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Hadi Al Ameri, Head of the Badr Brigades, blames Arabs for Iran’s influence in Iraq

A senior Iraqi Shiite politician says Iran’s influence in Iraq is the result of Arab countries’ desertion of its government. Hadi al-Ameri who heads the military wing of the Supreme Islamic Council, Iraq’s largest Shiite political group, said Arab sates have abandoned Iraq and as a result it had no choice but turn to Iran. The SIC is the largest group in the current Shiite and Kurdish coalition ruling the country. Ameri made the remarks during a visit to Cairo where he met Amer Sulaiman, head of the Egyptian intelligence and Amer Mousa, Arab League secretary-general. "You (Arabs) deserted us. You sold us. And we have no door to knock but Iran," Ameri said in response to a question on Iran’s increasing influence in Iraq...


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Hadi Al Ameri, Head of the Badr Brigades, blames Arabs for Iran’s influence in Iraq

Mustafa Amara, Azzaman


Shiites blame Arabs for Iran’s influence in Iraq

June 9, 2007

A senior Iraqi Shiite politician says Iran’s influence in Iraq is the result of Arab countries’ desertion of its government.

Hadi al-Ameri who heads the military wing of the Supreme Islamic Council, Iraq’s largest Shiite political group, said Arab sates have abandoned Iraq and as a result it had no choice but turn to Iran.

The SIC is the largest group in the current Shiite and Kurdish coalition ruling the country. Ameri made the remarks during a visit to Cairo where he met Amer Sulaiman, head of the Egyptian intelligence and Amer Mousa, Arab League secretary-general.

"You (Arabs) deserted us. You sold us. And we have no door to knock but Iran," Ameri said in response to a question on Iran’s increasing influence in Iraq.

Iraqi Shiites are Arabs and traditionally they have supported Arab issues and fought tenaciously during the 1980-1988 war with Iran.

Iraqi government’s relations with Arab states are strained and last week Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki accused 'some Arab quarters’ of hatching a coup against his administration.

Maliki’s opponents are working to unseat him but have failed to win the needed majority in the Shiite-dominated parliament.

Sunni factions as well as the former Shiite Prime Minister Ayad Alawi have formed a new front to topple Maliki.

But they have failed to win over the Kurds, Maliki’s allies, and were snubbed by other Shiite groups, namely the influential movement led by cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

Ameri said attempts to split the current coalition were doomed to failure.

He said Arab states were not at equal distance from the various political factions in Iraq.

The government has repeatedly accused some Arab states of supporting groups fighting U.S. and Iraqi troops and resorting to violence to achieve their aims.

Hadi Al Ameri, Head of Badr Militia, is Iran's First Man in Iraq

Al-Mendhar News Center<

November 7, 2005

Al Malaf website – Amman – Special – Badr and the Supreme Council are financially and organizationally under the Iranian Army General Staff. Their monthly budget is 3 million dollars.

Al Malaf Net has obtained very important documents that disclose some aspects of the Iranian security, intelligence and military interference in Iraq through its most significant allies on the Iraqi arena, The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution and its affiliated militia (Badr Organization). The documents obtained by Al Malaf Net mainly speak about the role played by Hadi Al Ameri, head of the Shiite Badr Militia, who is also heading the Integrity Committee in the Iraq Parliament.

It is well-known that the leaders of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution, with its military wing (Badr Brigade) were based in Iran during the years, preceding the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. They used to receive support and orders from the Iranian security authorities.

During the past two years, many Iraqi patriotic politicians have been talking about the Iranian intervention in the Iraqi affairs through the council and Badr militia. These politicians were accused on behalf of Iran and its allies that they were agents for the United States. The serial of the issue of such penetration and the talk about it is still continuous. A few days ago, Al Janabi Clan has accused Iran, and what it called as Iranian agents in the Iraqi Interior Ministry of being behind the assassination of the lawyer Sa'dun Al Janabi, the lawyer of one of the assistants of ousted Iraqi president. Approximately two months ago, a scandal was launched about the smuggling of engines of the Iraqi MiG-29 planes in a garage belonging to Badr Organization and that they were on their way to be exported to Iran, in addition to the exportation of many equipments of the military industries council through the borders to Iran. Moreover, organizations of Islamic and humanitarian names have spread in Iraqi southern cities, which many press and security reports state that they are run on behalf of the Iranian intelligence "Ettelaat". Al Janabi clan has also confirmed the existence of a floor in the Interior Ministry, which is under the control of the Iranian intelligence "Ettelaat", where active Sunni elements are tortured and murdered. This accusation has urged the British ambassador in Baghdad to demand Al Ja'fari's government to investigate on this issue. In addition, there are operations of exporting great quantities of weapons to Iraq, the entry of large numbers of Ettelaat and Revolutionary Guards elements to Iraq, and the suspicious and dangerous flow of Iranian drugs to a country that has not known this "epidemic" in the past.

