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Syria News - April 10, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


April 10, 2012


Assad Tank Dismembers Bayada Residents As Dictator Mocks UN "Truce" 10-April-12

A massacre by Al-Assad in Al-Khaldya-Homs-Syria

Homs, Child Mohammed Naser Sameer Hasson killed by Assad's gangs .. Apr 10, 2012

This child, Muhannad Abdo, killed by the regime’s forces, was accused of carrying a weapon…and all he had in his hand when he was shot was a flower:

Mohammed Juma'a killed by Al-Assad's gangs in Al-Khladya-Homs-Syria

Sameer Al-Mogharbil killed by Al-Assad in Al-Khaldya-Homs-Syria 10.04.2012

Injuries in a field hospital by Al-Assad in Al-Khaldya-Homs

Kamal Zahrawi killed by Al-Assad the extremist in Al-Khaldya-Homs-Syria

Homs Abdulla ahmad Abbas, a civilian, was killed by Assad's thugs. 10-4-2012

Homs Anis Badawi Hamwi was fatally shot in the chest by Assad's. 10-4-2012

Homs: Khalediya: Martyr AbdulGhani Wahoud

Homs: The Martyr Amer Dakhan due to the Regime's Shelling

Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Muhtadi killed by Al-Assad in Al-Khaldya-Homs-Syria 10.04.2012

Homs: The Martyr Abd Al-Rahman Al-Hallak- Dier Ba’albah

Three unidentified bodies – Al-Khaledeyah - shelling

Fatal injuries due to random shootings in Hama-Syria 10.04.2012

Relieving injuries of random bombings by Al-Assad on Al-Rastan-Homs-Syria 10.04.2012

A fatal injury by Al-Assad's gangs in Al-Khaldya-Homs-Syria

Wounded Rastan Residents in Pickup Truck - Victims of Assad Army 10-April-12

A kid injured fatally by Al-Assad in Al-Khaldya-Homs-Syria 10.04.2012

Old man injured fatally by extremist Al-Assad in Al-Khaldya-Homs-Syria 10.04.2012

Violent random bombings on Al-Khaldya by Al-Assad in Homs-Syria 10.04.2012.

This footage was recorded in a field hospital after a relentless shelling attack in Al-Khalidiye, and residents are being treated in the dark after the regime’s forces targeted known field hospitals set up in homes and shelters:

Al-Assad applies Annan's protocol literally in Homs

Violent random bombings on Al-Khaldya by Al-Assad in Homs-Syria

Burning Car from Howitzer Attack by Assad on Bayada District of Homs 10-April-12

Assad Artillery Attack on Al Qusour 10-April-12 Dictator Reneges on UN "Truce" Deal

Homs: Bayada: Violent Shelling Falling on the Neighborhood

Homs: Violent Shelling on Khaldieh and Bayada Neighborhoods and Huge Explosions

The horrific shelling of Jouret Al Shiyah: Homs continues today..

#Homs: Buildings on Al-Qarabees/Jooret Al-Shayyah intersection completely destroyed by regime shelling. [10 April 2012]

(04-10-12) Al-Khaldiya | Homs | A Home Burns from Regime Shelling


Kafr Zita, #Hama: After regime forced raided the town a number of civilians were found tortured and executed. Regime troops attempted to burn the bodies. [10 April 2012]

Hama: KafarZeita: 3 Martyrs of Al-Hussein Family, Obaida, Khaled and AbdulHaq

Martyr Yaman Kharfan- Qussair

Syria - Assad Tanks Fire at Funeral in Cemetery - 10-April-12 Kafarzita , Hama Region

Hama: Kafar Naboudeh: Shells Fall on Homes

Buildings burning completely in the steadfast city of Homs due to the heavy shelling on neighborhoods...Look Kofi Anan

Children made homeless because of the Assad bombings on the historical Madyaq citadel [10 April 2012]


This is leaked footage of a young man by the name of Ayman Ghazi Ar-Rashdan, one of the casualties who was executed in the regime’s massacres at a factory in the town on Tuesday, 4 April 2012. The regime’s forces are seen further mutilating the body, and using the worst of curse words, praising Bashar and pledging their allegiance to him

TAFAS: DARAA: Extinguishing the flames in another home burned by the regime...


