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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 1 October 2004

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice


Friday, 1 October 2004.

Seven US troops killed in Resistance bombing.

Resistance bombs exploded under a US column on the road to Samarra’ that was coming out of ad-Dulu'iyah at 3:30pm, destroying four Humvees and killing seven American troops.

US launches campaign of butchery against Samarra’.

According to the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Samarra’, 115 civilian residents of the city had died martyrs in the savage US assault on that city unleashed Friday. That figure seemed likely to rise since there were still many houses that had been blown up over their occupants. More than 154 men, women, and children were wounded according to the correspondent’s figures assembled shortly after midnight Saturday morning. The Resistance has lost between 23 to 25 men martyred, in addition to those who were wounded.

Much earlier on Friday the correspondent reported that thirteen houses had been destroyed in the vicious US attack, and more than 23 private cars set ablaze.

For their part the Iraqi Resistance in Samarra’ early on managed to disable one US Bradley armored vehicle and one troop transport.

The American Associated Press (AP) bragged about their savage attacks on the city and quoted one puppet so-called Iraqi minister as saying that more than 100 Resistance fighters and one American had been killed in the slaughter. As usual the Americans and their stooges concealed the number of their own casualties and ignored their killings of Iraqi civilians.

The AP however quoted a Dr. Khalid Ahmad of Samarra’ General Hospital as saying that 80 bodies had been brought to the hospital and more than 100 injured persons admitted.

American sources had recently claimed that negotiations with religious and community leaders in Samarra’ had produced an agreement "solving" the "problem" of the Resistance in the city to the satisfaction of the American aggressors. Friday’s US slaughter of the city indicates that the charade of the negotiations was a meaningless exercise designed to cover American preparations for a savage military assault.

There have been indications that the US military also welcomes civilian casualties in the hopes that they will in some way "drive a wedge" between the Iraqi people and the Iraqi popular Resistance. The dismal failure of similar attempts by the Zionists in occupied Palestine indicates the absurdity of this American theory.

The Battle of Samarra’

In a dispatch posted at 11:54pm Friday night Mecca time (12:55am Saturday morning local time) the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Samarra’ provided this account of the day of savagery.

At about 4pm local time Friday afternoon US forces assisted by their Iraqi stooge troops advanced into the city from the north, south, and west to try to evict the Resistance that has controlled the city for nearly three months.

After US troops had closed their ring around the city, they were themselves surprised to find that there was yet another ring around their own forces to their rear. The Resistance had counter-encircled them, using their control of the countryside to their advantage, as well as their strength in the areas of Balad, ad-Dulu'iyah, and ath-Tharthar.

Resistance forces not only encircled the attacking Americans but pounded them with powerful Tariq rockets (that have a 33km range) and Grad rockets (whose range is 24km) as well as Katyusha missiles (the large one with a range of 11.3km, the small ones with a range of 8.3km). The Resistance struck the Americans with 120mm mortar rounds (range: 9.2km) and 120mm cannon with a range of 7.2km. The Resistance also advance towards Samarra’, closing its ring as it pounded the American attackers.

The US troops sought to get helicopter gunships to carry out strikes on the Resistance positions. But the helicopters themselves fell into a trap, as their appearance made them easy targets for Resistance ground fire, particularly since the region is an agricultural one, enabling the Resistance fighters to observe the aircraft from close range without exposing themselves.

At 7:25pm a Black Hawk helicopter was downed, the first of what was to be a spectacular series. It was followed by a Cobra, then another Cobra.

US forces attempted to accelerate their own advance into the city by arranging for helicopters to land troops to the west of the city. Chinook helicopters undertook the task but they too were targeted by the Resistance. Each helicopter had an estimated 10 men aboard. Two Apache helicopters were also shot down north of the city with Strela and C5K rockets and the four-barreled 14.5mm Dimitrov.

Resistance forces destroyed four Abrams tanks, seven Humvees, and two armored vehicles. The local correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reports that in all more than 82 Iraqi puppet soldiers and 65 US troops were killed in the battle.

Afterwards, the US withdrew its helicopters from the area and called in F16s and F14s instead to bomb the city.

