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Syria News - February 3, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


February 3, 2012


Civilians slaughtered by Assad's thugs in #Homs

Martyrs from Khaldieh,Homs due the shelling from the Regime Army

#Homs, Al-Khaldiyeh neighborhood: The killed and wounded cilivilians from the regime shelling.

[3 Feb 2012] #Homs, Al-Khaldiyeh: A martyr from the ongoing massacre in Homs.

[3 Feb 2012] #Homs, Al-Khadiyeh neighborhood: The dead and wounded civilians.

[3 Feb 2012] #Homs, Al-Insha'at: A home burns after getting shelled.

Shelling on random stores and destroying others in Rastan

Homs: Images of the dead civilians and Aljazeera interview with activist Hadi Abdallah

#Homs: Images of the dead civilians and Aljazeera interview with activist Hadi Abdallah about the massacre which is ongoing there. Brief translation: "A real massacre is taking place in Homs and especially in Al-Khaldiyeh neighborhood!...the regime is using heavy artillery, mortars, heavy machine-guns, flechette bombs!....some bodies are missing heads and limbs!....whole families are getting massacred!...people are still under the rubble and bodies in the streets!....The world has to know that Bashar Al-Assad has chosen the military approach and is repeating the Hama massacre!....the regime is treating us like flies, we are from the human species!

[3 Feb 2012] #Homs : Another footage of the civilians killed and wounded by the shelling on Al-Khaldiyeh neighborhood.

[3 Feb 2012] #Homs, Al-Khaldiyeh: The civilians killed and wounded by the shelling on the neighborhood.

[3 Feb 2012] #Homs, Al-Khaldiyeh neighborhood: The killed and wounded civilians after the regime bombardment.

(02-03-2012) Khaledyeh | Homs | A little child has been killed by Assad's gangs

Massacre in Al-Khaldiyeh, Homs

Issa al-Taleb, killed by a sniper while going to donate blood in Khaldiyeh | Deir Balba

Syria, Homs job Jandali Martyr Mamduh Othman shot by Assad's snipers at Fadous Barrier.3-2-2012

#Homs, Baba Amr neighborhood: Activist Danny Abdul Dayem talks about the shortage of food in the neighborhood.


(02-03-12) Daraya | Damascus | (GRAPHIC) Martyr Muhammad Muneer Abdullah Takes his Last Breaths

Security Forces Destroyed and Burned the Funeral Tent in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

Damascus Suburbs : Harasta : tanks and army being deployed in the town today

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Tanks are deployed in the streets of squares of the cities

Tanks in Douma in Damascus Suburb

[3 Feb 2012] Zamalka , #Damascus : A footage showing the pro-regime troops including tanks raiding the city.


[3 Feb 2012] #Aleppo : A footage showing al-assad's troops opening fire toward the protesters at Al-Marjah district.

[3 Feb 2012] #Aleppo : A footage showing the bodies of the killed civilians and the injured ones by pro-regime troops at Al-Marjah district.

[3 Feb 2012] #Aleppo : A footage showing the bodies of the killed civilians and the injured ones as a result of the massacre that was done by pro-regime troops at Al-Marjah district.

[3 Feb 2012] #Aleppo : Another footage showing the bodies of the killed civilians and the injured ones by pro-regime troops at Al-Marjah district.

[3 Feb 2012] #Aleppo : One more footage showing the bodies of the killed civilians and the injured ones as a result of the massacre that was done by pro-regime troops at Al-Marjah district.

[3 Feb 2012] Anadan , #Aleppo : The body of Ayman Al-Raj , a civilian who was killed by Assad's troops.

(02.03.2012) Aleppo | A protester shot by Assad sniper in al-Marje area


Horan,Dar’aa province: The martyr Zaher Mahmood Al’hariri,tortured to death by the regime’s forces. He leaves behind six children


[3 Feb 2012] Kafr Takhareem , #Idlib : A footage showing the bodies of two children who were shelled by pro-regime troops.

