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Syria News - April 3, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


April 3, 2012


Al-Farouq Battalion discovered decomposed corpses in Homs National Hospital,Syria 02.04.2012

Homs, Baby Abd Al-Karim Ammar Abu Emsheh has been shot by Assad's sniper. Apr 3, 2012

Homs, Bab Dreeb neighborhood: 3 days & no-one able to retrieve the body because of Assad's snipers. 3-4-2012

Wounded Dying Victims of Assad Army Attack Fill Room 3-April-12 Homs

Homs, Mohammed Deyab martyred as a resutl of Assad's heavy shelling. Apr 3, 2012

Der Balbeh Mohammad Faraj Hamid was shot in the chest by Assad's sniper.2-4-2012

(04-03-12) Bab Houde | Homs | Unknown Female Martyr Murdered by Assad Forces

Homs, Mustafa Al-Jejawi has been killed as a result of Assad's randomly shelling. Apr 3, 2012

Homs, Abd Al-Naser Shehan has been killed by Assad's snipers .. Apr 3, 2012

pt1 Burned Alive By Assad Army - Death of Martyr Rami Safour 3-April-12 Homs

pt2 Burned Alive By Assad Army - Death of Martyr Rami Safour 3-April-12 Homs

Homs Majd A.Wahhab Hamwi died of Assad's savage shelling on Qosour area. 3-4-2012

Homs: Qosour: Martyr Mouayad Shallar

Martyr Obaida al-Abbas | Bayada, killed by Assad forces

Nadeef Al-Lababidy was bombed by Al-Assad in Old Homs-Syria 03.04.2012

Rastan A female was killed by Assad's violent shelling on Rastan city. 3-4-2012

(04-03-2012) Khaldeih | Homs | A one month old baby suffering from lack of food

Al-Assad bombs and violates mosques in Al-Qarabess-Homs-Syria 03.04.2012

Homs: Rastan: Rescuing a Child from Under the Rubble

Homs: A detainee who had been tortured was released from the prison

Syria - pt1 Assad Shelling of Homs City Continues 3-April-12 Al Qusour Neighborhood Under Siege

Syria - pt2 Assad Shelling of Homs City Continues 3-April-12 Al Qusour Neighborhood Under Siege

Assad Rockets Slam Homs Historic District - 3-April-12

(04-03-12) Al-Qusour | Homs | Assad Forces Continue to Shell City

Homs, Al-Khaldiyeh neighborhood: The ongoing and indiscriminate regime bombardment on residiential areas. [3 April 2012]

The one hospital left in the town where residents could take their wounded has been invaded by the regimeĺs security forces, and this footage captures their snipers on standing on the roof of the hospital

A look into the suffering of the elderly and ill people in the shelters in Homs

A report about the conditions of shelters in Homs


Kansafra 2 brothers, Mohammad & Jamal haj Ali were killed by Assad's thugs

(04-03-12) Haas | Idlib | Child, Man Shot by Assad Forces While on Motorcycle

(04-03-2012) Al Barrah | Idlib | Martyrs Maarat Neman Ahmad & Adnan Mohammad Othman, were killed by Assad's thugs. 3-4-2012

Taoum Emad Amasho's last moments alive. He was killed by Assad's thugs. 3-4-2012

Taftanaz - Mohammad Ali Al Khin was killed by Assad's thugs. 3-4-2012

Taftanaz Mahmoud AbdulKader in his last moments alive. killed by Assad's thugs 3-4-2012

Deir Ezzor: Martyr Monzer QaraSal

Taftanaz Grieving family paying respects to Thayer Shillee who was killed by Assad's 3-4-2012

Wounded As Assad Tanks Attack Taftanaz 3-April-12 Idlib

Idlib: Khan Sheikhoun: Shelling the City

Syria Dictator Uses Helicopter Gunships to Bomb the City of Taftanaz in Idlib on April 3, 2012

