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Syria News - March 6, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


March 6, 2012


#Heraak, #Daraa : another massacre committed by Assad's forces[6 March 2012]

Syria, Daraa, Martyr Ghassan Al-Kutifan has been killed by Assad's gangs .. Mar 6, 2012

The video shows Ahmad 'Awwad Al-Mahameed, a citizen who was killed under torture in the detention center with his wife and their last farewell.

Daraa: Herak: Shelling at Homes

Daraa: Herak: Shelling of Abu Baker Al-Seddeq mosque

(03-06-12) Hraak | Daraa | Assad Forces Shell Historic Al-Omari Mosque

Herak: An Artillery Shell Direct at the Residential Buildings After Targeting the Omari Mosque

Daraa: Herak: Direct Shelling at the Mosques and Targeting the Residential Buildings


The Sabbouh family, an example of what is going on in Baba Amr – Another massacre and bodies discovered in Baba Amr . 5 days ago, 6 bodies from the Sabbouh family were discovered with others who were executed by slaughtering during the raids that Assad forces carried out in the farms in Baba Amr. Today, more victims were discovered from two families of the Sabbouh family, adding up to 18, most of them women and children. We should note that state-run Addounia TV went in to Baba Amr two days after the massacre took place and taped some of the killed family members in their homes, accusing the Free Syrian Army and Farouk battalion of doing this. While activists confirm that Assad forces are who committed this massacre. Here are the names of those killed in this massacre: 1- Abdelkareem Sabbouh, 85 years old 2- Omar Sabbouh, 55 years old 3- Muhammad Sabbouh, 48 years old 4- Basma Sabbouh, 30 year old woman 5- Abdelazziz Sabbouh, 18 years old ; First family : 6- Abdelsalam Sabbouh, 50 years old 7- His wife, Zahia Sabbouh 8- Tarek Sabboh, 15 years old 9- Farouk Sabbouh, 10 years old 10- Akram Sabbouh, 4 years old 11- Faten Sabbouh, 1 year old 12- Faten Sabbouh ; Second family 13- Abdelwahab Sabbouh, 52 years old 14- His wife, Mayada Sabbouh, 40 years old 15- Maysaa Sabbouh, 20 year old girl 16- Muhammad Sabbouh 17- Roula Sabbouh 18- Rania Sabbouh Here is the video that Addounia TV played yesterday showing some of the Sabbouh family members killed in their homes

Syria, Homs, Martyr Shareef Adeeb Al-Mahbani has been shot by Assad's sniper .. Mar 6, 2012

Homs| Al-Qaseer: Ahmad Qarqooz, a special need citizen who got killed under torture and brutal torment in the Air force intelligence branch after he was arrested three month ago. Although Ahmad Qartooz had a mental illness, he was placed in the worst detention center in Damascus which is famous with extreme cruelty in the way the prisoners are tortured; usually whoever goes in this branch will not leave except dead. The following video shows the minute the family received Ahmad Qarqoor’s tortured body.

(03-06-12) Al-Houle | Homs | Assad’s forces arrest and torture a mentally retarded person

Homs: Khaldieh: Khalid Asi Martyred by Security Forces

Homs: Hawla: A Mentally Retarded Child is Tortured

06/03/12 some of the damage caused by Assad’s forces near Insha’at, Homs.

06/03/12 #Syria The effects of shelling in Homs.

INSHA'AT:HOMS: Continuing destruction of the district today.

JEB GANDLA: HOMS : Homes buring from the shelling this morning

Homs: The Destruction brought down by Assad's mercenaries [6 March 2012].

04 03 12 A detailed report about Homs & Baba Amr by an eye witness + English subtitles

The Hospitals in Syria are in deep crises with lack of medical staff and medical supplies, most patients are afraid to go to the hospital fearing risking their lives either by getting torture in the hospital by the security forces or facing death. The following video reveals a story of thousands of the suffering which the wounded go through after they are injured with the regime forces’ bullets or shelling. This elder man was targeted by a sniper who shot him with two bullets; one went though his thigh causing a fracture and a rupture which needed plates to be inserted to correct the fracture and the same for his arm where the second bullet landed. The doctor didn’t have any other means of helping this man except using the old procedure of using a wood board


Syria, Idlib, Martyr Khaled Hamdo Al-Taan has been killed by Assad's gangs .. Mar 6, 2012

Idlib: Maarat Al-Noman: The Corpse of Martyr Haytham Alwan

Idlib: Maarat Al-Noman: The Corpse of Martyr Hamed Al-Haramy

Idlib: Maaret Noman: Security forces open fire on houses

Deir Ezzor

Martyr Child Mustafa Jarkas, 12 years-old tortured and killed by security forces, Deir Ezzor

The number of martyrs thus far today has risen to 41: 12 martyrs in Daraa; 4 martyrs in Idlib; 1 martyr in Damascus; and the remainder in Homs

Damascus: Youth activists cut off the Daraa-Damascus highway using burned tires, and a security car, accompanied by a fire truck, headed to the area to open up the road.