Homs: Relayed via al-Khaldieh resident: More than 200 martyrs have fallen and the toll is rising due to the constant bombardment of the town. The LCC are working on verifying these numbers.

Homs: Security forces and shabiha stormed al-Amal Hospital where more than 50 martyers and 100 wouded civilians lie. People are afraid that everyone will be killed or kidnapped.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: Shizar (AKA Shaker from Qamishli) Saleh Ali was martyerd by security forces for refusing to fire at peaceful protestors in the city. His funeral procession will be held at dawn in Qadoor Beik, Qamishli.

Homs: 25 martyred and more than 150 injured from violent shelling of the neighborhood of Khaldieh by the regime's forces. The names of the martyrs could not yet be identified due to the danger from the heavy shelling.

Homs: Fierce clashes in Khalediya neighborhood between Free army which is using light weapons and regime's army which is using heavy weapons and mortars to shell civilians.

Homs: Violent shelling and gunfire from heavy machine guns by the regime's army towards the villages of Ebl and Mobarkieh. One home was demolished in Mobarkieh when a shell hit the building. It is impossible at this time to know whether or not there were any martyrs because it is too dangerous to get to the place due to the heavy shelling.

Homs: News of some martyrs and more than 40 injured some of them in critical condition after regime's army which is centered in Karm Shamsham of Khalediya district bombed the area with mortars. Some houses were destroyed and ambulances were prevented from getting into the neighborhood. Residents are facing many difficulties trying to drag the wounded due to intensive bombing.

Homs: Rastan: Martyrdom of defected soldiers Hani Ziad Antar and Mohannad Hussein Antar during clashes with Assad's army in the city.

Aleppo: A night time demonstration in Masaken Hanano neighborhood in solidarity with besieged cities. Protesters called for the fall of the regime and saluted the martyrs.

Homs: Tel Shor: The regime deployed a massive group of security forces near the fertilizer plant where intense gunfire.

Swaida: A brief demonstration in the city, demonstrators chanted for Hama, and the besieged cities.

Raqqa: A demonstration started in Moutaz Street where participants chanted for Hama. Four people were detained including a child, Bashar al-Aani (13), Abed Allah Saloum, Qatibet Nashef, and Turky Idrees.

Aleppo: Qabaseen: A massive demonstration started in the city; participants chanted for Hama, al-Bab, and all the besieged cities. The Independence Flag was hoisted on top of the Ba'ath Party Headquarters.

Al-Hassaka: Security forces and thugs open fire at protesters in Al-Jame' street in Ghweiran neighborhood.

Homs: The Free Syrian Army liberated al-Zeber Roundabout on Zeber Street in al-Bayada neighborhood from Assad's thugs; 50 of the regime’s soldiers were captured by the FSA.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Mahroos Daib Zain was martyerd by security forces' bullets on "Sorry Hama" Friday.

Damascus: Nahr Aisha: Two evening demonstrations started in the western neighborhood from Ali Bin Abu Taleb mosque, and from the eastern neighborhood from Abdulah Bin Hothafa Al-Sahmy mosque, in solidarity with Hama, and the besieged cities (Homs, Daraa, Idlib, and Damascus suburbs), and the demonstrators demanded the trial of the regime.

Homs: Huge explosions rock Khalediya neighborhood and clashes between regime's army and Free army centered at Matahen checkpoint on Hama road.

Homs: The Farouq Battalion under the Free Syrian Army captured 15 soldiers and a lieutenant during an operation against the regime's forces at Cairo Street roundabout checkpoint which is currently under their control.

Raqqa: Records indicate that in the past two days, 250 people from Raqqa and surrounding areas were unlawfully detained. Currently most civilians are held in the Criminal Security Branch and the rest are scattered in nearby branches.

Jableh: An evening demonstration in Ezzy neighborhood on the Friday of "Sorry Hama", in solidarity with the Hama in the thirtieth anniversary of the massacre, and with the rest of the besieged Syrian cities.