Assad Mutilates Civilians pt1 - Dictator Attacks Andan 10-April-12 rural Aleppo

Assad Mutilates Civilians pt2 - Dictator Attacks Andan 10-April-12 rural Aleppo

Assad Mutilates Civilians pt3 - Dictator Attacks Andan 10-April-12 rural Aleppo

(04-10-12) Al-Atarib | Aleppo | Child Muhanad Abdo 'Ikaab Murdered by Assad Sniper

Assad Army Attack in Aleppo on April 10, 2012 Dictator Makes a Fool of Kofi Annan "Truce"

Aleppo: Haretan: Renewed Shelling on the Town

Izzaz #Aleppo: The missiles that were fired from the planes targeting civilians [10 April 2012]


Jisr-al-Shughur, #Idlib: Destruction and livestock killed by regime forces. [10 April 2012]

Maghara - Assad's thugs ran their tank over the 77 year old Mohammad Yusuf's car, killing him.

Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor Mohammad Fares, a civilian, was killed by Assad's gangs. 10-4-2012

A civilian was tortured brutally by extremist Al-Assad in Al-Tayana-Deir Ezzour-Syria


Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: Martyr Salah Mostafa Al-Morjy

(04-10-12) Mesraba | Damascus | Assad Forces Indiscriminately Shell Homes

The number of martyrs rose to 101 thus far most of whom were killed in the massacre of Deir Baalba and many of them are children and women. 56 in Homs, 22 martyrs in Hama, 12 martyrs in Idlib, 6 martyrs in Daraa, 3 martyrs in Aleppo, 1 martyr in Harasta in Damascus Suburbs and 1 martyr in Deir Ezzor.
Damascus Suburbs: Qudsaya: Security forces and thugs (shabiha) stormed Amal Square and fired tear gas bombs at civilians to terrorize them, which led to the injury of a passer-by.

Hama: Heavy gunfire from Al-Bahra checkpoint side in Aleppo Road neighborhood coinciding with gunfire in Hameedieh neighborhood as well.

Damascus: Tadamon: Several wounded were reported in Othman Bin Affan mosque in the neighborhood, including elderly, after the security forces opened fire at the worshipers after they sieged the mosque

Daraa: Tseel: Many defections are taking place in the army, and many dissidents were wounded after regime's forces opened fire at them

Homs: Syrian regime didn't have enough of the massacres which committed in Homs so it punishes the city that got out despite all constraint to demand freedom with blood. A mass grave was found out by residents today in Deir B'alba neighborhood of 37 martyrs, among them there are children, women and 2 whole families. Their names are: AbdulAlim Kan'an, Ahmad Mohamad Kan'an, Ridha Khaled Kan'an, Ayman Mohamad Kan'an, Bashir Abdo Kan'an, Amina Kan'an, male child Ahmad Kan'an, male child Khaldoun Sleiman, male child Ayman Hamza, female child Rahaf Sleiman, Jassem Alhamid, Zuhair and Ayman Alomar, Nawwaf Al-Amin, Mahmoud Alhamid, Mutia Alnasser, Khaled, Ahmad, Asma, and Suhair Alnabhan, Mohamad Abbas and his 3 children, Walid Abbas, his wife Ghada Al-Othman and their child. A whole family of 6 persons from Al Ali, another family of 5 persons from Al Heijan.

Homs: Rastan: Many are wounded after rocket artillery shelling on the city

Aleppo: Gunfire on the evening demonstration is still ongoing, the demonstration started at Salah Al-Dein neighborhood and headed towards the direction of Mashhad neighborhood

Aleppo: Mengh: The town is udergoing a military operation that included shelling and setting fire to many houses. The rest of the town is under a crippling siege. Residents who tried to flee today were met with gunfire, many were wounded .and subjected to a campaign of mass arrests that involved the detention of the following: Ahmed Mustafa Al-Dek, Mohamed Mustafa Al-Dek, Jaber Ahmad Al-Dek, Hamza Mohamad Al-Dek, Haitham Aseeda, Otham Mustafa Othman, Mahmoud Juma'a, who were all taken to the Air Force Security Branch. Some families have been severely beaten by security forces.

