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Syria News - February 7, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


February 7, 2012


[7 Feb 2012] #Homs, Wadi Al-Arab neighborhood: A massacre in the neighborhood.

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs, Wadi Al-Arab neighborhood: Martyrs of the Wadi Al-Arab massacre.

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs, Wadi Al-Arab neighborhood: More footage of the massacre in Wadi Al-Arab.

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs, Wadi Al-Arab: Civilian Omar Al-Skaf killed by regime forces.

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs, Wadi Al-Arab neighborhood: Civilian Abdullah Al-Mihini killed in his home by the Shabeeha (regime thugs).

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs, Wadi Al-Arab neighborhood: Wounded and killed in a field hospital. The civilians were wounded and killed by regime forces.

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs, Wadi Al-Arab neigborhood: Civilians wounded by mortar shelling.

[7 Feb 2012] Martyr Ammar IyadAbbara, 15, killed by a sniper | Holeh

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs: a civilian killed in Homs

Homs: Shelling a School in Baba Amr

(02-07-12) Bab Amr | Homs | The Brave Drag an Injured Man as Assad Forces Shell

Heavy shelling on Baba Amro in Homs

(02-07-12) Bab Amr | Homs | Infant Injured from Glass in Assad Shelling

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs, Baba Amr: Women and children in asylums after their homes got destroyed. They complain about the difficult humanitarian situation and ask for help from the world.

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs, Al-Adawiyyeh neighborhood: Tour through a destroyred home with activist Abu Muaz. He remarks; "We're not going to stop protesting, either we go to the grave or we gain our freedom".

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs: Homs being shelled with rocket launchers.

[7 Feb 2012] #Alholeh, #Homs: The destruction brought down by Assad's forces shelling of the town

[7 Feb 2012] #Homs: the destruction brought down by Assad's Army shelling of Homs


[7 Feb 2012] Khalid Kuwaifi, one of the fallen martyrs of Zabadani today

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: Brave Martyr and hero Mohammad Jameel Omar

Heavy shelling on Zabadany in Damascus Suburbs

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: Random Artillery Shelling of the City

The FSA bomb one of the Regime's tanks in Zabadany

[7 Feb 2012] #Zabadani, #RifDimashq, #Damascus: Some of the damage caused by the shelling.


Security shooting at the mourners in Idlib

[7 Feb 2012] #Ma'arat AlNuman, #Idlib: Ma'arat Al-Numan turned into a ghost town


Tanks movement along with gunfire round Mazareb bridge in Hama

[7 Feb 2012] Kafar Zita, #Hama: Regime reinforcements arrive in the town.


(02-07-2012) Nawa | Daraa | Martyr Hussain Ali Sharaf murdered by Assad forces

Jasem,Daraa: The home of the activist Abu Ali Akash, which was raided by the regime’s forces, who stole everything from the home then burned it

[7 Feb 2012] Inkhel, #Daraa: Regime forces tie-up school students and lie them on the floor.

A 9th grade girl, Bushra Roda Ajumah, shot by the regime’s forces when they entered her school to break up a student demonstration. She mentions that other students were also shot, tortured and humiliated by the regime’s forces

The number of martyrs has risen to 35 thus far, including 4 women and 6 children. 2 of the martyred women are mother of 6 martyred children. The rest of the distributions are as follows: 19 in Homs, 10 in Damascus Suburbs (Madaya and Zabadany), 2 in Idlib, 2 in Daraa, and 2 in Aleppo.

Hama: Hassan Saraqbi, Muhsin Ferzat and Mohammad Al-Satem were martyred today by security forces' gunfire in Arbaeen (40th) neighborhood.

Deir Ezzor: A demonstration started in Al-Ardhy neighborhood; protesters chanted for Homs, Damascus suburbs and the rest of the besieged cities and also called for toppling the regime.

Idlib: Afess: Security forces are raiding the town which led to clashes with the Free Syrian Army members there. Powerful explosions are heard form the nearby towns.

Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: An evening demonstration in the city started from the main market; protesters chanted for Homs and the besieged cities and also called for toppling the regime.

