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Syria News - March 1, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


March 1, 2012


Syria, Homs, Martyr Zeyad Al-Hajjar has been shot by Assad's snipers .. Mar 1, 2012

Homs, Karam al-Zeitoun- martyr Khaled al-Shami, . Mar 1, 2012

Syria Children Collect Snow for Drinking Water as Assad Besieges Homs City 1-March-12

French journalist Remi Ochlik had to be buried inside Baba Amr, where was killed by Assad missiles last week. His corpse couldn't be kept any longer due to lack of electricity in the city.

Homs: The destruction and garbage pile up in the commercial heart of the city as a result of the military crackdown to silence the uprising. [1 Mar 2012]

HOMS: This home was shelled using nail bombs from a school checkpoint, just because this family is from Baba Amr....a daughter was injured because of the shelling. The activist is showing the school from which the sniper was shooting innocent people all the time in their houses



Syria, Hama, Karnaz, Martyr Wasel Hasan Al-Yusef has been shot by Assad's snipers .. Mar 1, 2012


Syria, Hama, Karnaz, Martyr Muezzin. Mar 1, 2012

housing burning in Helfaya after it was stormed by regime's army

HAMA: TREMSIEH: Shelling the mosque and town by regime forces murdering Abdulkarim Aloush, the muezzin, during Takbir ....the second muezzin to be murdered in a week


Syria, Daraa, Al-Domeer, Martry Omer Ahmad Omran was killed by Assad's gangs .. Mar 1, 2012


The shells Assadi regime fired on Hass people to kill them and destroy their homes for saying 'Leave Basha

City Idlib City martyr Khaled Kdarsh


Invading Dumair city in Damascus Suburbs


Aleppo: The Destruction of the Town of Meng due to Shelling it by Regimes Army

Security forces looting shops in the town of Al-Atareb in Aleppo

Thursday ended with 45 martyrs, among them 24 in Homs,7 martyrs fell in the town of Jabatha in Qunaitara, 4 martyrs in Idlib,4 martyrs in Damascus Suburbs "Douma, Dumair,Qotaifah and Zabadany",2 martyrs in Hama "Keranz and Traimseh,2 martyrs in DeirEzzor and a martyr each in Lattakia and Daraa.

Damascus Suburbs: Mesraba: Shooting from the front of Hamza Bin Abdul Mutaleb Mosque and Mesraba Municipality

Damascus: Jobar: The regime's forces are entirely besieging the neighborhood. They launched a raid and detention campaign on many activists' homes and are destroying the properties inside.

Aleppo University: Gunfire was heard at the roundabout near the university.

Damasscus Suburbs : Al-Qtaifeh: Husam Shihab from Al-Qtaifeh town was martyred in Homs.

Aleppo: Security forces shoot heavily the neighborhood of Mayser along with a camping of raids and arrests in the neighborhood.

Aleppo: More than 50 cars of the security forces storm the neighborhood of Maysar. Security forces carry out a campaign of raids of homes and arrests.

Damascus: Security forces arrested Issam Rifai, 31, his wife and his mother-in-law at one of the checkpoints in Dummar.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: A campaign of raids is was carried out by the regime's forces near Hassan Basri School tonight, resulting in the arrest of Kamel Turk and Issam Turk.

Hama: Sounds of gunfire are heard coming from the Sabounieh neighborhood.

Banyas: A demonstration marched a while ago in Basatin Islam village, protesters are chanting for afflicted cities and demanding for toppling the regime.

Qunaitara: Jabatha: Regime forces stormed the town which lies on Israel's border with Syria. They are not permitted to enter this specific area without an Israeli permission or without the observation of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) . The regime's forces killed 7 citizens during their operation, among them 3 brothers of the Marweed family and one woman with her daughter, as well as a man from the Hariri family.

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: The regime's forces open intense gunfire on protesters in Hurriyah Square.

Lattakia: An evening demonstration started in the old industrial area in solidarity with Homs and the disaster-stricken cities chanting for the toppling of the regime and the prosecution of the president and his companions.

Deir Ezzor: A massive evening demonstration started in al-Khasarat neighborhood. Participants condemned the regime's crimes in Homs and the rest of the disaster-stricken areas while demanding to topple and prosecute the regime.

Damascus : Sayyeda Zainab: Evening demonstration for free gathering of Golan despite heavy security presence, condemning regime's crimes in Baba Amr, Idliba and the rest of afflicted Syrian cities.

Damascus: An officer from the regime’s army executed the recruit Khaled Wahab al-Saad, from Bokamal, in front of his colleagues because he advised them to disobey all orders that demand firing on peaceful demonstrators.