Taftanaz Burns as Assad Gunships And Artillery Terrorize City 3-April-12 Idlib

Assad Bombs Houses in Taftanaz City 3-April-12 Idlib

Idlib: Taaoum: Regime Forces Shell the Town with Artillery


Daraa: Inkhil: Regime Forces Storm the City in Tanks

(04-03-12) Da'el | Daraa | Assad Forces Loot & Burn Homes, Detain People

Devastation in Daal as Assad Destroys Town 3-4-2012 Daraa


Assad Shoots At College Student Protesters by Aleppo Train Station 3-April-12

Al-Assad's thugs abuse,humiliate and beat a student in Aleppo University,Syria 03.04.2012


Der Asafir : Tarek Ahmad Jaber was killed by Assad's thugs. 4-3-2012

How Assad Keeps Damascus Quiet 3-April-12 Dictator's Thugs Attack All Protests

Al-Zabadani, #RifDimashq, #Damascus: Regime tanks and armored vehicles surround the town. [3 April 2012]

Hammouriyah, #RifDimashq, #Damascus: A regime tank positioned in 'Freedom Square". [3 April 2012]


Hama: Latamneh: Destroying and Burning the Town's Houses

Tuesday came to a close with the fall of 74 martyrs, among them 33 from Idlib, of whom 20 were martyred in a new massacre committed by the regime in Taftanaz. Another 21 martyrs fell in Homs, among them 2 women. In Aleppo, 6 martyrs were reported; 5 in Hama; 4 in Daraa; 2 in the Damascus Suburbs; 1 in Deir Ezzor; 1 in Hasakeh; and 1 in Lattakia.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamieh: Regime forces, backed by more than 2,000 fully equipped soldiers, raided the city amid heavy gunfire.

Homs: Fierce clashes are taking place between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army on the outskirts of Bab Amr neighborhood in the direction of Jobar neighborhood.

Homs: Qosair: Heavy shelling has been taking place for more than 2 hours, and is accompanied by by indiscriminate gunfire from all security checkpoints.

Hama: Teebet Al-Imam: Ayham Al-Hammoudeh, 16, was martyred. He was shot by security forces at Hurriya Square.

Deir Ezzor: Fierce clashes are taking place between the Free Syrian Army at the military security branch.

Homs: Houla: Husam Al-Jadaan and Fares Ezzedin were martyred by security forces in Talaf town.

Damascus suburbs: Rankus: More than 50 armors and military vehicles reached the barrier of the hospital in Rankus Meadow, and there are fears of a military operation in the area.

Idlib: Taftanaz: The number of martyrs in the town today has reached 20 including a woman and 2 handicap men. The martyrs are: Fatima Ma'sous, 70 years old and her husband Ali Ma'sous, Mohamad Ali Al-Akhen, 2 brothers had mental problem who are Osama and Khaled Darwish Al-ali, Thaer and Ahmad Imad Shelli, Mohamad Turki Bakdash, Hussein Ali Ghazal, Ali Ahmad Ghazal, Nasser Ghazi Ghazal, AbdulMuttaleb Ghazal, Wael Abdulrahman Ghazal, Ayman Walid Hamoud Ghazal, Mohamad Mustafa Bakdash, Imad Amasha, Mahmud Abdulhamid Shaaban, Omar Abdulwahab Ghazal and Ibrahim Abdulwahab Ghazal.

Idlib: Cannons centered around Saraqeb city are bombing Tartanaz.

Idlib: Taftanaz: Mohamad Aki Al-Akhen was martyred after the shelling of regime's army to the city

Idlib: Maarrat Al-Noman: AbdulAziz Al-Balani, 45 years old, a father of 6 children was martyred affected by his injuries which he had last Friday by a sniper of security forces while he was home

Damascus suburbs: Fierce clashes between free Syrian army and regime's army in each Harasta, Moaddamiya and Misraba

Idlib: Taftanaz: Omar AbdulWahab Hamoud Ghazal was martyred by regime's forces

Hama: Azad Najeh Barazi was martyred under torture by security forces after arresting him 12 days ago, his body was found today at Srehein Road.

Aleppo: Ezaz: Engineer Ahmad Warda was arrested near his house by security forces

Homs: Houla: Some injured and some houses damaged after random shooting from BMB tanks and Shilka machine guns by regime's forces at military security detachment and KafarLaha barrier.

Damascus suburbs: Moaddamiya: Military reinforcements reached the city today after some defections took place and fierce clashes afterwards.

