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NATO Brussels Summit Claims Successful Afghan and Libyan Campaigns

October 9, 2011 - Despite NATO claims, Libyans heroically keep resisting overwhelming genocidal slaughter. NATO perhaps measures success by body count. It far exceeds 100,000 and multiples more injured, some life threatening, others debilitating. In a country of six million people, the catastrophic numbers are horrific. If America experienced an equivalent toll, with 50 times Libya's population, it would be an unprecedented disaster, including over five million dead and perhaps 25 million more wounded....


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NATO Brussels Summit Claims Successful Afghan and Libyan Campaigns

by Stephen Lendmann

October 9, 2011

Despite NATO claims, Libyans heroically keep resisting overwhelming genocidal slaughter. NATO perhaps measures success by body count.

It far exceeds 100,000 and multiples more injured, some life threatening, others debilitating. In a country of six million people, the catastrophic numbers are horrific.

If America experienced an equivalent toll, with 50 times Libya's population, it would be an unprecedented disaster, including over five million dead and perhaps 25 million more wounded.

At its October 5 and 6 Brussels summit, NATO called it success.

Washington Post writer Craig Whitlock headlined, "NATO puts off decision on ending Libya operations," saying:

On Thursday, NATO leaders said "they would continue (their ritual slaughter) in Libya and patrolling its coastline because of ongoing resistance from forces loyal to deposed leader" Gaddafi.

In fact, loyalists are besting NATO's blitzkrieg in cities, towns and villages across Libya, including in Tripoli Benghazi, and other areas major media scoundrels report secure.

As a result, NATO's campaign may continue for years like Afghanistan, despite secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen saying:

"Our operations in Libya, Afghanistan and elsewhere demonstrate that NATO is the indispensable Alliance."

"The time to end our (Libya) mission will come soon. We stand ready to terminate it when the political and military conditions are fulfilled."

If Libyan loyalists maintain the upper hand, NATO's either in for the long haul or will give it up and quit, beaten by people committed to free their country and rebuild.

On October 6, Christof Lehmann's NSNBC discussed his latest assessment of NATO's Libya aggression saying:

NATO leaders said little following their Brussels summit other than a commitment to continue their "successful campaigns," including the lost Afghan war and heading perhaps for another in Libya.

In other words, committed resistance fighters in both countries are beating NATO's vaunted military might. All its got to show for years of war is unconscionable numbers of dead and wounded, as well as trillions of dollars unavailable for homeland needs during a global Depression.

NSNBC said:

"During a satellite phone call from Sirte....this morning we learned about a massive movement of NATO lead TNC mercenaries" heading toward besieged Sirte.

The humanitarian disaster promises to get worse. More mass killing is expected. Air attacks are relentless. So is ground fighting after a short lull.

"(F)ree media" in NATO member states (except America) include "critical reports about the situation in Libya....No word about the chaotic" state of TNC mercenaries. Nothing that reflects Sirte's humanitarian disaster.

Catastrophes in civil defense terms "describe situation(s) where even," basic structures are overwhelmed or unavailable, including "civil defense medical services, sanitary services, drinking water water, and the most basic functions that guaranty" survival.

Conditions in Sirte are catastrophic, a city of 100,000 before NATO bombing began. No one know the body count, how many left, and how many others remain. Those there are "bracing for yet another onslaught by land, air and sea."

NSNBC got "chilling details of massive troop movements towards the city....TNC fighters are reinforcing their positions in the suburbs south and east" of the city. Heavy and light artillery are positioning for battle. "The city is bracing for an all out attack...."

Sirte's hospital is "desolate." Around 1,000 died last week for lack of antibiotics, heart medicine, insulin, anesthetics, and other vital drugs. Supplies ran out. More can't get in.

"Another 1,000 are said to have died (for) lack of (available) medical staff," no oxygen, sterile bandages, and life saving medicines.

Drinking water is "critically low. Electricity is on and off." Petrol for cars and emergency generators is in short supply. Shelling and more bombing may start any time.

Tripoli is much different. TNC fighters are being beaten at their own game. "Loyalist snipers control most of" the city. In Green Square, "a patrol car with eight TNC fighters" were attacked and killed.

On October 5, TNC mercenaries "evacuated the Bab Africa Hotel....after fighting came too close for comfort."

Libyan forces besieged Benghazi. Yesterday, loyalists "destroyed production installations at Libya's largest oil field."

"Russian intelligence....disclosed....that thousands of fresh tribal fighters from (across) Northern Africa" haven't mobilized in "expected numbers because of the extreme logistic challenges."

NATO would easily spot staging areas and large ground movements and attack them.

No end of fighting approaches. Expect continued war for years unless NATO gives it up and leaves. Based on its Afghan campaign, the possibility is slim. NATO arrives for the long haul, no matter the cost in lives, destruction and strained budgets.

Before it ends, all North Africa may be involved, perhaps consumed in general war. Maybe NATO planned it that way to secure control of the entire Mediterranean Basin well into Central Asia to Russia's borders.

Lehmann took aim at many "progressive thinkers, organizations and media," succumbing to Western anti-Gaddafi propaganda...."

The "Libyan reality and NATO's post-modern" MENA colonization project for wealth and power promises long-term conflict and horrific human toll, not liberation.

Otherwise well-meaning people and groups have been manipulated to believe Gaddafi's a beast, not a man 97% of Libyans support. He's a "political and revolutionary leader (who) set a brilliant example (of) how direct democracy can function, liberate a people, free it from the slavery of international 'banksters' and bring prosperity to a nation and its people."

