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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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Syria News - March 17, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


March 17, 2012


#Ar-Raqqah: Intense and direct gunfire from regime troops on protesters. Between seconds 18 and 55 a protester can be seen raising his arms in front of the soldiers who subsequently shoot him dead. [17 March 2012]

Raqqa : killed and wounded protesters because of the massacre by Assad's troops.[17 Mar 2012]

A martyr was killed by Al-Assad in Al-Raqa-Syria 17.03.2012

Raqqa: Security Forces Shooting at Mourners During the Funeral Procession of Yesterday's Martyrs

A seriuos injury by Al-Assad in Al-Raqa-Syria 17.03.2012


Homs: The Martyr Jamal Al-Absh in Bab Hood Nieghbourhood

Homs, Martry Abdualla Bryzek has been shot by Assad's gangs .. Mar 17, 2012

The Martyr Ahmed Abdallah Abazz, Al-Rastan (15 year old) , was detained for 4 days, tortured to death and returned to his family with no organs:

HOMS: BAYADA: Taken apart day by day by regime artillery.

Homs: Sings of Destruction in Jeb Al-Jandali Neighborhood

Homs, Al-Bayada neigborhood: The aftermath of indiscriminate regime shelling. [17 March 2012]

Homs, Bab Tadmur neighborhood: Regime forces raise the Hezbollah flag over a high builidng after attacking the neighborhood. The narrator says that Hezbollah flags were raised over all the high buildings in Baba Tadmur and Jubb Al-Jandali neighborhoods. [17 March 2012]

Homs, Bab Tadmur neighborhood: The damage caused by regime shelling on Qasem Al-Atassi Mosque. [17 March 2012]

Homs, Bab Alsebaa neighborhood: Destruction caused by the regime bombardment using mortars, rockets and tank guns. The area of Al-Mrejeh in Bab Al-Sebaa, as shown in the video, was hit very heavily. The regime indiscriminately bombards an area before moving in and placing snipers on high buildings. [17 March 2012]


Idlib: Jabal Zawiya: The Martyr Mohammad Ali Al-Awad

Idlib, Unidentified martyrs were tortured and killed by Assad's gangs .. Mar 17, 2012


Hama, Child Khaled Abd Al-Azeez Al-Saeed has been killed by Assad's gangs .. Mar 17, 2012

Saloum Al-Raee was bombed by Al-Assad in Al-Tweini village-Hama-Syria

#Hama : 2 wounded girls by Assad's troops. [17 Mar 2012]

Hama, Al-Arba'een neighborhood: Destruction caused by regime shelling. [17 March 2012]


The martyr Umar Ismaĺil Sharaf from the town of Ghabagheb, who was kidnapped four days ago and his body was returned to his family with three bullet holes in the head

The martyr Muhajer Abu Zeid, killed by the regimeĺs forces on Friday, his sister is crying over his body and saying, "He was just trying to work to feed his children

Twenty martyrs have fallen so far in Syria including a child, 2 military recruits and 2 under torture. 8 martyrs were reported from Raqqa, 5 in Homs (3 of them in Rastan city), 2 in Jabal Al-Zawiyah (Idlib), 1 in Zawyeh (Idlib) 2 in Tremseh (Hama) and one in each of Inkhel and Ghabagheb in Dara.

Daraa: A man was injured with a bullet in his head when the regime's army opened fire at an evening demonstration in Daraa Al-Mahatta.

Idlib: Jabal Zawyeh: Security forces have burned 16 houses today in the town of Bareh and completely demolished 21 stores and stole the furniture and property from 13 houses. Many houses that are located near the main street were demolished by the random shelling. Shabiha have stolen more than 15 privately owned cars. Security forces have imposed a curfew from the evening and even in the mornings, during which snipers open fire on anything that moves.

Idlib: Sarmada: Intensive shooting at the town from the battalion of regime's army positioned near square of Old Bab Al-Hawa at the entrance of the town.

