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Syria News - January 24, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


Homs, Syria - January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012

Former Arab League observer speaking about the report of the mission in Syria


01-24-12) Bab Tadmur | Homs | 21 Martyrs Murdered by the Assad Regime

(01-24-12) Bab Tadmur | Homs | Home, 4 Levels Destroyed by Assad Forces with Families Inside . After Assad's forces destroyed homes, the brave tried to help and even called all emergency services and Assad's forces denied them entry to aide the people. The women cry out of fear for their relatives under the rubble

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: Assad's Forces shelled a residential area in Homs, demolishing two buildings, and entrapping civilians under the debris...

(01-24-2012) Karm Al Zaitoun | Homs | Pulling dead bodies stuck under debris

(01-24-2012) Bab Tadmor | Homs | Destruction of 2 houses by Assad forces

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: A 7-storie residential building in Bab Tadmur area completely demolished by shelling of the regime forces.

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs, Bab Tadmur neighborhood: A 7 storey residential building collapses after getting shelled by the regime army.

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: the massacre in Karm Azzaytoun pt1

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: the massacre in Karm Azzaytoun pt2

24 Jan 2012] #Homs: the massacre in Karm Azzaytoun pt3

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: the massacre in Karm Azzaytoun pt4

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: the massacre in Karm Azzaytoun pt5.

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: the massacre in Karm Azzaytoun pt6

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: the massacre in Karm Azzaytoun pt7

[24 Jan 2012] #TalKalakh, #Homs: a child killed by Assad's Forces

(01-24-12) Homs - Karam Az-Zaytoun | Unknown Martyr Murdered by Assad Forces

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: a civilian killed by Assad forces today in Homs

[24 Jan 2012] #Homs: Abdulghani Sioufi, a martyr killed today by Assad's forces

(01-24-12) Karam Al-Zaytoun | Homs | (GRAPHIC) Child Hit with Shrapnel from Assad Shelling

Destruction in jeb Jendaly in Homs


Shelling Bara town in Idlib

Idlib: Jissr Shoghour: Shabiha break the locks of stores that participate in the strike

Idlib: Barra: Intense shooting on the funeral of martyr Rodwan Hamady


(01-24-12) Al-Twayni | Hama | Martyr Ma'moon Muhammad Abu A'yoosh

[24 Jan 2012] #Hama: footage shows an army vehicle, taken early today, with news on Assad's army invading the city of Hama

[24 Jan 2012] #Hama: Footage is taken during Assad's Army and militias invasion of the City of Hama


[24 Jan 2012] #Abu-Kamal, #DeirEzzor: an Assad army tank, still positioned in the city

Protester injured by security forces, AtTaiyaneh Village, Deir Ezzor, 24-Jan-12


[24 Jan 2012] : Damascus - Douma : martyr Yeassin Al=Rayhaani, 24 years old was killed by the security forces

[24 Jan 2012] : Damascus - Douma : Footages showing citizens tortured in the military checkpoints

The number of martyrs increased to 68 including 5 defected recruits. 47 martyrs in Homs, 18 of them fell in the shelling of the two buildings in Bab Tadmur and 12 others in the shelling at Karm Al-Zayton neighborhood four of them were torn into pieces and couldn't be identified. 7 martyrs in Hama, 4 in Daraa, 2 in Idlib and one in each of Raqqa, Damascus and Douma in Damascus suburbs

Aleppo: Gunfire is heard between westeren Ansari and al-Zabadia area; ambulances have rushed to the scence.

Homs: Intensive heavy machine guns shooting at Shaleesh and Siyasiya on the main road. Intensive explosions shake New Waer neighborhood followed by intensive shooting.

Homs: Multiple explosions shake Brazil street in additon to intensive shooting.

Idlib: Kafar Nobbol: An armored vehicle roaming the streets and sporadically opening fire at civilians' homes.

Qunaitra: Ba'ath City: Shooting from the National Security branch and we don't know the reason yet.

Idlib: Intense gunfire to the south of Jobas town at the main road leading to Dadekh town.