Damascus:Al-Fahama: An evening demonstration started in Tayamneh despite the heavy presence of regime security forces. Protesters chanted in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and demanded the regime's ouster.

Hama: Defected recruit Moatasem Radwan Al-Bannat, 18, was martyred following clashes with the regime's army in the town of Khattab. Radwan was from the Al-Hamidiiya neighborhood in Hama.

Hama: Salamyeh: An evening women's demonstration began in the eastern neighborhood of the city in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and to demand toppling of the regime. The Internet services are cut off from the city and cellular communications come intermittently.

Damascus: Barzeh: Gunfire sounds heard in the courtyard of the municipality square now.

Idlib: Jabal Zawiyeh: Regime forces ordered civilians out of their homes in Ein Larouz and used them as hostages to pressure FSA members to turn themselves in.

Daraa: Hirak: Ms. Maha Yassin Al-Hariri, approximately 40, was martyred when a shell landed on her house and she was hit by shrapnel. The number of homes destroyed by shelling by the regime's army has reached 37, and the humanitarian situation is deteriorating.

Idlib: Al-Rif Assharki: News of 3 martyrs and another injured as a result of a bomb that fell on a car that was taking them east of Maarret Nouman city.

Idlib: Jabal Zawiyeh: Heavy gunfire from heavy machineguns by regime forces is reported in the town of Kansafra. They are targeting anything that moves.

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: Abdel Rahman Abdallah Khashan, 40, father of five children, was martyred when he was shot by regime army forces this morning in his car on Al-Masaken Street. He was buried without a funeral due to the continuous shelling in the city.

Homs: Rastan: Ahmad Tayfour was martyred and three others from the same family were injured as a result of the regime's heavy shelling in the city.

Homs: Rastan: The renewal of the random shelling of the city by the regime's forces along with the launch of heavy gun fire from heavy machine guns in all directions.

Raqqa : the regime's forces are surrounding the Rumailah neighbourhood and conducting a home invasion campaign after an ant-regime demonstration started in that neighbourhood.

Raqqa : a demonstration started in the 16th street at Al-Rumailah neighbourhood chanting for the besieged cities and demanding the regime's ouster.

Aleppo: Security forces shoot live ammunition to disperse an evening demonstration marched in Aleppo road neighborhood in solidarity with afflicted cities.

Damascus: An evening demonstration in Abasyeen Sq. near Saieda Church despite of the security presence. This is in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and to demand toppling of the regime. Also, many leaflets that are against the regime have been thrown there.

Daraa: Kherbet Ghazaleh: Young men AbdulMen'em Zawaida and Mohamad Karam Bdaiwi were martyred by their injuries today as a result of regime's forces shooting randomly near Herak city.

Daraa: Al-Harra: Massive evening demonstration marched in northern district of the city, protesters chanted for afflicted cities and demanded for toppling the regime

Damascus: Qaboun: Evening demonstration marched in the neighborhood, protesters chanted for afflicted cities and demanded for taking regime officials to court.

Hasaka: Evening demonstration took off in Ghuwayran neighborhood despite the rainfall, chanting for the grief-stricken cities and calling for the toppling of the regime.
Daraa: Da'el: Evening demonstration marched in Freedom/Hurriya square in solidarity with Herak city and the rest of afflicted cities and to demand toppling the regime.

Aleppo: Nightly demonstration in the Haydariya neighborhood, and another in the Sakhour neighborhood in solidarity with the grief-stricken areas and calling for the toppling of the regime.

Idlib: The regime's army is shelling the city of Areeha and especially Jabal Arbaeen and the adjacent town of Kafar Najd with artillery and opening intense gunfire. Smoke columns are rising from the affected areas. There is no information as of yet about the impact of the bombardment.

Lattakia: Heffeh: An evening demonstration started in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and demanding the regime's ouster.

Deir Ezzor: A massive evening demonstration started in the Jbeileh neighborhood chanting for the disaster-stricken cities and demanding the regime's ouster.