Reports coming from Iran state that Iran is the one behind the programmed operations of kidnap and assassination targeting elements opposing it, who are mainly Sunnis. These operations are executed by persons dressed in "police uniform and riding vehicles belonging to the interior ministry.' The accusations in this regard are numerous and the list of those assassinated or kidnapped is full, the most prominent of whom is the lawyer Sa'dun Al Janabi and Mohamed Awad Al Bandar, the official in the former regime, who is currently detained, on behalf of the multinational alliance forces.

With regard to understanding the nature of the Iranian role in Iraq, several security and press reports stress Hadi Al Ameri, the most prominent identity in this equation, who possesses all the keys relating to the connections with Iran and is the in charge of the strongest security authority in Iraq at present; Badr Organization.

Who is Abu Hassan Al Ameri?

Hadi Farhan Abdullah Al Ameri, known as "Abu Hassan Al Ameri", is currently leading Badr Organization and is one of the figures that are directly connected to the Iranian Al Quds Brigade.

Al Ameri's journey started with the Shiite opposition, by the beginning of the 80s, when he left Iraq to Jordan, where he remained for a few days before moving to Syria. In Syria, he contacted the Supreme Council and he was transported to Iran. He spent all the following years there.

Al Ameri holds the Iranian nationality under the name of Hassan Ameri and his wife is Iranian. He usually visits Iran and meets with Qassem Sulaimani, the head of Al Quds Brigade, under the Iranian guard forces, on a regular basis.

While being in Iran, Al Ameri played a role in torturing the Iraqi prisoners, who were captured by Iran during the Iraqi-Iranian war. Prisoners who returned from there accuse him of being the cruelest against them. This role helped him to reach the status that he occupies in the eyes of the Iranians.

In 1986, Abu Hassan joined Badr Brigade and was enrolled in the Higher 'Dafos' Course in the Command and General Staff College in Imam Al Hussein University, under the Iranian guard forces. His rank is equivalent to a Brigadier General in the revolutionary guard.

During the past two years, Abu Al Hassan Al Ameri, Abu Hassan Al Ameri maintained his connections with Al Quds Brigade. His salary is regularly sent from Iran to his account no. 3014 as a member in Al Quds Brigade. The number of his file in Al Quds Brigade pay roll is 10074. He receives more tan 2 million and 600 thousand Iranian riyals a month, which is equivalent to the salary of a Brigadier General in the Iranian revolutionary guard.

Abu Hassan had contacts in Iran with the top command in Al Quds Brigade, such as Qassem Sulaimani and Qa'ani, commander of the Brigade and his deputy, in addition to the guard Brigadier General Hamed, chief of the intelligence of Al Quds Brigade, Kareem, head of the operations department in Al Quds Brigade, the guard Brigadier General Irej Masjedi, the guard Brigadier General Ahmed Faruzenda, the guard Brigadier General Mohamed Ja'fari, the chief of staffs of the guard forces and the other commanders of the guard forces. He used to meet with them and receive his orders directly from the guard Brigadier General Qassem Sulaimani, Masjedi and Ja'fari.

During the fall of the former regime, he was accompanied with the commanders of Zafr Base, under Ramadan Base, when he entered the city of Al Imara for the first time through Mahran borders station.

Al Malaf Net has sufficient information that clearly state that Abu Hassan submits security reports on the conditions in Iraq to Qassem Sulaimani during each visit he makes to Iran.

On February 20, 2002, he went to Kermanshah through Al Kut. He participated in meetings with Al Quds Brigade. On February 30, 2002, he participated with Abu Zarr Al Khalesi, who arrived at Kermanshah through Baqubah, a day earlier, to participate in a meeting with Al Quds Brigade, under the guard forces, and receive the guidelines and directions from the guard Brigadier General Ja'fari.

The information also states that on February 28, 2003, he participated in a meeting with the commanders of Fajr Base in Al Ahwaz City and in January 2005, he met with the commanders of Al Quds Brigade at a borders station.