The bombing lasted for eight continuous hours, during which time 13 large container bombs were dropped, each one containing 3,000 anti-personnel cluster bombs (a total of 39,000 cluster bombs in all). Six containers of napalm, medium to large in size, (i.e., a total of 18,000 napalm bombs), as well as tons of guided bombs, and heat seeking guided bombs.

In those circumstances, the Resistance began its withdrawal from the city out of fear lest the civilian population be massacred by the US firepower. In response, the US advanced "swallowing the land," i.e., seizing every piece of land and stationing on it a contingent of forces.

The Resistance pulled back to the area of ad-Dulu'iyah and al-Makishifiyah. But then after the US forces and their puppet troops entered the city, the Resistance began to surround them, forcing the Americans and their stooges virtually to withdraw to the edges of the city.

In sum, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Samarra’ reported in a dispatch posted at 11:55pm Mecca time Friday night (12:55am Saturday morning local time) that the Resistance holds some 70 percent of the city, while the US and its stooges hold about 30 percent. Clashes were still underway at that hour, and US forces were still preventing food and medicine from getting into the surrounded city.

The correspondent wrote that as of that time, 115 civilian residents of the city had died martyrs in the US assault, but that that figure was likely to rise since there were still many houses that had been blown up over their occupants. More than 154 men, women, and children have been wounded. The Resistance has lost between 23 to 25 men martyred, in addition to those who were wounded.

Resistance pounds US base at Balad airport, hitting troops that butcher people of Samarra’.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the US base at Balad airport with 15 Katyusha rockets at about 10L30pm local time Friday night AND at the same time with 10 powerful Grad missiles.

The reason for the especially massive Resistance attack on the American base is that it is the home base for some of the troops that have gone out to attack the people of Samarra’. Resistance forces have cut the area between Balad and Samarra’, and have ambushed US troops on the main road from Balad to Samarra’ and on the agricultural road with bombs and RPG7 and C5K rockets.

Resistance downs US helicopter.

At about 8:10am Iraqi Resistance forces shot down a US medical Black Hawk helicopter. Four American troops were killed when the helicopter blew up in the air near the city of Balad.

Resistance destroys US armored vehicle, kills four US troops. Americans kill six civilians in a taxi in revenge.

Iraqi Resistance forces fought a violent battle at kilometer 68 near ar-Rabtah in the area of al-Qa’im. The al-Qa’im correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the fighting broke out at 7:10pm and left an amphibious armored vehicle destroyed and four US troops dead. One US armored vehicle sought revenge and fired its heavy machine gun at a passing civilian GMC Suburban taxi, killing six people in the cab.

Resistance blasts US patrol in al-Qa’im area.

Powerful Iraqi Resistance bombs blew up under a US column at 6:00am Friday morning in al-Qa’im on the Syrian border, dividing the column into two parts.

The first part of the column fled from the scene of the attack immediately. The Resistance encircled the second part of the patrol and completely wiped it out.

The attack occurred at the Makr Dhib area. A Humvee was destroyed, killing all aboard it. The Resistance then pulled the Americans from two other Humvees out of their vehicles, killed them, and took their weapons. There were two trucks in the column as well. One carried food supplies, the other carried tires and treads. The Resistance took the drivers prisoner.

Five US troops killed in Iraqi Resistance attack in ar-Ramadi.

Iraqi Resistance bombs exploded under a US Humvee column in the ar-Ramadi area at 5pm Friday, and Resistance fighters then sprang on the convoy firing RPG7s near the Agricultural College in the city where US forces have a headquarters. Five US troops were killed, two Humvees destroyed and one other disabled.

US drops antipersonnel bombs on al-Fallujah.

US aircraft bombed the ash-Shuhada’ neighborhood and the industrial zone in al-Fallujah during the pre-dawn hours of Friday, dropping medium-sized container bombs on the districts. The container bombs scattered more than 3,400 smaller cluster bombs over the area at 1:30am local time, according to Mafkarat al-Islam.. The correspondent wrote that although the bombs scored direct hits and severely damaged four homes, no one was killed in the attack.

