Muhammad Adnan Fawaz Zakzak, killed by Shabiha | BabDraib

Ausama Fashoul, killed under torture | Wadi al-Arab

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs:Sultan Jassem al-Muhammad al-Shaysh, random gunfire byAssad forces | Ashira

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs : A footage showing the pro-regime troops opening fire at a wounded farmer at Baba Amr district.

(01-30-12) Rastan | Homs | The Brave Attempt to Retrieve Bodies Under the Rubble

Activist Hadi Abdallah from Homs speaks to Al-Arabiya channel: "Homs is facing a real war....very intense artillery bombardment and we can't retrieve the wounded"

RASTAN HOMS: Regime shelling on the city

[30 Jan 2012] Ar-Rastan, #Homs: Tanks and armored vehicles shelling the town using heavy machine-guns and cannons.

[30 Jan 2012] Ar-Rastan, #Homs: Soldiers of the FSA respond to the aggressions of the regimes checkpoints.

[30 Jan 2012] Ar-Rastan, #Homs: The Free Army defends the town from regime forces.

[30 Jan 2012] Ar-Rastan, #Homs: "Ali ibn Abi-Taleb" Battalion of the FSA destroys a regime T72 tank during clashes.

[30 Jan 2012] Homs: Qusoor | The destruction aftermath left by Assad forces,which set one home on fire

[30 Jan 2012] Homs: Sifsafeh | Destruction, and dead people under the rubble

[30 Jan 2012] Homs:Al Bayada suburb: shelling by the Syrian army with heavy artillery and one shell aiming at a house hit an electricity tank causing massive fire and destruction

[30 Jan 2012] #Homs: FSA soldiers capture the Bab Dreeb regime checkpoint and residents raise the Independence flag.


Syria In Ruins As Assad Bombs Cities Like they Were Foreign Enemy Territory - 1-30-12 Hama

1-30-2012 - Random shelling on Madeeq Citadel in Hama


(01-30-12) Women with hand tools desperately searching for survivors under the remains of a shelled home in Serja: Idlib

| [30 Jan 2012] Serjeh, #Idlib: A 9 month old baby girl injured due to military shelling and gunfire.

(01-30-12) Sarjeh | Idlib | Assad Forces Shell City

(01-30-12) Random Shelling on Saraqeb


30 Jan 2012] #RifDimashq, #Damascus: Smoke columns rise above the eastern countryside and especially from the suburbs of Arbeen, Zamalka and Ain-Tarma because of the bombardment.


Daraa: Daeel: martyr Marwan Taha

Daraa: Herak: Martyrdom of Abdul Rahman Al-Hariri

[30 Jan 2012] #Dael, #Daraa: A family farwells their martyr, who was killed by regime forces.

(01-30-12) Sayda | Daraa | Man Tortured by Assad Forces for 3 Days

The number of martyrs in Syria until this moment has reached 100, among them are 8 children and a woman. 76 people were martyred in Homs, among them are two families, one in Karam Zeitoun and the other in Rasta. 15 martyrs in Daraa, 8 of them were corpses found in Nawa in Daraa. 6 martyrs in the Damascus Suburbs and 2 martyrs in Idlib and a martyr in Hasakah

Aleppo: Security forces and shabiha launched an arrest campaign that resulted in the detention of more than 30 people.

Daraa: Kefr Shams: the arrival of security reinforcement to Kefr Shams checkpoint on the eastern side of the town, amid residents' fears that the town will be stormed overnight just like yesterday.

Homs: Heavy fire in Bayyada neighboiurhood by the surrounding security checkpoints as well as dropping stun grenades.

Damascus: Midan: Despite the bitter cold, demonstrators in Midan came out to show their solidarity with the besieged cities and to demand the fall of the regime.

Deir Ezzor: A demonstration started from the Salam Mosque in solidarity with the besieged cities. Protesters chanted for the fall of the regime and security forces and shabiha attacked them to disperse the demonstration.

Lattakia: Security forces and shabiha are conducting a random arrest campaign and raiding homes in the Qneines area amid an electricity blackout.

Hama: The regime's army is shelling the Madeeq Citadel using heavy artillery.

