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Syria News - April 4, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


April 4, 2012


(04-04-12) Al-Khaldiya | Homs | Assad Forces Do Not Allow Martyrs to by Buried

A father loses his three sons in Al-Assad's bombings on Al-Rastan-Homs-Syria 04.04.2012.

Assad Slaughters Children of Rastan - 4-4-12- Dictator's Artillery Kills Families

Mohammed Fakhri killed by Al-Assad in Al-Khaldya-Homs-Syria 04.04.2012

Al-Rastan | Homs | Assad Sniper Kills Baby AbdelKareem Abu Amsha

Homs | Ar-Rastan - This girl, no older than 3 years old, takes her last breaths after being wounded by shelling

Syria, Homs, Child Rafeek Wajeh Juaylah has been killed by Assad's snipers .. Apr 4, 2012

Homs: The Martyr Khaled Al-Salloum

Homs: The Martyr Sammy Abu Zahry Rahoub, from Qusour

Syria, Homs, Saadallah Mahmood Khaloof killed as a result of heavy Assad's shelling. Apr 4, 2012

Syria, Homs A young lady, Shaztha Wadouh, was killed by Assad's violent shelling. 4-4-2012

Syria, Homs Osama Farouq Habbal was killed by Assad's shelling. 4-4-2012

Ahmed AbdulHAdi Al-Shahif killed by Al-Assad in Deir Ba'albih-Homs-Syria 04.04.2012.

Syria Martyr Abdul-Hadi Al-Ahmad - Killed by Assad Army in Homs

Syria, Homs Mohammad Jandali Rifai was killed by Assad's random criminal shelling. 4-4-2012

The Martyr Fahmi Khatab (AlRastan, heavy shelling by tanks)

Syria, Homs Maher Tahhan,was killed by Assad's violent shelling on Qusour and Qarabis areas

Homs: Martyr Abdel Hadi Al-Ahmad, from Deir Baalba

Homs: Martyr Raffeeq Wajeeh Joueali (Deir Balba, shot by a sniper)

Syria, Homs, Abd Al-Hakeem Munther Odah killed as a result of Assad's heavy shelling. Apr 4, 2012

Al-Assad uses bacterial and chemical weapons in Homs-Syria 04.04.2012

Homs: Talbesa: Female Child Injured by Regime Forces Fire

Child wounded by Syrian Army's shelling on civilians in Talbiesh, Homs - 04/04/2012

1 month old baby girl starving to death an SOS to humanity 03 04 12 + English subtitles

Syria, Homs Innocent children were injured by Assad's violent shelling on the area. 4-4-2012

(04-04-12) Al-Khaldiya | Homs | Hundreds Injured, Another Child Injured by Assad Shelling

Rastan Residents Rescue Wounded Victims of Assad Attack on City 4-4-12 Homs

4-4-2012 - Homs : Ghouta

Homs: Talbesa: Shelling Homes

Homs: A Huge Burning of Houses in Bab Duraib Neighborhood

Homs: Qusour: Shelling the Neighborhood Using Mortar Shells

Homs: The regime army bombarding Al-Qarabees town heavily targeting civilians. [4 Apr 2012]

Homs | Bab Dreib - This footage is of what is left of residential homes after the regimeĺs heavy shelling campaign on the area

Syria Houses Destroyed by Assad Army Shelling of Homs City 4-4-12 al Qusour

Qusair town, #Homs: Leaked footage showing the regime military bombarding the town targeting civilians.


