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Syria News - August 17, 2013 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


August 17, 2013


Al Khalasa, #Aleppo : Rescuers who are continuing to dig through the rubble of apartment buildings destroyed in Friday's regime missile bombardment of Al Khalasa in search of survivors and martyrs' bodies earlier recovered a woman's body from the wreckage, 26 hours after the buildings were destroyed.

Martyr Ahmad Abdul-Jabbar Al-Saleh in Atareb, Aleppo

Rescuing the Wounded in Ashrafieh, Aleppo

Wounded Person due to Shelling in Atareb, Aleppo

Aleppo, 17-08-2013: There are a large number of casualties in indiscriminate regime bombardment of the Ashrafiyeh, Sheikh Maqsoud and Bani Zeid neighbourhoods of Aleppo, with terror and panic among residents.

Seif adDawla | Aleppo | FSA Targets Regime Forces

FSA targets Kweres Military Airport in Aleppo


Joubar | Damascus | Female Martyr Malak Shams edeen AlKhatib

Martyr Jehad Al-Daleb in Jobar, Damascus

Martyr Malak Shams Addin Al-Khatib in Jobar, Damascus

Martyr Ahmad Kateb in Jodar, Damascus suburbs

Wounded Due to the Shelling in Thiabieh, Damascus Suburbs

Destruction in Jobar, Damascus

Columns of Smoke rise from Hajar Aswad, Damascus

Shelling in Barzeh, Damascus

Aftermath of Shelling in Jobar, Damascus

Shelling in Mouadamih, Damascus suburbs

Shelling in Qabon, Damascus

Regime Forces Shelling in Damascus

Aftermath of shelling in the houses in Daraya, Damascus suburbs

Destruction in Babela, Damascus suburbs

Darayya‬ | ‎Damascus‬ Suburbs | Fire Rages As Regime Bombs The Town

AlQaboun | Damascus | Regime Tank Shells Neighborhood

Fire due to Shelling in Yarmouk Camp, Damascus


AlMayatheen | Daraa | Loved Ones Bid Farewell Martyr Anwar Abdelaziz Almahameed

Albalad | Daraa | The Brave Remove Martyr from Under the Rubble

FSA repels Warplanes in Nawa, Daraa

Destruction in Nawa, Daraa

Destruction of property of citizens in Khirbet Ghazaleh, Daraa

Daraa‬ AlBalad | Panic in Streets as Dictator's MIGS Bomb The City


Farika | Ildib | Martyr Ahmad Mustafa AlShayb

A grief-stricken family bids farewell to Waleed Jumuah Alyousif, killed by regime forces in Kafrooma township. Footage filmed August 17, 2013.

Already frail given his old age, this man struggles to get up after being treated in the makeshift hospital for shrapnel injuries. Regime shelling attacks on the city of Maarrit Annuman have intensified in recent months as the regime tries to retake liberated areas from the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Footage filmed August 17, 2013.

Ma‬'arat Numan | ‪ Idlib‬ | Fire Rises From Aftermath of Regime Force Shelling


AlKhaldiya | Homs | FSA Targets Regime Forces with Locally Made Eqpt

lRastan | Homs | Woman Speaks of Regime Shelling, Hides with Children, Eats Dried Bread

Shelling in Houla, Homs

Shelling in Talbiseh, Homs

Shelling in Dar Kabira, Homs

Houla, #Homs : As part of its collective punishment of the people of Houla (as in other liberated areas across Syria), the regime has cut off the town's water supply - as well as cutting incoming supplies of food, medicine, fuel and all other essentials, forcing residents to dig ground-wells to obtain water.

In this footage filmed August 17, 2013, regime forces continue to bombard the already-besieged city of Arrastan, further destroying what is left of the city's buildings and infrastructure. Regime forces have shelled the city on a daily basis for the past several months, leaving most of it decimated.

Deir Ezzor

Rebels Celebrate Downing of Assad MIG in Deir Ezzor

FSA target gathering centers of regime forces in Deir Ezzor

warplanes Shelling in Houseneih, Deir Ezzor

Shelling in Hweiqa Neighborhood, Deir Ezzor


Rebels in Latakia Clashes Deploy Homemade Rockets

Latakia‬ | Clashes Rage As Rebels Battle Dictators Army

‎Latakia‬ ‪ | Regime MiG Shells City, Homes


‎Hama‬ ‪ | Martyr and Hero Qusay Mahmoud AlHasou

Assad forces shelled the town of Aqrab on August 17, 2013, injuring the children being treated here in the makeshift hospital. Tens of thousands of children have been injured by regime attacks across Syria, with injuries so frequent that residents have been unable to document the exact number of injured children to date.

