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Khaled Amayreh

March 5, 2009

It seems that one doesn’t have to wait four years to find out that Hillary Clinton is just a fraud, very much like her predecessor in the job, Condoleezza Rice.

The infamous Rice paid 24 visits to Occupied Ramallah and Occupied Jerusalem, babbling about the "peace process" and George Bush’s vision of two states living side by side in peace, Israel and Palestine.

Eventually, however, it was proven beyond any doubt that she was a lying emissary representing even a more lying boss.

So one may really wonder if Hillary Clinton will be re-enacting the same absurd show, same lies, and same deception.

In her recent visit to Occupied Palestine, the former NY senator, who had proven herself a submissive pawn in the service of Zionist circles, reiterated the same old platitudes about US commitment to the "two-state" solution.

However, she didn’t dare utter a word against the unmitigated expansion of Jewish colonies in the West Bank. Needless to say, it is obvious that the relentless intensive building of Jewish-only colonies has already rendered the prospect of a viable Palestinian state utterly unrealistic, if not outright impossible.

Even pro-Israeli stalwarts, people like Bob Simon of CBS, have come to recognize that the two-state solution is dead and that time has passed it by.

If so, how could the Obama administration be truly committed to the two-state solution when the same administration keeps encouraging Israel to build more and more and more colonies on occupied territories? Silence in this case means approval, and both the American monkey and the Israeli organ grinder know it quite well.

Far from calling the spade a spade, Mrs. Clinton dutifully asserted US commitment to Israel’s security, as if the Nazi-like apartheid regime, which possess hundreds of nuclear warheads and has one of the world’s strongest armies, were facing any credible threats.

Clinton was quite silent about the recent genocidal onslaught on Gaza which left the bulk of the coastal territory thoroughly destroyed and more than 6,000 men, women and children dead or maimed, thanks to the American-made and American-supplied weapons of death that Israel unleashed against the thoroughly starved and defenseless people of Gaza.

Such a silence just enforces the impression that Clinton is not really capable of behaving honestly, a sine-qua-non for possessing the ability to make a just and durable peace. After all, she belongs to a politically-promiscuous generation of American politicians in whose lexicon words like honesty and morality and justice don’t really exist.

Let us examine a few other statements uttered by Mrs. Clinton. While in Jerusalem, she said that Israel had the right to defend itself and that no country would tolerate rockets being fired on its population centers.

Well, this is a half-truth that is worse than a big lie.

It is so because she callously ignored the fact that the junkyard-made "rockets" were actually a desperate outcry by a people languishing under a criminal siege unprecedented in its harshness since the Ghetto Warsaw siege in 1942-43.

So, one might ask Mrs. "Innocent Abroad" what she thought the tormented prisoner population of Gaza should do as Israel has effectively been transforming their enclave into a real concentration camp? Die quietly? Or just accept the status of wood hewers and water carriers vis-à-vis the Ubermenschen, the Chosenites?!!

Or just examine another repugnant statement made by her while having a chummy chat with Israeli Prime-Minister designate Benyamin Netanyahu who repeatedly declared that he wouldn’t allow the creation of a real and sovereign Palestinian state on the West Bank?

Clinton pointed out that she would work with any government chosen by the people of Israel?

Well, then why she is refusing to deal with any government chosen by the Palestinian people?

Does she think the Palestinians are "children of a lesser God" who have yet to come of age if they ever will?

Indeed, who does this lady think she is to deny our people their natural God-given right to elect the government of our choice?

A few weeks ago, Israelis elected a new Knesset a majority of whose members are bona fide fascists, many of whom shamelessly demand ethnic cleansing of non-Jews. Others advocate genocide against the Palestinian community whose existence in Palestine predated the arrival of East European Khazari immigrants by thousands of years.

But we heard nothing from Clinton, or Obama or the other political whores of Washington, D.C., past and present, whose one-eyed approach to the Arab-Israel conflict is responsible for the enduring bloodshed and oppression in this part of the world.

Another point. Mrs. Clinton might be tempted to think that the blood money she pledged for the reconstruction of Gaza and propping-up the Palestinian Judenrat in Ramallah would induce the Palestinians to choose a government that would give up or compromise the inalienable rights of our people to return to their homes and towns in what is now Israel. But, nay, this won’t happen, come what may.

This won’t happen, because what is in the heart is in the heart, and collaborators and quislings, no matter what grand titles they have, shall eventually be crushed.

And now a few words for those gullible Palestinian and Arab leaders who entertain the same false hopes every time a new American administration comes to power.

It is time you realize that without a real revolution in Washington, one that would deliver the American government and people from the Zionist stranglehold, there is not the slightest chance in hell that America will be able to accomplish peace in Palestine.

Today, Israel tightly controls the American government, including Congress, as well as the media, especially the so-called agenda-setter media. Moreover, Israeli leaders are bragging about Israel’s predominance in American political life.

"We don’t ask our American friends to do this or that , we order them to do it," suggested one Israeli official recently.

This means that as long as Israel continues to call the shots in Washington D.C. and as long a American officials such as Hillary Clinton continue to shake at the mere thought of upsetting the powerful Zionist lobby, which exploits America and her resources for the purpose of achieving Jewish-Zionist territorial aggrandizement in the Middle East, counting on America to bring peace to this region borders on illusive and delusional day-dreaming.

For sure, a country that is nearly hopelessly enslaved by Jewish money and Jewish power, is not free to achieve peace.

Such a state should be called the "United States of Israel," not the "United States of America."

In recent years and months, some American politicians warned of the grave consequences of America’s phenomenal subservience to Israel.

Michael Scheuer, a former CIA analyst now a consultant to CBS News, was quoted as saying that "our unqualified support of Israel was the main reason for 9/11."

Anthony Zinni, George Bush’s first envoy to the Middle East declared that "the United States invaded Iraq for Israel and oil."

Now, Israel is pushing and bullying the Obama administration to attack Iran in order to ensure Israel’s military supremacy in the Middle East and beyond.

Some American government officials privately acknowledge this bullying, but are reluctant to speak openly lest they lose their jobs.

What is crystal clear though is that America’s embrace of Israeli colonialism and criminality will just preclude any genuine chance of peace in Palestine.

In Short, America needs to produce politicians who are more honest than fearing the wrath of the Jewish lobby.

However, this won’t happen until mainstream America discovers the disastrous role Israel and her agents play in America’s national life.


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