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Syria News - February 16, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


February 16, 2012


Assad Massacres Detainees in Idlib 16.02.2012

Assad Massacre Victims in IIdlib identified by Neighbors and Relatives 2-16-12

Assad Massacres Detainees in Idlib - 2-16-12 - Slaughtered Local Civilians Identifies

Bodies of three adult, able members of Al hallaj with their mourning families

Syria, Idlib, Martyrs Mohammed and Mohammed Khaled Hallaj were killed by Assad's gangs

The martyr Mohamad Khaled Halaj from Idlib


| #Hama: A projectile launched by the regime army hit civilians in Kafar Nbouzeh town.

[16 Feb 2012] #Hama, Hamidiyeh neighborhood: Destruction caused by regime forces. An electricity pole can be seen flattened to the ground. No medical supplies, heating fuel and food in the city and communications have been cut.


Homs: Hooleh: The newborn Ahmed Mohammad Ali Dallah was martyred as a result of the prevention of his hospitilization

(02-16-12) Baba Amr | Homs | Shelling the neighborhood for the 13th day in a row

(02-16-12) Homs | Very heavy shelling on Baba Amr neighborhood

(02-16-12) Baba Amr | Homs | The huge destruction in the neighborhood

Al-Qousair, #Homs: The destruction caused by a mortar bomb which hit house

#Homs, Baba Amr: Destruction caused by the regime bombardment. [16 Feb 2012]

(02-16-12) Baba Amr | Homs | The collapse of a house due to rocket shelling

#Homs , Karm Al-zaitoon district : A pro-regime tank opening fire towards the houses. [16 Feb 2012]

Homs city, Syria: Activists showing a new type of missiles used by the regime against civilians


Lattakia | Leaked Video | Assad forces shooting at civilian homes


(02-16-2012) Hammourieh | Damascus Suburb | Child martyr Abdullatif Hassoun

[16 Feb 2012] Dariya, #RifDimashq, #Damascus: Regime gangs desecrate graves

Damascus : the army and security forces invade the Qaboun neighbourhood and are breaking into homes

[16 Feb 2012] Rankous, #RifDimashq, #Damascus: A home shelled and burnt out by the regime's army.

[16 Feb 2012] #Damascus, Al-Mezzeh: Regime forces open fire on a funeral procession


Martyr and enlisted soldier Jamal Ahmad Hawshan, killed by the regime’s forces when he refused to fire at unarmed protestors:

(02-16-12) Al-Balad | Daraa | Assad Forces Shoot and Shell at Homes


Aleppo, Atareb, Martyr hero Majed Mustafah Saeed was killed by Assad's gangs .. Feb 16, 2012