Daraa: Al-Yadooda: A demonstration started a while ago in the town, protesters are chanting for the disaster-stricken cities and demanding the overthrow of the regime and support for free Syrian army.

Damascus: Jobar: A demonstration set out a little while ago in the neighbourhood demanding the toppling of the criminal regime.

Daraa: Al-Harra: Evening demonstration marched in southern neighborhood in the city, protesters chanted for freedom and condemned the International weakness and the bloody time limit.

Hama: Kafr Nabouda: The regime's army wages a security campaign resulting in the shelling of two activists' homes with tanks

Aleppo: Adanan: An evening demonstration began in the town in solidarity with the disaster-striken cities and demanding the regime's ouster.

Damascus: Residents of Rukn Al-Deen and Saleihiya neighborhoods stage a demonstration near Bouty mosque; demonstrators chanted for the martyr Radwan Daqoori and demanded the criminal regime's ouster.

Idlib: Taftanaz: The elderly man Hasan Ali Al-Hajji Ghazal was martyred by security force gunfire.

Aleppo: Bayanon: An evening demonstration began in the town; demonstrators chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and demanded the regime's ouster.

Aleppo: Regime forces opened indiscriminate fire on protesters in Salah Al-Deen neighborhood after the Sayf Al-Dawla demonstration joined them.

Deir Ezzor: Evening demonstration started in Hameedieh area; protesters chanted for the criminal regime's ouster.

Hama: Latamneh: The regime's army backed by armored vehicles raided the town amid gunfire using heavy machineguns directed randomly at homes.

Homs: Rastan: Jihad Al-Amsh was martyred by artillery shelling in the city.

Aleppo: Al-Safira: Regime security personnel are refusing to hand over the corpses of four martyrs from yesterday's gunfire by regime forces and shabiha in the town of Khanaser. One of the martyrs was identified as Ahhad Al-Yasfo Al-Obeid.

Hama: Tibet Al-Turki: Faraj Ali Al-Obeid Al-Alloush Al-Turkmani was martyred during a regime forces' ambush in the village of Al-Ayour.

Hama: Al-Latamna: Dozens of wounded (several critically) were reported while regime forces demolished the sports club and damaged as many as 20 nearby houses and other buildings as part of their ongoing attack in the town. Regime forces have also kidnapped many of the wounded.

Daraa: Golan Camp: A massive demonstration; protesters chanted in solidarity with disaster-stricken cities and demanded the criminal regime's ouster.

Idlib: Tafantaz: Three martyrs fell a while ago due to random shelling on the area. One of the martyrs was identified; Al-Haaj Ali Al-Maasous, the other two corpses are thrown in front of a house, no one was able to reach them.

Daraa: Eastern Maleeha: Heavy gunfire from a checkpoint stationed at the entrance of Al-Atash village to disperse a protest against the regime started in the area.

Homs: The recruit Mohammad Salah Sakhri was martyred when security forces tortured him to death after his arrest following his attempted defection and his transport to Palmyra prison. He is originally from the Sabounieh neighborhood in Hama. His parents were informed today to collect his body from the military hospital in the Waer neighborhood.

Deir Ezzor: A massive demonstration started in Jabela neighborhood, demonstrators chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and demanded the toppling of the criminal regime.

Daraa: A demonstration started in Daraa City with chants for the disaster-stricken cities and demanding the criminal regime's ouster.

Idlib: Taftanaz: Regime forces continue to shell the city using different types of weapons in addition to launching six missiles at the city.

Homs: Three mortar shells were fired in Safsafa.

Daraa: Inkhel: Violent shelling targeted the city by regime's army tanks, which led to the complete destruction of a factory.

Daraa: Ibtaa: Ahmad Al-Jahed, and Maher Nabeel Abu Steet, was martyred by regime forces, and the corpses of the martyrs were kidnapped by security.

Daraa: Inkhel: A powerful explosion was heard in the city from the direction of Tal area, security forces announced a curfew using speakers, in conjunction with the continue of clashes in the city.

Daraa: Ibtaa: Wounded fell in among civilians after security forces started shooting randomly in the city, along with house-to-house raids and destruction of houses and burning of a citizen's car.

