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Islamic Army in Iraq: An open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama - A golden opportunity to accomplish the mission

Islamic Army in Iraq


May 4, 2009

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

An open letter to U.S. President Barack Obama / A golden opportunity to accomplish the mission.

Praise be to Allah, Peace and prayers upon our Prophet Mohammed and all the prophets, after all:

A group of Americans created a myth named "terror" and have changed and applied its meaning whenever they so desire. They planned their corrupt war on Iraq based on lies and fallacies in order to assert control over the sources of energy and maintain the security of Israel according to the Greater Middle East plan. This has put America in a serious and difficult situation, and the results are:

On Iraq:

Turned a country known for its’ peaceful coexistence between citizens, scientific progress, absence of illiteracy, free health care and free education; to a divided, scary, and backward country. The occupation and sectarian militias killed 4% of the Iraqi people, made 8% of Iraqi women widows, orphaned 16% of Iraqi children, abandoned 15% and detained more than 2%. 40% of the professors left the country, 84% of the universities were looted and the illiteracy rate has reached 30%. About 76% of Iraqis do not have healthy water, 54% of households are living in poverty and unemployment has exceeded 50%. With the current level of government corruption, Iraq is now at the top of the list of most corrupt government administrations in the whole world. The environment was destroyed and Iraq has became a country which depends on imports as it does not produce anything. Drugs are widespread across the streets after Bush's democracy, while prior to the invasion Iraq was a drug free country. The security situation has continually deteriorated, kidnappings and extortion has spread. All of this was aimed at destroying the social relations between Iraq’s ethnic groups and changing its demographics and population ratios. As an example the percentage of Sunni Arabs is at least 42% but centers in America infiltrated by Chalabi and others loyal to Iran passed a lie that the percentage of Sunni Arabs is 20%. So what did they want to do with the rest of the Sunni arab ?,The percentage of Sunni Arabs in the state institutions was limited to 6%!

The Bush administration dissolved the army and replaced it with corrupted sectarian troops and security services which do not adhere to the professional nature of their work. They also imposed a distorted constitution to disrupt the country and disperse its people. They dissolved the state’s institutions and established a political process that has produced a sectarian government loyal to Iran, following its orders with some of its leaders having Iranian origins and loyalties. In this dark political environment Maliki combines dictatorship with sectarian intolerance. He publicly claims reconciliation but keeps being an Authoritarian and in the shadows his sectarian militias, some of which he was leading commit the most heinous crimes with the blessing of U.S. troops. He then puts them under government cover to gloss over their past crimes and facilitates them to commit more crimes in a formal capacity. So today the Iranian project is proceeding with Sunni bloodshed, codified within the laws of the State and protected by government troops.

The human rights situation has reached the worst proportions with torture becoming a systematic, normal procedure for the occupation and its government. The horrible prisons both known and unknown are filled with innocent people who were taken in with treachery, which is forbidden in all sects, policies and laws, and some of them have spent years without charge or trial, while others have died or were killed under torture in Iraqi and American prisons such as Abu Ghraib and Jadriya; these are some of the results of the evil occupation.

On America:

The Unipolarity which America worked for decades to achieve has collapsed, and it has lost its position in the world. Its economy has slumped and fallen into the trap of financial crisis; its repercussions that will last for a long time. Some countries revolted against America and it was not able to support its allies. It has wasted huge amounts of taxpayers money which would have been more sensibly spent on scientific programs, human security, world peace and the preservation of the environment. Billions of reconstruction funds were stolen in the largest fraud of the modern era with coordination between the leaders of the Green Zone and the large American companies which specialize in occupying countries, and bringing down regimes; all to keep the wealth flowing into the pockets of those warlords and vampires.

The number of deaths suffered by the occupation troops has exceeded forty thousand and the number of injured has exceeded ninety thousand; and those who survived were not able to survive the wounds of madness, mental disorder and the types of diseases that has result to committing suicide. This outcome was not recorded by the U.S. Army before, It’s really a terrible situation.

Still America’s national security is threatened, the world has more fear and panic, and explosions happen everywhere, increasing day by day. The interests of America made as appeals to states and individuals, have shown America stumbling in its policies, starting from Afghanistan to Darfur, Iran ,Pakistan, Iraq and Palestine. Bushs' allies were defeated in both the House of Representatives and Senate elections and ultimately in the Presidential elections. The attacks of the resistance were the reason behind this as the American people chose to vote and support policies of withdrawal and change.

Master of the White House:

The arrogance and stupidity of the previous administration whose president announced on this day in the first year of occupation that "Mission Accomplished", gave Iran influence that may enable it to dominate oil resources without the loss of a single dollar or firing a single bullet. It must change, and dealing effectively with the "Iraqi quagmire" should not be done with patchwork and short term solutions, but with changing the American policy in Iraq. The most important solution to the great mistakes committed by the Bush administration is the reversal of the current "ethnic sectarian" political process, and leaving the leadership of the country to its loyal sons, and note that your own advisers and assistants see that the political process in Iraq since April 2003 is completely wrong and can not be repaired or patched up and that the best solution lies in its complete abolition. Worrying from that procedure is untrue, and those who defended their religion, country and the rights of their people are the ones who own the right to decide the fate of their country, not those who shared in the destruction of the country and killing of its people.