Syria, Idlib, The Girl Manal Al-Ali has been killed as a result of Assad's shelling. Apr 4, 2012

Idlib: Khan Shaikhoun: The Elderly Martyr Mustafa Hamdo Al-Raslan

Idlib: Taftanaz: A Wounded Man Makes His Final Prayer

Idlib: Taftanaz: Martyr Ahmad Shalli

Idlib: Shalakh: Columns of Smoke Rise After Indiscriminate Shelling


Aleppo: Martyr Abdel Qader Moustapha Ramadan, from Al-Sahara


The bombing aftermath and killing of civilians in Inkhel

Daraa: Tafas: Effects of Burning of a home

Daraa: Daeel: Burning of houses in the vicinity of the town

Burning and destroying homes in the town of Basr al-Harir

TAFAS: DARAA: Amongst many homes burned today, was the home, carpentry workshop and storeroom for timber of Hussein Naji Zoubi

Daraa: Daeel: Regime Forces Loot, Burn, and Destory Activists' Homes

(04-04-12) Daraa | AsShiekh Fadi Al-Asimi's Speaks in Front of his Destoyed Home


Syria, Hama, Atshan, Girl Tahani form has been shot by Assad's snipers .. Apr 4, 2012

(04-04-12) Hama | Assad Snipers Take Positions on top of Medical Building


Fahad Zibeidi and Khalid Laham killed by Al-Assad in KafrSousa-Damascus-Syria 04.04.2012

ZABADANI: The regime army is sabotaging Zabadani and burning homes, workshops and orchards in an attempt by the criminal regime to put pressure on the sources of the peoples' livelihoods..

TRIPOLI (lebanon)


Wednesday drew to a close with 61 martyrs, including 8 children and 4 women. 26 martyrs were reported in Homs, 10 in Idlib, 16 in the Damascus Suburbs, 4 in Daraa, 3 in Hama, and 2 in the Aleppo suburbs. It is important to note than this overall number does include the martyrs of Taftanaz in Idlib, whose exact number is unknown because of the tight siege the regime has imposed on the town.

Idlib: Taftanaz: Saleh Ghazal, an elderly man, and his wife Najiba Ghazal were martyred today when regime forces shelled their home, setting it on fire

Homs: Sabee Abdel Rahman Shahada, 26, was martyred during the regime army's shelling in Deir Baalba

Damascus Suburbs: Domair: An evening demonstration started in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities..

Idlib: Taftanaz: Amin Mohamad Zeidan and Alaa Abdel Qader Zeidan were martyrd due to the regime's heavy shelling in the city.

Daraa: Nawa: Security reinforcements, consisting of buses and cars, arrived to the city. Residents fear the regime will conduct a raid and arrest operation

Idlib: Taftanaz: 12 corpses of martyrs were found in a house, but it has been impossible to identify them because of the curfew imposed on the city.

Damascus: Nahr Aisha: An evening demonstration started in the neighborhood despite the security siege, in solidarity with Taftanaz and the disaster-stricken cities, and to demand the toppling of the criminal regime and supporting the Free Syrian Army.

Hama: Yousef Al-Zoebi was martyred at the hands of regime forces in Janoob Malaab neighborhood.

Damascus: Mazzeh: An evening demonstration started in farouq neighborhood, demonstrators chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and demanded the toppling of the criminal regime.

Hassakeh: A demonstration started now in Ghowairan neighborhood in the Jame'a street, demonstrators are chanting for freedom, and the martyrs, and demanding the toppling of the criminal regime.

Damascus Suburbs:Ghazlaniya: Ten soldiers defected from the regime's forces at one of the security checkpoints at Damascus International Airport.

Aleppo: Dabeq: Ahmed Ramadan was martyred in the town.

Idlib: Kafarroma: A martyr fell among the Free Syrian Army from clashes with the regime's army after shooting and shelling on the southwestern neighborhood of the town.

Aleppo: An evening demonstration in Masaken Hanano neighborhood, demonstrators are chanting for freedom and toppling the criminal regime.

Hama: Violent clashes in Janoob Malaab neighborhood between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army.

Idlib: An evening demonstration started from Saad mosque in the city of Idlib despite the suffocating siege, demonstrators chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and demanded the toppling of the criminal regime.

Homs: An evening demonstration started in the Khaldiyeh area despite the regime's shelling. Participants chanted in solidarity with Taftanaz and chanted for the criminal regime's ouster.