Sweida: Shahaba: Security forces detained several demonstrators including Alaa Nofal, Amero Jaafer, Husam Nour Al-Dean, Tamim Saloum and Zeyad Saloum.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Samer Shabara, a student of Architecture was martyred by the regime’s forces.

Idlib: A convoy of 20 tanks is headed towards the city while another 10 ranks stationed at Sarmeen.

Damascus Suburbs: Hammeh: Heavy gunfire is heard in the area amid reported defections.

Union of Free Students : Damascus Branch : security forces arrested fourth year Electronics Engineering student Bashit Alfarkh who's a resident of Saqba in Damascus Subrubs.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: An evening demonstration started at the Kabir Mosque despite an earlier storming of security forces using tanks and chasing demonstrators. Participants chanted for Homs and the rest of the disaster-stricken cities and denounced Russia and China's government.

Homs: Hawleh: A convoy of tanks are headed to Hawleh via the western high way.

Sweida: Security forces detained several youths that participated in a demonstration despite promising Shiek Hanawy that their names would only be recorded. The remainders of the youths remain surrounded at the house in the Shehaba amid negotiation with security forces.

Damascus Suburbs: Qudsya: Explosions and gunfire are heard in the direction of Hammeh. It is speculated that the firing is coming from the vicinity of the Defense Ministry.

Damascus Suburbs: Hameh: Gunfire is heard near Khabory area in punishment for a massive demonstration against the regime.

Damascus: A demonstration started in al-Corniche al-Midan ,near Abed Alrahman Kawkaby high school, in solidarity with Homs and the rest of the disaster-stricken cities. Participants are headed toward Shorabji ally while burning Assad’s pictures. They denounced the Russian and Chinese support and demanded bring the regime to justice and ouster it. There is a tremendous presence of security forces in the area.

Homs: An entire family was martyrd in Al-Sabeel neighborhood; they are, Walid Farress Attafeh and his wife Sabaeh Alwan along with their three children, Zuhour (24), Sherooq (16), and Israa (12).

Damascus Suburbs : Arbeen : a demonstration started from the Kabeer mosque in Arbeen after the night prayers, demonstrators walked the streets despite the dense and visible security presence and saluted Homs, Damascus Suburbs and other crisis-ridden Syrian cities. They also condemned the Lavrov visit to Damascus.

Daraa: Daeel: Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's forces in the city.

Damascus suburbs: Al-Assali: Security forces storm Jam'eyat neighborhood and go on arbitrary arrests.

Daraa: Martyrdom of Mohamad Abu Al-Fayad after shooting from heavy weapons contineously uptil now in Daraa Albalad.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: An entire group of soldiers stationed at a Bedran checkpoint defected while security forces responded with gunfire from Shilkas and tanks; bombs are heard in the area.

Aleppo: Bab: Qabaseen: A demonstration started in solidarity with Homs and the rest of the besieged and disaster-striken cities. Participants denounced Russia and China's support for the regime.

Daraa: Yadoda: Security forces are raiding Awadh Ghazzawi's home looking for his three defected sons. Mr. Ghazzawi's eldest son is a lieutenant in the Syrian army and was arrested and imprisoned due to his brothers' alleged defection.

Daraa: Tafas: Security forces are sporadically shooting and have injured three civilians near a commercial shop besides the Post Office checkpoint.

Daraa: Regime's forces enforce their presence at the road of Daraa Al-Balad and heavy deployment in most parts of the city.

Hassaka: A demonstration in 24 Street in Kallasa neighborhood, protesters demanded for toppling the regime, bringing Assad to justice and condemned the Russian and Chinese support for the regime.

Homs: Talkalakh: Regime's forces open fire intensively from all military checkpoints and from the camp in the city using all kind of light, medium and heavy weapons.

Damascus: Dummar Project: An evening demonstration set out in the Eighth Island of the project in solidarity with Dummar Al-Balad town, Baba Amr and Khaldieh neighborhoods in Homs and all the other besieged cities and towns in Syria that are under shelling.