Damascus suburbs: Harasta: Sounds of explosions followed by intensive shooting that is still continuing till now.

Lattakia: Explosions and gunfire in Sijin neighborhood, it should be noted that the neighborhood has witnessed in the past two weeks an active movement of participation in demonstrations.

Latakia: Evening demonstration marched in Slaiba neighborhood and another in Slaiba Project neighborhood, protesters were chanting for disaster-stricken cities and for freedom.

Aleppo: Ezaz: Intensive shooting by heavy weapons on BRD vehicles and many houses were hit and damaged as a result of random shooting.

Damascus: 2 demonstrations marched in Jobar neighborhood in front of Ghazwat Badr mosque and from Al-asma'ei street where protesters chanted for Raqqa, Homs, and Idlib, and they hailed Daraa.

Daraa: Al-harra: Evening demonstration marched in the city chanting for disaster-stricken cities and hail the free army.

Deir Ezzor: Al-quriya: Fierce clashes between free army and the apparatus centered at the barrier of secondary school in the city.

Damascus: Jobar: Evening demonstration marched from Ghazwat Badr mosque and another marched from Al-asma'i street in solidarity with disaster-stricken cities and to demand the toppling of the regime.

Aleppo: Deir Hafer: Evening demonstration marched in the city, protesters chanted for disaster-stricken cities and demanded the toppling of the regime.

Aleppo: Evening demonstration marched in the neighborhoods: Al-Halek, Tarik Al-bab, Al-marjeh, and Al-sukkari in solidarity with disaster-stricken cities and to demand the toppling the regime.

Hasakeh: A massive evening demonstration started from Ghowairan neghiborhood in solidarity with disaster-stricken cities and demanding the regime's ouster. The protestors cut off the main street using burning tires.

Deir Ezzor: An evening demonstration started from Aljoura neighborhood; protestors chanted for disaster-stricken cities and demanded the regime's ouster.

Daraa: Kafar Shams: The regime's forces raid the town from the west side amid massive security presence in the area, and poultry farms search campaign.

Daraa: Kharbet Ghazaleh: An evening demonstration started in the villagel; participants chanted for the disaster-stricken areas and demanded the regime's ouster.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamyeh Alsham: The regime forces waging a campaign of arrests and raids of homes in Albahsas neighborhood and near Alturbeh,as well as damaging people's properties.

Raqa: Random arrests campaign in the city affected many people amid massive security presence.

Raqqa: Tabaqa: An evening demonstration started in the city in solidarity with the disaster-stricken areas; participants demanded the regime's ouster.

Damascus: Qaboon: An evening demonsration started in the neighborhood where participants chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and demanded the regime's ouster.

Daraa: Security forces and Shabiha raided al-Mattar neighborhood amid heavy gunfire.

Daraa: Security forces are firing to disperse a demonstration in al-Qusoor neighborhood which started after Evening prayers.

Idlib: Zawyeh: The youth Mohamad Ali Al-Awad was martyred today as a result of of wounds sustained when the army stormed the village of Bara.

Damascus: Barzeh: regime forces, backed by armored vehicles, buses and vehicle-mounted anti-aircraft weapons, have taken position in the neighborhood. The regime elements have detained several people and burn the home of a local resident, including all the belongings.

Daraa; Ghabagheb: Omar Ismael Sharaf was martyred after the military security forces kidnapped him 4 days ago and raid his house and stole his properties. His corpse was found today, with 3 shots in his head, on Daraa highway.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Regime forces backed by a large number of tanks and civilian vehicles loaded with Shabiha spread in the city center amid a campaign of raids of homes, destruction and looting of shops. In addition to a campaign of arrests affected many people, some of them were attacked and beaten.

Homs: Rastan: The number of martyrs in the city has risen to 3 after Abdullah Mohammad Brezeq was martyred by security forces' gunfire.

Hasakeh: Massive demonstration in front of the martyr Idrees Ahmad Rasho house in Almufti neighborhood; protestors chanted for disaster-stricken cities and demanded the regime's ouster.