Aleppo: An evening demonstration set out in Ihtimalat chanting for the disaster-stricken cities and demanding the regime's ouster.

Daraa: Rafat Ali Zobi, defected Sergeant Staff, was martyred by security forces in the city of Hirak.

Homs: Rastan: Military reinforcements, namely dozens of tanks, armored vehicles, and troop carriers have arrived to the engineering battalion which is located near the city.

Deir Ezzor: An massive evening demonstration started in Shaitat chanting for the disaster-stricken cities and demanding the regime's ouster.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: An evening demonstration started chanting for the disaster-stricken cities and demanding the regime's ouster.

Deir Ezzor: Mostapha Faisal Jarkas, 12, was martyred yesterday and his bodily remains were handed over today to his family in the hospital. His body shows torture marks. He was buried without a funeral. It is to be noted that he had been arrested by the security forces for almost one month.

Idlib: Jabal Zawyeh: The regime's army is violently shelling the village of Beneen. A campaign of random arrests is being carried out in the village of Rami.

Homs: Several were injured when security forces opened gunfire from the security checkpoint at the Faculty of Petrochemistry. Snipers that are stationed the Abbasieh neighborhood open fire and target passerbys.

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: An evening demonstration started from the Mosque of Omar ibn al-Khattab chanting for the disaster-stricken cities and toppling of the regime.

Lattakia: A demonstration in the neighborhood of Ashrafieh chanting for freedom and toppling of the regime.

Raqqa: Tabaqa: A massive demonstration chanting for martyrs and toppling of the regime.

Hasakeh: Shadadi: A massive evening demonstration was launched despite of the massive security presence in the city, chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and toppling of the regime.

Daraa: Herak: Sound of large explosions are heard due to the constant bombardment of the town with full cut of communications and electricity.

Daraa: Herak: Ibrahim Awad al-Masri and his sons Raghib, Ramiz and Mohammad were martyred while the mother is seriously injured when security forces opened fire on them during their escape from their house which was bombed.

Homs: A young man from Al-Mahbani family from the neighborhood of Jouret Shiyah was martyred after being shot by Syrian security snipers stationed in the National Hospital while he was passing through the Corniche.

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: The fall of four martyrs and dozens wounded by the continued shelling by regimes army for homes, especially in the Eastern axis of the city, in addition to tanks on the Aleppo-Damascus Highway.

Hama: Hyalen: The regime's forces raided the town amid intense shooting and a random raid and detention campaign in addition to destroying and burning many homes. This is the third time this town is being raided in less than a week.

Daraa: Soura: Ismail Shawamreh was martyred due to the fall of a shell on his house in the village by the regime's army that is in Alma military battalion.

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: A student demonstration started from the middle school amidst sounds of Takbeer (God is Greater chants) in the city. The protesters are chanting for the besieged cities, freedom and the prosecution of the regime.

Daraa: Taseel: Security forces are raided the city and launched a detention campaign which has included the following so far: Abdul Moneem Mohammad Zaher Al-Salamat, Yaser Abdullah Al-Theeb, Khalid Abdullah Al-Theeb, Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Theeb and Tareq Mohammad Abo Husseny.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Security forces target two young men riding a motorcycle and shoot them on Noureddin Mosque Road. Residents rescued the injured.

Damascus Suburbs: Moadamiya: Intense shooting at the civilians' homes and large military reinforcemnets arrived to the city.

Damascus: A student demonstration started in the Zahira neighborhood near the Saeed Al-Hajj Ali School and marched to the Ashmar Mosque; protesters chanted for the Free Syrian Army and the besieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Moadamieh: A student demonstration started in the Zaaroudeh neighborhood chanting for Homs and demanding the toppling of the regime.

Damascus: A massive student demonstration started in the Asali neighborhood in solidarity with Homs and the besieged cities, demanding the prosecution of the regime.

Damascus: Security forces carry out a raid-and-arrest campaign in the Qadam neighborhood, arresting many young men after violently beating them.

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: A student demonstration set out in Thawra Street chanting for the besieged cities.

Daraa: Herak: Wissam Mohammad Talal Al-Zoobi (15) was martyred by security forces' gunfire.

Damascus Suburbs: Jarajeer: Columns of smoke rising from the area, reinforcements of security forces and Shabiha enter the town and reports of arrests and raids.

Daraa: Harak: Successive explosions shake the city and the shelling with heavy artillery and machine guns is continued targeting homes and mosques. In addition to a camping of inspections for houses, burning some of them and steal their property accompanied by a campaign of arbitrary arrests, intimidation and insult of the people, and reports about martyrdom of a child.