Damascus: A demonstration marched in Tabreed Square in Jazmatia area – Midan neighborhood; chanted in solidarity with Homs and the besieged cities, and greet the free people in Swaida and Shahba town.

Aleppo: Hreitan: Massive night demonstration in solidarity with besieged and stormed Syrian areas. Protesters condemned Russian foriegn minister to Damascus and demanded for toppling the regime and bringing Assad to justice.

Aleppo: Evening demonstration in Halak neighborhood in solidarity with disastrous cities and towns. Protesters condemned Lavrov's visit to Damascus and demanded for toppling the regime and its agents.

Damascus Suburbs: Zakiah: Security forces with heavy weapons stormed the town and positioned the municipality square.

Swaida: Qanawat: A massive evening demonstration in solidarity with the besieged protesters in Shahba city who are now being attacked by security forces.

Reqqa: Crowd of security forces storming the city and forcing strong guarded on Baath Party branches in the city. They positioned in Al Daleh roundabout in order to prevent any movement for protesters who are trying to demonstrate.

Hasaka: Ghoweran: A massive demonstration in the Tuesday of Rage from Russia; protesters are chantig for Homs and Damascus suburbs also carrying the Syrian Independence Flags and greeting the GCC countries.

Sweda: Shahba: The residents are breaking the siege around activist Anes Salloum's home and rescuing the injured. However, the siege continues around activist Raja Al-Taweel's home where almost 100 protesters and dozens of wounded exist of which one in a critical condition.

Raqqa: An evening demonstration in Thakana neighborhood in the middle of the city and another demonstration near Adnan Al-Malki School; protesters are condemning the visit of Lavrov, Russian FM to Damascus and also calling for the regime's ouster and prosecution.

Damascus: Mazza: An evening demonstration condemning the visit of Lavrov, Russian FM, to Syria and protesters chanting for affected Homs, Damascus suburbs and the rest of the besieged and raided cities and calling for the regimes' ouster and prosecution.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: tens of houses were destroyed in the two towns due to the continues and intensive shelling on them with the regime’s heavy weapons.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: The number of confirmed martyrs in the city has reached 10 whereas the number of injured reached 70 due to the intensive and continuous shelling at the city from heavy weaponry which caused the destruction of several buildings.

Deir Ezzor: Extensive security deployment in Takaya street after dispersing the evening demonstration which set out earlier in solidarity with Homs and Zabadani.

Daraa: Daeel: A massive demonstration at the Liberty Square; protesters are chanting for Homs and the rest of besieged cities and calling for toppling the regime.

Aleppo: Bab: Thousands of the mourners in the funeral of the martyr chanting for him and calling to topple the regime.

Hama: Karnaz: Massive demonstration in solidarity with Khaldieh, Baba Amr and other neighborhoods in Homs and all the cities, towns and villages in Syria that are shelled by the regime’s military. The protesters condemning Sergey Lavrov visit to Damascus and the Russian and Chinese’s support to the Assad’s regime.

Aleppo: Manbej: An evening demonstration in solidarity with affected city of Homs and the other besieged and raided cities and towns in Syria; protesters are condemning Lavrov's, Russian FM, visit to Syria and calling for the ouster and prosecution of Assad.

Daraa: Tafas: Extremely violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army at the checkpoint near the Minors' Prison.

Aleppo: Al-Bab: Approximately 10,000 protesters in the city bidding farewell to military recruit Mohammad Marwan who was martyred by security forces for refusing to shoot at the peaceful protesters.

Daraa: Sahem Golan: Massive demonstration marched from Saed bin Abi Waqas Mosque and gathered in the dignity square in solidarity with Homs, Zabadany and Madayah. The protestors condemning Russia and China position that supports Assad’s regime.

Damascus: Sitt Zeinab: A massive demonstration of Golan residents in front of the vegetables market towards the roundabout named after martyr Mohammad Al-Shadeed; protesters are chanting for the besieged cities and towns in Syria and calling for the regime's ouster and prosecution.

Deir Ezzor: A night time demonstration in Wadi Street in Jourah neighborhood, in solidarity with Homs, the protesters called to topple the regime and trial Bashar.