Daraa: Hrak: A massive demonstration in the city, demonstrators are chanting for freedom and demanding the toppling of the criminal regime.

Hama: Jajia: An arrest campaign implemeted by regime forces in the village.

Aleppo: Abein: A demonstration started in the town in solidarity with Tafatanaz and the disaster-stricken cities, and to demand the toppling of the criminal regime and supporting the Free Syrian Army.

Hama: Taibet Emam: Military reinforcements arrived from the western and eastern directions of the city. The reinforcements are two tanks, a BTR vehicle, a Zill vehicle, and a pick-up truck.

Idlib: Taftanaz: Shelling the city continues amid a tight security siege on it, and regime;s army arrived to the northern neighborhood in the city center and one of its tanks stationed at Al-Kabeer mosque there.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Mohammad Ali Al-Shamaly (70 years old) was martyred by security forces' bullets while raiding his house, they also arrested his son.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamyeh: Security forces are launching a raid campaign in the city.

Daraa: Inkhel: Military reinforcements arrived from the 15th brigade after violent clashes with the Free Syrian Army in the city.

Hassakeh: Funeral of martyrs Abdo Hasan Oraby from Ghowairan Grand mosque.

Idlib: Areha: Shelling and Shooting at Al-Arbaeen Mountain continues. It should be noted that we weren't able to count the resulted damage because of the continue of shelling and the security siege imposed on the area.

Homs: Young men, Saleby Ghadban Al-Ahmad, and Yahya Ahmad Al-Ahmas from Waeer neighborhood were martyred under torture by security forces in the Air Force Intelligence branch after they were arrested for a month. It should be noted that the corpses were found in the Military Hospital's freezer, and their funeral was today from Rawda mosque

Homs: Violent shelling using mortar targeting Joret Sheyah neighborhood, the National Hospital, and Memas road, smoke columns are rising in those places as a result

Aleppo University: Regime forces are shooting tear gas grenades to disperse a students demonstration that started at MTN roundabout

Daraa: Regime forces arrested dozens of students in the European University

Idlib: Tafatnaz: Mahmoud Abdulqader, Abdulelah Ali Ghazal and the female Al-Haajeh Fatima Al-Maasous, 70 years old, were martyred after the regime's army raided the city.

Idlib: Taftanaz: Rockets were dropped from a helicopter, and one of the power poles there was destroyed, and security forces stormed a shelter with more than 70 women and children.

Damascus Suburbs: Yalda: Raid campaign launched by regime forces in the town today for the fifth time in a row, in addition to heavy security siege on the town.

Daraa: Regime forces closed the doors of the International University and evacuated the students one after another amid a throughout inspection campaign, some of them were arrested, in conjunction with the start of a students demonstration in the neighboring Syrian University in solidarity with the besieged students.

Daraa: Inkhel: Regime forces raided the southern neighborhood amid shooting at a group of young men there, reports of the fall of wounded as a result.

Hama: Karnaz: A raid and arrest campaign was launched by regime forces in the town amid a campaign of burning some of the residents' cars and bicycles.

Daraa: European Arab Private University: Regime forces continue to surround students in the University amid arrest campaign in the campus, after an anti-regime demonstration started in it.

Idlib: Hass: Regime forces launched a raid and arrest campaign in the town, in addition to burning more than 10 houses.

Damascus: Barzeh Neighborhood: Security deployment in Horria square and on the road to Teshreen Military Hospital, security forces are chasing school students after they tried to go out in a demonstration.

Idlib: Jisr Shoughor: Heavy security deployment extends from Janodieh junction to Malnad junction, and an abnormal movement of Zill vehicles along the road, in addition to checking on the security checkpoints in the city and at Darkoush road.

Raqa University: Security forces are besieging the Faculty of Civil Engineering to prevent the start of demonstrations from it.

Damascus University: Hoisting the independence flag over the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, regime forces arrested a student as a result.

Hama: Talaf: Regime forces burned three houses of soldiers, who defected from the regime's army, in the village.

Banyas: Bayda: Regime forces attack student protesters who set out from the village school to demand the criminal regime's ouster.

Damascus: Assali: Student Protests: Participants Chant for Zabadany and the Disaster-Stricken Cities.