Aleppo: Northern Suburbs: Security forces and Shabiha occupies Al-Farabi Hospital transforming it into military barracks and posts snipers on the roof. They also took doctors and nurses as human shields and confiscate drugs and medical materials. This is along with continuous outage of power supply and communications and a severe shortage of medical supplies and food.

Homs: Security forces and Shabiha carried out a new massacre in Basateen Baba Amr area claiming the lives of 13 martyrs from two families slaughtered with knives.

Deir Ezzor: A massive demonstration for the students of the Institute of Computer Technology and the students raise the Syrian flag of independence.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: The General Strike enters its third day in the city in protest of the theft of bodies of the martyrs and not allowing them for proper burial ceremony. The number of bodies retained by the security forces has reached 15 about a month ago.

Aleppo: The University: Security forces and Shabiha attacked the demonstration that set out near the College of Arts, besieged students and the arrest of a student at the moment.

Aleppo: The University: A massive student's demonstration from College of Arts in solidarity with the besieged cities chanted for freedom of Syria.

Aleppo: A student’s demonstration set out from Abdelrahman Kawakbi School in the neighborhood of Martini chanted for the toppling of the regime.

Lattakia: Huge military and security reinforcements are moving at the Tartus-Lattakia road to un-identified destination.

Damascus Suburbs: Moadamiya: A student demonstration set off in the Zaarora neighborhood in solidarity with Homs; protesters chanted for toppling the regime and prosecuting the butcher.

Daraa: Herak: Two artillery shells targeted the minaret of the Old Mosque and the fire set on the minert of the Abo Baker Al-Siddeq mosque.

Idlib: Maarat Al-Noman: Mohammad Haytham Alwan and Hamed Mahmoud Al-Haramy were martyred by security forces' sporadic shooting from the machine guns fixed to an armored vehicle at the checkpoint on the bridge near the National Security branch.

Damascus: Regime security forces kidnapped the corpse of martyr Tarek Nour Al-Deen during his funeral at the Ghazwa Badr Mosque near Al-Haqla. Regime forces also arrested multiple people and attacked the videographer directly, using live ammunition.

Daraa: Violent clashes in the surrounding area of the Omari Mosque. Also, fire and smoke columns are rising form the mosque's minaret.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: A student demonstration for freedom started at the Ghouta School. Another demonstration started at the Al-Nakkash School and was attacked by shabiha, who beat up two students nearby under the pretext that they (the students) had failed to disperse the demonstration-

Daraa: Eastern Mleiha: The regiem's military security checkpoints and tanks are on alert throughout the town.

Homs: Three corpses were discovered near the New Clock in the center of the city.

Daraa: Thousands of protesters in Daraa Balad joined the funeral procession to mourn yesterday's martyrs.

Qalamon: Yabrood: Beginning the funeral procession of Burhan Al-Sahly who martyred by security forces' gunfire yesterday.

Daraa: Herak: Security forces arrested Dr. Naser Ksabra for rescuing an injured element of the Free Syrian Army and also arrested Dr. Nizar Al-Harbat.

Banyas: A students demonstration started in Bayda village, security forces are attacking the students and dispersing them, and a similar demonstration started in Midan neighborhood.

Lattakia: A demonstration in Shokry Al-Hakeem Primary School in Slaibeh project, and another one in Solaiman Hanbo School in Slaibeh project.

Lattakia: A students demonstration in the School of Art in Al-Ashrafiya, demonstrators chanted for Homs and the disaster-stricken cities.

Lattakia: A student demonstration for the Adnan Al-Malki School attendees in Bustan Al-Sedawi and anther one for the female students of Al-Shareia School in Ashrafiya.

Deir Ezzor: Burning of private properties of some of the citizens in Al-Ommal (workers) neighborhood during a raids campaign by security forces and Shabiha.

Daraa: Herak: Artillery shelling on the town, a large number of ambulances in the streets, and shelling on Abu Baker Al-Seddeq mosque (one of the city's biggest mosques)

Daraa: Harak: Storming the town with a large number of tanks and security forces cars, and violent clashes with the Free Syrian Army which addresses the storm.

Damascus: Al Midan: Tarek bin Ziad Noor Al-Dein was martyred under torture in the dungeons of the Syrian intelligence. The martyr's funeral will be held tomorrow after noon prayers at the Ghazwet Bader mosque in the Old Al-Zahira neighborhood.

Syria Protests March 6, 2012 : A Video Roundup


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