Daraa: Dael: Massive demonstration set out in the city, despite the suffocating siege, in solidarity with Taftnaz, Tafas and the other disaster-stricken cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Masraba: Heavy and indiscriminate gunfire by regime forces was reported at the municipal building, and in front of the Hamza Bin Abdel Matlab and Tariq Bin Ziad Mosques.

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: An evening started from the Grand Mosque in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and to demand the criminal regime's ouster.

Damascus Suburbs: Abada: A demonstration started after evening prayers from the Abou Bakr Mosque; protesters chanted in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and for the criminal regime's ouster.

Aleppo: An evening demonstration started in the Hallak area, and another started in the Bab Road area, both in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and to demand the criminal regime's ouster.

Damascus: Kafar Souseh: An evening demonstration started in front of the Fateh Mosque; protesters chanted in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and demanded the criminal regime's ouster.

Deir Ezzor: An evening demonstration started in the Joura district; protesters chanted for the criminal regime's ouster.

Aleppo: Protesters, including women, began an evening demonstration in the Amara area to show solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and to demand the criminal regime's ouster.

Homs: The regime's army, backed by tanks, raided the Masafi neighborhood from the main road and the Homs Highway.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Regime snipers are stationed on tall buildings across from the Abdel Raouf neighborhood and Shuhada (Martyrs') Square.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Mohammad Baghdadi, a young man, was martyred by regime forces.

Deir Ezzor: An evening demonstration started in Al-Ashara; protesters chanted in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities, demanded the criminal regime's ouster, and call for support to the Free Syrian Army.

Deir Ezzor: An evening demonstration strated in the Jabileh area; protesters chanted for the martyrs and demanded the criminal regime's ouster.

Daraa: Maarab: A demonstration started a short time ago; protesters are chanting in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and demanding the criminal regime's ouster.

Deir Ezzor: A demonstration started a short time ago in the Hamidiyeh area in solidarity with the martyrs and the disaster-stricken cities.

Idlib: Taftanaz: The regime's shabiha entered a house and started firing on the owner in front of his wife and children, then left him to bleed with no means of medical treatment.

Homs: Yba' Sharaf el-Din, 16, has been shot by a regime sniper in al-Ghouta neighborhood.

Homs: Mohamad Jandal Al-Rifai, 17, was martyred, and more than 10 others were injured, when the regime's army launched a number of shells on the Ghouta area.

Idlib: Taftanaz: The regime's army committed another massacre, which led to a number of martyrs and wounded. It is not possible to count the casualties because most of them are under rubble. In addition to the continuous shelling, all communications have been cut off. The humanitarian situation is dire due to the lack of medical supplies.

Idlib: Taftanaz: the regime's army has burned more than 33 houses and arbitrarily detained approximately 50 people. A state of curfew has been imposed under threat of immediate execution.

Homs: Heavy shelling is reported in Al-Ghouta, and a number of wounded fell after the regime shelled Ibrahim Al-Moussly Street.

Idlib: Saraqeb: a demonstration started in the town after a violent military campaign had been undertaken by the regime. Protesters chanted for the town of Taftanaz and called for the regime's ouster.

Idlib: Ariha: Mr. Samer Bazzi was martyred earlier today by the regime's security forces.

Damascus Suburbs: Beit Sahm: Several martyrs fell in the town including a family form Douma, after a large explosion that led to the complete destruction of two houses. Identified of the martyrs are: the wife of Sheikh Ihsan Al-Ghorany and his two sons.

Homs: Talbieseh: The city is under shelling and shooting from all kinds of weapons for the second day in a row, which led to the fall of martyrs including children in addition to several wounded.

Homs: Nedal Abdul Jawad Malook was martyred by regime sniper's bullet, the corpse remained 10 days and no one pulled it.

Homs: Rastan: Martyrs and wounded fell after the violent shelling on the city for the third week in a row.