The number of martyrs reached 70 thus far, including 36 unidentified bodies, 13 soldiers, 3 woman and 2 pre-term infants. 38 in Idlib, 12 in Hama, 5 in Homs, 6 in Damascus Suburbs "Zabadany,Madaya", 7 in Daraa, and 1 in Deir Ezzor and 1 in Raqqah. Aleppo: Security forces dispersed a sit-in staged by families at Zabdiya police station with a barrage of fire and detained protesters who had responded with a demonstration in the neighborhood. Deir Ezzor: An evening demonstration in Hamidiyeh neighborhood was attacked by security forces and Shabiha, detaining many demonstrators. Aleppo: Complete power outage in Fardous neighborhood and a campaign of arbitrary arrests and raids. Damascus: Qabr Atika: Deployment of large number of security forces in Shuwayka neighborhood and Qabr Atika, and heavily armed forces holding sticks and guns in an attempt to intimidate people due to chants of Takbir (God is greatest) in the neighborhood yesterday evening. Deir Ezzor: Gunfire at Sabaa Bahrat roundabout in the city. Deir Ezzor: Mayadeen: Exchange of intense fire between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army in an attack on the military security dispatch center in the city. Raqqa: Tal Abyad: Air Force Intelligence Branch is building a tall fence around its headquarters, in addition to the construction of a basement beneath its building. It is believe that the basement will be used to house additional detainees. Deir Ezzor: Security forces stormed the city from Jiser al-Sayaseh direction amid heavy explosions and gunfire using various weapons near al-Momtadeh area near Daleh roundabout all the way to the prison. Artillery tanks and Shilkas are heard in the vicinity of Aboud roundabout. There are suspicious movements at government owned hospitals where the medical staff was ordered to move all patients to a particular section of the hospital while leaving others vacant. Deir Ezzor: Arbitrary raids and arrests in Khsham Village. Aleppo: Atareb: The regime is indiscriminately shelling the town using artillery vehicles and machineguns which has led to massive fires in the commercial district. Aleppo: Atareb: Majd Mustafa Aseed Obeed was martyred due to his injuries when the town was raided on the 14th of this month. Deir Ezzor: BoKamal: Shooting from BMP tanks in the middle of the city and in the Sooq Al-Jowany area. Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: A massive demonstration started at Aziz Mosque with participation from Souseh, Aaliya, Marshada, and Shaaffe in solidarity with Bokamal, Hasrat, and the rest of the besieged areas. Aleppo: Two demonstrations started, one in al-Sakhour and another in al-Fardous area, in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities; participants are chanting for the regime's trial and ouster. Damascus Suburbs: Eastern Ghota: Agents of army and security accompany Addounia TV in preperation for a video report includes fabrications and lies, according to activists. Daraa: Qarfa: A big evening demonstration where participants chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and the detained Yahya al-Ghazali. Lattakia: Jableh: Security forces are surrounding the city from different directions amid fears of a raid based on the regime’s premises of terrorist activities. Activists have reported suspicious behavior by the security forces concentrated near a mosque where an unidentified boxes were planted. Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's forces at the Masaken area and Masraba checkpoint. Sounds of heavy and light machineguns are heard in the vicinity. Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Sounds of gunfire by machineguns from the Masraba checkpoint direction following the sound of two explosions. Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: A demonstration started from Hosain mosque in Tobieh neighborhood, demonstrators are chanting for Hasrat, Sowaiaa, and the rebelling cities and villages, and saluting the Free Syrian Army. Damascus: An evening demonstration started from Hothaifa Bin Al-Yaman mosque in Assali neighborhood, in solidarity with Homs, Daraa, and the other rebelling cities, and saluting the Free Syrian Army. Deir Ezzor: Security forces are trying to disperse a demonstration with live ammunition. This demonstration started in al-Jura area in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities. Damascus: An evening demonstration started at Nafisa Mosque, in an area adjacent to al-Qadam neighborhood, in solidarity with Homs and the rest of the disaster-stricken cities. Participants chanted for the Free Syrian Army and demanded the toppling of the regime. Damascus : a nighttime demonstration started in Souk Sinan Basha, one of old Damascus' old market places, in solidarity with Homs and the revolutionary cities. Participants blocked the road leading to Bab Musalla (Aal Albeit street) with flammable materials. Raqqa: A demonstration started in Hamrat village east of Raqqa, demonstrators chanted for toppling the regime and demanded the release of detainees. Homs: The artillery shelling of the neighborhoods of Inshaat and Baba Amr intensifies. Daraa : Heavy gun fire in Al-Qusoor neighbourhood in Daraa Al-Mahata. Homs : Quseir : the regime's forces are shelling the northern neighborhood of the town using mortar shells. Damascus Suburbs: Three martyrs fell in each of Zabadany and Madaya so far by regime forces. Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: The regime's forces open intense gunfire from all checkpoints in the city. Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: A demonstration set out from Hussein Mosque in the neighborhood of Tawwibeh chanting for Hosrat and Swayiea and the revolting villages and cities and saluting the Free Syrian Army. Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Regime forces arrested more than 20 people after they raided the neighborhoods of Bostan and Hadaeeq. Hasakeh: Ghowayran: A massive demonstration set out in solidarity with Homs and Zabadany and Atareb, refusing the new constitution and demanding the toppling of the regime and a trial of the president. Daraa: Hara: Intermittent gunfire from the checkpoint at Mosaab Ben Omair Mosque. Aleppo: A massive demonstration set out in the neighborhood of Maqsoud Gharbi in solidarity with Homs and Atareb and the other Syrian disaster-stricken cities and towns. The protesters chanted for the toppling of the regime and trying the president. Damascus Suburbs: Qara: An evening demonstration set out in solidarity with Homs and the other Syrian disaster-stricken cities despite the presence of the security forces, demanding the toppling of the regime and trying the president. Homs: Talkalakh: Sounds of explosions with continuous intense gunfire. Hasakeh: Shidadi: A demonstration set out in the village of Bareej in solidarity with Homs and the other Syrian disaster-stricken cities and towns. Damascus Suburbs : Zabadani : Abou Mohammad Awad and his son were martyred after the regime's forces burnt their home while they were inside it. Daraa : Dael : a big demonstration started in the martyr Yasser Alasemi square. Participants are chanting for Daraa AL-Balad and other Daraa towns, Baba Amr, and all other Syrian areas that have been assaulted by the regime. Damascus Suburbs: Sayyedeh Zaynab: A massive demonstration set out in the town of Hojeira in solidarity with the disaster-stricken city of Homs and the other Syrian cities and towns. The protesters demand the toppling of the regime and a trial of the president and his aides. Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Security forces raid homes and randomly arresting over 250 persons. More than 10 houses were burned in the area of the bridge and in the neighborhood of Amera. Shops are being looted and members of the opposition are being threatened of being publicly executed. The city is now in its 20th day without access to medicine, water or electricity. Aleppo: A student demonstration started in Furqan neighborhood; participants chanted for the regime's trail and ouster. Damascus Suburbs: Hameh: A student demonstration set out from the Hameh Preparatory School for Boys and the Preparatory School for Girls; students from an elementary school also participated. Protesters chanted in solidarity with the besieged and disaster-stricken cities and demanded the fall and prosecution of the regime. Idlib: Rouj Plains: The regime’s forces committed a massacre against 15 detainees who were executed near a bridge on the Ariha highway-Jisr Shougour. They were captured during a raid on Hayla and Senkerh villages and Rouj Plains. The regime’s forces also murdered 5 relatives of those detainees who tried to recover the corpses of their loved ones thinking that the regime had withdrawn. Damascus Suburbs : Moadamiyet Al-Sham : regime forces are conduction an invasion and arrest campaigns accompanied by destroying properties and insulting the people. Six young men are arrested: Housam Ghannam, AbdulAleem Abdulrazak Alkhateeb, Hisham Alsheikh, Ibrahim Daoud (Hilweh) Marwan Alsheikh, and Ammar Ahmad Sawan. Aleppo: Atareb: An enforced curfew continues in the city center amid wide spread of tanks on the main streets. Snipers are randomly firing at anyone that moves or civilians trying to escape their homes. Gunfire from heavy machineguns is also reported. Lattakia : the regime forces are placing dirt mounds on the roof of the Slaybeh police station among a big security deployment around it. Sweida: Shahaba: Following the release of a retired officer, Mr. Hamed Taweel, the Political Security Branch arrested him again as he was leaving the courtroom. Damascus: The raid on the office of the Syrian Center for Media and Free Expression on Ayyar 29th Street led to the arrest of Mr. Mazen Darwish, Ms. Yara Badr (Mr. Darwish’s wife), activist Razan Ghazzawi, blogger Hussein Ghreir, activist Ms. Hanadi Zahlout, Rita Dayoub, Mayada Khalil, Jawan Franso, Thina Zaytani, Hanny Zaytani, Basam al-Ahmed, Mansoor Hamid, Maha Sablani, Abed Rahman . Most of the detainees have been previously detained by the regime. Idlib : 19 bodies were found on the train rails near Mahameel belonging to people who tried to fled to Turkey but were arrested and executed by security forces. The people couldn't retrieve all the bodies because of the heavy shooting from tanks. Idlib : Khan Sheihoun : heavy shooting and many explosions in the city accompanying a tank invasion of the town. calls of "God is the greatest" are being heard from many homes. Hama : Security forces blew up a microbus in the Jurthan slope after they blocked the road