Idlib: Mourning for Martyr Huda Sawadi, who fell yesterday due to the regime's security forces' gunfire.

Idlib: Taftanaz: The regime's forces open fire toward the civilians on Aleppo road, Abdul Razaq Al Akhan was injured and he was arrested after that, others were injured but was able to runaway, the residence are holding the regime all the responsibility for what might happen to the injured detainee.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: The coordination committees in Zabadany announced the town as a disaster area, empty from all life elements with lack of fuel, food and medicine.

Deir Ezzor: Hajeen: A massive demonstration strated in the city in solidarity with the affected cities and towns in Syria; protesters saluted the Free Syrian Army as well.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadani: Horror cases and neural breakdowns among the children as a result of the continuous shelling of the city for 4 consecutive days which started more violently a while ago.

Damascus: Mezza: a demonstration started in front of the Mustafa Mosque in response of the Pro-Assad demonstration that set out earlier today to welcome Lavrov, FM of Russia. Protesters chanted for the cities and towns in Damascus suburbs, Zabadani, Homs and the rest of the affected Syrian areas were massacres are taking place.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Martyrdom of Mohammed Jamil Omar after getting shell's Shrapnel in Barada Street under continues shelling to the city since four days.

Lattakia: A demonstration started from the Shari'a School; protesters are heading to Awaina and chanting for the martyr. They are reaffirming Syrians' unity and calling on Arab nations to support them and demand the ouster and prosecution of the Assad regime.

Aleppo: A demonstration started from the Corn Bakery shop in Sakhor neighborhood in solidarity with Homs, Zabadani and the other Syrian cities; protesters condemned the Russian and Chinese support of Assad's regime.

Homs: Martyrdom of Abdul Ghafar Tahmaz from Insha’at neighborhood while he was going to get his sister from Khaldieh neighborhood which is witnessing heavy shelling.

Damascus: An evening demonstration strated in the middle of the capital city in front of Sana News Agency and near the National Security of Ba'ath Party Headquarter; protesters chanted for the besieged cities and condemned the regime's massacres in Homs and Zabadani.

Deir Ezzor: Hajeen: A demonstration started in solidarity with Homs, Damascus suburbs and the rest of the besieged cities.

Aleppo: Dar Ezza: A massive evening demonstration started in solidarity with Homs; protesters condemned the Russian and Chinese stances.

Damascus: A demonstration started in fornt of Al-Mustafa Mosque in Mezza in response of the planned pro-Assad march today; protesters chanted for Ghota, Idlib and affected Homs.

Damascus Suburbs: Bebila: A demonstration started at 4 pm on the road leading to the Palestinian Camp area; protesters chanted for Baba Amr and Khaldieh neighborhoods in Homs and condemned the Russian and Chinese vetos.

Homs: Powerful explosions as a result of mortar shelling by the regime’s army stationed near Homs Citadal on the Mahazeh neighborhood. Also, heavy gunfire is reported in the Insha’at neighborhood.

Hama: Intense gunfire has beenreported on Aleppo Road, Arbeen neighbourhood and surrounding areas.

Sweda: Shahba: Security forces and thugs are raiding Raja Al-Taweel's home where two injured men in critical conditions exist: Khalid Al-Abbood and Hisham Al-Shofy and also more than 100 others were arrested. Security members are bringing thugs (Shabeha) from outside Shahba and drop them near Anees Sallom's home then asked them to destroy the home on top of its residents.

Deir Ezzor: Students’ demonstrations in most of the cities’ areas, from Martyr Taher Ramadan School, Badr Eldin Al Aifan School, Al Baladiah School in Al Qousor neighborhood and from Al Faisal primary School in Al Jubailah neighborhood.

Aleppo: Ain Arab: An evening demonstration started despite the cold weather. The demonstrators are chanting in support of Homs and the disaster-stricken cities and burn the Russian and Chinese flags

Swaida: Shahba: Unconfirmed reports of the fall of a martyr and ten wounded, and security and Shabiha are surrounding several houses.