The first decade of this century witnessed a huge reversal in the values of humanity and exposed the falsehood of what the Americans themselves call for in their literature and speeches. America acquired the hatred of the nations of the eastern and the western world, and what the CIA gained from illegal and secret operations like kidnapping civilians, torturing detainees, spying on people, involvement in scandals contrary to law and morality, and drug trafficking in cooperation with the gangs that produce them, has caused a revival in the cultivation of cannabis to increase seven folds in Afghanistan during the U.S. occupation. All the aforementioned problems show the great corruption in the most important system you have, where the officials took advantage from their position in (countering terrorism) and (reconstruction) and other cases, overlooked American laws and human morality, and smeared their institutions through the spilling of blood, and the commitment of sins and crimes. Although a positive step along this route was gained from the recent announcement of abolishing torture in interrogations, changing the name of "fighting terrorism" and seeking to close down Guantanamo Bay prison; we hope that this will begin a change for truth and substance and not just in name and form only.

There should be as a follow-up the files of CIA ,torture ,the abuses of human rights and the stolen funds; all of which should affect the U.S. and Iraqis officials alike, and what the Minister of Justice recently announced is a step in the right direction.

We believe that the justice of Almighty Allah is going to pursue the criminals and they will not escape from the punishment in this life nor in the hereafter. We believe that the more injustices you have, the greatest of Almighty Allah's wrath and wrath of his worshipers. Also we believe that the end of the powerful nations comes when they reach the peak of injustice and tyranny. Do you like that Muslims face you with this? Where Almighty Allah is their helper especially in these times where the nation prepared for Jihad and to fight the assassins, and when the righteous and the servants of Allah are obedient; the heroes who experienced terrible warfare took over the leadership of Jihad and they are on the rise, whom the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) promised them that they will still have the victory till the Day of Resurrection. In the nation there are those righteous ones whom Allah listens to their prayers, and doesn’t ignore their requests and shows anger for their anger and is pleased with their satisfaction, so can you feel secure that those oppressed gain retaliation from the God of all creatures who help the oppressed and accept his prayer and promise to gain him the victory no matter how long it takes? However, if we see goodness from the American people we will treat them well, otherwise who have been oppressed Allah will make him victorious.

Master of the White House:

Islam, our religion, gives everyone their rights, forbids all kinds of injustice, ensures justice for all human beings and aims to disseminate good virtues and ethics ,and the achievement of human security and peace for all people. This same religion necessitated us to resist the occupation by all legitimate and possible means and tofaceany attempt to eliminate our presence, deform our identity, rob our wealth or waste our rights. So we defend our religion and country by doing our legitimate duty and exercising our legal rights, and we consider this a great and noble honor. We all reject the designation of the resistance fighters as terrorists, because the terrorist is the one who occupied the country and destroyed it, and it is enough to the resistance its trust in God, its absolute belief in the justice of its cause; and its people and nation recognition of its right.The source of power of the nations is that it is right and the intention to live in freedom and dignity. The country that does not have freedom is not considered a country, regardless of the case. We recognize that no nation was able to rise but only after struggling through the fire of pain, and having patience during the misfortunes, difficulties, murder and hunger, costs much less than accepting the humiliation and submission. So if you want peace then end the occupation and return to the people their rights and sovereignty so that the dialogue will be a method to reach an understanding, not the injustice and aggression. What we are concerned about in the decision of withdrawing the American troops is that this withdrawal is real and confirmed, and that there are no exceptions or additions that cause it to be unreal ,continuation of occupying Iraq and avoidance of responsibility in repairing destruction and leaving without securing compensation for those who suffered by the occupation and its effects will only increase the hatred of America. This hatred will continue with the generations, and the facts of history confirm the end of occupation and the defeat of the occupier, however long it takes.The Iraqi resistance can change the situation whenever it wants,it saved a lot of power to the days of the withdrawal, when your troops will be in the most vulnerable situation unless reaching an agreement with the resistance regarding this.

The apology to the Iraqi people, recognition of their right of resistance and handing over the country to its people is the least of your duties towards Iraq. The international community will waste much time and cause a lot of bloodshed by relying on the warlords and traders of corruption before it finds itself at a fait accompli. Dealing with the resistance as a liberation force is the most efficient way to build a fair political system away from the culture of sectarianism and elimination.