Aleppo: Security forces and Shabeeha storm Furn Alnoor Street in the neighborhood of Furdous amid intense gunfire.

Hasakeh: Ferhan Hamed Moukhlef al-Jabouri was martyred under torture at the hands of security forces stationed at the Political Branch.

Homs: Several people have been martyred due to a mortar shell launched by the regime; they have been identified as , Amer Barily, Baraa Barily, Mohammed Sahloul, and Abed al-Hady Najim.

Hama: Heavy gunfire in Hamidiya district from the Assad Medical Complex, Qusoor district from Hasoob School, Karama district from Zarab Bridge and Qasab Bashy roundabout, Aleppo Road from security checkpoints, and Dabagha from the Police Station. In addition to heavy gunfire from Aalaf and Villat roundabout and Hama Citadel where snipers are stationed, and at the old Baath Party headquarters in the direction of the neighboring areas.

Damascus Suburbs: Nabak: Amir Al-Sadaqa, married with 3 children, was martyred due to security forces' gunfire as he was returning from Jobar, where he was buying merchandise for his shop. He was taken to Mujtahed Hospital but martyred after a number of other hospitals refused to treat him.

Damascus: Midan: A nighttime demonstration in the neighborhood went under an overpass; protesters chanted in solidarity with the besieged cities, demanded the fall of the regime, and called for support to the FSA.

Daraa: Nawa: Eight completely burned corpse were found this morning in the southern neighborhood and they couldn't be identified. Security forces took these deformed corpse away.

Homs: Rastan: A new massacre has been committed by the regime’s army now. Twenty martyrs have fallen among dozens wounded due to a mortar shell explosion in their homes. At this moment the following people have been identified: Faisal Moussa Mansoor, Hussien Ali Mansoor, Asama Mouneeb Mansoor, Moutasem Mansoor, Mohammed Yehya Manoor, Ibrahim Abed al-Razaq Mansoor, Tarif Mansoor, and Ahmed Khazoom.

Daraa: Daeel: Security forces and shabiha stationed at checkpoints arrested the following youths who were on their way to work yesterday: Yasser Mohammed al-Jamoos arrested at Tayera checkpoint, Aahed Mohammed al-Nasser, and Walid Hussain Jamoos at Tafes checkpoint. All civilians stopped at security checkpoints are being beaten and humiliated.

Hama: Security forces arrest Badran Mohamad Al-Haroun from the campus of Hama University. He is a student of veterinary medicine and originally from Jassem in Daraa.

Aleppo: Security forces and shabiha enforced a curfew in al-Fardous area and closed all the shops amid random arrests.

Damascus: An evening demonstration is taking place in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp; participants are chanting in solidarity with the besieged cities and demanding the fall of the regime.

Hama: Heavy gunfire from security checkpoints from Hadder, Aleppo Road, and Qusoor areas.

Idlib: Saraqeb: More than 50 tanks surround the city and regime forces are randomly shelling in advance of a raid.

Aleppo: Maraa: A massive demonstration is taking place in solidarity with the besieged cities; participants chanted for the regime's ouster and trial.

Hasakeh: A massive demonstration is taking place in solidarity with the besieged cities. Protesters raised the Indepedence Flag and demanded that the Syrian case be referred to the international community.

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawiyah: Violent clashes are reported between the regime's army and the FSA in the towns of Kasanfra, Balyon, Tahon, and Ibleen in Mor Valley.

Aleppo: Marje: An evening demonstration started; participants chanted for freedom, demanded the regime's ouster and saluted the martyrs. They also declared their commitment to demonstrate until the regime is ousted.

Hama: Modiq Citadal: A demonstration started in solidarity with Hama despite the presence of security forces and shabiha. The regime’s forces dispersed the protest with heavy gunfire and erected several spontaneous checkpoints.

Idlib: Salqein: A massive demonstration took place in the city and spread throughout city streets, from Tahouna to Clock Square. Shabiha tried to disperse the demonstration but the protesters fended them off.

Deir Ezzor: Kharbata: A demonstration started despite the heavy rain in solidarity with the besieged cities; participants chanted for the regime's ouster and trial.