Homs: Maher Al-Tahan was martyred after violent shelling on Khaldieh neighborhood.

Homs: Talbesa: Ali Isma'el Hmoud was martyred in the random shelling of the city.

Homs: Talbesa: Ghada Amsheh got martyred by regime forces.

Hama: Ghab: Yahya Mahmoud Jassim was martyred under torture by security forces after he being arrested for 3 days.

Daraa: Yadoda: Arrest campaign in the village included dozens of young men amid shooting, which led to the injury of a young wounded man who was arrested.

Idlin Tafantaz: Reports of corpses under the rubble that can not be accessed after the missile shelling on the town. The regime's forces targeted several houses using shells.

Daraa: Residents of Sheikh Meskeen town are meeting the Red Crescent delegation with a massive demonstration demanding the toppling of the criminal regime, it should be noted that the head of the delegation refused to visit the city of Daeel as an unsafe region.

Aleppo: Security forces are dispersing a demonstration that started from Nour Eddine Al-Totanjy School in Sulaiman Al-Halaby neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamieh: Regime's forces conduct a raid campaign in Aal Jaber neighborhood. Heavy security deployment in the area accompanied with gunfire was reported.

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: Raid campaign launched by regime forces in Katf neighborhood.

Daraa: Tafas: 3000 security and shabiha elements backed by PMB vehicles arrived to raid Al-Shamali neighborhood, and smoke columns are rising in the neighborhood's sky.

Daraa: Tafas: Burning the homes of: Naji Al-Bardan, Abdulrahim Al-Bardan, Abu Hussein Al-Bardan, Abdulqadir Al-Murshed Al-Bardan, Abu Salah Al-Saufani Al-Bardan, Miss Ibtisam Omar Al-Bardan, Chergo Al-Bardan, Turki Mahmoud Al-Bardan, Hamid Al-Bardan, Mohammed Al-Hamed Al-Bardan, Mahmoud Salim Al-Natour, Mahmoud Nour Al-Shanbour, Tareq Al-Bardan, Hassan Naji Al-Zoubi, Mahmoud Al-Bardan and Musab Ahmad Al-Bardan due to the continuous destruction and burning in the city by the regime's forces.

Daraa: Shajara: Tareq Al-Abd and Tamem Al-Jaoony were arrested in the raid and arrest campaign that was launched by regime forces int he city.

Damascus: Salhieh: Random arrest campaign launched by regime forces in Sheikh Ibrahim area, Abu Najeeb bus station, and Sheikh Ibrahim road.

Aleppo University: Students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering are distributing leaflets demanding freedom and trial of the criminal regime.

Aleppo: A demonstration started in the Palace of Justice with the participation of lawyers, they chanted for Homs and the disaster-stricken cities.

Hama: Rise of black smoke in the sky of Mashaa Wadi Al-Joz area, and security is implementing a search of cars campaign at Bahra roundabout at Aleppo road.

Idlib: Taftanaz: Regime forces are storming the town and they reached the center. They burned several houses including: the houses of: Sobhy Haj Ahmad Khateeb, Abdul Hameen Haj Ahmad Khateeb, Abdul Haleem Khateeb Mohammad Natheer Khateeb, Ahmad Matar, Sheikh Emad Abdul Qader, Mahmoud Al-Ibrahim, Rasheed Izz, and Abdul Sattar Izz, and they looted the house of Abdul Raoof Khateeb and his brother Saif Edden Khateeb.

Homs: Hawla: Shelling from the water institution side towards Al-Taiba Taldo using anti-aircraft.

Deir Ezzor: A massive student demonstration from the Faculty of Agriculture; protesters chanted for the regime's ouster and bringing it to justice.

Idlib: Qarati: Ibrahim Al-Shahoud was martyred yesterday by the security forces.

Homs: Zaafaraneh: News of martyrs and wounded after continuing the shelling since yesterday toward Alladeh, and partial destruction of the Al-Farouq Mosque and a number of houses.