Swaida: Shahba: Shabiha violently attack the home of Anis Salloum, throwing rocks and sticks, while is family is still in the house. Several parts of the house were destroyed.

Damascus: Babila: A demonstration started on the road parallel to the Palestinian Refugee Camp; participants chanted for Baba Amr and Khaliedeh and denounced Russia and China’s veto.

Damascus Suburbs: Domair: An armored vehicle and several heavy machines have entered the compound of the Sugar Association after its evacuation and burning parts of it for the Syrian TV Station "Donia" to film it, proclaiming it the work of armed gangs.

Homs: At least two martyrs and dozens of wounded are reported near the Rahmeh Mosque, as a result of heavy gunfire directed at the Bayada district.

Swaida: Shahba: Several demonstrators were attacked by shabiha using sticks and batons while raising the Independence flag. Shabiha have encircles activists houses including Mr. Hamed Taweel and Raja Taweel.

Idlib: During Dr. Abed Al-Raouf’s funeral procession several mourners were wounded. Malato Ammes was martyred by security forces’ sniper bullets while administering first aid to the Cultural Center Minister , Ahmed Masri, in front of the National Hospital.

Sweda: Shahba: The demonstration continues and is getting louder despite the gunfire by security members; protesters are beating the Shahba Area Director and military brigadier and his thugs. Security members arrested young man Muhannad Baraka.

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: A student demonstration started by the Occupied Golan Heights’ children. The students raised the Independence flag above the school.

Damascus suburbs: Artooz: Security forces kidnapped two children, Shadi Al-Hassan, and Mohammad Shaaban.

Daraa: Yadoda: The checkpoint at the Dahiya Railway was moved to the town reinforced with tanks and recruits trasnporters. They will use the females secondary school, where the Syrian Independence Flag was drawn, as a base for them.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: 5 martyrs fell, more than 35 were injured and more than 20 homes demolished from the continued violent shelling for the fourth continuous day from the artillery that is stationed on the mountain tops and from the tanks that are spread in the outskirts of the city. Electricity, communication and water are entirely cut. The city is suffering from a humanitarian crisis caused by the shelling, the siege and medical personnel and paramedics.

Damascus Suburbs: Madaya: Nassif Abdeh Nassif was martyred and others wounded when an artillery shell landed on a house. It is nearly impossible to verify the actual number of casualties due to difficulties in moving around the area amid incessant shelling from multiple directions and the proliferation of snipers that target anything that moves.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Hundreds of security elements retreated from the Manfoosh area to Malaab street. Then they gathered in front of a house and got into five buses, Zail car and a tank. Also, the security members at the checkpoint in front of the Eman Mosque retreated and the residents fear from shelling the city after those retreats.

Damascus Suburbs: Kisweh: The young man Ghaleb Mohammad Motlaq and his brother, Khaled, a child, from the town of Nemer in Daraa were arrested at one of the checkpoints of the city.

Homs: Martyrdom of the chemical engineer Abdulnasser Ali Ghantawi, his wife and three of their children (aged 2, 7 and 9) during the raid of their home in Sabeel neighborhood by Shabiha. Their fourth son was able to hide in the attic and report of the incident.

Daraa: Gharia Gharbieh: A student demonstration set out from several schools in the village chanting for Homs and the disaster-stricken cities and saluting the martyrs and the detainees.

Daraa: Nawa: Martyrdom of Hussain Ali Sharaf due to injures he got by security gunfire, he was trying to climb to a higher area to monitor the movement of the regime’s military when he was shot.

Damascus suburbs: Qudsaya: Sounds of shelling and shooting have been heard from different directions all night, the reason is unknown so far.

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Students’ demonstration marched from the martyr Maher Ramadan’s School (previously known as Al Baath School), chanted from Homs and the besieged cities and called to topple the regime.

Damascus: Doummar- Balad: voices of sounds bombs heard today morning which reslted to close of most of the shops in the area and the students didn’t go to their schools. Heavy security deployment in Doummar project area, especially near the bridge. The Lanwazit Street has been closed and cars can’t move in it.