Aleppo: Bazzaa: A massive evening demonstration in the city, demonstrators chanted for the martyrs and saluted the Free Syrian Army.

Daraa: Al-Tayba: Gunfire clashes restarted between the regime's army and the Free Syrian Army with shooting from heavy machineries southern of the town on way to the Combat Road and Nesseeb Customs checkpoint.

Aleppo: Bazzaa: A massive evening demonstration in the city, demonstrators chanted for the martyrs and saluted the Free Syrian Army.

Daraa: Al-Tayba: Gunfire clashes restarted between the regime's army and the Free Syrian Army with shooting from heavy machineries southern of the town on way to the Combat Road and Nesseeb Customs checkpoint.

Hama: Madeeq Castle: Two artillery shells were launched a while ago at the Northern neighborhood near the Shamaliyeh Petrol Station and the damage is thus far unknown.

Homs: Qosair: Complete cut off electricity on the entire city, and shooting from the municipal building, the hospital and some detachments anf barricades. Flight of reconnaissance aircraft over the city.

Homs: A demonstration started from Jorat Al-Shayyah neighborhood and heading to Qarabees neighborhood. Chants for toppling the regime despite the continuos shooting from the army and security forces.

Damascus suburbs:Rankous: continuous heavy shelling and gunfire around the town accompanied by detention raids and searches of homes, and the burning of the houses under the protection of military armored vehicles.

Damascus suburbs: Heavy military deployemnt in western Wata between Al-Raheba and Al-Mouadmyeh, army placed sand barricades and a checkpoint on the hospital road.

Daraa: Daeel: A massive demonstration began in front of the homes of the martyrs whose funerals just took place. The protesters reaffirmed their determination to protest until the fall of the regime.

Homs: Shelling towards Karm Al-Zaitoun neighborhood and Al-Nazeheen continues . Shooting and explosions didn't stop since early morning.

Hama: A demonstration started in Bab Qibli neighborhood from Abdullah Bin Salam Mosque and heading towards the square.

Aleppo: Takad: A massive demonstration is taking place in the town in solidarity with the besieged cities and protesters are calling for the release of all detainees.

Homs: Abdul Wakel Khankan, an elderly, from Medan neighborhood was martyred today and his son Emad Khankan, the previous coach of Karama football Club, was injured while he was trying to pull his father away from the area targeted by snipers.

Idlib: Khan Sheikhon: Violent clashes are taking place right now between the regime's army and the Free Syrian Army that intervened to protect the civilians.

Homs: the death of the child Dalia Salibi in Karm Zaitoun as a result of a shot in the neck.

Aleppo suburbs: Daret Iza: Random shooting at residential houses and passerby cars by the security and army forces, who are besieging the city and threatening to storm it.

Aleppo: Deir Hafer: A demonstration started in the town, demonstrators chanted for the martyrs and saluted the affected cities.

Daraa: Kafarshams: The residents spread the names of three military recruits on the town's checkpoint harassing people and women, and they are: First Lt. Ammar Sameer, Sgt. Abdo Al-Adra, and military recruit Mohammad Karkoty.

Deir Ezzor: A massive demonstration started in the Arda neighborhood; participants chanted in solidarity with the besieged cities and lauded yesterday's FSA's operations.

Hama: Howash Village: Heavy artillery shelling from tanks reaches the village from the Rasif side, and there are reports of clashes between regime forces and the FSA at the Madiq Citadel.

Deir Ezzor: Tayaneh: Security forces and shabiha tationed at the Post Office checkpoint are firing randomly.

Damascus: Residents of Jobar have declared a strike in solidarity with eastern Ghouta, and to mourn the martyrs who died in the area just yesterday.

Aleppo: A second demonstration started in the Marjeh area in response to a regime-led arrest campaign that took place a short time ago.

Idlib: Jabal Zawieh: Regime forces are shelling the village of Sarja using heavy weapons, and there are reports that the entire population has fled the area.

Homs: Seven people were martyred as a result of a building collapse when the regime's security forces targeted, with two artillery shells, the minaret of the Soufi Mosque in Bab Al-Turkman.