Damascus: Midan: A demonstration went out from Jazmatiya street starting with chants of God is Greater and demanding the regime's ouster

Aleppo: University City: Detainment of two students: Abdelrazzaq Mohammad Zeidan, and Amr Daadoo, who are from Jabal Zawaiya in Idlib, at the door of the University City (Alfurqan) they have been transferred to Shuhaba division.

Idlib: Strong explosions rocked the State Security building after the Free Syrian Army attacked the building.

Hama: Heavy gunfire from the machine guns of armored vehicles at Assad roundabout (formerly) in West Mashtal.

Aleppo: The University Dormitory: A sit-in by students in the dormitory after arresting two students and promises from security members to set them free if the sit-in doesn't turn into a demonstration. These promises come with a multitude of security forces in front of section 15 where the students are holding their sit-in.

Lattakia: Security forces and thugs (Shabeha) started a feral raiding campaign in Qunenis neighborhood after a demonstration in the area that was dispersed with gunfire.

Lattakia: Security forces are attacking a demonstration in Saleba neighborhood and running a protester over with a car and severely injuring him. After that, they started violently beating him and then he was transferred to the Military Hospital at the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: A massive demonstration in Qowatly street chanting for toppling the regime.

Homs: Security forces are threatening the residents in Bab Tadmur by sending messages with young men, children and men that they will destroy any house where Takbeer (Allah is the greatest) voices or any anti-regime chants even if there where families and children inside.

Homs: A house fell down after being targeted with an artiiliery shell and more than 10 serious injuries were reported in Karm Al-Zayton neighborhood.

Hama: Madeeq Castle: Martyrdom of a young man Ma'amon Allosh due to the intense shelling for long hours at the area.

Daraa: A child was injured by security forces' sniper bullets during an attack on a demonstration at the Dam Road; heĺs reported to be in a critical condition. Loud explosions are heard near Badra Courthouse in Darra Mahata where one pedistrain was injured.

Hasakeh: A group of activists in Zuhoor neighborhood sprayed Bashar al-Assad picture with red paint despite the presence of security patrols in the neighborhood.

Hama: Talal Saraqebi was killed by security forces fire while they were raiding Bab Qabli and Jarajmeh neighborhoods. The martyr is from Bayad neighborhood.

Lattakia: Unprecedented security alert near Olabi coffee shop and Batta building, several vehicles and 150 security footmen arresting passbyers randomly, shabiha cars are deployed near Mashati mosque in Slaibeh.

Aleppo: Dabeq: Tal Rifaat: Massive demonstrations got out in both towns as a reply to Mouallem speech and in solidarity with the besieged cities. Protestors chanted for toppling the regime and urged the Arab League to make a more positive stance.

Hasakeh: Security forces and thugs attacked peaceful demonstrators in the Ghouran neighborhood with smoke bombs and detained several activists.

Raqqa: Aayoueh: A security checkpoint was erected near the Badiya Village that participated in its first demonstration yesterday.

Hasakeh: Massive demonstration in Ghourian neighborhood, in Jamee Street chanted for the Free Syrian Army and the besieged cities, just a few meters from the security operatives. Demonstrators are calling for the prosecution of the regime.

Lattakia: A security patrol of 5 cars arrest a young man and the School of Arts after searching his private cell phone.

Homs: Talkalakh: Intensive gunfire from medium and heavy weapons, can be heard from the checkpoint near Al Rawda.

Hasakeh: Tal Hajar: Night time demonstration calling to trial the regime. The security forces and the thugs are assaulting and beating the demonstrators.

Lattakia: A massive demonstration in the area of Sleibeh chanting for the besieged cities, saluted the free press and called for trying the regime.

Aleppo: A demonstration in Al Maisar neighborhood marched from the Cloth Street in front of Zain Al Abdeen Mosque, another demonstration marched from Street 15 in Salah Eldin neighborhood. The demonstrators called to release the detainees and to topple the regime.