for 30 minutes. Many bodies were seen on the ground, most probably detainees that have been terminated. There were many injuries that have been transported to Al-Horani hospital. Aleppo : Al-Atareb : The regime army's tanks are roaming the streets of the town while security forces are invading homes and conducting many arrests. Aleppo : Al-Atareb : security forces and Shabiha (armed thugs) are shooting randomly in the town after the morning players in order to scare people. They are also looting food supplies from stores, stealing mobile phones, invading many homes and enforcing a curfew and shooting whoever disobeys. there was some shooting at the town from heavy machine guns mounted on tanks and armoured vehicles every now and then. Daraa : Manar Abazeed was arrested. He was wounded by a gunshot. Daraa : Daraa - Albalad : Snipers are still shooting randomly at homes and by-passers in Daraa Al-Balad and Mahata since the early morning hours. Daraa : the inspection campaign conducted by security forces in the Arbeen neighbourhood in Daraa Al-Balad still continues amidst a dense security deployment and continuous shooting by snipers who are stationed on high roofs. The army's armoured vehicles are deployed in all the town's streets. Daraa : Inkhel : a big demonstration is roaming the streets of town, participants are chanting for Daraa Al-Balad, Homs, and other besieged cities. Damascus Suburbs : Moadamiyeh : the ministry of education expel several teachers from the schools of the Moadamiyeh after being called several times for the security investigation office in the office of the education. Idlib : Kafaroumeh : shooting at demonstrators during a security forces deployment in public squares. Security forces are preventing the people from demonstrating in the Martyrs Square. Damascus : Security forces and Shabiha (Armed thugs) are attacking demonstrators who participated in the funeral in Mazzeh neighbourhood. Military police block Mazzeh Autostrade near Al-Iskan road while four armed cars are stationed next to Al-Razi hospital, shooting at people and chasing demonstrators. Damascus Suburbs : Zabadani : security forces supported by shabiha (Armed thugs) are conducting a home invasion campaign and many arrests in the town. Idlib : Maaret Alnoman: defected soldier Mahmoud Rahmo Haj Youssef (20 years old) was martyred after being wounded a few days ago during shelling on the town. Damascus: The regime's security forces, backed by armed operatives, raided the office of activist and journalist Mazen Darwish, the director of the Syrian Center for Media and Free Expression, in central Damascus after sealing the area. Security forces arrested Mr. Darwish and a number of other professionals in the office. The LCC is verifying the names of those arrested. Damascus Suburbs: Madaya: Ms. Sabiha Mahmoud and her daughter, Hind Adi, were martyred, and a relative were critically injured, when the car they were traveling collided with a checkpoint. Damascus Suburbs: Irbeen: Regime forces are raiding, arresting people, and looting in various areas, and are roaming the streets to terrorize residents. All communications lines and Internet service are cut off. Idlib: Maaret Nouman: Defected soldier Mahmoud Rahmo Haj Yousef, 20, was martyred due to wounds sustained a few days ago during the regime's shelling of the town. Lattakia: A student demonstration started inside Al-Nidal School; participants chanted for freedom and the fall of the regime, and voiced their solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities. Hama: Kafar Naboudeh: At least 10 people were martyred due to the regime's shelling from tanks. Damascus: Qudsaya: Students have gone out in protest in solidarity with Homs and Zabadany. Daraa: For the past 20 days, security forces have refused to return the body of Attorney Tareq Al-Zou'bi, from the town of East Ghariya, until his parents accept to sign a statement that their son was killed by armed gangs. The family was notified of his death a day after he had been arrested with his colleague, Attorney Khaled Abdallah Al-Atilli, in an ambush in the village of Kahil. The fate of Attorney Al-Atilli is still unknown. Damascus Suburbs: Mohamad Youssef Al-Assawadah, from Nawa in Daraa, was martyred a week after being released from prison in Idlib. He had been accused of desertion and smuggling ammunition to local residents before his transfter to the new duty post in the Damascus Suburbs. Aleppo: A demonstration started in the neighborhood of the Meridien which is next to the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Aleppo University, chanting for the toppling of the regime. Homs: Shabiha attacked the town of Qalaat Hoss from Amar Al-Hoss Street. There are regime Air Force Intelligence operatives at Ain Al-Ajouz and Nasra. Hama: Kafar Naboudeh: The names of 7 martyrs that were killed by the violent shelling by the regime's forces have been confirmed. The martyrs names are Wajeeh Hallaq, Mohammad Moneer Dabees, Wael Moneer Qomeir, Abdulrahman Mohammad Shalish, Abdulaziz Sameer Hamada, Mohammad Ahmad Dakh Allah and Ayman Abdulrahman. Jableh: A student demonstration began in the neighborhood of Jarkas calling for the regime's overthrowal and in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities Hama: Kafr Nabouda: A