Homs: Clashes on Cairo Street between the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian Air Intelligence branch who had to call for back-up and were rescued by the regime's forces using four armored vehicles.

Banyas: Bostan Al-Najar: An evening demonstration in the village, in solidarity with the besieged Syrian cities, demonstrators are demanding the toppling of the regime and trial of Bashar.

Damascus: Midan: A massive demonstration started in the district on "Sorry Hama, Please Forgive Us" Friday despite heavy security presence. Participants chanted for the besieged cities and saluted the Free Syrian Army. Also they demanded the regime's trial and ouster.

Damascus: Al-Sit Zainab : An evening demonstration took place in the town, participants chanted for Hama and martyrs, and condemned the conspiracy of Russia and China.

Hama: Residents of Karama neighborhood participated in an evening demonstration. Security attacked the demonstration and launched random arrest campaign in the neighborhood with sporadic shooting.

Aleppo: Maraa: Thousands amassed from the city with others from Aleppo suburbs to pay respects for Rajab Yehya, he was martyred in al-Marje in Sorry Hama Friday.

Hama: Saddam Al-Hamoud and his cousin in Khatmalo village and another unidentified person in Al-Jabriya village were martyred after regime forces stormed the villages of Khatmalo and Al-Jabriya and fired bullets randomly at citizens.

Deir Ezzor: Qouria: Heavy shooting from the checkpoints stationed in the city, on the demonstrators, who are demanding the toppling of the regime.

Hama: An evening demonstration started at Abdul Rahman Bin Awf mosque in Qusour neighborhood, along with another demo south of Al Thakaneh.

Daraa: Dael: An evening demonstration took place in Freedom Square in commemoration with the 30th anniversary of the massacre of Hama, and in solidarity with all occupied and besieged Syrian cities.

Aleppo: Dozens of buses and cars loaded with armed agents of security, Air Force Intelligence, and police, are storming Marjeh neighborhood amid heavy shooting.

The number of martyrs has risen to 31 thus far, including, 3 children and 3 defected soldiers, 7 in Idlib, 9 in Darya (Damascus Suburbs), 5 in Aleppo,6 in Hama, 2 in Homs, 1 in Daraa, 1 in Rankous (Damascus Suburbs).

Deir Ezzor: A demonstration started in the neighborhood of Hamidiye in solidarity with the rest of the Syrian cities and towns and demonstrators demand the topple of the regime and the prosecution of the president.

Hama: Morek: A massive demonstration started in the Friday of "Sorry Hama", demonstrators are chanting for toppling the regime and saluting the city of Hama.

Homs: Taldo: Intense gunfire in the city from the Freedom Roundabout ( clock) checkpoint and military unit checkpoint and sounds of over ten huge explosions in the region.

Aleppo: Al-Mare': The town is on alert and the sounds of takbeer (God is the Greatest) can be heard from mosques mourning the martyr Ghiath Rajab Yahya, his funeral will start shortly in front of the Al-madina mosque.

Aleppo: Tal Qrah: The first demonstration started in the village, chanted for toppling the regime and saluted the besieged cities.

Hama : Salamiyeh : News of one martyr and many wounded, some in critical condition, after security forces invaded the town and opened random fire.

Damascus Suburbs: Artouz: Large numbers of shabeeha entered the town following a demonstration that took place. The shabeeha are centered now in the center square of Al-Dahra municipal.

Homs: Rastan: The Free Syrian Army is shelling Madafet (Social Reception Hall) Ferzat checkpoint.

Homs: Talbesih: Shooting and shelling continues at the Southern Musajar neighborhoods by security forces and directly targeting Saad Bin Abi Waqqas Mosque.

Damascus Suburbs: Madaya : One person has been wounded while security forces kidnapped four people including one woman.

Homs: Al-Hawla: The dead body of young Ahmad Al-Homsi (15 years old) was found. He was killed along with his father who was a veterinarian.

Aleppo: known so far from the Marjeh martyrs are: Ghiyath Rajo, Ousama Soubhi Al-khalil Al-shaghel, and Ahmad Jasem Jouneid.