Aleppo: Evening demonstration in Nabi Zaid neighborhood, protesters chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and called for the overthrow of the regime

Daraa: An evening demonstration started in Al-Sahari neighborhood in Daraa Mahatta in solidarity with disaster-stricken cities and and to demand the murderous regime's ouster

Hama: Evening demonstrations are taking place in each of the following locations: Aleppo Road, Southern Malaab, and Bab Qabli. All protesters demanded the murderous regime's ouster.

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: several huge explosion were heard in Shahshabo mountain and one of the shells targetted a house in the village of Wabeeda.

Damascus: Tadamon: The security raid Othman Bin Affan mosque after a massive demonstration started from in front of it, and they chased activists in the area.

Aleppo: Bustan Al-Qasr: A massive demonstration started from Bader mosque; protesters chanted for disaster-stricken cities and demanded the regime's ouster

Hama: Helfaya: Mrs. Tamador Sayadi was martyred, and her husband was injured after the security forces shot them while they were on Kafar Zeta road

Homs: Zeyad Al-Shaikh Ali was martyred in Qusour neighborhood.

Daraa: An evening demonstration started in Daraa Al-Mahatta on Al-Sad road; protesters chant for disaster-stricken cities and demand the regime's ouster.

Homs: Qusair: Shelling on the city is renewed.

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: Heavy security deployment in Thawra, Teshreen and Aalaf streets.

Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: The regime's army conduct a raid campaign in the western neighborhood at Otaiba exit amidst heavy gunfire, in addition to stationing 6 military machinery in the area.

Aleppo: Andan: Abdulatif Hamsho got martyred after he was injured when the army stormed the town. He is the brother of martyr Mohammad Hamsho.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: The security forces fired bullets to disperse an evening demonstration started at the Mosque of al-Ansar, reports of injuries in addition to prosecuting the demonstrators, the raid of a house and the arrest of several people.

Hama: Thorough inspection of cars by security forces and shabiha near the Jisr Hadid roundabout in the neighborhood Qsoor.

Hama: Kafar Zeta: Heavy gunfire on mourners at the cemetery, and the families were not able to bury their martyrs after it.

Damascus Suburbs: Hamourieh: Security reinforcements entered the city this morning and conducted a wide raid campaign. Sounds of a strong explosion from around the city, and flying helicopters over it were reported.

Idlib: Jabal Zaweya: Heavy fire from Shilka tanks toward the homes of Farkiya village.

Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Shooting was heard from the Western security checkpoint near the road conjunction to Oteeba.

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: Heavy gunfire is reported at the checkpoint west of the Madiq Citadel.

Homs: Heavy shelling is reported in the Qarabees and Jouret Al-Shayah districts, and columns of smoke are rising. There are reports of gunfire from Shilka vehicles deployed at the roundabout at Souk Al-Hal and at the Gardenia Bridge.

Hama: Kafar Zeita: Multiple martyrs and wounded were reported in the city after regime forces shelled the funeral procession for the martyrs of yesterday's massacres.

Damascus: Dummar Residential Project: A demonstration started from the Jazeera Al-Thamina (Eighth Island) this afternoon; particpants chanted for freedom and demanded the release of detainees.

Homs: Abdallah Al-Abbash was martyred by regime security forces in the Karam Zeitoun area.

Daraa: A massive demonstration in Daraa-Balad started, to condemn the massacres taking place in Syrian cities.

Damascus: Regime forces spread out to disperse a stand-up protest titled "Stop the Killing" in front of the Parliament building.

Hama: Kafar Zeita: The regime's army and security forces used napalm to burn down houses and pharmacies in the city.