US airplane rockets houses in al-Fallujah early Saturday.

Just after midnight, at about 12:20am Saturday morning local time, US aircraft fired a rocket at two houses in the al-Jurayfi neighborhood of al-Fallujah near the at-Tawfiq cathedral mosque in the north of the city. The remains of 10 martyrs were pulled from the rubble of the houses. Those of Ahmad Sulayman al-Jamili were found ripped to pieces by the cluster bombs. Ahmad al-'Arrak was another identified victim. A number of other people were injured in the US attack. In his dispatch posted at 12:59am Saturday morning local time (11:59pm Friday night Mecca time) the al-Fallujah correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the rescue operation was still under way for the residents in the two houses and an unknown number of other people could still lie under the debris.

Resistance attack disables US vehicle.

A Resistance bomb exploded at 1pm Friday at the crossroads to al-Fallujah and Abu Ghurayb west of Baghdad, disabling a US Bradley armored vehicle.

Three Iraqi puppet troops killed in Resistance ambush on Hayfa Street Friday night.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a detachment of US armored vehicles being used by the Iraqi puppet forces on Hayfa Street. The Resistance fired CPG9s and RPG7s, destroying one vehicle at 10:10pm Friday. Three Iraqi puppet troops were killed.

Resistance destroys US MP vehicle in Baghdad.

Resistance forces at 1:45pm Friday attacked an American military police vehicle on the Muhammad al-Qasim highway in the ar-Rusafah area of Baghdad disabling the vehicle

Resistance pounds as-Suqur base south of Baghdad early Friday.

Iraqi Resistance forces pounded the US facilities in as-Suqur south of Baghdad with rockets and mortars on three occasions Friday: at 4:30am, five Katyushas slammed into the base, at 4:40 one Tariq missile hit the facility, and at 5:00am twenty 120mm mortar rounds hit the base, according to the local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam. When the US sent out patrols to search for the source of the bombardments, Resistance forces ambushed one and destroyed three Humvees in the 'Ulwat ar-Rashid area.

Four US troops killed in Ba'qubah area.

An Iraqi Resistance RPG-7 and C5K rocket attack on a US-Iraqi puppet patrol in the Ba'qubah area left four Americans and four Iraqi puppet troops dead at about 7:00am. Later several US patrols come under Iraqi Resistance attack in the Ba'qubah area.

A Resistance bomb exploded in Khan Bani Sa'd at 9:00am damaging a US Abrams tank.

At about 10:00 an Iraqi sharpshooter killed the driver of a US Bradley armored vehicle near the governorate building in Ba'qubah.

A Resistance bomb at 4:00pm damaged a US vehicle in the area.

Two US Marines were killed in an attack on their patrol in the Sadr al-Yusufiyah area.

The Marine patrol of three amphibious armored vehicles and three Humvees ran into Resistance land mines.

Resistance forces shake the US occupation headquarters in the Republican Palace in Baghdad - which they call the "green zone" and the command base in at-Tallah with rockets and mortars.

Two Grad rockets slammed into the "green zone" at 7:00am, and a Tariq hit at-Tallah at 11:00am.

Two US troops killed in Resistance ambush in al-Latifiyah Friday night.

Two US troops and three puppet Iraq so-called "national guardsmen" were killed in an Iraqi Resistance ambush on a joint US-Iraqi puppet patrol in al-Latifiyah at 7:00pm.

Two US troops killed in Iraqi Resistance ambush of a fuel tanker in the al-Latifiyah area.

Resistance forces fired RPG7s, destroying the tanker and killing two US troops at 9:00am Friday morning.

Tank damaged in ambush south of Baghdad.

Resistance forces ambushed two US Abrams tanks in the al-Bu'Isa area south of Baghdad at 6:00am with bombs and CBG9s, damaging one tank.

Resistance bombardments of US facilities Friday.

The joint US-Iraqi puppet base in at-Taji north of Baghdad was hit by two Katyushas at 7:00am.

The US base in the Rawi area near al-Hadithah ws bombarded by two Grad rockets at 7:00am Friday.

