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Syria News - August 20, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

August 20, 2011 - Homs: -At 10:00 am, security forces stormed the Zafarana area near Rastan. Seven people were killed. Among them were Mahmoud Ayoub, a teacher, and his cousin Ahmad Ayoub, killed when an army division shelled their house using RPGs and tanks. Latakia: Ahmad Zanikh ,72 years old from Boustan Samakeh,was martyred today after being wounded by security gunfire for the past couple of days. Idlib: Dreid Jbeilati fell martyr by gunfire in Kherbet Al Joz, and Gassan Zaboot in Bdama fell martyr yesterday because of heavy shooting fire by the security forces too....


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Syria News - August 20, 2011 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria

August 20, 2011

20 Aug 2011 Homs - Firas Buhlaq, a young civilian who was shot dead by the security forces.

Ar-Rastan, Homs - Mahmoud Abu Sultan, a civilian who was shot dead by the security forces. Warning: Shocking content.

(08-20-11) Homs | Martyrs Mahmoud Ayyub and Ahmad Ayyub

Martyrs Mahmoud and Ahmad Ayyub were murdered by Syrian security forces who opened fire killing seven.

(08.18.2011) Homs | Martyr Dr. Mua'ad Al-Hafez murdered by Syrian forces - Free Syria

Martyr Dr. Mua'ad Al-Hafez, a pharmacist, came from Hama to help the victims of Homs and was shot in the head.

20 August 2011- Rastan: footage of defected soldiers, executed brutally by the regime.

(Ugarit news ) 20 Aug 2011 Al-Rastan, Homs - A number of soldiers burned to death by the security forces after they defected and disobeyed the commands to shoot civilians. Warning: Very shocking content.

20 Aug 2011 Ghabaghib, Daraa - One of the civilians killed by the security forces, and his family is crying him.

(08-20-11) Tadmur | Martyrs Before Funeral Procession

Army Tanks that are centered in Talaa camp in Deir Ezzour

20 Aug 2011 Homs - Tanks entering a civilian area, and gunfire in the background

Homs: At 10:00 am, security forces stormed the Zafarana area near Rastan. Seven people were killed. Among them were Mahmoud Ayoub, a teacher, and his cousin Ahmad Ayoub, killed when an army division shelled their house using RPGs and tanks.

Latakia: Ahmad Zanikh ,72 years old from Boustan Samakeh,was martyred today after being wounded by security gunfire for the past couple of days.

Idlib: Dreid Jbeilati fell martyr by gunfire in Kherbet Al Joz, and Gassan Zaboot in Bdama fell martyr yesterday because of heavy shooting fire by the security forces too.

Daraa: Hirak: In Hirak hospital, the security force refused to deliver the bodies of the martyrs of Victory signs Friday to their families, until they sign on statements says that "armed gangs" killed their children, in addition to many strict conditions include the numbers of mourners. The families, therefore sit-in outside the hospital along with others from Hirak people demanding to get the martyrs bodies. The security heavily shoot toward them which resulted big number of injured included 2 kids in critical situation. A surgery conducted to one of the kids in a farm after he has been smuggled from the area. The security kidnapped the bodies of the martyrs to unknown destination. The situation in Hirak now is very critical after a security enhancement reached their in addition to the constant military presence.

Lattakia: A wave of arbitrary arrests in the streets of Qneis area with children among detainees. Several houses have been raided.

Idlib: funeral of the martyr Ismail Mohammad AbdulJalil in his village Basamis in Jabal Zawyeh, after security threatened to take the body if he is not burried immediately. The martyr was working in Aleppo as cleaner and martyred because of his refusal to work with Shabiha (regime's armed thugs).

Idlib: Heavy gunfire in Barah village in Jabal Zaweh.

Qamishli: Ayaz Fawaz Mahmoud from Qamishlu, arrested in Friday of victory "promises" by Shabiha (regime's armed thugs) and was taken to military security branch with about 15 young men who also arrested in the same day after mass demonstrations in the city.

Aleppo: Salah Eddin: Demonstration started from Belal mosque in solidarity with the besieged cities.

Deir Ezzor: demonstration in Shawakh area in solidarity with the besieged cities and a camping of a random arrests.

Aleppo: demonstration in Sokary neighborhood chanting for freedom and toppling of the regime.