Syrian Refugee Camp in Kilis: Turkish warplanes flew at low altitude over the refugee camp after Syrian warplanes flew near the Turkish border. The regime's army is firing in and shelling border villages in Izaz.

Aleppo University: The regime's shabiha raided the 10th Dormitory amid a campaign to break down doors and loot students' personal property.

Hama: Military reinforcements of armored vehicles, anti-aircrafts, trucks, and cars are heading to the Military Airport.

Aleppo: Koubany: A massive sit-in at Ashety roundabout to condemn the crimes of this criminal regime, and in solidarity with Aleppo Suburbs and the disaster-stricken cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Moadamiya: Security forces and shabiha's cars carrying submachine guns roam the streets of the city, deploy flash checkpoints in different parts of the city and stop passers-by and two young men Mohammad Younis Hamshari and his brother had been arrested.

Hama: Latamna: Partial withdrawal of regime's army from the town today after they destroyed 5 houses and burned 15, in addition to looting 50 shops and assaulting residents and arresting a large number of them.

Damascus: Asali: Massive demonstration started in front of Huzaifa Mosque; protesters chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and demnaded the regime's ouster.

Aleppo: Manbaj: A massive demonstration started at Al-Jazeera road, demonstrators are chanting for toppling the criminal regime.

Homs: Anes Badawi Al-Hamwi, 25, was martyred by security sniper's gunfire in Bab Seba' neighborhood.

Hasakeh: Ra's Al-Ain: A massive sit-in is taking place in Azadi Square; participants are demanding the criminal regime's ouster.

Aleppo: Kaljibreen: The regime's army entered the town from the Sheikh Issa entrance and has followed the road to Izaz.

Aleppo: Mare'a: The regime's army is setting fire to a large number of shops and activists' homes, and other civilians' homes.

Mare'a: Ibrahim Abdel Hay Najjar was martyred by regime forces.

Aleppo: Mare'a: Renewed heavy shelling by regime forces is reported in the city.

Raqqa: A demonstration started near the Al-Tub Al-Hadith (New Medicine)Hospital in the medical personnel housing area; protesters chanted in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities.

Raqqa: A massive demonstration in the Thakana area is taking place; protesters are demanding the criminal regime's ouster.

Homs: Qosair: Young Hani Jakhdam (24 years old) was martyred, affected by a wound he got earlier.

Aleppo: Atareb: Child Mohanad Abdo Akab (10 years old) was martyred after regime forces shot randomly.

Raqa: Raqa's detainees at the security committee in Raqa has declared their food strike since yesterday (Monday 9/4/2012) and they returned food to source in protest of keeping them all this period at the Commission, without turning them to prison or court, in addition to preventing their families and lawyers from seeing them Although the number of detainees at the Commission, according to last estimates is between 100-120, some of them are still in solitary. Most of the detainees are college students and some of them are pharmacists and others.

Homs: Several martyrs and wounded were reported in addition to destruction of some homes after heavy and continuous shelling on the neighborhoods of Khalidieh, Qsoor, Qarabes, Jouret Shiah, and Bayada and Air reconnaissance is flying over them.

Daraa: Tafas: 2 martyrs fell in the city due to sustaining critical injuries by regime forces. The city is under siege thus hindering any aid efforts.

Damascus: Security forces arrest Ali Al-Zain and Hussam Al-Dahni in front of the Justice Palace after they were raising signs reading: "Stop the killing, we want to build a homeland for all Syrians".

Deir Ezzor: Mohammad Al-Fares was martyred by regime forces in Jora neighborhood.

Aleppo University: Regime forces raided the dormitories amid intense gunfire and tear-gas.

Homs: Hawlah: Renewed artillery and tank shelling is reported in the city.

Homs: Rastan: Violent artillary shelling on the city and the surrounding areas including Qurbaty, Gharnata and Zamameer.

Raqqa: A second demonstration started from Thakna neighbourhood; protesters chanted for the disaster-stricken cities and demanded the regime's ouster.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Kasim Dabbas was martyred when regime forces attacked the eastern side of the city.