The US base in Ba'qubah was bombarded at 9:00am with five Katyushas.

The US base in the village of al-'Awjah in Salah ad-Din Province was hit by four Katyushas an six 120mm mortar rounds at about 1pm.

At 2pm Resistance forces bombarded the US base in Balad with five massive Tariq rockets.

At 3pm the US base at the western outskirts of Ba'qubah was bombarded with six 120mm mortar rounds setting fires inside the camp.

Two Katyushas crashed into the "green zone" at 5pm.

Resistance forces at 6pm bombarded a joint US Intelligence-Iraqi puppet base in al-Karradah in Baghdad in the 'Arafat al-Hindiyah area of the capital with three Katyusha rockets.

At 6pm the Resistance bombarded the US al-Muthanna airbase in Baghdad with nine 82mm mortar rounds.

At 7pm Friday Resistance forces attacked a US camp at the Arab Equestrian Club near Saddam International Airport with two Tariq rockets.

The joint US-Iraqi puppet camp in the as-Suqur area near ad-Durah south of Baghdad was pounded by twenty-nine 82mm mortar rounds at about 9pm.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired 82mm mortar rounds into the US airbase at al-Muthanna in Baghdad at 9:15pm.

Iraqi Resistance forces fired five 82mm mortar rounds into the "green zone" Friday night.

At 10:00pm Resistance forces fired two Katyusha rockets at the puppet so-called ministry of the interior in Baghdad. Then they shelled the puppet police academy two kilometers away with three more Katyushas.

At 10:30pm the Resistance attacked the joint headquarters of the US and Iraqi "national guard" in as-Sayyidiyah in Baghdad with twenty-five 60mm mortar rounds.

Resistance attacks British owned building in Baghdad.

Iraqi Resistance forces throwing hand grenades and firing BKCs attacked a house rented by one of the British companies in the 'Arafat al-Hindiyah area of Baghdad at 8:20pm, killing one guard and one Iraqi puppet policeman and setting fire to the building.

Six US troops killed in ambush near al-Hadithah.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked a large US column heading from al-'Anah to al-Hadithah with two rockets at 6:18pm. Resistance sharpshooters also fired on the convoy and fighters opened up with RPG7s, C5Ks and CBK9s. Six US troops were killed in the attack. Two troop carriers were set ablaze, on of them carrying two armored vehicles that were also destroyed by gunfire. The second transport was carrying an Abrams tank that was only lightly burned, however.

Local residents say that the number of Resistance fighters who took part in the attack was between 25 and 30.

Resistance hits US convoy in al-Ghazaliyah Friday night.

Iraqi Resistance force ambushed a US supply convoy in al-Ghazaliyah firing BKCs and RPG7s, destroying one white Volvo truck carrying military equipment and one blue Ekteruz carrying frames and spare parts. The two truck drivers were also killed - whether they were US military personnel or hired hands is unknown The attack took place 10km from Baghdad on the Abu Ghurayb highway at 10:05pm Friday night.

Three troops killed in Resistance ambush in al-Ghazaliyah.

Resistance forces attacked a joint US-Iraqi puppet patrol in al-Ghazaliyah at 5:05pm with a C5K rocket, killing three soldiers and destroying a white Nissan vehicle.

US blasts Madinat as-Sadr with 22,000 cluster bombs, setting fire to the city, but Resistance fights on.

US F-16 and F-14 aggressor aircraft together with Apache helicopters on Friday night mounted a vicious attack on the Madinat as-Sadr section of Baghdad. The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that the US planes had dropped 11 large and medium-sized anti-personnel container bombs, i.e., a grand total of 22,000 cluster bombs. Each container consists of 2,000 cluster bomblets - internationally prohibited weapons that the Americans have taken to using extensively against population centers in Iraq.

Beginning at 10:52pm Friday night and continuing for over an hour, US invader forces also bombarded the neighborhood with 30 artillery shells fired from the military academy in ar-Rustamiyah and from the as-Saddah area of Baghdad.

In a dispatch posted at 12:05am Saturday morning local time, 11:05pm Friday night Mecca time, the correspondent reported that the US bombing and shelling have ignited fires in several parts of the city that were ablaze as he wrote.