Homs: Baba Amr: Several defected soldiers were martyred, among them Saeed Hawwash, 21, from Deiz Ezzor.

Idlib: M'arrat Al-Noman: Regime's forces open fire intensively from barriers centered in and around the city, keep on cutting electricity and water amid lack of basic needs like bread, gas and fuel.

Aleppo: A massive demonstration started in Bustan Qasser. Participants demanded to topple and prosecute the regime along with all criminals who committed crimes against the Syrian people for demanding freedom.

Damascus: Jobar: Evening demonstration, protesters burned pictures of Bashar Assad with Israeli flag condemning Israeli support of Syrian regime, they also hailed the free Syrian army and its resistance in Baba Amr and the rest of the revolt areas.

Daraa: Security forces are wide spread at the Qanieh junction and along the main road in the town . They are searching all the passersby.

Hama: Mharda: Regime's forces raided Khenaizeer village by tanks and vihicles loaded with soldiers, security and thugs.

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: An evening demonstration started in Bidr Sultani. Participants condemned the regime's massacres in Baba Amr and the rest of the disaster-stricken areas.

Raqqa: Security forces fail to disperse a massive demonstration came out from Alwadi Street to condemn the crimes of the Syrian regime despite the use of bullets and tear gas and there are injuries among the demonstrators.

Aleppo: Atareb: Security forces set a Turkish truck and its driver on fire.

Damascus: Midan: Heavy gunfire on a gathering of young people in Qa'a next to Majid Mosque.

Aleppo: Regime's forces open fire intensively on the demonstrators who started from the neighborhood of Saif Addawla and reached the neighborhood of Salahuddin.

Aleppo: A massive demonstration in Saif Al-Dawlah and Salah Al-Dien neighborhoods, participants are chanting in solidarity with the rebellious cities and called for the regime ouster.

Daraa: Dael: A demonstration set out in Freedom Square under the heavy rains in solidarity with the neighborhood of Baba Amr and the rest of the affected neighborhoods and areas while regimes forces are firing from military checkpoints.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Sounds of strong explosion was heard in west to Douma and it is believed that it is near the barrier of Msraba and the sounds of ambulances are raising near Badran Roundabout.

Aleppo: Regime's forces move a large number of detainees to Wajeeh Abdeldayem School in Bustan Albasha neighborhood amid heavy security deployment in the neighborhood.

Daraa: Sounds of 2 explosions in Minshiya neighborhood in Daraa Albalad.

Hasakeh: A massive demonstration in Ghwairan neighborhood in solidarity with stricken Homs, in support of the Free Syrian army and thanking the State of Kuwait, Government and people, and other Gulf states for their attitudes of the crimes of the Syrian regime.

Homs: Security forces arrest Tarek Tayyara, the brother of Mohammad Mozher Tayyara who was reporting news of Homs to a number of international media agencies such as the French news agency, Al Jazeera, CNN and was martyred by the regime's forces in the massacre of Khaldieh.

Aleppo: A massive evening demonstration in Karm Aljabal neighborhood to condemn the crimes of the regime in Homs and in all other areas of Syria. Demonstrators are demanding toppling of the regime and president’s trial.

Damascus Suburbs: Harran Alawmeed: Security forces shoot intensively demonstrators who some out in solidarity with Homs and reports about fall of injuries.

Aleppo: Atareb: Regime’s forces shells the city with artillery, and clashes between Free Syrian army and regimes army.

Aleppo: A demonstration in Khaldiyeh neighborhood near Ghofran Mosque to condemn the crimes of the regime in Baba Amr in Homs and in all other areas of Syria. Demonstrators are demanding toppling of the regime and president’s trial.

Daraa: Inkhil: Regime's forces in all the checkpoints in the city open fire intensively.

Daraa: The arrival of large military reinforcements to the military barracks in the first attack consisting of four buses of security and Shabiha and a large number of jeeps.

Daraa: Sounds of gunfire from the neighborhood of Sahari checkpoint in Daraa Almahata.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: The student in the College of Architectural Engineering, Samer Shabara, was martyred as he got injured by mortar shrapnel when regime forces raided the town.

Raqqa: The regime's forces arrested activist Ms. Abeer Ismail Al-Hamadi, and five other youth activists tried to protect her as they were all conducting a sit-in at the Dalla Roundabout area in protest against the regime's crimes in Homs and other areas in Syria.

Idlib: Khan Sheikhoun: Mohamad Maarati, 11, was martyred when a regime's sniper shot him.

Hama: Trimseh: The fall of several martyrs and are still under the rubble and dozens got injured due to the intensive bombardment by regimes forces. In addition to destroying nearly 70 houses and the village mosque, along with damaging other dozens of houses and shops. People are pulling the body of the Muezzin of the mosque of the town, Abdul Karim Alalosh, but his head is still under the rubble.