Homs: Renewed shelling is reported in Khaldiyeh and a number of rockets and mortar shells were launched. A number of wounded were reported.

Homs: Three people, including a woman, were martyred: Abdallah Karzoun, 86; Fahida Bakkar, 64; and Hussein Ahmad Moustapha, in the village of Al-Dabaa, as a result of indiscriminate shelling at homes.

Daraa: Daeel: Regime forces arrested a large number of students, 12 of whom were identified. Regime forces also set fire to homes and shops, threatening to continue with other homes and shops.

Daraa: Inkhil: Regime forces carry out raids to search for activists and members of the Free Syrian Army. A number of buildings and homes have been raided, including one that belonged to a martyr.

Hasakeh: A second demonstration started in front of the Faculty of Literature to protest the arrest of a female student during the first demonstration. The students were able to secure the release of the student from security men and take her to a safe house.

Aleppo: Bab: A massive demonstration started in front of the Shari'a High School for Girls and included female students from the Al-Sharieh and Al-Assani schools. Protesters chanted in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and raised Independence flags. Regime forces attacked the students, dispersing them by force. There are reports that 10 students were arrested.

Daraa: Daeel: Professor Yousef Al-Hamed Al-Jamoos was arrested, and regime forces looted the home of his brother, Akram Al-Hamed Al-Jamoos.

Daraa: Abtaa: Regime forces arrested 30 residents of the town and set fire to a number of homes. Military reinforcements arrived.

Homs: Regime forces are launching rocket shells at different parts of Old Homs, including two at a home in the Hamidiyeh and Bustan Al-Diwan area.

Hasakeh: A demonstration started along Al-Jamea Street in the Ghowairan area to demand the regime's ouster, prosecution of the criminals, and the release of all detainees.

Hasakeh: A sit-in is taking place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering to demand the release of student detainees, particularly Omar Issa Hayes.

Hasakeh: Regime forces and shabiha raided the Faculty of Literature after students, including women, set out in a demonstration for freedom and the regime's ouster.

Homs: Regime forces are launching rocket shells at different parts of Old Homs, including two at a home in the Hamidiyeh and Bustan Al-Diwan area.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: 3 civilians were wounded during indiscriminate gunfire as regime forces raided the city and snipers spread out. Regime forces also conducted a raid campaign that impacted multiple people, 9 of whom were identified. The forces committed acts of vandalism and looting of homes, and shelled the area of Jabal Arabi.

Idlib: Sarmeen: Artillery shells rained on the city as tanks deployed widely along the Sarmeen highway. There are checkpoints at the Afas, Binnish, and military barracks junctions.

Daraa: Ghabagheb: Regime forces and shabiha raided the campus of the private International Arab University after a massive demonstration started, and began a campaign of arrest and destruction.

Idlib: Brothers Abdo and Khaled Darwish were martyred by security forces' gunfire. They were mentally disabled.

Aleppo: A student demonstration started at the Bassam Al-Omar school in Seif Al-Dawleh.

Homs: Obeida Al-Abbas was martyred and a number of others were wounded as a result of renewed artillery shelling in the Bayada area.

Damascus Suburbs: Military convoys entered Zabadany and Madaya, and are combing through the Madaya plains and arresting peasants.

Damascus Suburbs: Hreireh: Shelling the village continues, and the regime's forces conduct a raid campaign and destroy properties. They also arrested Samer Bouteeh.

Aleppo: Jarablos: Funeral for martyr Ahmad Mahmoud Kanj in the village of Tal Shaair

Idlib: Taftanaz: Regime forces shelled the western cemetery next to the school and the homes of lawyer Ahmad Al-Khatib and the elderly Youssef Ghoneim.

Hama: A large number of security and shabiha, backed by tanks, surrounded villages of Jarjeiseh, Horbnafseh and Tumen northern the city of Rastan. They conduct campaigns of mass arrests and burning motorcycles, and looting some houses and shops.

Homs: Renewal of shelling on Old Homs for the 24th day using mortar shells and rockets, and sounds of explosions shaked the city were reported.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Sounds of violent shelling is being heard now in the city. Huge military reinforcements accompanied with a raid and arrest campaign and destroying houses were reported.


Syria Protests April 3, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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