Daraa: Inkel: a demonstration set out from around Sead mosque challenging the curfew in the city.

Idlib: gunfire to disperse demonstration in Saraqeb that is setting off in solidarity with besieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: hundreds are demonstrating in the city and chanting in solidarity with besieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Kafar Batna: hundreds demonstrate in the city despite the arrest of many activists and youth in the mass arresting campaign that Saqba Erbeen Kafar Batna area has witnessed.

Damascus: Women demo in Medan neighborhood chanting for freedom and for the fall of the regime.

Damascus suburbs: Rhaiba: Funeral of the martyr Ahmad Abdullah Al-Hussein turned into a demo amid heavy deployment of the army.

Latakia: Security prevents food cars from entering Qnainas.

Homs: a demo for the residents of Bab-Tadmur, Boustan-Diwan and Slaiba neighborhoods,Muslims and Chiristians, in front of Jamal El-Deen mosque and Al-Sayedeh church in Boustan-Diwan.

Latakia: Security uses maps in Qnainas which has red circles around specific houses to break into, and a campaign of arrests now.

Homs: heavy gunfire from machine guns fixed on armored vehicles is being shot into the air and into the houses of Khaldieh streets, the shooting is also damaging parked cars. Moreover, snipers are dispersed on a number of schools' rooftops in the neighborhood, and shabiha (regime's armed thugs) are present at locations of protest. Heavy gunfire is also heard in the neighborhoods of Baba Amro and Qosour.

Darra: Harrak: The army places a condition for the parents to get the bodies of their martyrs, and that would be the presence of only 10 people during the funeral which was rejected by the parents, but still is a possibility that the martyrs will be buried by the army directly.

Daraa: Harrak: Heavy gunfire to scare the residents as well as heavy security and military deployment to apply curfew in the city, and besieging Harrak hospital with keeping the bodies of martyrs there, while Adoounia TV is filming in the empty streets.

Homs: The city witnesses an uneasy calmness and a general strike almost in all markets, while gunfire with different machine guns and anti-aviation in Baba-amro.

Latakia: Security and thugs now starts a campaign to clean the yard of Al-Raml on the background of expectations of an UNRWA visit, where the traces of all the damage and other things are being totally removed from the camp.

Latakia: Electricity is cutoff again from the entire camp after being back for less than 12 hours, still being cutoff from the whole area of Al-Raml since the beginning of the raid.

Latakia: Yousef Nadaf shool in Al-Raml has become a place where security arrests detainees, whose number exceeded 300 ones, and the arrival of new military reinforcements to Al-Raml camp this morning.

Latakia: Security accompanied by thugs (Shabiha), some of them dressed in military uniforms, entered Qnainas neighborhood earlier this morning , some of them settle in the clinic in Mashrro' 9. Campaign of raids and searches of houses extending to all what is in front of them, as children were detained for hours before releasing them while the remaining residents of the area witness lot of tension after a large number of them have fled.

Homs: A convoy of dozens of tanks is heading to Homs via Homs-Hama international road, all land and mobile communications were cutoff in Talbeiseh city.

Homs: A demonstration in Qusoor nieghborhood and Deir Baalbeh chanting for a new president.

Homs: Landline communication has been cut off in most of the city's neighborhoods, and electricity is now off in Bayadah, Deir Balbah and Khaldiah neighborhoods.

Idlib: mass demonstrations set out from the villages of Jabal Zawyeh and meet in Tal Safra.

Lattakia: arresting young men among the families that returned to Raml after receiving promises from endowments and the security that they can return safely.

Jableh:a demonstration set out from Al Mansour mosque despite of the threats residents received to prevent demonstration.

Daraa: Daeel: 4000 protesters took off from Al-Kabeer, Al-Hasan, Al-Ansar mosques and gathered in Al-Awsat (Middle) street chanting in solidarity with Homs, Hama and besieged areas and for martyrs and to topple the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Kesweh: Heavy gunfire toward the houses, the water tanks and the shops interfaces in the main street and the martyrs square. Heavy security, thugs and military deployment in most of the city.

Aleppo: a demonstration with about 1500 participant in Andan in solidarity with besieged cities, while in Tal Rifat the security spread heavily and the electricity has been cut in it for four hours.

Deir Ezzor: Bokamal:a demonstration in thousands is heading towards Horyah square in solidarity with besieged cities.