Damascus Suburb: Qatana: Heavy deployment of security forces in the town and the closure of the streets surrounding Al-Ghalayini mosque , security checkpoints are in many places that subject all passing cars to thorough inspections.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Tanks are deployed in the streets of squares of the cities.

Aleppo : Ghiyath Rajo (28 years old) was martyred in the Marjeh neighbourhood today.

Hama: A group of police members defected in Zaafarana today.

Damascus Suburbs : Daraya : Mohammad Mounir Al-Abdullah (47 years old), along with 3 other defected soldiers were martyred by the bullets of security forces. This raises the city's martyr count today to 9.

Daraa: Kafar Shams: Ten soldiers defect when the regime's army storms the town. They tried to defend the town, resulting in clashes and heavy gunfire, leading to injuries, some of which are critical.

Aleppo: Electricity is entirely cut in the neighborhoods of Marjeh, Saliheen, Ferdous, Maysar, Tareeq Bab, Jazmati and Sakhour. This is to stop the upload of videos of demonstrations.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Demonstrators return to Horriyah (Freedom) Square in front of Kabeer Mosque after being dispersed by the security forces using live ammo.

Hasakeh : a big demonstration started in the Moufti neighbourhood, participants called for the regime's ouster and bringing key regime figures to justice.

Hassakeh: A demonstration set out in the neighborhood of Kalaseh chanting for the toppling of the regime and saluting Hama. Security forces attacked the protesters violently and stormed the neighborhood of Nasra.

Deir Ezzor : Bokamal : scattered shooting was heard in the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Dariya: Aboudi Falaha, a 17 year old young man, was martyred by the bullet of security forces today raising the city's martyr count to 5.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: 4 people martyred and several wounded when security forces opened fire to disperse two peaceful demonstrations chanting for Hama and demanding the toppling of the regime. The martyrs are Mohammad Hassan Dabbas, Ezz elDin Toun, Sayyah Kouz and Mohammad Bilal Ahmar.

Homs : Rastan : The city is being shelled violently from all directions using artillery and heavy machine-guns.

Daraa: Tal Shahab: Mounted border control forces present at the Syrian-Jordanian border arrest two children from the city as they were working on the fields. They were beaten violently. Their whereabouts remain unknown.

Idlib: Jabal Zawiya: Rida Alkhalil, from the vilage of Balyout, was martyred,his body was found tossed on the mountain after his arrest for three days.

Hama: Silmiya: Security forces and armed gangs (Shabeeha) surround Joorat Alhurriya after a demonstration began chanting in solidarity with Hama and the besieged cities.

Damascus: Saida Zainab: Dozens are wounded after security forces and shabiha stormed Fayez Mansoor neighborhood amid heavy and arbitrary gunfire. Snipers are stationed on rooftops and are aiming at civilians. Extensive deployment of security forces in the region where all commercial and personal properties were destroyed. Arbitrary detention campaigns are ongoing in Zayabayeh area where a demonstration started and participants chanted for Hama and was targeted with gunfire by security forces.

Aleppo: Sit in now in front of Hayat hospital in the neighborhood of Merdien to demand the release injured and to stop Shabeeha from killing them in the hospital.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: Thousands of townspeople amassed to demonstrate despite the curfew enforced by the regime's forces and amid complete electricity, water and a communication cut-off well into the third day. The city is sealed off from the outside no one is permitted to leave or enter. Wide presence of military tanks have been reported.

Homs: Rastan: Colonel Qassem Saad al-Dean defected along with several officers.

Damascus: Strong explosions heard in Hajar Aswad's vicinity and Freedom Square where many of the regime's forces were injured. The town is under siege amid unprecedented proliferation of security forces.

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawiyah: Three martyrs were reported of whom we know: Omar Al-Hussein after raiding Basames town since the early morning hours amid communication blackout.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Several explosions were heard in the city and the residents couldn't identify the source of them.