Daraa: Security forces raided today "Happiness" factory for raw materials trading in Izraa and arrested 30 workers then planted explosives for Syria News satellite channel to film later as an act of terrorist gangs.

Idlib: Jabal Zawyeh: Intensive shooting from a checkpoint between Binin and Hantotin to the east of the mountain.

Hama: Sounds of 2 explosions in Aleppo road area and shooting from an armored vehicle and a violent clash between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army.

Quneitra: Qarqash: The Saasaa Security Branch forced village residents to sign an affidavit that they would not demonstrate after today, knowing that the village has been actively demonstrating for the past several weeks.

Aleppo: Hritan: Massive demonstration marched in the town chanting for Homs and Idlib and calling to topple the regime.

Damascus Suburbs: Tal: A convoy of tanks and armored vehicles were witnessed on the highway of Maarouneh. It is assumed that they are heading towards Rankous

Daraa: Daeel: A night demonstration in Hurrieh (Liberty) square with large number of participants chanting for the martyr Yaser Qutaish who was mourned today and demanding to release the detainees and in solidarity with the besieged cities.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: A demonstration calling for the fall of the regime started in the middle of the town.

Damascus Suburbs: Qatana: A demonstration started in the neighborhood of Seenema demanding the toppling of the regime.

Daraa: Izraa: A boy was injured in the leg and the shoulder during random shooting by security forces while they were raiding conserving food factory.

Idlib: Kafroomeh: A demonstration started in the southern part of the city despite the shooting from security checkpoints.

Aleppo: Kafrnouran: Massive demonstration chanting to topple the regime, trial Bashar and condemning the Arab silence on the bloodshed in Syria.

Idlib: Khanshiekhon: The regime's forces are shooting to disperse a demonstration that started near Rawda mosque.

Deir Ezzor: Massive night time demonstration marched in Hamidiyah neighborhood in solidarity with Hama and calling to topple the regime.

Hama: Khattab: A massive demonstration started after Asr prayer (afternoon) and lasted until Maghrib (sunset) in solidarity with the city of Hama.

Idlib: Jabal Zawyeh: Random shelling by the regime's forces on Bara village caused the destruction and burning of 4 houses, the fate of a whole family is unknown after their house collapsed on them. Security forces are using civilians and children as human shields during the raids, a state of intense fear in the village.

Hama: Intensive shooting from the site administration in Dabbagha and from Qitaz square in Mahatta, shooting on Mhardeh road and between Sheeha and Khattab areas.

Damascus suburbs: Domair: Sounds of explosions and intensive shooting and clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's forces.

Daraa: Yadoudeh: Young man Alaa Al-Ghazzawi was arrested after a large number of security agents raided his house

Damascus suburbs: Harasta: Heavy security deployment in the city especially in areas of Ko'o and Intaj and in the western side of the city near the international highway. Reports of a plan to storm the city this night.

Banyas: Marqab: A night demonstration started chanting for Karm Zaitoon neighborhood in Homs and condemning the massacre there and saluted the Free Syrian Army

Aleppo: Qabtan Jebel: An evening demonstration started; participants chanted for the regime's trial and saluted the Free Syrian Army.

Homs: Sounds of explosions and shooting in Waer Jadeed neighborhood.

Aleppo: Anadan: A massive night demonstration started demanding to topple the regime and condemning the trials to steal the revolution.

Idlib: Defection of 20 unit from state security with their individual weapons in a prior agreement with the Free Army.

Idlib: Jisr Shogour: Intensive shooting by security forces in Janoodieh and reports of injuries.

Homs: Huge explosion in Inshaat neighborhood and intensive shooting there.

Daraa: Sahm: A night demonstration started in front of Saad bin Abi Waqqas mosque in solidarity with Daraa Al-Balad, Saida and the besieged cities and calling to topple the regime.

Hama: Intensive shooting from heavy machine-guns (M85) on Kazo square.

Hasakeh: Shadades: Thousands participate in the funeral procession of the martyr Ahmad Abdul Razeq Moussa. The funeral procession turned into a big demonstration demanding the toppling of the regime amidst a total power outage in the city.