Suleiman Al-Shamar in Court: Opposition activist Mr. Suleiman Al-Shamar, a member of the General Secretariat of the Damascus Declaration for National Democratic Change, was referred to the State Security Branch (Section 285) for Military Justice. He appeared before the military prosecutor on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. The presiding judge ruled that the case should be referred to a civil court. Mr. Al-Shamar was taken to the Justice Palace the next day (Thursday, April 5) for questioning by the judge, who postponed the case until Monday, April 9. Mr. Suleiman was being held in the Damascus-Adra Central Prison. He was questioned before the public prosecutor on Monday, April 9, and charged with belonging to a secret international organization, in accordance with the provisions of Article 288 of the Syrian Penal Code. The judge decided to keep him in custody pending a trial. However, in 2007, in an earlier lawsuit, Mr. Suleiman had been sentenced by default to 10 years after signing the Damascus-Beirut Declaration. He was handed over to the Second Criminal Court in Damascus, where he was questioned by the counselor of the court in a private session. He was taken to the Damascus-Adra Central Prison, and awaits another trial in accordance with Articles 285 (Undermining the Morale of the State) and 278 (Spoiling Relations with a Foreign Country).

Aleppo University: Altercations are reported between student protesters and regime forces in the dormitories, and some students in the School of Computer Engineering were surrounded and choked.

Aleppo: Mare'a: Regime security forces and shabiha raided the town, began a looting and destruction campaign in homes, and are arresting all the remaining residents.

Daraa: Tafas: Young man Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Bardan was martyred by security gunfire and others were wounded.

Hama: Al-Latamna: Ahmad Abdel Salam Ankar was martyred by regime forces.

Hama: Al-Latamna: Rida Ibrahim Hamadeh was martyred by regime forces after being kidnapped while wounded.

Daraa: Al-Laja: Heavy shelling from warplanes is reported, and is accompanied by a raid and arrest campaign in the town of Al-Sharabe'a. There is a heavy security deployment in the cemetery, and regime forces are preventing entry or exit.

Aleppo: Turkman: Regime forces are shelling civilian homes using missiles and heavy machine guns, and warplanes are flying overhead at low altitude.

Aleppo: Heavy shelling is taking place in the northern suburbs in Mare'a and Talaleen.

Raqqa: A morning demonstration started in the Thakana area; protesters chanted for the souls of the martyrs and in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities.

Hama: Latamna: Violent shelling on the city resulted in the demolishing three homes over their owners.

Hama: Latamna: The regime's army raided the city using a number of tanks and PMB vehicles after most of residents escaped the city because of the massacres.

Homs: 12 martyrs, including 4 women and 3 children, fell after a large number of mortar shells and missiles fell on Khaldieh and Bayada neighborhoods.

Homs: A large number of mortar shells and missiles fell on Khaldieh and Bayada neighborhoods.

Aleppo University: A demonstration started in front of the College of Education in solidarity with the disaster-stricken Aleppo Suburb.

Daraa: Lajat: A number of officers defected from Brigade 33 east Msameyeh town after the violent shelling that targeted the area.

Daraa: Sanamain: The regime's army raided the town and besieged a number of neighborhoods after conducting an arrest campaign that reached dozens of activists.

Daraa: Alma: The regime's army raid the area and is randomly shelling the town using war aircraft.

Daraa: Tafas: The regime's army raid the city using a large number of tanks amid gunfire from anti-aircrafts and heavy weapons, and used sound grenades, in addition to a random arrest and raid campaign in the area.

Homs: Violent shelling on Old Homs neighborhoods especially Bab Duraib and Safsafa areas.

Hama: Kafr Zeita: The regime's army surrounds the city from all points as security forces raid several homes and wage a campaign of arbitrary arrests and destruction of homes and commercial shops.

Aleppo: Maree: The regime's army shells the city with planes and heavy machine guns.

Aleppo: Tal Rafaat: Renewed shelling on the city from Jabrin direction while the youths were pulling bodies from under the rubble.


Syria Protests April 10, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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