Damascus: A demonstration in Mazzeh neighborhood set out after Friday prayers and chanted for Hama and the martyrs before being attacked by big numbers of security forces. A campaign of arrests was carried out among the protesters.

Daraa: Kafar Shams: Security forces and thugs (Shabeha) raided the city amid intense shooting after several soldiers who defected there.

Homs: Many were injured after the random shelling by security forces at Rifaei neighborhood.

Hama: Shayzar: Homes in the town are being shelled by the regime's forces that are centered in the military barracks near Meskeen Hospital using anti-aircraft systems and BMP systems.

Daraa: An operation of the Free Syrian Army in Nawa leads to the death of Col. Nazeer Qaddour.

Aleppo: Demonstration in the village of Sheikh Issa chanting for Hama and the cities under attack, and demanding the toppling of the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Martyrdom of Ezzel Deen Tawn and Sayyah Kawz following the heavy random gunfire that the security forces opened on the demonstration to disperse it.

Idlib: Many were injured, some of them are in cirtical condition, following the random shelling of the village of Awram Jouz by the regime's forces. They targeted the village's school and pharmacy.

Daraa: A demonstration in the neighborhood of Kashef set out from Mosaab ben Umair Mosque despite the presence of security forces, chanting for the cities under attack and demanding the toppling of the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Presence of security forces near Radwan Hospital. A bus full of security forces in full gear and 5 cars, one of them with a mounted machine gun are present.

Hama: Teebet Imam: Electricity and communication have been cut entirely from the city.

Aleppo: Menbej: Several demonstrations amassed after Friday prayers where participants chanted for the besieged cities, saluted the Free Syrian Army and demanded the regime's ouster.

Idlib: Demonstrators are chanting for Hama and the cities under attack and demanding the toppling of the regime in most of the villages in the eastern suburbs of Idlib.

Hama: Dozens are wounded and some critically injured due to security forces' gunfire using machineguns and heavy artillery in order to disperse a demonstration in Aqrab.

Idlib: Saramda: Thousands of demonstrators amassed to chant for Hama and the besieged cities and also demanded to topple the regime.

Raqqa: Tabaqa: A man was injured as a result of gunfire by security forces at the demonstrators at Hamzeh Mosque. A second demonstration started in al-Noor Mosque where participants chanted for Hama and the besieged cities.

Homs: Security forces and shabiha are roaming Dar Kabira Village while firing at demonstrators.

Aleppo: The main road was blocked by protesters in Fardos neighborhood and the demonstration reached the Salheen roudabout. Security forces are intensely shooting to disperse them.

Homs: Talbesih: Intense shooting from all the checkpoints in the city.

Deir Ezzor: A massive demonstration set out in the neighborhood of Jouret Jara and its dispersion using live ammo. Two more massive demonstrations set out from Mowazafeen Mosque and Orfi Mosque, chanting for the toppling of the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Security forces and thugs (Shabeha) are attacking the protesters near the Grand Mosque.

Damascus: Saida Zaynab: Wide spread security forces presence accompanied by dozens of vehicles in the region where passersby randomly arrested.

Homs: One home has been burned by Shabiha in the neighborhood of Asheera. Internet access in the neighborhood has been cut.

Lattakia: Heavy gunfire near Bazar Mosque in the Tojjar Souq when the worshippers leave the Mosque.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Strong explosions are heard in the city near Abed Al-Raouf Mosque.

Aleppo: A demonstration started in Keljibrain; participants chanted for Hama, Marje, and demanded to topple the regime.

Qameshli: People have been injured and cases of suffocation occurred following the security forces' and Shabiha's attack of demonstrators in the western neighborhood, and the use of tear gas.

Homs: Rastan: Security forces are bombing the city using tanks and heavy artillery.

Aleppo: Afreen: Almost 20 were injured after some members of the Kurd Labor Party attacked an anti-regime demonstration and they erected checkpoints inside the city.

Homs: The regime's army is shelling the Refaay neighborhood and heavy gunfire in its streets.