Homs: Rastan: Regime forces resumed their random shelling at homes using heavy machine guns, and tanks are deploying widely, in the Bastako area.

Aleppo: A massive demonstration has started in the Marjeh district; participants are demanding the fall of the regime and chanting in solidarity with the encircled Fardoss area.

Idlib: Mastooma: The Free Syrian Army succeeded in setting 5 defected recruits free from a military camp for the regime's forces after violent clashes.

Homs: Security forces and shabiha abducted a taxi filled with civilians near Kharbet al-Hamam. The taxi was headed to Homs from Hussen village (Telkalekh).

Aleppo University: Heavy presence of security forces and shabiha in the square near Civil Engineering faculty in Aleppo University alerted for a possible student demonstration that may start from the faculty.

Homs: Rastan: The Commander of the Martyr Abdel Rahman Al-Ashtar Battalion in Rastan informed the LCC today that the battalion succesfully conducted an operation that resulted in the explosion of nine regime-owned tanks and the burning down of the Political Security headquarters building.

Hama: Qastoun: The regime's security forces are conducting a random raid and arrest campaign, and inspecting and looting several houses in the eastern alley. The forces are also shooting at random to terrorize residents.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamieh: The principal of an elementary school located on the road to Daraya called security forces when the students began a demonstration at the school. The regime's security forces arrived and began to fire live ammunition and nail bombs at the students. Two children have been shot.

Homs: Heavy gunfire from all checkpoints in Bab Sbaa, Bab Dreib, Safsafa, Bab Hood, and the Citadel is reported.

Daraa: Daeel: Nearly 15,000 men, women, and children are participating in a funeral procession fo the city's martyrs despite the heavy rain and the presence of regime security.

Damascus: Mazzeh: Security forces have surrounded the cemetary and are chasing mourners who left the Dahia Kalabi Mosque. Gunfire in the area is reported.

Damascus: Mezzeh: Residents are mourning martyr Anas Tabat, who was shot in Ain Tarma (old Mezzeh) at the Kalabi Mosque, by the regime's security forces. There is heavy security presence in the area.

Aleppo: Ibeen: A massive demonstration is taking place; participatns are caling for the fall of the regime and saluting the besieged cities and the FSA.

Daraa: Yadoudeh: Protesters are chanting in solidarity with the besieged cities and demanding the fall of the regime.

Homs: Anoud Al-Barazi, from the Rifai neighborhood, was martyred as a result of torture by the regime's security forces.

Idlib: Saraqeb: Regime's army forces are shelling the city using heavy artillery, and tanks are advancing to storm the city. Violent clashes occured with the Free Syrian Army on Abu Al-Zohoor bridge.

Homs: Rastan: Martyrdom of child Reyad Qasem Salama after being targeted on the door of his house by the bullets of Syrian security's sniper.

Damascus: Security forces and Shabiha forced the parents of the martyr to burry him without a funeral in Al-Yarmook camp, despite that mourners flocked towards the mosque, and a demonstration started after Duhr prayer, demonstrators chanted for the martyr and toppling the regime.

Homs: Young Hosain Fwaizan Al-Khaldy (23 years old) from Al-Rabee Al-Araby (Arab Spring) neighborhood, was martyred by security forces and Shabiha stationed in Abbasieh neighborhood.

Aleppo: About 20 tanks stationed western of new Aleppo neighborhood towards Rashiedieh area.

Damascus suburbs: Mouadamyeh: Security reinforcements represented by more than 8 cars arrived from the project direction towards Al-Rawda, roaming the main streets in the town and shooting randomly to intimidate the residents; after a students demonstrations started.

Daraa: Jasim: Military soldier Adham Ziad Noor Edden Al-Halqy of the fourth division, was martyred by security forces after he defected in Douma and joined the Free Syrian Army.

Damascus suburbs: Erbeen: Wide movement of displacement in the eastern area from the city adjacent to Hamoria town, due to the fall of several shells on the buildings.

Homs: Rastan: Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army in the city.

Banyas: Students demonstrations chanting for the besieged cities and demanding the toppling of the regime in the areas of Al-Adema and Bayda.