Idlib: Kharbet Banan: The female child Manal Al-Ali was martyred after an aircraft shelled the village.

Deir Ezzor: A raid and arrest campaign accompanied with heavy security deployment was reported in Al-Arady neighborhood.

Aleppo: Aleppo University: A sit-in in front of the Faculty of Architectures turned into a demonstration to demand the release of detainees and the regime's ouster, and to equip the Free Syrian Army.

Aleppo: The security is surrounding Al-Saleheen neighborhood. Heavy security deployment in the streets after the claims disclosed a car bomb in the area was reported.

Aleppo University: The security brutally dispersed a morning demonstration started in front of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

Idlib: Karkoush: A raid and search campaign in the gardens of the town and the surrounding villages a few meters away from the Syrian-Turkish border was reported.

Daraa: Tafas: Black smoke is rising in the sky of the town as the security forces continue burning motorcycles and Halfawiat of the farmers. Sounds of stun grenades shaking the town were reported.

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Three civilians were martyred after the regime's army targeted a civilian car at the main bakery exit under the pedestrian bridge.

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal: A demonstration started from Al-Shaheed Maher Ramadan School; protestors chant for Qourieh and the besieged cities and demand the prosecution of the criminal regime.

Homs: 5 martyrs in Rabee Araby neighborhood today after violent shelling continued towards the neighborhood using rocket launchers and mortar, and repeated attempts to storm the neighborhood. Abdul Hady Al-Ahmad was identified of the martyrs.

Lattakia: Raids and searches of houses campaign in Yafa neighborhood in Al-Raml Al-Janoubi was reported.

Homs: Shelling of Red Crescent warehouses in the city and burned its contents of medicines and supplies.

Homs: Talbeiseh: Violent shelling using heavy artillery on the city.

Homs: Rastan: The continuing of the artillery shelling on the suburb and farms accompanied by military aircraft flying over the city was reported.

Damascus Suburbs: Ghezlanieh: Raid and arrest campiagn in the town accompanied by destruction of the contents of a number of houses, and deployment of snipers on the roofs were reported. The known arrested are: Ismael Ghazal, Issam Ghazal, Mohammed Ghazal, Mohammed Ghazal Abu Issam, Khalid Labees and his sons, Ahmad Labees and his three sons, including a mentally disabled child, and Hamdi Labees and his sons.

Daraa: Tafas: The campaign of destruction in the city continues, and the security forces and army burned dozens of homes, and confiscated cars and motorcycles and burned them. The firing from heavy vehicles and machine guns also continues. The security forces and army also conducted random arrests reached hundreds of activists. The detainees are gathered in schools especially from Al-Bardan family, in which any person who holds an ID card showing he is from Al-Bardan family gets arrested. In addition, the electricity transformer was bombed in Al-Shamali neighborhood.

Aleppo: Bab: The security forces forcibly dispersed a massive student demonstration started in front of Al-Shareya female high school with the participation of its female students and Al-Assani students; protesters chanted for besieged cities and demanded trial of the regime and raised the flag of independence.

Daraa: Tafas: Heavy gunfire in the market's square, and destroying some of the shops and burning some of the home in Al-Shamali neighborhood. Some of the known burned homes include the homes of Mrs. Ibtesam Al-Bardan, Abu Hussain Al-Bardan, Abu Rasheed Al-Bardan, Al-Shaikh Abdulraheem, and Naji Al-Bardan.

Daraa: Dael: General strike in the city in solidarity with Tafas city that is being raid in the current time.

Daraa: Tafas: The regime's security raid the town from 4 sides using a large number of tanks, security buses and shabiha. Raid campaign, and searching and burning homes in Al-Shamali neighborhood were reported.

Daraa: Al-Mazeireb: Youth activists sealed the main road leading to Daraa City using burning tires and rocks to prevent additional military reinforcements from arriving.


Syria Protests April 5, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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