Hama: Security forces stormed Abi Feda neighborhood and arrested civilians arbitrarily in punishment for participating in an anti-regime demonstration.

Homs: Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's forces in Bab Sabaa.

Aleppo: Two massive explosions in Marjeh neighborhood and smoke columns rise up in the air.

Hama: Heavy security presence in Bab area especially near the Mosque's entrance.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: More than 50 men were randomly detained after the set off of several demonstrations.

Raqqa: A demonstration started at Khadra roundabout amid heavy security presence.

Damascus Suburbs: Hama: Several demonstrations from different surrounding towns gathered in the Liberty Square in Hama and protesters are chanting for toppling the regime.

Jable: The funeral procession of Dr. Abed al-Aal turned into a demonstration at Abu Baker Mosque, where the mourners chanted for the besieged cities. Security forces attempted to block the roads.

Qunaytra: A demonstration started in Al-Rafeed town and chants for toppling the regime.

Qamishli: Security forces fired tear gas at a demonstration in the Gharbi area amid random detention campaigns.

Lattakia: Intermittent gunfire in al-Aaouyneh neighborhood amid a detention campaign by security forces in civilian cars. Dozens have been arrested along with an 8 years old boy.

Damascus: Palestine Camp: A demonstration started from Awes Al-Qarny anc protesters chanted for toppling the regime.

Aleppo: A demonstration started in Ansari area after Friday prayers; participants chanted for the regime's ouster.

Damascus: Medan: A demonstration started from Qweq area in front of Khero Yaseen Mosque anc chants for toppling the regime

Damascus Suburbs: Theyaba: A massive demonstration by Golan's residents and protesters chanted for toppling the regime.

Qamishli: Security forces fired tear gas at a demonstration in the Gharbi area amid random detention campaigns.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: A demonstration started from the Eman Mosque and headed to the Manfosh Mosque.

Lattakia: Hafe: A massive demonstration near Bekas village; participants demanded to topple the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Maleha: A demonstration set off from the Grand Mosque; protesters are chanting for the besieged cities and to topple the regime.

Aleppo: A demonstartion was dispersed in Shaar neighborhood by direct shooting at the protesters.

Damascus: Barezeh: Extensive deployment of security forces and thugs (Shabeha) at the end of Tawela street, near Shamsham Mill and the Services Building also many checkpoints were erected in the main street.

Hama: Rajab Manfoof, Hussien Mohammed, and Abdo Kharfan Alysh were martyerd by security forces' bullets near the southern stadium.

Damascus: Kefar Souseh: Security forces have completely encircles the Hady Mosque following intense gunfire at a demonstration. Dozens have been detained and critical injuries are reported.

Jable: Security forces and shabiha have surrounded all the mosques in the area. Heavy gunfire is reproted from Iyman Mosque in al-Aazi area to disperse demonstrators. Several people have been detained.

Idlib: Iriha: Heavy gunfire is heard in al-Rouje hills amid heavy explosions.

Homs: Tadmur: A massive demonstration started from three different mosques and met in the city's public square;participants chanted for Hama and the besieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Hamoriya: Security forces launched a raid campaign at the wedding arena.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Dozens arrested after several demonstration set out, and heavy gunfire to disperse them. More than five people were injured and unverified reports tell of one martyr who was abducted by the Air Force Intelligence.

Aleppo: Menbej: Security forces surounded both Shiek Akeel and the Grand Mosques. Security force are present in the town square. Security presence is reported in the public square. Two people were detained in front of the municipal building in conjuction with security forces patroling the southern roundabout and inspecting passersby's identification while comparing names to a wanted list at hand.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Dozens arrested after several demonstration set out, and heavy gunfire to disperse them. More than five people were injured and unverified reports tell of one martyr who was abducted by the Air Force Intelligence.

Hama: Abdo Kharfan Alyesh was martyerd by security forces' bullets south of the stadium.

Homs: Security forces are opening fire to disperse the demonstrations in Jeb Al-Jandali and Bab Tadmur neighborhoods.