Master of the White House:

The Islamic nation possesses more than 60% of the worlds energy source. It has great potential and elements of strength qualifying it to be a key partner in shaping the worlds image, forming its future and making good relationships with other world countries in accordance with the mutual interests between them in order to achieve human security and we will not adopt an unequal policy.So we call upon you and the American people (if there is a just stance for the good of mankind) to return a just balance to the international relations.and to make a new plan for America in order to protect its vital legitimate interests in our Arab and Islamic world. This policy should rely on mutual interests, respecting others, returning the rights to their owners, and removing the injustice formed as a result of the wrong policies at all levels.And to look with eyes of justice to our peoples' legitimate hopes and interests, and do not abuse the interests of our nation and to deal with the true power that was created by the current circumstances. The time of the pawns that you used to move in order to insure your interests has passed, and a new power has emerged that has attracted the Arab and Islamic streets around it to move it in accordance with its goals and strategies so that it can end the crisis and build a better prosperous society.

We are a nation that loves goodness for everyone, one of the best orders of Allah is giving advices to his creatures. Allah has sent the prophets and messengers and there is no greater advice than the advice between the slave and his Lord. The slave must meet Allah and Allah must judge his slave as the Almighty says: (Then shall we question those to whom our message was sent and those by whom we sent it). As for this world its matter is muddy, the biggest one in it is small, the goal of its matter is wealth and leadership,the one who seeks leadership aims to become like pharaoh who Allah drowned in the sea to take revenge on him. The one who seeks wealth aims to be like Qarun whom Allah opened up the ground under him where he will stay until the day of judgment as a punishment for the harm he caused to prophet Moses (peace be upon him).And these are the commandments of the Christ and the prophets before and after him (peace be upon them), all ordered to worship Allah, the pursuit of the hereafter and to be reluctant to go after this worldly life. When the matters of this world used to be ignoble, the greatest thing the leader can offere to his people is knowledge, religion, and observing the things that make them closer to Allah and the conversation in other matters was built around certain manners. The wise ones have asserted that recognizing the greatness of the Islam and that the world has not come across a religion better than it and the evidences require that it must be followed. You know that the religion of Allah is not based on one’s feelings or the parents' traditions, however the wise one looks at what the prophets brought and worships Allah with the correct belief and good work. If the anyone cannot show all of what is inside him to everyone, then he must benefit from it as much as he can. By achieving the worship of Allah, respecting the prophets, spreading of justice, correcting the wrongs, staying away from oppression and crimes will be the biggest guarantee in achieving American national security and the security of the world. The Almighty says: ("It is those who believe and confuse not their beliefs with wrong - that are (truly) in security, for they are on (right) guidance.")

Master of the White House:

Your humanitarian and ethical responsibilities necessitate you to stand with the oppressed nations as we watch with observing eyes at your statements and decisions like your speech in the Turkish parliament. We see that you are at the beginning of the wayso do not give up on your promises to the Americans and other peoples. Allah says: (Then shall anyone who has done an atom's weight of good, see it! * And anyone who has done an atom's weight of evil, shall see it.) You have asked Turkey to make peace with its history for an incident that has not been proven. We ask America to make peace with the present which has filled the earth with injustice. My purpose is to address you in what is best to help you look at the knowledge, follow what is right and do what is needed to be done. If you have who you can trust in his judgement and faith then research with him the sources of knowledge and the truths about religion and do not be like the imitators who do not hear or comprehend. You should ask Allah for help and ask him for guidance and say: Oh Allah show me what is right and help me follow it, show me what is wrong and help me to avoid it and say: Oh Allah the lord of Gabriel, Michael, Israfeel, creator of the heavens and earth, Knower of what is senn and unseen, you judge between your slaves about their decisions, guide me to the truth, by your will you guide who you wish to the right path. Only two things will help you in this world and the hereafter: one of them is for you in particular, which is your knowledge in science and religion, to discover what is right and remove the doubts and worshiping Allah as he ordered for this is better for you than the wealth of this world and it is what Allah sent all his prophets for. The second is for you, your people and for the Muslims- removing the oppression, ending the occupation, accepting responsibility of paying compensations, releasing the prisoners and being good to them. All the prophets have ordered for general mercy and a lot of goodness (for they were sent only as mercy to mankind). You know that the Muslims are the best able to reward the good and bad actions than anyone else, whoever they fight woe be unto him. The president must be knowledgeable and knows the famous epics in old and recent history, still a small number of Muslims can defeat many more, so how is it now when Allah the Almighty has blessed the Muslims with many armies, strong leaders, high morals and their willingness to do what makes them closer to Allah the almighty. their belief that Jihad is the best act of worship ,and their certainty of what the prophet has promised with victory and reward. In this nation the love to sacrifice is not understandable,and there is more to be said,but that is enough for the message.

Allah is responsible for helping those who do good things and makes it easy to say and do what is good for people and make their ending a good one,Praise be to Allah,prayers be upon his prophets espiceally Mohamed,and peace be upon all the prophets.

The Emir of The Islamic army in Iraq
1st of March 2009.

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