Aleppo: A sit-in for lawyers inside the courthouse and in front of the First District Attorney's office in objection of the horrible massacres of the Syrian people committed by security members and also calling for the release of detainees.

Idlib: Areha: Mohammad Fakher Ghadry (water tank driver) was martyred by Syrian security's bullets, when he arrived to a checkpoint of te entrance of the city from Oram direction. His funeral will be today in the city.

Homs: Security forces and thugs (Shabeha) committed a horrible crime with an entire family in Karm Al-Zayton neighborhood and arrested several young men who were able to arrive to the home of the murdered family. Also, securitiy members took the corpse of the family members namely: Mohammad Turki Al-Mohammad (Father), Ebtisam Al-Khodr (Mother) and Amjad, Tahiyat and Ahmad (Children).

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Security forces and Shabiha deployed in the neighborhood and launched a campaign of arrest and raids of houses.

Damascus: Jobar: A demonstration started from the Grand Mosque and chants for the Eastern Ghotta area, besieged cities and toppling the regime.

Homs: An unidentified martyr fell from deir Baalba and more than 50 injuries were reported in a sporadic shooting by security forces.

Homs: Martyrdom of Bilal Farook Al-Fashkha, 27, from Khaldiyeh neighborhood after being shot by a sniper stationed at Karm Shamsham checkpoint.

Damascus Suburbs: Al-Tal: A secondary school female students' demonstration started in Wady Hanoneh and chants for toppling the regime.

Daraa: Daeel: Martyrdom of two young men: Marwan Mohammad Taha Shihadat and Mohammad Atallah Al-Ghazzawi by security forces while they were passing by the town's checkpoint. First, they were shot and then killed.

Damascus suburbs: Hamoria: Security forces and army kidnapped the corpses of more than ten martyrs from the city, and launched an arrest campaign, arrested hundreds of young men in adittion to woundeds. More than ten houses were destroyed from the violent shelling.

Homs: Security forces and army are taking the corpse of martyrs who fell today in Qussor neighborhood.

Daraa: Nasseeb: security forces and thugs (Shabeha) are raiding the town and clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army there. Similar clashes were reported from Taybat Al-Imam town and several explosions amid electricity and communication blackouts in the entire area.

Damascus suburbs: Mouadamyeh: A massive students demonstration started, chanted for toppling the regime.

Damascus suburbs: Eastern Ghota: Martyrdom of five people in Hamoria town, identified of them: Mohammad Hejazy, Raafar Takrety, and Ibrahim Al-Qaseer. Sounds of large explosions and violent clashes in different areas in Eastern Ghota.

Damascus Suburbs: Arbeen: The regime's forces have been attempting to storm the city since the morning from two sides, forcing the residents of Sarout neighborhood to flee. There are sounds of explosions inside the city after a whole night with continuous explosions, especially on the side of Hamourieh.

Daraa: Young Mohammad Hosain Naeem Ayash was martyred by security's bullets, and another young man was detained on his way to Tafas area. The two men are from Daraa Al-Balad.

Homs: Martyrdom of Mohammed Nour Dalleh by the bullets of the security forces in the neighborhood of Qosour.

Hama: Qalaat Madeeq: People injured, some of them are in critical condition while the city is witnessing a complete standstill after violent shelling during the entire night. Many residents of the old castle have fled, fearing it will be stormed after the shelling. It is to be noted that Qaleet Madeeq is UNESCO World Heritage, and that the castle is the only historical castle in the world that is still inhabited with a high population density.

Daraa: Daeel: Residents gathered in front of Al-Kabeer mosque to receive the martyrs who fell in Alama.

Homs: Heavy gunfire from heavy weapons in Jouret Sheikh.

Deir Ezzor: Mayadeen: The regime's forces and Shabiha attack a demonstration that set out from Salam Mosque, demanding the toppling of the regime and chanting in solidarity with the cities under siege and under attack

Homs: Rastan: Martyrdom of Zakaria Mohammad Ferzat, 28 years, by the bullets of the security forces.

Daraa: Daeel: Three tanks enter Souq Square in Shamali Street. Tanks are being recentered at all security checkpoints since yesterday.