Aleppo: Massive demonstrations started from Manbej, Sufayra, Ksebiyeh, Afreen and Sahhara towns in solidarity of Hama and the rest of the affected cities.

Aleppo: Al-Bab: At least, one man was injured by security forces intense gunfire at the protesters who demonstrated in front of the Bus Center.

Daraa: Nawa: Five people have been wounded as a result of arbitrary gunfire by security forces in the vicinity of Khaled Mosque and the carpet factory.

Raqqa: Tabaqa: An 18 years old young man was shot by some elements of the Aerial Security Forces and then they kidnapped him in a white pickup truck belonging to the security branch to an unknown destination.

Damascus Suburbs: Maadamieh Sham: Security forces fired heavily at a demonstration on Rawada and Zaytoune Street near al-Amary Mosque.

Aleppo: A demonstration started in al-Khalidieh area; participants chanted for the besieged cities and demanded to topple the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: A massive demonstration started in Jdayda Artooz area and security forces are opening gunfire to disperse the protesters and also surrounding them in the allies.

Aleppo: Security forces are attacking participants in a massive demonstartion that started at al-Taqwa Bakery in al-Fardous area.

Damascus: Security forces fired at demonstrators near al-Furqan Mosque in al-Aasaly district.

Damascus: Security forces are shooting intensely at the demonstration that started from Abo Mousa Al-Ashaary Mosque. protesters are blocking Damascus-Jordan International Highway in objection of the feral treatment by security forces.

Homs: Qusair: Massive demonstrations started in the city as well as Josieh, Bowaida and Sharqiya towns.

Aleppo: Al-Bab: A massive demonstration started from Ali Bin Abi Taleb; protesters are chanting for Hama and toppling the regime. A second demonstration started inside the Grand Mosque and a third one in front of the Bus Center that dispersed after being attack with three buses full of thugs (Shabeha). A fourth one started from Othman Bin Affan Mosque.

Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: A massive demonstration fills the city streets; participants are headed toward Freedom Square.

Daraa: Thousands of demonstrators have entered Martyr al-Aasamy Square while carrying the martyr Shahid Al-Hariri and saluting the martyrs.

Deir Ezzor: Bo Kamal: A tank moved from the Liberty Square towards Kitef neighborhood and intense shooting at Hajjana.

Banyas: A demonstration is taking place in Bayda village, where protesters raised the Independence Flag and chanted for the regime's outser. Security forces responded by sealing the town's points of entry and stopping traffic. They dispersed the demonstrations in the city square by force.

Homs: A massive demonstration has started in the areas of Bustan Al-Diwan, Al-Rifai, Karam Zeitoun. Protesters are chanting in support of the FSA and Hama.

Aleppo: Atareb: A massive demonstration started in the town to salute Hama and the besieged cities; protesters are demanding the release of detainees.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Security forces fired on one of the demonstrations in the city.

Hama: A demonstration started in the town of Khatab; participants are chanting for Hama and for the fall of the regime.

Homs: Security forces shoot intensively to disperse a demonstration that started in Tal Kalakh.

Aleppo: Bazzaa: Heavy and widespread security is reported in the town; security forces have surrounded the Shuhada (Martyrs') Mosque.

Damascus Suburbs: Kanaker: A demonstration started after Friday prayer despite the security and military forces deployment in the city.

Deir Ezzor: A massive demonstration started from Othman Ibn Affan mosque. Protestors are chanting for Hama and the other cities in crisis.

Damascus Suburbs: Rankoos: Bassem Hassan, from Rankoos, and another young man whom we don't know his name yet, from Qatifa town, were martyred by security forces sporadic gunfire.

Damascus: Security deployment in the main street, highway, Assem street, the Palace street and also near Ali Bin Abi Taleb and Abi Huthafa Al-Sahmi Mosques.

Damasus Suburbs: Large crowds gathered in the market square in Yabroud came together from multiple demonstrations that started from mosques in the area. Protesters are chanting for the fall of the regime and saluting Hama.