Raqqa: The martyrdom of a car driver whose name in not known yet, when security forces opened fire on his civilian car in Tel Abyadh roundabout and they arrested whoever was in the car. In addition to the intense deployment of barriers and barricades throughout the city.

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: A protest started in Al-Thawra Street. Demonstrators are chanting for Homs, Hama, Idlib, Daraa and the other disaster-stricken cities in Syrian.

Damascus: Youth of the revolution block the international highway linking Damascus and Daraa by burning tires in Nahr Aiesha in the neighborhood of Midan.

Daraa: Alhara: Heavy security deployment in the town and wandering cars loaded with security, shabiha and full gear on its roads.

Raqqa: 7 martyrs, including a child, were killed by security forces' gunfire at the funeral procession of yesterday's martyrs. The martyrs are: Abdulazeem Abdulkareem Alshlash, Mohammad Ibraheem Alkhaled, Osama Shaihan, Mohamad AlAli Alsaleh Aljasem, Ahmad Algharo, Rado Alradi and Ahmad Allas.

Raqqa: Abduladhem al-Abdulkareem Shalash and Mohamad Ibrahim al-Khalid were martyred today by security forces and this raised the number of martyrs of the city to seven martyrs.

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawiyah: Two un-identified corpses were found near a checkpoint for the regime's army in the Ramy village.

Homs: Qusair: Essam Nazzal Al-Hussani was martyred by security forces' gunfire in the village of Mooh.

Raqqa: Some of the injured were trasported by ambulances from the National Hospital to an unknown destination.

Raqqa: Security forces are intensely opening fire to disperse the protesters who gathered at the Omar Bin Al-Khattab School who are waiting for the funeral procession of martyred child Radi Al-Radi to start.

Raqqa: Radi Al-Radi, 11, was martyred in the city by security forces' gunfire at the funeral procession of yesterday's martyrs. This has increased the number of documented martyrs in the city to 3.

Raqqa: Security forces besieged the Modern Medicine Hospital that admitted most of the injured by security forces' gunifre and there's escalating fear from raiding it. Intense shooting is heard inside the National Security branch.

Damascus: Security forces and thugs (shabeha) besieged most of the mosques in the Tadamun neighborhood to prevent any demonstration today.

Daraa: Maarbeh: A massive demonstration just started in the town in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities.

Daraa: The regime's army and security forces have closed the entrances of the town since the morning and prevented the residents of the Eastern and Western parts from entering just one day before the anniversary of the town's first demonstration

Raqqa: Shooting is ongoing in the city. The number of injured is increasing and reports on the fall of more martyrs.

Raqqa: Abdul Salam Adham Haj Kaly and Ibrahim Khalid Al-Yosuf were martyred and dozens were injured when security forces' opened fire at the funeral procession of yesterday's martyrs

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol: The regime's army is being depolyed again in the town, tanks are roaming the streets now and extensive snipers deployment on the rooftops of high buildings.

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawiyah: Mohammad Al-Ahmad, 70, was martyred under torture in Belyon town. He was arrested yesterday when the regime's army raided the town and today his corpse was found on the road side near the Rural Development Project in Ebleen town with clear signs of torture. Mr. Al-Ahmad was arrested to force his son Waleed, an activist, to turn himself in.

Homs: Rastan: Ahmad Abdullah Abath was martyred under torture after arresting him for 4 days. The security forces stole his organs.

Daraa: Enkhel: The youth Abd Islam Nawaf Hamdi Alfarawan was martyred as a result of wounds sustained last Tuesday following an ambush by security forces on west Sanamain hospital.

Idlib: Maarat Al-Noman: The regime's army is besieging the National Hospital and extensively deploying security members in the surrounding areas. Reports on the arrival of 8 corpses to the hospital in the morning.

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawiyah: The regime's army raided Balshon town again today and burned 5 homes before they launched a raid, detention and looting campaign of shops and homes.


Syria Protests March 18, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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