Meanwhile Resistance forces killed seven US troops and three members of the puppet so-called "Iraqi national guard" and several American and puppet vehicles have been destroyed in two Resistance attacks in Madinat as-Sadr.

At 8:45pm Resistance fighters in the al-Kayyarah area of the city attacked US forces by detonating bombs in their path and then opening fire on them with RPGs and DBG9s, disabling three US Abrams tanks.

Then at about 9:15 Resistance fighters in Madinat as-Sadr totally destroyed two Humvees with bombs planted on the Canal Bridge near the building that formerly housed the Ministry of Transport and Communications, killing seven US troops. A green Nissan pickup was also destroyed in the attack, killing three members of the Iraqi puppet forces.

Resistance attack hits Polish aggressor headquarters in al-Hillah.

Iraqi Resistance forces attacked the Babil hotel, now used by Polish aggressor troops as a headquarters in the city of al-Hillah, 100km south of Baghdad with three Katyusha rockets at 5pm. One of the rockets landed immediately behind the hotel, two others struck a parking lot for Jeeps used by the Poles and destroyed at least five vehicles.

Iraq’s Golden Triangle: al-Hillah - as-Samawah drug money pays collaborators, collaborators protect invader troops.

The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reports that most attacks on occupation facilities in al-Hillah are mounted by outsiders because the city itself is made up of people largely sympathetic with the collaborationist Shi'i chauvinist Badr Brigades - the armed wing of the so called Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution of Iraq (SCIRI) which invaded Iraq in tandem with the American aggressors in the spring of 2003. Because the populace of the city has been thus pacified, the Polish forces refer to the city of al-Hillah as the "white chicken," since not one bullet has been fired at them by its residents.

The correspondent also writes that the Japanese forces refer to their main base city as-Samawah as "the white moth" for the same reason. As-Samawah, another city dominated by the Badr Brigades, has become a transit center for the drug trade - narcotics pass through there on their way to the lucrative markets in the Arabian Gulf states. Drugs are reportedly a main source of the income that provides the pay for the pro-American Badr Brigade gunmen.

Bomb takes out US vehicle north of Baghdad.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded in at-Taji at 5pm disabling one US armored vehicle, according to Mafkarat al-Islam.

Resistance forces battle US troops and Kurdish chauvinist Peshmergah militiamen in Kirkuk in several engagements.

At 6:00am bombs went off under a fuel convoy near the at-Tuz village, killing two Americans.

Two Americans were killed when their position was shelled at 9:00am.

Resistance forces used BKCs to attack a Land Cruiser in the area of the governorate building, killing two Peshmergah gunmen and wounding three more severely as well as disabling the vehicle.

CIA, Mossad, and Peshmergah spies die in Resistance ambush in Kirkuk.

Resistance forces killed eight members of various intelligence agencies in Kirkuk on Friday. The local correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam reported that a convoy of three GMCs, two Land Cruisers, and one Mitsubishi was attacked as it came out of Hamrin at 2:00pm Friday. The Resistance fired C5Ks and RPG7s, destroying one GMC, killing two US intelligence officers aboard it.

Three Zionist Mossad agents were killed in the Land Cruiser. They were found in possession of weapons made in "Jerushalim," Ghaddar pistols, also made by the Zionist entity and one of them had a Mossad identity card on which appeared his name.

In addition members of the intelligence service of the Peshmergah Kurdish chauvinists were killed in the Mitsubishi

Three American troops killed in ambush near Mosul.

Resistance forces attacked a US patrol in the Mosul area at 11:00am in the Hamam al-'Alil area, a natural medicinal spring. Three US troops were killed and one Humvee destroyed.

Three US troops killed in ambush in at-Tarimiyah.

Three Americans were killed and five others wounded in an Iraqi Resistance ambush on a US-Iraqi puppet detachment in the at-Tarimiyah area 15km north of Baghdad. A Resistance bomb exploded under the joint patrol destroying two US Humvees and a Nissan Patrol of the Iraqi puppet troops. Three Iraqi puppet troops were also killed.




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