Hama: An armored car attacked a protest that started in the Bishr Al-Hafi area; security forces fired bullets and tear gas at protesters.

Homs: A massive demonstration startd from the Ali Bin Taleb Mosque in Talkalakh in the northern Tal area.

Damascus Suburbs: Qudsaya: A massive demonstration started from the Omari Mosque to salute the FSA and to demand the regime's ouster.

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: A massive protest started from most areas in the town despite the widespread presence of snipers on most buildings and the total closure of town entrances.

Aleppo: Security forces attacked a protest that started at the Hassan Mosque in the town of Bab.

Idlb: Salquein: A massive demonstration in solidarity with the encircled cities started from the Jam'iyeh Mosque and headed toward Clock Square.

Hama: Security forces are firing at demonstrators in South Malaab area.

Aleppo: Kobani: A massive demonstration started from the Safwan Mosque; security forces attacked the protesters and are arresting many of them.

Daraa: Inkhil: The regime's army announced, via loudspeakers, that Friday prayers are now prohibited for anyone under 50 years old. Security forces have spread out throughout most of the neighborhoods in the city.

Idlib: A massive demonstration is taking place in Al-Taj; participants are chanting in solidarity with Hama and Jabal Zawiyeh, and demanding the fall of the regime.

Homs: Rastan: Abdel Mou'in Ayoub was martyred when security forces shot him.

Lattakia: Security forces and the military police attacked protesters who left the Sawfan Mosque on Quwatly Street; the forces are conducting an arrest campaign and have detained dozens of people.

Homs: Massive demonstrations have started in the towns of Ghanzo, Tirmaala, and Dar Al-Kabira.

Damascus Suburbs: Bassem Hasan, from Rankous, was martyred, as was another person whose identity is not yet known, after the regime's security forces fired randomly in the city.

Hasakeh: The regime's security forces have surrounded the Ghowairan area and are some are stationed at the Grand Mosque. They have also reinforced checkpoints throughout the area, and are inpecting every person trying to enter or exit

Homs: Mamdoeh Othman(57) was martyred in Jib Jandali neighborhood as a result of a sniper bullet wound sustained four days ago.

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: Heavy security and thugs' deployment fully equipped with weapons in most of the town areas and especially the southern entrance.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamyeh: Most of the mosques are surrounded tightly, Abu Baker El Sidek Mosque, Al Omari, Al Rawrda and Al Zaitona are besieged from all directions, and machineguns are setup in front of them.

Hama: Military aircraft flying above Gharb Al Mashtal neighborhood.

Deir Ezzor: Qouria: Security forces and shabiha raided al-Bawad area and fired randomly which resulted in several injuries. Ahmed Hazaa and Ahmed Hamid al-Saeed were both detained.

Lattakia: Heavy gunfire in al-Ashrafia, Saliba, and Saktory neighborhoods along with others.

Deir Ezzor: Intense gunfire since the early hours of the morning.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: 11 tanks and several armored riot control vehicles entered the city as well as armored Zil military vehicles, this was accompanied by sounds of several explosions and storming of Hijariya, Abdel Raouf region, and the neighborhoods of Sindiyana and Jisr Misraba along with raiding of homes, humiliation of residents and indiscriminate arrests of some young men.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Intense gunfire in the city of Douma continuing since over an hour ago.

Aleppo:Harbal: A group of residents blocked the main high way Aleppo-Marey in solidarity with Anadan and the rest of the besieged cities.

Aleppo: Andan: Well-known media personality and human rights activists Faraj Kareem, from Human Rights Watch, was shot in the foot while he was on a fact-finding mission on behalf of the Al-Jazeera International network. Violent clashes broke out between a regime's military detachment and the FSA. The FSA sustained several wounded.

Deir Ezzor: Ashira: Regime security operatives bulldozed the ancient hill in the area, said by historians to date back to Hammourabi's time, in order to build a shelter for themselves.

Aleppo: Heavy gunfire continued for more than an hour near the police station in the Sha'ar area.


Syria Protests February 3, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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