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Martyrdom of Omar Mohammad Jameel Qaddour, while the area of Mazra'a is subject to random shelling. Random gunfire towards residential buildings while water, electricity and communications remain cut.

Daraa: A security checkpoint has been erected on Jamarek Road in Daraa City.

Damascus Suburbs: Kafar Batana: Security forces looted grocery stores and centered in front of Ghouta Sharqiyah Secondary School to hand out groceries pretending they are humanitarian aid for the people of the city.

Lattakia: Haffeh: A students demonstration started in Al-Zanqofa village in solidarity with the affected cities.

Homs: Martyrdom of the child Talia Salibi, 10 years, by the bullet of a sniper in the neighborhood of Karam Zaytoun.

Homs: Martyrdom of the defected recruit Naji Fajr Bashan from the village of Ezz el-Din, in the town of Asal Ward in Qalamoun.

Lattakia: A brief demonstration set out in the neighborhood of Sleibeh Projects, near Hussein Mosque, calling the for the toppling of the regime and chanting for the cities under attack.

Hama: Shayzar: Funeral procession for 7 martyrs that fell yesterday. They are a father and 3 of his sons from Awwad family, a father and his son from Abdul Al family and two young men from Shannan family.

Damascus suburbs: Regime forces are storming all the city's neighborhood with tanks amid random shelling on houses and coplete cut of communication, electricity, and water for the six day in a row. Reports of the fall of dozens of victims.

Homs: Martyrdom of Ghazwan Al-Naser by Shabiha's bullets in Talaee Al-Noor street in Qusoor neighborhood.

Damascus suburbs: Rankoos: Regime forces arrested young Mahmoud Masood Qoraish from his house in the center of the town.

Lattakia: Students of Shokry Hakeem School are demonstrating in the school yard, chanting for toppling the regime and in solidarity with the besieged cities and the Free Syrian Army.

Darra: Naseeb: Campaign of random arrest and raids and destruction of private properties launched by security forces and Shabiha in the town. Identified of the detainees so far are: Ahmad Abdullah Al-Shareef, Nasr Allah Ahmad Al-Shareq, Mohammad Taha Yousef Al-Rady, Hasan Awad Al-Shareq, Monzer Mamdoh Al-Refai, Majed Saeed Abu Zreq.

Homs: Shooting in Khaldieh neighborhood led to the fall of several wounded including a nine years old child.

Daraa: Seida: Martyrdom of Saeel Al-Ghanem from random shooting by regime's army on the town, which is still witnessing clashes between the Free Syrian Army and regime's army.

Homs: Martydom of the doctor Mostafa Safr assasinated by three shots this morning in the neighborhood of Damascus Route, he was a doctor in Besan Hospital and in the School of Health and contributed in the treatment of the wounded in the Revolution.

Homs: Gunfire from machine guns near Zeir street in the neighborhood of Bayada.

Homs: Martdom of Jamal Idris in the indiscriminate shelling on the neighborhood of Baba Amr.

Damascus Suburbs: Renewal of shelling on the city of Rankous specifically on the western district and destruction of several homes.

Homs: Very intense gunfire in the neighborhood of Khaldiya from the direction Masakin Taameenat (Insurance Residence) and the old police headquarters with the approach of military reinforcements to the vicinity of the neigborhood.

Daraa: Harak: Martrydom of Abdelrahman Hariri by the bullet of security force's in the town.

Daraa: Harak: Martydom of a vendor who travelled from the village of Melleiha Atash, the martyr Basheer Ghbari attempted to save him and was martyred with him.

Daraa: Harak: Martydom of Bashir Ghbari by the bullet of security forces.

Homs: Martydom of Mohamad Adham Sabsabi in the neighborhood of Qusoor by the bullet of security forces.

Homs: Arrival of several soldiers of the Free Syrian Army to the neighborhood of Qusour to protect the residents and violent clashes between them and the regime's military and security forces resulting in the destruction of 2 BTR, and the death and injury of several among the security forces and armed gangs (Shabeeha) forcing them to withdraw to the outskirts of the neighborhood with the continuing of the clashes.

Homs: Very intense gunfire surrounding Watani Hospital.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Renewal of violent shelling in the city with artillery and sounds of explosions in the distance and scenes of smoke rising in the city sky.