Badr Forces, under the Supreme Council for the Islamic revolution
Abu Hassan Al Ameri, a high-ranking member in the Central Committee of the institution, known as the Central Authority, which is the biggest security-military organization in Iraq that plans and executes tens of military and security operations against Iran's opposers in various Iraqi cities, on a daily basis. He works directly under the command of Abdel Aziz Al Hakim.

The Central Authority receives its Fatwas for the assassination operations directly for Khamenei office. Targets are specified in coordination with the command of the Iranian Ramadan Base. Hence, any agreed upon operation is executed. The Central Authority has 7 main members, who are currently officials at the interior ministry or the Iraqi police, according to the reports.

The security reports, which were disclosed by knowledgeable political sources to Al Malaf Net in Amman, state that among the new security tasks that Badr Organization was assigned to achieve, while the Iraqi parliamentary elections are approaching, is the physical liquidation of the opposers of the Iranian regime, or assassinating them politically and spiritually through distorting their image in the Iraqi street by fabricating false stories that suggest doubt to their patriotism or life history, or accusing them of corruption, etc.

The same documents state that Hadi Al Ameri receives a sum of 3 million dollars a month as salaries for the affiliates of Badr Brigade all over Iraq, in addition to other sums that are sent for executing terrorist-intelligence operations and activities by Badr Brigade. This is executed through delegating the financial official of Badr organization to Iran and carrying the sum into Iraq.


Date: 26/07/2005

Paying the expenses and salaries of the members of Badr Organization and the Supreme Council for the Islamic revolution, on behalf of Al Quds force, under the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Brigade

In reference to the confidential information that we obtained about Al Quds Force, under the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Brigade, during the past two and half years since the fall of the former Iraqi government, the office of Khamenei and Al Quds Force has continued to pay the salaries of the members of Badr Organization, the Supreme Council and the necessary expenses in Iraq. It did not specify a time for stopping paying such money. The last portion of the organization and council salaries were paid until last June.

It is worth mentioning that the documents obtained from Iran clearly show the financial relations between Badr Organization and the Supreme Council with the Iranian regime, two years after their return to Iraq.

Documents prove that the Supreme Council is affiliated to the Iranian regime and include the budget of the Supreme Council for the Islamic revolution in Iraq.

The first document includes a message sent by the Supreme Council for the Islamic revolution in Iraq to Al Nasr Command Committee. The second document states the estimation of the budget of the Supreme Council for the fiscal year 1382, which corresponds to 2003 AD.

Due to the financial system in the Iranian armed forces, which pays the budget in Iranian hard currency (toman) and paying the member of the Supreme Council for the Islamic revolution in Iraq in dollars, it shows a difference in the sums, when converting the Iranian currency into dollars. This was the topic of the message sent on behalf of the supreme council, in which it demanded Al Nasr Command to make up for the difference. It is worth mentioning that there are three types of currencies for exchange in Iran.

Additional information states that the financial affairs official in the Supreme council for the Islamic revolution in Iraq has traveled to Iran, one day after sending the message, i.e. on 12/05/2003. He attended a meeting with Colonel Haras Gholami, an official in the planning and programming department (the Budget and Considerations Administration) in the headquarters of the General Command of the Iranian Armed Forces. The two of them have solved the dilemma of the financial differences. The translation of the message as we received it with all its linguistic mistakes is as follows:

Document 1

In the name of the Almighty Allah
The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq – Number: …451
The Executive Committee
Date: 21/02/1982

To: The honorable Al Nasr Command Committee/ Budget and Financial Affairs

Subject: Applied Differentiation

Due to the current sensitive conditions in Iraq, it is necessary to estimate the salaries f the Supreme Council officials as perfect as possible.

Therefore, please advise of the applied differentiation sum of the minimum for the officials of the supreme council in the current year, if possible.

We wish you continuous success,

Head of the executive Committee
Mohamed Taqi Al Mawla (Signed)

A copy to:
The Armed Forces General Staffs – Planning, Programming and Budget department – (for preparation)
Presidency of the Supreme Council for the Islamic revolution in Iraq (for studying)

Document 2

The following document refers to the approved budget in 1381 (Iranian chronology), corresponding to 2002 AD, and the suggested budget on behalf of the Armed Forces General Staffs in 1382 (2003 AD). The Supreme Council for the Islamic revolution in Iraq officially receives the salaries of its affiliates from Tehran. They are actually in Iraq. The Supreme Council is considered as a division affiliated to the Iranian Armed Forces General Staffs. It is worth mentioning that the suggested budget of the Supreme Council has been designated in case of its existence in Iraq. The expenses for the council are not designated in case it existed in Tehran.

