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Isn't It Time

Dr. Sam Hamod

December 6, 2005

Isnít It Time

Isnít it time America finally came out with the truth about the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Isnít it time that Conde Rice quit lying about the illegal detention of thousands of Muslims in prisons in the world?

Isnít it time that Rumsfeld finally admitted that he had no plan for Iraq except to invade and hope for the bestóand that he has failed as a Secretary of War?

Isnít it time that Gonzales was told to follow the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and quit trying to usurp them?

Isnít it time that Dick Cheney quit trying to call others a "liar" when he is the biggest of liars, the pot calling the kettle black?

Isnít it time that John Kerry finally becomes a man instead of a simpering little boy trying to be a man, a senator?

Isnít it time that some Democrat had the same courage as Congressman Murtha, to say the war is lost and that it is time for our troops to come home?

Isnít it time for someone in the Office of the Budget to stand up and say that Greenspan and Bush have put America into the worst financial crisis on our history?

Isnít it time that some of our generals stood up and said that Bush and his strategists, especially Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney and the rest donít know a damn thing about real war, but only know it from the cheap Hollywood movies they saw?

Isnít about time that some soldier spit in Bushís face the next time he tells the troops he supports them, and then goes back and cuts their salaries, their veteran benefits, their hospital plans, their pension plans and their equipment in order for his friends to make more money on the war in Iraq?

Isnít it about time that some of the troops have the courage to put down their guns and tell their commanders, NOóif you want to go out and kill Iraqis, then you do it, but I am ready to go to the brig rather than fight in this illegal, this immoral war, one more day?

Isnít it about time that American military leaders admit they illegally used illegal weapons in Fallujah on civilians, weapons such as white phosophorous, depleted uranium, cluster bombs, cluster shells, and other gas type weapons? (All in violation of the Geneva Conventions and other humane codes of war.)

Isnít it time that the American public quit mouthing Christianity and started living it, and ask themselves, " How Many Iraqis Would Jesus Have Killed?"

Isnít it about time that Americans quit believing the false Christians like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and their ilk who are leading them astray, away from the teaching of Jesus and taking them to the world of the Golden Calf and the world of greed, dominion and inhumanity?

Isnít it time that Americans start asking why every Israel citizen gets an average subsidy from American taxpayers the amount of $48,000.00 (that is known, and who knows how much more is hidden in omnibus bills)? When was the last time the U.S. government gave you money?

Isnít it time the American people decided they didnít see any reason to send their children, husbands or wives to Iraq or Afghanistan until Bush, Cheney, Kerry, Biden, Falwell, Robertson, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld sent their children or close kin?

Why is that no Congressman or Senator has any children in the battle zones of Iraq?

Why is it that America is freeing the Afghans who raised the poppies, to once again raise the biggest opium poppy crop in history, that will be turned into narcotics around the worldóis it because the American corporations will get a cut of this illegal dope money? You can bet there is some analogy between this and the narcotic crops in Viet Nam that made a lot of politicians and big corporations a lot of money.
Remember, the Taliban government was wiping out all the opium poppy growingóperhaps America didnít want this to happen. Itís all very complex.

These are just some questions that keep popping up in my mindóas well as my wonder at why Halliburton pays little or no taxes to the U.S. government because they are now, and have been, an offshore corporation.

Just some things to think about when you start to praise Bush and his minions, and wonder what is happening to your loved ones who are killed and maimed in Iraq, when your taxes go up and your wallet goes down and the dollar is laughed at in the worldís marketplaces.

Sam Hamod is the founding editor and publisher of www.todaysalternativenews.com and has been published on hundreds of websites. He is the former editor of 3rd World News in Washington, DC and taught at Princeton, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Howard .

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