Daraa: Nasiriyah: Nawras Al-Mataab, a male nurse, was martyred under torture by regime forces, who arrested him at the Jassem Hospital where he worked this morning.

Deir Ezzor: A massive evening demonstration set out in Jora neighborhood in solidarity with Homs and other disaster-stricken cities and the protestors demanded toppling of the regime and president's trial.

Damascus: Midan: An evening demonstration set out near Majid Mosque in solidarity with Baba Amr and all other neighborhoods and rebelling areas of Syria.

Daraa: A massive evening demonstration started in Mizereb in solidarity with Homs and the siege cities along with sounds of gunfire heard in Daraa Albalad.

Damascus Suburbs: Kesweh: An evening demonstration started along the main street in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities in general, and Baba Amr in particular.

Hama: Abdulkarim Aloush, the person in charge of calling for prayer in Treimseh, was martyred when he was doing Allahu Akbar (God is Greater) chants while the regime's forces were shelling the mosque and the rest of the town.

Hama : the regime's forces are intensifying the shelling on the town of Treimseh while a fleet of tanks is heading west from the town of Shayzar on the road to Sqeilbiyeh.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Regime forces besieged city and closed all its entrances. The regime’s troops are extensively deployed in the city along with snipers. Forces launched arrest campaigns amid a mass exodus of residents to the surrounding orchards.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Regime forces agents stole the furniture of the house of Sheikh Zayed in the city, and observers estimated the city's losses from the destruction of houses and looting of shops, in about a billion Syrian Pound so far.

Homs : Rastan : the regime's forces are shelling the main building for the city's coordination committee and their media office with all local media reporters inside it. No one was hurt.

Daraa: Inkhal: Another massive demonstration started today condemning the regime’s crimes in Baba Amr and the other Syrian cities. Participants demanded the regimes ouster and prosecution.

Daraa : Nimr : a big demonstration in solidarity with Baba Amr and the other demonstrating Homs neighbourhoods, as well as all other besieged and disaster-stricken Syrian areas.

Homs: Regime forces renewed their heavy shelling on Baba Amr with the intent of terrorizing civilians, including women, children, and the elderly after the FSA's strategic withdrawal from the area.

Damascus: Assali: A demonstration has started from Huzaifa Ibn Al-Yaman mosque in solidarity with Baba Amr and demanding toppling of the regime.

Idlib : Slqeen : young man Fathi Shahadeh was martyred from the wounds he got on Friday after being shot by the regime's thugs (Shabiha).

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Heavy shooting from machine guns on the mourners in the grand mosque.

Idlib: Balyoon: Soldier Wisam Shihada was martyred while trying to defect from the army in DAraa where he was doing his compulsory military service.

Homs: Rastan: A massive demonstration started despite the snow and cold temperatures in solidarity with Baba Amr and the disaster-stricken areas.

Homs: Mohammad Noor Mohammad Fadel Al-Hayek and his wife Raghda Al-Hayek were martyred in Bab Sbaa neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Omar Ahmad Omran was martyred today during the raiding of city's this morning by the regime's forces.

Homs: The regime's forces committing a massacre in Baba Amr farms where 17 victims have fallen including 6 of the same family. The martyrs are: Abdul Halem Sabboh, Abdul Nasser Sabboh, Abdul Hameed Sabboh, Abdul Rahman Sabbo, Amer Omar Sabboh, Abdul Moeen Da'bol, Abdul Salam Kojok, Barri Al-Akedi, Ezz Eddein Al-Akedi, Ahmad Al-Akedi, Abdul Rahman Jundi, Abdul Kafi Juned, Radwan Bitar, Mahmoud Al-Zoobi, Mahmoud Al-Looz and Alaa Al-Ali.

Daraa: Basr Hareer: The siege on the town continues for the 14th consecutive day. A curfew is in place and the different neighborhoods are separated by military checkpoints. Even food and medical supplies are not allowed to enter.

Aleppo University: Student Abdul Qader Al-Sheikh was arrested from the Faculty of Law in the campus.

Daraa: Hirak: Intermittent gunfire is reported west of the town, and a tight siege by regime forces is preventing the delivery of food supplies.

Homs: Ziad Hajjar, 24, was martyred in the neighborhood of Bayyada by a sniper.

Hama:Treimseh: Security forces are shelling the town with tank cannons from the direction of Khanizair and Safsafeh.