Idlib: Martyrdom of Hiba Marwan Al Mazboh, from Khan Sheikhoun town after she was targeted by a sniper from the Syrian regime security in Idlib city.

Damascus: A students' demonstration started from Sa'adah School in Qanawat area near the Police Station; protesters are chanting for Homs and the besieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Arbeen: Security forces are raiding the Raja'a Hospital looking for the people who were injured by their gunfire.

Homs: Qosair: The defected Lieutenant, Mahmoud Abd Al-Malik was killed in the eastern buwaydah after he was shot by a sniper near the town.

Damascus Suburbs: Rankoos: The regime's army is shelling the city's farms from the western side. The shelling sounds are heard all over the city and all the way to Sidnaya.

Homs:Hawleh Yesra Nabhan Al-Nabhan was died to heart attack after the security forces prevented her transfer to a hospital.

Damascus suburbs: Zabadany: Five people were martyred today, including: Khaled Al-Kowaify, a martyr from Shabbara family, and a martyr from Al-Shamali family. The violent shelling continues on the city, which is suffering from a complete cut of water, electricity, and communications, and displacement of hundreds of families to the neighboring areas.

Daraa: Inkhel: a woman was shot in the head and tens of injuries in random shooting to disperse protesters in the town.

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: A demonstration started a short time ago in solidarity with Homs and the besieged cities.

Homs: Renewed Rocket Shelling on Baba Amr.

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: Thousands are mourning the five martyrs who fell yesterday due to security forces' gunfire.

Lattakia: A student demonstration started from the Shukri Hakim School in the Saliba Projects. Protesters are chanting in solidarity with the besieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Heavy shelling at the city continues, particularly in the western alley and Barada Street.

Daraa: Nawa: ten (10) buses full of security forces and thugs entered the town, raiding campaign in the south and east neighbourhoods.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: four (4) kids were arrested near Al Abbas Mosque after they’ve been chased by the Air force intelligence.

Daraa: Tafas: The town was stormed in the morning using tanks and armored vehicles. Snipers were deployed to the rooftops of high buildings and checkpoints were erected in several neighborhoods.

Damascus Suburbs: Hameh: Martyrdom of Iyad Ali Baba at one of the checkpoints in the outskirts of Qodsaya. He was stopped when he was transporting humanitarian aid and medical equipment to the town of Deir Qanoun. He was humiliated and beaten by the officer and positioned facing a wall. He turned around and grabbed the AK-47 from a soldier and shot him and a Shabih before being killed himself.

Daraa: Daeel: A complete general strike in the town in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities.

Homs: The regime’s military is trying to storm Khaldieh and Bayada neighbourhoods, the shelling toward them started by rockets shells, several people fell injured and news about martyrs.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Continued campaign of random raids in different neighborhoods with a massive presence of security forces.

Homs: Hawleh: Martyrdom of the child Iyad Abbara, 15. He was sniped in his head while on his way to buy bread.

Kafar Takharem: The regime's forces continue to bombard the nothern part of the town (the cemetery) in the direction of Jad'ein. Heavy clashes are reported between the FSA and the regime's forces, who are using heavy weapons to fire from the road to Salqeen, the road to Harem, and from the Jad'ein area.

Raqqa: The student Shireen Mohammed (17), arrested on Thursday, appeared in a military court whose officers’ had arrested her for demonstrating, vandalism, and for striking an officer. She was later transferred to the civil court.

Daraa: Basr Al-Harir: The regime's army is bombarding the town using heavy machine guns and tanks, after clashes between 70 defected soldiers and the regime's army.

Idlib: Kafar Takharim: The regime's army shells the town from two directions: in the north where armored vehicles and an army division are stationed, led by Colonel Murtada Isbar, and in the south from the direction of Aalaf.

Damascus Suburbs: Qudsya: Iyad al-Baba,from al-Hama, was martyred by security forces in the suburbs of Qudsya; his corpse was kidnapped by the regime.

Idlib: Kafar Takharim: The regime's army is shelling the town using tanks and armored vehicles in a move that violates the cease-fire with the FSA, which is stationed in the area.


Syria Protests February 7, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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