Homs: heavy gunfire in Baba Amr neighborhood after the demonstration there ,and demonstrations are going on in Bab Sebaa, Ensha'at, Qarabees, Waer neighborhoods.

Daraa: Jasim: heavy shooting to disperse a demonstration that started in Janoby (south) neighborhood after Taraweeh prayer chanted for toppling of the regime and in solidarity with the sieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: about 1500 demonstrators marched from Al Jisr mosque chanted in solidarity with the besieged cities.

Daraa: Hirak: Gunfire to disperse a massive demonstration in the city.

Qamishli: demonsrators set off from Qasmo mosque and they are heading towards Al-Helalyeh roundabout, chanting for freedom.

Damascus: A massive demonstration marched in Midan neighborhood near Jourah graveyard and tamer in Jazmatiah.

Daraa: Inkhel: complete siege and the closure of all entrances by security barriers, which recently increased inside the city.

Lattakia: A demonstration marched from Fatahi mosque in Slaibeh and dispersed quickly because of the heavy security presence. Another demonstration marched from Byraqdar mosque. The security and armed thugs patrols are wandering in the area.

Homs: Kseer: more than 5000 demonstrators in ASsaydah Aysha square chanting in solidarity with Homs and to topple the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Kesweh: A demonstration marched from Abu Baker mosque gathered with two demonstrations marched from Al Kabir and Al Nawasra mosques walking toward the old neighborhoods in the city chanting to topple the regime and to the execution of president, despite the heavy security presence in the main street.

Idlib: two demonstrations one of them set out from Maroshorin and the other from Talnemes toward Marshemsheh partcipating about 2000 in each one of it.

Lattakia: an official TV crew is filming in southern Raml after cleaning it and removing most of the sabotage that the recent military operation resulted. Some of the government officials accompanied a delegation from UNRWA to the neighborhood as it is Jaffa street that most of its Palestinian population fled during the military operation.

Martyrs: Signs of Victory Friday (08.19.2011)

Daraa: Al-Herak
1) Mohammed Mahmoud Atyyah Al-Hariri
2) Husam Jadallah Al-Quaddah
...3) Mohammed Ibrahim Salamat
4) Amir Turkmani
5) Imad Qowman

Daraa: Ghabagheb
6) Mohammed Ali Al-Samrah (shot in the head and heart)
7) Jamal Nazzir Al-Ashish (shot in the heart)
8) Isam Khalil Abboud (shot in the head)
9) Basil Anwar Al-Qa'ed
10) Mohammed Omar Sharaf (11 yeard old)
11) Mohammed Bader Al-Najem (15 years old)
12) Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Jairoudi
13) 3 year-old girl

Daraa: Nawa
14) Motlaq Quaddah (72 years old)

Damascus Suburb: Harasta
15) Basim Raheem Al-Beik (born in 1982)

Damascus Suburb: Duma
16) Mohammed Mowafaq Abdulmajeed (31 years old)

17) Haytham Mamdouh Rifaei (18 years old) - Al-Sultania
18) Samir Al-Hafez - Al-Qarabis
19) Khalid Adnan Al-bowidany (24 years old) - Baba Amr
20) Firas Behlaq (20 years old) - Al-Khaldiyah
21) Marwan Al-Saqqa (60 years old) - Al-Khaldiyah
22) Imad Khawooj - Al-Khaldiyah
23) Amjad Howjak - Al-Houleh/Aqrab
24) Bassam Al-Hallaq - Al-Houleh/Aqrab
25) Ahmed Al-Hallaq - Al-Houleh/Aqrab
26) Mohammed Al-Halabi (26 years old) - Al-Houleh/Aqrab
27) Sheikh Basim Al-Rahil - Al-Houleh/Aqrab
28) Ali Falaha - Al-Raja/Al-Qusayr

Homs: Tadmour:

29) Nawras Askar Al-Hafez (21 years old)
30) Mohammed Adnan Al-Faris (12 years old)
31) Saif Tawfiq Al-Quayyem
32) Omar Jbarah
33) Haya Al-Zoubi (17 years old)
34) Afifia Al-Sabe'e
35) Khalid Al-Khabsa

Daraa: Inkhil
36) Nader Al-Farwan

P.S. There are 3 more martyrs in Inkhil but they are still with the security forces


Syria Protests August 20, 2011 : A Video Roundup:

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