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Liz Burbank

December 9, 2005


[Note-Liz: Below please find: (1) my question whether it is correct to argue, as I often do in this digest, that U.S. has been & is desperately attempting to foment civil war in Iraq and (2) the response from my courageous friend Bassim in Baghdad. ]

Bassim, I state in my digest that the US, per 2004 Rand Study recommends civil war in Iraq in classic divide/conquer to create "sectarian-religious" strife to control & "own" Balkanized pieces of Iraq & its resources --but more especially because their broader global domination agenda necessitates destroying Arab nations and nationalism, with Israeli help of course: do you agree with this analysis? Please let me know yours & others' opinions because some 'good' anti-imperialists here disagree and this is a crucial matter to build an "out now" & support for the Resistance movement.

from Bassim from Baghdad.

I promise to send you from time to time but believe me I rob countable minutes of time to do my emails, since and for the last months we virtually don't have electricity, we get a fitful 1.5 hours 3 times a day, today grid power was absent from 5.30 pm yesterday to 6.45 am now "Wednesday DEC. 7th". More over gasoline is precious as gold, gasoline for generators, cars are in second attention today as far as gasoline is concerned. I'm running my pc now on a small 800 watts generator.

Sure I agree that US/Israeli and Iranian black ops try to promote civil war. But will they succeed? They're on it for almost 3 years now from the very beginning when the Bushites insisted to create their own version of government based on quotas for Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds. Something never have Iraqis been used to. *my wife is very Kurd, 3 sisters in law are "Shiites" while I am an Arab Sunni". The clumsy tune began playing in 1991 when the Anglo-Saxons imposed the no fly zone, when Voice of America/"V.O.A" iterated, repeatedly, Shiites in the south, Sunnis in the middle and Kurds in the north as if each of these communities is one politically separate homogeneous group of people confined to these places - U.S. it's drooling. We are Iraqis.

In fact resistance is gaining ground every day among Shiites as well as Sunnis (contrary to what the misinformed American public believe).

Most fierce active opponents to occupation and the puppet regime in Baghdad and abroad are Shiites, those who bluntly reveal their crimes on TV channels and other medias, mostly are pundit Shiites.

[my request for clarification: Bassim, which crimes are you referring to--the crimes of the US-Israeli 'black'-ops fake 'resistance'? It must be absolutely clear since the U.S. desperately tries to confuse the heroic Iraqi National Resistance with its own terrorist thugs, as you only too heartbreakingly well know. Liz]

Response from Bassim: ((All these subjects, US-Israeli 'black'-ops, fake 'resistance', massive corruption among the occupation authorities and their Iraqi stooges,and all issues of relation were repeatedly mentioned with names, dates and figures by these brave men and women. Fake resistance that target civilians were thoroughly indicated and even one Iraqi Shiite professor "HeythamAlnahi" who lectures in one of London universities wrote a detailed article in Arabic on 09-28-2005, described how he personally detailed the Iraqi prime minister Al-Jaffari office about an impending consecutive terror attacks on 3 places south of Baghdad, the attacks occurred exactly as been told by prof. Heytham Alnahi and to his great astonishment, he has been told that the places/people involved belong to prominent strong political parties within the government. I have his full article in Arabic to your request if convenient.))

Iran is in deep, under the table, arrangement with US, any one who believes that there's a real enmity between Iran, U.S. and Israel knows nothing of politics. I know it sounds odd, but believe my eyes and ears and what is going on, on the ground.

Without the assistance of Iran, US couldn't easily or even mange to win a war against Afghanistan Taliban and the same applies to Iraq, these are not my words, they're the words of ex vice president of Iran Mr. Muhammad Ali Abtahi in an international conference took place in United Arab Emirates "UAE" 2004 and reiterated by the Iranian parliament chairman in 2005.

There would be no success to the Rome conference related to the Afghan issue Without Iranian serious contribution. Thanks to Iran, they're not my words, they're Collin Powel's words in a news conference in Rome.

There's a secret mutual understanding between Iran and US to let the American project in the region to pass on condition that it's limited to the Arabian region while Tehran will be allowed to intervene into Iraq and Bahrain where Iran has some strategic interests while Iran promises to guard the US interests into these countries. Free policing.

What I mentioned above is only the tip of the iceberg.

Europeans, know well that US is not serious about taking Iran to the Security Council, specially because the "super clever" Bushites put the US army under the Iranian mercy in Iraq and even in Afghanistan, so they dally Iran and lightly accuse it about it's nuclear issue. Europeans won't be the US's escape goat.
The Iranian nuclear arm program nearly reached an advanced stages "matured" and the US and even Israel knows this so US wants it to be within the permissible ceiling like other US's satellites " the Pakistani example" where it doesn't compete or challenge the Israeli nuclear arsenal. This will provide a reason for Israel not to join the international treaty on one hand and to balance the Sunni A-bomb of Pakistan with a Shiite Iranian A-bomb on other hand, all under close American supervision.. "the same equation adopted in Iraqi politics"

I 100% agree with your analysis that the intentions, *final goal* of the U.S. is to destroy Arab nations & nationalism as US or Israel never can come to terms with Arabs, "certainly, the crushing majority are nationalists like any other nation", while, in several occasions, both US and Israel collaborated and even fought together with what they call today Islamic terrorists, their own creature.

It doesn't need much googling to discover how these criminal terrorist groups were created, trained and financed by US and Israel. It's well known how Hamas was encouraged, if not founded, by Israel.

Now they're taking these very terrorists of their own creation, as pretext to wage wars against Arabs in particular and Muslims in general, a kind of "black ops".

These Islamic organizations have the same hierarchy and styles as those of the Zionist organizations of Hagganah, Shtern,....etc who were the first to introduce terror, and bombing of civil soft targets to our region and the world during 1940's in the quest to destroy Palestinian nation and install Israel, regretfully, human's memory is so weak. They were the first to adopt black ops Nazi's practice in the region, the failed bombing of several western embassies in Cairo known as "Navon scandal" to foment against Egypt ( only one example).

The US-Israeli contribution into finding these ultra radical Islamist terror organizations was intended to balance and fight Arab nationalists under the slogan of Islamic brotherhood. If it's a matter of debate in the west,it's an axiom to people here.

At any rate, Arabs where a primary target of such destructive wars for centuries now, but all the conquerors or occupiers vanished in the trash heap of history, even not one of those conquerors can name a single hero or heroine of their military leaders like they do with other wars like those in Europe or WWII or against Napoleon.

Most of the last of "the Brits" occupier military prominent leaders are "sleeping" quietly in Iraq's cemeteries raging from the south to north. We maintain them well.

The Ottomans ruled Iraq "directly to the south of Turkey" for centuries and applied Turkish-ism by brutal force, where are they now, since 1917. (in fact they left with their Turkish language is about 70% Arabic while Arabic virtually doesn't contain a single Turkish, Persian or English...... words)

As for those 'good' anti-imperialists who disagree, with all respect, I tell them to take the burden to read the archive of the Israeli news papers of 1982-83 like Ha'artz or the papers of the neocons and Kissinger......there are a hell of written documents, studies, books and plans by the U.S. Imperialists and Zionists on how to "Balkanize" Arab states that had already been partially Balkanized in the infamous Syks-Pico agreement after WWI to plant a Zionist state in the heart of Arabia. Now they want to secure that plantation with more division with "co-operative" rulers installed. Just read the Nahom Feldman's dividing constitution, so called the "new sovereign Iraq constitution", that permits to establish 18 federals, in fact independent micro states where local constitutions over rule the country's federal constitution!. Question, who's this Feldman???!


Courtesy Liz Burbank

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