Wounded Due to the Shelling in Aqrab, Hama

Shelling in Shahshabo Mountain Villages, Hama


Aerial Shelling in Roumanieh Area, Raqqa

Warplane Shelling in Jesr Roumanieh, Raqqa

By the end of Saturday, the coordination committees were able to document 92 martyrs, among them 14 women, 4 children, and a martyr under torture: 22 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs; 20 in Aleppo; 14 in Daraa; 12 in Raqqa; 11 in Idlib; 7 in Quneitra; 4 in Deir Ezzor; and 2 in Hama.

Moreover, the committees have documented 369 points of shelling, fiercest of which was in Damascus and its suburbs: shelling with warplanes was recorded in 23 points, fiercest of which was in cities and neighborhood of Damascus and its suburbs, shelling with explosive barrels was recorded in Ebn Wardan village in Hama and Salma in Lattakia, 2 surface-to-surface missiles were also documented landing in Hujeira Al-Balad in Damascus Suburbs, shelling with rocket launchers was recorded in 122 points, artillery shelling in 112 points, while mortar shelling was recorded in 108 points across Syria.

The FSA has clashed with regime forces in 163 points, fiercest of which was in Damascus and its suburbs. In Quneitra, the FSA has fully liberated Bariqa town and took control over a number of weapons and ammunition and killed many regime forces and thugs, as well targeted a military convoy and bombed it in Nabe Sakher town. In Damascus and its suburbs, the FSA has downed a warplane and disabled another in eastern Damascus International Airport, and targeted Kabas checkpoint and scored direct assaults, as well as targeted a military convoy at Damascus International Airport road that was heading to Hujeira town and has fully destroyed it and killed many members of regime forces in this operation, the FSA has also targeted regime forces' sites in Jobar neighborhood with mortar shells and scored direct assaults and killed many members in clashes in the perimeter of the Military Kamal Masharqa Barrack, it also targeted regime forces nearby Teshrin Military Hospital and killed and injured many of them. In Aleppo, the FSA has took full control over Dweirat village after fierce clashes with regime forces, and targeted regime forces in Saif Dawleh and Hatab Square in Jamilieh and scored direct assaults. In Deir Ezzor, the FSA has targeted a security forces and thugs' headquarter in Joura neighborhood and scored direct assaults. In Hama, the FSA has targeted a regime forces' car in Sarihen town and killed all the members in it. In addition, the FSA was able to destroy a number of machineries and armored vehicles in different areas of Syria.

Daraa: Der Bakht: Fierce artillery shelling was reported by regime forces, amid fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Renewed shelling with tanks in the city.

Damascus: Barzeh: Shelling with artillery and mortar shells resumes in the neighborhood.

Damascus: Barzeh: The FSA storms one of the thugs' sites at Teshrin Military Hospital front and takes control over one of the military points and kills a number of members as well.

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Fierce rocket shelling targets the camp.

Daraa: Tafas: Husein Ali Hariden was martyred due to rocket shelling at an Electricity Workplace.

Lattakia: Kurds' Mountain: Fierce artillery shelling targets Nahiyet Rabea.

Deir Ezzor: Mahmoud Suleiman Al-Rabah was martyred due to shelling in Hweiqa neighborhood.

Aleppo: Hayyan: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town.

Hama: Aqrab: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town.

Homs: Palmyra: Fierce mortar shelling targets the orchards of the city.

Damascus: Qaboun: Regime forces have reportedly burned the houses and buildings under their control nearby Al-Mohannad Ball.

Deir Ezzor: Fierce artillery shelling targets Hamidieh neighborhood.

Raqqa: 12 martyrs of the same family have fallen due to an air strike by regime's warplanes in Roumanieh neighborhood.

Hama: Kafrzeita: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town.

Aleppo: Orum Koubra: A number of wounded were reported due to warplane shelling in the town.

Aleppo: Atareb: Ahmad Abdul-Jabbar Al-Saleh was martyred due to warplane shelling in the city.