large number of martyrs and injuries from the indiscriminate tank shelling on the town. Deir Ezzor: Boukamal: Sulaiman Attiyeh Saleh Al-Suleiman and another unidentified person were martyred by security force bullets. Daraa: Regime tanks storm Daraa Balad amid shelling and gunfire. Damascus:Qabun: A campaign of arrest and invasion looking for activists in the neighborhood. Daraa: Snipers have deployed on rooftops of buildings and mosques in Daraa Mahata, and they are firing on anything that moves in the street. The snipers targeted worshippers leaving the mosques. Daraa: Security forces stationed at all checkpoints in the city are firing randomly now. Aleppo: Atareb: Artillery shelling and shooting at the city was just re-started. Aleppo: Bazzaa: A raiding, checking and detention campaign is now taking place in the city by security forces. Daraa: Hara: Intense gunfire from all the checkpoints around the city after 6 soldiers defected and left the city safely. Damascus Suburbs: Kisweh: Security forces are deployed in Muqailbya and the neighbouring farms and trying to interrogate people to get information about activists. Daraa: Sahm Al-Golan: The regime's army backed with tanks and armored vehicles besieged the valley then raided it amid intense shelling and shooting. They used smoke bombs which led to many martyrs and injured and we haven't heard anything about them yet because they were kidnapped by the regime's forces. Two soldiers from the military security branch were executed in the field after arguing with their officer and refusing to fire at peaceful civilians. It was reported that one of the soldiers was burned alive. The area has witnessed the displacement of many families into Jordan but the tight siege prevented many more from feeling Syria. More than 40 men have disappeared and we haven't heard anything about them yet including: Mohammad Mamdoh Zain Al-Abdeen, Yaseen Mousa Zain Al-Abdeen, Tarek Ziyad Zain Al-Abdeen, Munther Waled Zain Al-Abdeen, Bassam Mohammad Al-Matrod, Basel Ghassan Al-Salem, Maher Hussein Al-Rubaei, Hayyan Mohammad Al-Taani, Mohammad Al-Warraqi, Ali Yaseen Zain Al-Abdeen, Mohammad Diyaa Al-Jugheni and Ahmad Al-Taraani. Daraa: Sanamein: Widespread security feployment throughout the towns streets and security forces launch a campaign of street combing. *************************** The Local Coordination Committees of Syria (LCC) Responds to the Draft Constitution Submitted by the Assad Regime DAMASCUS, Syria (Feb. 16, 2012) Today the Syrian regime introduced five new amendments to the Constitution and made reference to the illegal Emergency Law. The draft Constitution, released today, is primarily focused on the preamble, and addresses a number of articles in spirit and appearance only. The language surrounding the implied abolishment of Emergency Law is absurd and does not address in the slightest the demands of the Syrian people. This draft Constitution offers no substantive amendments, nor does it address equality among citizens or the complete separation of powers. The regime’s ongoing disregard for the demands of the Syrian people is obvious. There is an overlap between the three authorities based on the articles of the Constitution. These articles also grant the president absolute and eternal power. The draft is nothing more than an attempt by the regime to cast itself in a different light, and lacks any substantive objectives for a referendum on the Constitution. We consider this draft to be completely without legitimacy and ill-suited for a civil society. Rather than being treated as a national requirement for true reform, the draft Constitution is no more than a political tool or a policy paper written by the barbaric regime. The regime has been forever branded by its daily brutality against civilians, while the world continues to tally the number of Syrians whose basic and fundamental rights have been violated. These rights are based on a flawed constitution that is irrelevant at this stage. We in the Local Coordination Committees believe that the Syrian regime lost its constitutional and social legitimacy since its inception. We see no alternative but to topple the regime, along with its symbols, representatives, and foundational ideology. The regime’s alleged reforms, since the beginning of the Revolution on March 15, 2011, are merely desperate attempts to paint a brighter picture and stall for additional time. We also believe that the Syrian people are the only ones to bestow legitimacy, and they are the ones entitled to put forth a new constitution via a constituent assembly appointed through free and fair elections. The LCC calls upon our people to reject and boycott the alleged referendum to confirm the lack of public support for this criminal regime, and to demonstrate our continued determination to achieve our Revolution’s goals: to overthrow this regime and establish a civil state based on a truly democratic, multi-party political system. God’s mercy upon our martyrs, healing to our wounded, freedom to our detainees, and victory to our people’s Revolution. https://www.facebook.com/LCCSy http://www.lccsyria.org/ Syria Protests February 16, 2012 : A Video Roundup http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m85767

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