Damascus: Hajar Aswad: The area is besieged from all directions. Busloads of Shabiha are entering the neighborhoods of Teshreen, Thawra and Alaf to track down the activists. Massive security presence in various neighborhoods.

Homs: Martyrdom of several civilians in Karm Zaytoun neighborhood due to a mortar shelling without warning that led to the collapse of houses on the heads of their inhabitants.

Daraa: Saida: Martyrdom of Ibrahim Abdul Kareem Al-Ghawazy under torture in the security branches. His body is in Daraa hospital.

Damascus Suburbs : Douma : young man Yassin Kamel Alrihani (25 years old) was martyred today.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: More than 20 tanks are heading towards the city while a large number of Shabiha, security forces and military have centered at the city's northern entrance. Reinforcements are arriving through various entrances to the city.

Damascus: Shabiha and security forces opening heavy gunfire in the neighborhood of Midan following a detention campaign leading to the arrest of several young men that were present in the streets.

Aleppo: A students demonstration started in Al-Maisar neighborhood from in front of Saad Allah Al-Jabry School, chanted for toppling the regime.

Damascus suburbs: Douma: Intense shooting from heavy and medium weapons in several areas of the city, and clashes between the regime's army and the Free Army at the beginning of Al-Makaser road. A demonstration started in Al-Hejarieh area, chanting for the revolution and saluting the Free Army.

Hama: Majdal: The regime's forces storm the villages while shooting with heavy machine guns.

Hama: Qalaet Madeeq: The regime's forces are targeting the foothills with random artillery shelling. God is Greater chants (Allahu Akbar) are heard from all mosques. This is following clashes between the Free Syrian Army during which the regime's army suffered unprecedented losses.

Homs: Qosair: Martyrdom of Zakaria Saoud Al Ahmed, 20 year old, from the west side of Al Asi River, several fell injured due to random shelling.

Hama: The neighborhood of Bab Qalbi continues to be besieged. Very heavy explosions are heard in the neighborhood. The regime's forces are using heavy weapons in their operation amidst massive presence of Shabiha, security forces and armored vehicles.

Idlib: The gunfire is increased in the city, continues explosions are heard, security forces with machineguns and snipers are positioned on the rooftop of the fodder center near the state security branch, and they are firing randomly.

Idlib : Jisr Shghour : clashes between the Free Syrian Army troops in Al-Janoudiyeh with troops from the regime's army and his Shabiha. There are news that 2 shabiha's have died and others were injured.

Idlib : the head of the Farmer's Union in the province of Idlib, Mr. Abdullatif Hammoud Al-Bakkour from Maaret Harmeh, was martyred alongside his son (17 years old) who was injured badly during a shooting by the army and security forces in the city of Idlib.

Homs: Martyrdom of Nor El din Rimi from Bab Sbaa, 50 year old, by a sniper bullet in his neck, the sniper is positioned on a checkpoint near Al Adawieah church.

Homs : Quseir : the Free Syrian Army is surrounding the national hospital in the city and demanding the surrender of the officer and soldiers of the regime's troops.

Homs: The regime's forces are attacking the neighborhood of Karam Zaytoun with RPGs and heavy machine guns. There are reports about martyrs and wounded.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Heavy gunfire and the regime's forces assembling inside the Walid Sanatorium in front of Avicenna Hospital.

Damascus: Security forces disperse a demonstration that set out in the neighborhood of Nahr Aysha chanting for the martyr. Massive presence of security forces around Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Mosque and the road leading to the neighborhoods of Jowayzanieh and Azqa.

Daraa: Daeel: A huge crowd of locals is participating in the funeral procession for the martyr Yaser Qatleesh.

Hama: security forces arrested five men near the Abi Al-Fedaa's Consumer Center namely: Tarek Sariye, Mahmoud Abo Hajar, Amer Abo Hajar, Hussam Dihneh and Hamza Al-Raheel

Hama: Martyrdom of a child Amr Abdullah Tayfour, 6 years old, after he was shot by snipers in the head while he was inside hiw house in Sheikh Anbar neighborhood.