Daraa: Harak: Storming of the town amid intense gunfire and reports of the fall of several martyrs and injuries.

Homs: Rastan: Renewal of indiscriminate shelling on the buildings and homes with heavy weaponry and continued clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's forces for the third day and the Free Syrian Army gains control over many new areas in the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Maleiha: Sounds of intense explosions heard in vicinity of the town with the continuation of the general stike for the second consecutive day as youth burned tired and main roads of the town were blocke off and authorities continue with disconnecting all forms of communication from the region.

Damascus: Asali: A morning demonstration began in the morning in solidarity with the besieged Damascus Suburbs calling for the regime's ouster.

Idlib: Habeet: Gunfire by the regime's forces and sounds of strong explosions.

Daraa: Sayda: Sounds of gunfire from the 38th brigade north of the village of Sayda.

Dara: The Free Syrian Army finishes its operation in Dara'a and withdraw with no losses.

Daraa: Jeezeh: Gunfire and explosions heard near the Jeezeh checkpoint direction.

Daraa: Clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's forces in a suburb of Othman.

Daraa: Musaifara: Very violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army at Musaifara checkpoint.

Hama: Kfarzeta: agents manning the main checkpoint in the town have defected. This was followed by clashes between the regime's soldiers and those of the Free Syrian Army to protect the defected.

Daraa: Heavy gunfire near the Sports Complex in the direction of Panorama. Loud explosions are heard nearby.

Daraa: A group of soldiers inside the Bilal al-Habashi Mosque just defected and joined the Revolution. Reports indicate that tanks are on the move on al-Sad (the Dam)Road.

Daraa: Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's forces at Belal Habashi Mosque.

Daraa: Mosaifara: Security forces are bombing the area using anti-aircraft machine guns and aiming at the town. This comes amid heavy gunfire from the directions of Jajez and Katiba.

Naeema: The Free Syrian Army carries out an operation in the town and violent clashes happening now with the regime's forces amid intense gunfire

Daraa: Movement of security reinforcements from the direction of Hamrek towards Mansour Mosque in the heart of Daraa Balad and violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army on the Sad (Dam) route.

Daraa: Security forces are firing into oncoming traffic from the northern side of the city to prevent anyone from entering.

Daraa: Consecutive explosions shake Daraa Balad now.

Homs: Explosion of a gas pipeline east of the district of Deir Baalba and flames rise from it.

Daraa: Continuation of clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's security forces in Daraa Balad and sounds of explosions which shake neighborhoods with the rise of snipers on buildings.

Daraa: Free Syrian Army closes the road of Daraa Balad.

Damascus Suburbs: Al Rhayba: Explosions shake the city and sounds of gunfire from heavy weapons.

Daraa: Indiscriminate shelling on residential areas in Daraa by regime army.

Mourning for Syria's martyrs

As the Syrian Revolution nears its first anniversary on March 15, it has lost none of the determination of its youth despite the regime's continued brutal repression to try to stop the people's quest for a future of freedom and dignity. Syrian men and women have released literally thousands of statements regarding their desire for social, intellectual, religious, ideological, and ethnic diversity over the past months, while their blood was spilled throughout the country. Parents of martyrs have turned the funerals of their loved ones into celebrations of the emergence of a New Syria. To them we say, in honor and admiration of our great martyrs, that we vow to continue along the path they have shown us until our certain victory over the butcher, and the victory of the Revolution. Syrians are well aware that they face one of the most ferocious and tyrannical regimes; a regime that has closed itself off to any moral obligations or legal responsibilities towards its civilians. Today, Syrians are more confident than ever that with their inner strength, patience, courage, and sacrifice, they will rid themselves of this regime and rebuild a society based on the rule of law, equality, and justice. We, the Local Coordination Committees in Syria, call on all Syrians to make tomorrow, Monday, January 30, a day of remembrance as we mourn our Revolution’s heroes – both civilians and military personnel. Please join us in observing a moment of silence as we remember the sacrifices of our fallen heroes, whose pure blood has saturated the earth of our beloved country.


Syria Protests January 30, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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