Idlib: Fierce artillery shelling from Khazanat Camp targets villages and towns of Jabal Zawyeh.

Deir Ezzor: Rasha Nouri Al-Jamal was martyred due to sustaining injuries with remnants of shells in Hamidieh neighborhood.

Aleppo: Atareb: Regime's warplanes target the city with heavy machine guns.

Daraa: Maarba: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town.

Daraa: Yadouda: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town and 5 shells have landed thus far.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces in the perimeter of the Vehicles' Management.

Damascus: Barzeh: Fierce shelling with anti-aircrafts target the neighborhood.

Daraa: Nawa: Fierce artillery shelling targets the western neighborhood of the city.

Hama: Hweijeh: Young man Ziad Ahmad Saloum Dahine was martyred as a result of sustaining injuries due to artillery shelling targeting the village.

Aleppo: The FSA targets regime forces' headquarters in Hatab Square in Jamilieh.

Homs: Talbiseh: Fierce shelling with rocket launchers and artillery shells target the city.

Hama: A number of wounded were reported due to artillery and rocket shelling in Hweijeh and Hawash villages in Sahl Al-Ghab.

Idlib: Maarat Nouman: Many wounded, among them women, were reported due to shelling in the city.

Quneitra: Bariqa: The FSA liberates the town after the fiercest clashes with regime forces.

Quneitra: 7 martyrs of the FSA have fallen in clashes with regime forces in Bariqa and Ber Ajam towns.

Quneitra: Nabe' Al-Sakher: The FSA blows up a military convoy heading to back up regime forces in Bariqa town.

Damascus: Jobar: The FSA kills many of regime forces in clashes in the perimeter of Kamal Masharqa Barrack.

Deir Ezzor: Huge explosions shake Sabha village and intense columns of smoke rise as a result.

Damascus Suburbs: Bweida: Fierce shelling with artillery and mortar shells targets the town from Brigade 58.

Damascus: Jobar: Continued shelling with rocket launchers in the neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Khan Sheih: Fierce artillery shelling targets the perimeter of Fatima Mosque and Sharaf Street.

Daraa: Inkhel: Diaa Abdul-Kareem Reda Al-Alwe was martyred as a result of sustaining injuries days ago.

Damascus: Marja: Mortar shell fell on one of the buildings overlooking the square Marja.

Damascus: FSA fall warplane and infects other one in eastern Damascus International Airport.

Damascus suburbs: Sbaana: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime's forces on the western side of the town.

Lattakia: Kurds Mountain: Artillery and rocket shelling targeting Masif Salma form Zoubar and Talla villages.

Damascus: Fierce warplane shelling targets Hajar Aswad and Hujeira Al-Balad neighborhoods.

Damascus: Teshrin Neighborhood: Shelling with Gvozdika and artillery shells target Hafirieh neighborhood.

Hama: Khtab:Regime forces launch raid and arrest campaign in the village.

Deir Ezzor: Warplanes launch an air strike in Hweiqa neighborhood.

Damascus: Joubr: Fierce artillery shelling target the neighborhood.

Aleppo: FSA controlled on Aldoarat village near Jarablos.

Homs: DarKabira: Fierce mortar shelling target the town.

Hama: Fierce shelling with explosive barrels targets Ibn Wrdan village.

Homs: Houla: Fierce artillery shelling targets the City from Water Foundation check points.

Lattakia: Ari strike launched by warplanes on Kurdish mountain villages and Msiaf Salma.

Lattakia: Kurds Mountain: Fierce artillery and rocket shelling target Msiaf Salma and surrounding villages.

Aleppo: Mansorh: Fierce artillery shelling target the town.

Daraa: Nawa: Fierce shelling by regime forces warplanes in the city.

Idlib: Tmanah: Many martyrs were reported due to fall of shell on a bus during the shelling on the town.

Aleppo: Mnsorih: Fierce artillery shelling target the town.

Hama: Regime forces launch an arrest campaign in Dahiyet Abi Al-Fidaa in Hama.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Kasem Aleiwy, from Shabaa town, was martyred in clashes with regime forces.

Homs: Dar Kabira: Shelling with tanks by regime forces at the houses.

Damascus Suburbs: Mleiha: Khaled Tawfeeq Al-Qseibaty was martyred due to shelling in the town.



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