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More Plaut Palaver

Kurt Nimmo

In a post on the "Moonbat Central" forum < http://discoverthenetwork.org/moonbatcentral/> over at Horowitz’s smear portal Discover the (non-existent) Network, Zionist prof Steven Plaut writes:

Kurt Nimmo is one of the Cockburn columnists at Counterpunch magazine, an anti-American magazine that has made Ward Churchill its poster boy in recent days, not because the Counterpunchers are free speech absolutists (they actually oppose free speech for neocons) but because they agree with Churchill’s treasonous agenda.

I don’t know if Cockburn considers CP "anti-American" but I consider myself anti-American—that is to say I am against the sort of America Plaut and David Horowitz have in mind. Mr. Plaut is so gung-ho about America he chooses to live in Israel—a fact that, to say the least, dulls his frenetic criticism of people who actually live in this country. I don’t "oppose free speech for neocons," but I do oppose the fact their viewpoints are expressed at the expense of the opinions of everybody else (tune in to Fox News for an hour or so and you will see what I mean).

A Frontpage Magazine column recently "outted" Cap’n Kurt’s bizarre mix of racism, pro-terror fanaticism, endorsements of bin Laden, and open anti-Semitism. In particular it pointed out the lack of standards on the part of Alexander Burncock (as I call him), the editor and publisher of Counterpunch, in running columns by a semi-literate hooligan whose only professional credentials are that he works at the photo lab at Walmart.

I am sincerely baffled—if I am "semi-literate’ without "professional credentials" (academic snobs always demand credentials) why does Mr. Plaut even bother with me? If Plaut believes CP is without "standards" (in other words, "standards" set by academic snobs), why does he bother to read CP?

Because Plaut needs enemies—they define his existence.

Nimmo has chosen to respond to FrontPage’s comments on his personal pro-terror blog. There Nimmo takes me to task for saying he is employed at the photo lab at Walmart, pointing out that he is no longer so employed. Evidently Walmart has higher standards than Counterpunch. Nimmo then goes on with his usual rants about how people who want to see the Jews exterminated should not be called anti-Semites because they are simply critics of Zionism, and just because he celebrates when buses full of "Zionist" children are blown to smithereens is no reason to suspect him of bigotry. He also defends illiterate and unwashed people like himself against academic snobs with PhD’s like me.

Surely, Mr. Plaut has learned his Strausscon lesson well—he is incapable of telling the truth and is apparently unable to read, even with his touted doctorate. In fact, Plaut is a perfect example of the warped mindset of rabid Zionism, equating criticism of Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinians with support for blowing up school buses of children. Obviously, all critics of Israel are "illiterate and unwashed," especially in the minds of Zionist "scholars" such as Plaut who are directly responsible for supporting mass murder and torture. No doubt he cheered when Israel invaded Lebanon and set up medieval dungeons like the Khiam torture center. Plaut would love to see people like Neve Gordon—who documented the racist torture of Palestinians (5,000 or more a year)—strung up as traitors. But then people who call their fellow human beings "cockroaches" have little aversion to torture and mass murder. In this way they share a lot with the BTK killer.

Plaut ends his hateful and insult-laden post with an imaginary "Nimmo column" he’d like to see posted at CP:

To avoid suspicions of hypocrisy and racism, my guru Ward Churchill and I, Kurt Nimmo, have decided to show the consistency of our opinions regarding the Middle East by selling off all of our property and cashing out all our warrants and bonds and real estate and turning every last dime over to REAL Indians native to the Southwest (as opposed to fake Indians of the type who teach treason at the University of Colorado).

Plaut may have property—stolen from Palestinians — but I own none here in the country Plaut has abandoned. As for "REAL Indians," I spent three and a half years building educational web sites, more than a few for Navajo schools, while the delusional Plaut fancied I worked at Walmart. But even if I did work at Walmart as one of the "unwashed" Plaut has nothing but contempt for (and contempt for former Walmart workers who went to Iraq to kill Arabs for Plaut and his settler friends), it would be far more honest and honorable work than pretending to be an economics professor in a miserable "democracy" that racks up massive violations of international law. In fact, the idea of teaching "economics" in Israel is a joke because the tiny renegade nation wouldn’t even exist if it was not for stealing money from Americans such as me.

We are tired of being colonialist settlers on lands that do not belong to us and so we are both going back to Europe where we belong and from where our families came. We will then participate in terrorist bombings of Americans until the last American leaves the illegal American settlements on Indians lands, from Boston to Miami and from Philadelphia to LA. We have the right to murder as many American settler children as we wish in all these cities stolen from their rightful owners.

In fact, I am closer to a Sephardic Jew than Plaut will ever be—I was born in this country while Plaut emigrated from Philadelphia to partake in slaughtering Palestinians the same way newly arrived Europeans arrived here in the "New World" to slaughter the original inhabitants. I embraced the culture of the Southwest much in the same way the Sephardic Jews embraced the local non-Jewish culture of the Middle East. Plaut, on the other hand, wants to eradicate the non-Jewish culture surrounding him. In fact, as a racist and hatemonger, Plaut believes every other culture is inferior to the Zionist culture of Israel. So omnipresent is racism in Plaut’s adopted "homeland," non-Jews cannot be buried in Jewish cemeteries. In Plaut’s world, racism continues even after one is dead.

And never mind that the Jews of Israel are the true natives of their lands and not the Arabs, and never mind that the 'Palestinians’ are the invaders, and Arabs the colonial squatters who stole the lands of the Jews from their rightful owners.

Or so declares Plaut’s religious myths. Plaut and his Ashkenazic buddies are actually descended from the Turkic Khazars in eastern Europe, although they like to pretend they are direct descendants of the ancient Hebrews, a Semitic people closer to the Palestinians than Plaut would ever admit. Plaut and his poseur settler friends are a far cry from the ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Arameans, Hebrews, and Arabs.

They are more akin to English colonists attacking Pequot villages and killing innocent men, women, and children than I will ever be.

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