A table of the financial considerations for the Supreme Council, suggested on behalf of the Iranian Armed Forces General Staffs

The sums are estimated in Riyals (the Iranian currency)

Subject: The financial considerations approved in 1381 (2002 AD). The suggested budget on behalf of the General Staffs for 1382 (2003 Ad)


Salaries and bonuses: 4,000,000,000 4,000,000,000
The Feast Bonuses: 216,000,000 216,000,000
Work Bonuses: 70,000,000 52,000,000
Expenses of duties, transportation and telecommunications: 137,000,000 120,000,000
Treatment: 135,000,000 135,000,000
Rent: 88,000,000 88,000,000
Phone Expenses: 20,000,000 20,000,000
The expenses of agreed upon services, obsoletes, fuel, water, electricity: 738,000,000 700,000,000
Expenses of Commodities and equipments in service: 168,000,000 80,000,000
Courtesy and ceremonies Expenses: 630,000,000 500,000,000
Burial expenses: 5,000,000 4,000,000
Expenses of security affairs, protection and security personnel: 400,000,000
Electronic security: 268,321,536
Confidential: 125,000,000 125,000,000
Purchasing services: 280,000,000
Considerations of programs, plans, and new programs of the Supreme Council: 1,000,000,000
Total: 9,127,851,536 6,560,000,000

The Assassination of Megbel Al Sheikh Issa

Details of the assassination of Mr. Megbel Al Sheikh Issa, a Sunni member of the Iraqi constitution drafting committee, on behalf of the agents of the Iranian Al Quds Force

Date: 08/08/2005

Upon orders issued on behalf of Fajr Camp in Ahwaz, under the Iranian Al Quds Force, the Unified Islamic Front, Al Nasiriyah Branch, which consists of Badr Organization, Al Shaban 15 Movement, the Islamic Front Organization and the Islamic Da'wa Party – Iraq Organization, and …., have held a meeting in July 2005 in Al Nasiriyah. They have selected their targets for terrorist operations and listed the following names on the assassination list:

1. Sheikh Hareth Al Dhari
2. Mesh'an Al Jabouri
3. Dr. Iyad Allawi
4. Hazem Al Sha'lan
5. Dr. Mohsen Abdel Hameed
6. Major General Rasheed Fleih, from the interior ministry
7. Dr. Megbel Al Sheikh Issa
8. Dr. Kamal Al Obaidi
9. Iyham Al Samera'i (former electricity minister)

Upon the aforementioned plot, Dr. Megbel Al Sheikh Issa was assassinated on 19/07/2005 with another member in the constitution drafting committee.

Within a related context, a confidential report (issued in its linguistic, dictation and grammatical mistakes), which was sent on behalf of the groups affiliated to Fajr Camp, has explained the details of the assassination as follows:

"On 19/07/2005, Dr. Megbel Issa and Dr. Kamel Al Obaidi, members of the constitution drafting committee were chased and eliminated, as they were against the federation plan in the south, in addition to supporting and approving terrorism. They also desired to use the resources of the south western Iraqi regions. Meanwhile, they were presenting a plan that was not in favor of the south of Iraq and saying that the federation system would lead to the division of Iraq and the south of Iraq would turn into an Iranian province, as the majority of residents in the south are from Iran."

The names of the persons who executed this operation are as follows:
Abu Ali Al Ibrahimi, from Badr Organization
Mohamed Dhidan, from Badr Organization
Abu Ali Al Baghdadi, from Shaban 15 Movement
Abu Ali Al Mashrafawi, from Al Da'wa Party – Iraq Organization
Abbas Fadhel, from Shaban 15 Organization
Abu Ahmed Al Madab, fro Da'wa Party - Iraq Organization
Abdel Basset, from the Islamic Front Organization

It is worth mentioning that the operation has been executed by shooting them at the end of the meeting of the constitution drafting committee, on their way home at 12.00 noon. The two persons who shot them were Mohamed Zidan, from Badr Organization and Abbas Fadel, from Shaban 15 Movement.

Source: AL Malaf Net

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