Deir Ezzor: Mayaden: A campaign of arrests for more than fifty people, including children, and accompanied with cut in the Internet and flying over the town. Among the detainees, those were known: Mahmoud Aldaham, Mahmoud Alhakim, Mohammed Jawdat Alharib, Mahmoud Omar Alharib, Abboud Alsayed Salman and Saleh Khalaf Alkajma.

Quneitra: Jabatha: Seven martyrs, civilians and defected soldiers, fell due to regime forces' gunfire; the forces are besieging the town.

Hama: Mowrak: Multiple wounded are reported, as a result of the regime's shelling from tanks that hit homes with residents inside. There was also heavy gunfire from three checkpoints belonging to the regime's forces. Families cannot rescue their loved ones because of the heavy gunfire.

Damascus: Colonel in the Palestinian liberation army Abdul Naser Maqary was assasinated, and military soldier Ahmad Amr was injured in shooting from a taxi that targetted a military vehicle they were riding in Quds street in Yarmook camp. Unknown people targetted yesterday Colonel Reda Al-Khadra of the liberation army in Qetana city in Damascus Suburbs, which caused him serious injuries.

Hama: Morek: Regime forces are surrounding the village and shelling it with tanks shells.

Damascus Suburbs: Domair: Regime forces are rallying lots of citizens in the courtyard of Sheikh Mahmoud Mosque and humiliating them in the very cold weather. 15 houses have been blown up. Power and communications remain cut off. Security presence is massive and temporary security checkpoints have been set up to search the citizens in the main roads. Many have been arrested, of which Dr. Ali Moadhamani, the brothers Mohsen and Hussein Hassan Issa, Hssan Khalil Hishan, Atef Hamdan, Saud Abu Saddam, and high school student Mahmoud Ghazal have been identified.

Damascus: Sound of explosion in Qaboun neighborhood and a large number of secret intelligence soldiers are stationed in the region in cars and two buses.

Damascus Suburbs: Qudsiya: Regime forces wage a campaign of arrests, detaining Mohammad Al-Rifai, Ahmed Taljeh and Khaled Saleh.

Deir Ezzor: A student demonstration began at Mostafa Ameen preparatory school.

Aleppo: Bab: Three student demonstrations began from Saeed Raghreb, Habib Fahri and Taha Abdelraouf schools and chanted for Homs, Aleppo Suburbs and all the disaster-stricken cities and in honor of the Free Syrian Army.

Hama: Karnaz: Wasel Hassan Al-Yousef, 45, was martyred by a sniper bullet to the head as he was leaving his house.

Deir Ezzor: Ayesh: Regime forces wage a campaign of raids and arrests in the village.

Damascus Suburbs: Domair: Dozens were detain in an arrest campaign after the city was stormed this morning. Two houses were entirely blown up in the Balad neighborhood. Civilians are being used as human shield during the raids.

Qunaitara: Continuous gunfire and a huge raid-and arrest attack is being carried out in the villages around Jabata Khashab that was stormed in the morning as were the villages Kawn and Ayn Nourieh and Hamidieh. Abaza Hospital was closed and the wounded could not be rescued due to the massive presence of security forces and the continuous gunfire as well as the bad weather.

Qonaitar: Jabata Khashab: The town was stormed by security forces and the regime's army this morning. They opened random gunfire towards the houses using machine guns and medium weapons. There are reports of many martyrs and wounded.

Idlib: Jabal Zawyeh: The body of the martyr Mostafa Ahmad Assaad was found tossed on the ground in the village of Abdeeta. Parts of the body had been eaten by wild animals. Security forces killed him in the massacre they committed in Abdita a few days ago.

Damascus Suburbs: Dumeir: Strong explosions which shook the city were heard as the Janoobi (Southern) neighborhood was stormed by security forces and Shabiha.

Daraa: Inkhel: Security forces refuse to hand over the body of the martyr, soldier Nasser Mohammad Eid Nasseef, and demanded his family come receive the body next Saturday. The martyrs was killed under torture in the regime's prisons where he was detained since 2011-09-18 for trying to defect from the army.

Daraa: Harra: A morning demonstration began despite the snow and bitter cold, demonstrators chanted for Homs and the disaster-stricken cities demanding the release of detainees.

Damascus Suburbs: Domair: The town was stormed with a large number of soldiers of the regime's army and Shabiha, support by several tanks and armored vehicles as well as troop carriers. All exits of the city and all side streets were closed. Violent clashes occurred with the Free Syrian Army which tried to block the attack. Dozens of civilians were arrested and all communications and the electricity have been cut off.

Aleppo: Soldier Abdullatif Yusuf Al-Ali was martyred by security forces because he refused to shoot at civilians in Aleppo where he was doing his compulsory military service. He is from the village of Tabanni in Deir Ezzor province.


Syria Protests March 1, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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