Nothing in the West matches it, especially in America. Libya's growing tragedy aside, "Gaddafi (despite his faults) is slowly being understood (for) what he (is) - one of the world's greatest and benign revolutionaries."

Why else would Libyan loyalists risk life and limb to restore him and the benefits he provided, far exceeding anything in the West. Now they're gone. Libyans want them back.

They also want NATO, its puppet TNC regime, and mercenary cutthroats out, and intend to keep fighting until they're gone.

On October 6, Gaddafi addressed Libyans, encouraging them to keep resisting NATO's aggression. He also warned world leaders that Western imperial powers can install puppet regimes like Libya's illegitimate TNC anywhere, saying:

"There will be transitional national counsels imposed upon you and one by one you shall fall."

In fact, Libya's is weakened by internal divisions. Many in it left or plan to. On October 5, Libya's Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) elements tried and failed to assassinate Mahmoud Jabril, its executive board head. Seven of his bodyguards were killed.

After Gaddafi's address, spontaneous demonstrations spilled onto streets in Tripoli, Benghazi, Tobruk, Bani Walid, Sheba and elsewhere across the country. They waved green flags emblematic of his rule.

Meanwhile, Sirte's humanitarian crisis worsens. International aid organizations can't get in to deliver vitally needed medicines, medical supplies, food and clean water. It's in doubt how hard they're really trying.

Nonetheless, the sprit to resist is strong there and throughout Libya. The vast majority of Libyans detest and won't tolerate NATO and its mercenary army.

Bracing for another rebel attack, "the city is again solidly fortified." So much, in fact, that reports suggest "that Sirte soon can deploy units to help liberate other parts of Libya" even though it's bombed daily by planes and drones.

On October 6, "numerous civilians were killed when competing rebel factions clashed in Misurata." In Benghazi, about 140 Al Qaeda fighters were killed. Loyalists there also stormed a Qatar ammunition warehouse, "capturing one officer and 40 troops."

After Ras Lanuf, Libya based US 82nd Airborne forces were attacked, reports say "over 380" soldiers were killed. Others were captured.

US troops were sent in "secur(e) an oil refinery and pipelines." In Sabha, Libya, "a Russian made illushin Transport plane with 200 foreign fighters was shot down. There are no survivors."

Baydah residents demand TNC fighters leave. In Torbuk, fighting continues. There and in Adjdabiyah, "rebel checkpoints and installations were attacked." All Jufrah province was liberated.

"The war in Libya (won't) end" until freed from foreign invaders. Other North African nations are involved. Their tribes see war on Libya as an attempt to colonize the whole region. Politicians and tribal leaders know they're also vulnerable "in the presence of an empire that will not relent" unless resistance stops it.

Lehmann believes NATO's aggression "is failing on all fronts." Libya's puppet TNC regime is plagued by dissension and chaos. He calls TNC an "acronym for 'Trust No Colleague.' "

Assassinating General Abdel Fatah Younis, its field commander, may have been a turning point. A week ago Tripoli commander Abdelhakim Belhadj narrowly escaped a similar fate. "Two days ago, Mahmud Jibril, TNC executive board chairman, was targeted.

On October 7, "news spread that Belhadj was shot. Others reported he was hiding in Tripoli or Qatar." Reportedly a bomb was found under his car. As a result, he trusts no one.

Perhaps it's Pentagon strategy. Enlist proxy elements. Then dump them for more reliable Western control, enforced by paramilitary Blue Helmets like wherever "peacekeepers" are deployed. Security Council authorization for them in Libya was approved.

As a result, Belhadj, Jabril, and other TNC members may be targeted as villains and killed or removed. At the same time, "(i)infighting among TNC Rebels and the few remaining tribal factions" still supporting Western intervention "are prevalent" wherever NATO lacks full control.

Despite Western media and Al Jazeera claiming NATO success, there's "no denying" it's losing against committed loyalists. They control over 90% of Southern Libya. "The entire Jufrah Region is liberated."

Except for small resistance pockets, loyalists control Bani Walid, despite "appalling onslaughts including (illegal) chemical weapons."

"Kufra, Braga, Ras Lanuf are free cities. Saba is over 60% under Libyan control, Benghazi 80% with infighting TNC troops surrounded by Libyan forces."

Elements of rebel forces into a Sirte suburb overnight were surrounded and given "a choice between surrender or fight to the death."

"Tripoli is 80% under Libyan Forces control." Loyalist commandos in Sirte "destroyed several tanks, armored vehicles, a helicopter and ammunition depot. Sirte is biting back on the way to liberation" despite ferocious NATO bombing and isolation without enough food, medical supplies and other essentials.

In fact, NATO terror bombing, artillery shelling, and indiscriminate attacks continue across Libya, adding to the horrific death and injury toll media scoundrels won't report.

Lehmann stresses other key points this writer's addressed in previous articles - namely:

  • Washington's imperial New Middle East project to colonize and control the entire Mediterranean Basin into Central Asia to Russia's borders;

  • destabilizing its two main global rivals - Russia militarily and China for its growing economic might, heading toward becoming the world's dominant one according to the IMF; and

  • the "utterly discredited and dysfunctional" UN under imperial tool leaders like Ban Ki-moon and a system giving one nation authority to subvert the will of all others through veto power.

At present, Libyans are largely on their own against the world's mightiest rogue killing machine.

Nonetheless, they've bested its daily onslaught and hold the upper hand, determined to liberate their country and live free.

>Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

Also visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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