Homs: Martyrdom of Samir Ghazwan Al-Mubayed, 30 years old, by snipers' gunfire while he was crossing a street in Bab Dreib neighborhood.

Lattakia: Al-Heffa: A massive demonstration started in solidarity with the besieged cities chanting for toppling the regime and executing the butcher (Assad).

Homs: Qusair: Aerial Forces' aircraft flying over the city and the shelling continues from the tanks stationed at the remainings of the checkpoints.

Lattakia: School students gathered in a swift demonstration in Sacantory neighborhood in solidarity with the besieged cities and chanting for toppling the regime.

Homs: Intense gunfire in Jeb Al-Jandali and Bab Tadmur neighborhoods.

Idlib: Martyrdom of Mohammad Zakariya Al-Yosuf by security forces' gunfire.

Homs: The regime's thugs (Shabeha) are raiding Bab Tadmur neighborhood once again and opening gunfire intensely and sporadically. They are also breaking the homes' locks, stealing the valuable things inside and destroying private properties.

Idlib: A massive explosion was heard all over the city and followed by intense shooting.

Homs: At least 18 martyrs were reported in Bab Tadmur neighborhood due to the shelling by Assad's forces that destroyed two inhabitated buildings while the residents in their homes.

Hama: Taybe Amam: Two martyrs have fallen due to security forces bullets. They couldnĺt get home via bus due to widespread security checkpoints in the area.

Idlib: Saraqeb: Al-Ghaeeb (absentee) prayer on martyr Rodwan Rabee Al-Hamady was targeted by three shells that fell near the prayers, and reports of the injury of several people.

Daraa: Eastern Maleha: A massive demonstration with women participation just started in solidarity with the besieged cities and condemning the Arab League's stance.

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazala; Several massive explosions were heard, intense gunfire from the military armored vehicles towards the city and extensive security deployment on the international highway.

Damascus: Random arrest of everyone in Corniche Al-Zahra Al-Qadema in Midan neighborhood.

Homs: Hawleh: Martyrdom of military recruit Thaeer Sabry Al-Omar from Tal Thahab town, by security forces' bullets. He defected from the regime's army in Idlib.

Idlib : Maaret Alnoman : heavy shooting in Wadi Dayf, two military trucks full of soldiers were seen heading towards Maaret Alnoman.

Hama : Abdulrazak Mahmoud Aljomaa (31 years old), an elementary school teacher, was martyred under torture. His body was delivered to his parents today after being detained 13 days ago.

Lattakia: A student demonstration started in the Owayna neighborhood in solidarity with the besieged cities and chanting for toppling the regime.

Aleppo UNiversity: Heavy security deployment especially in the Faculties of Education, Computer Engineering, Literature, and Science. Fears from the start of students demonstrations.

Hama : renewed shooting near Bab Qibli, Albayad, and Bilal roundabout, smoke can be seen in Al-Mahata and Bab Qibli neighbourhoods. Shooting in the Al-Alaf roundabout and random detentions on all checkpoints, especially near the old Baath headquarters. snipers are deployed on top of civilian buildings near the old Baath headquarters.

Homs: Martyrdom of old woman Afaf Al-Tabbaa from the burns she had from shelling of buildings in Bab Hood neighborhood.

Damascus: Midan: Heavy security presence in Abu Habl market and closure of the road leading there with siege on Daqaq mosque by armed security units and Shabiha.

Idlib : Saraqeb : general mourning was declared in the city for the martyr Radwan Hamadi, there is a demonstration chanting for the martyr and the regime's ouster.

Hama : continuous shooting in Bab Qibli neighbourhood which has been invaded this morning by the regime's forces.

Daraa: new military reinforcement, including heavy equipments and large number of soldiers and security forces agents, are stationed at the eastern and western entrances of Daraa city. Others are stationed at the entrances of Sayda (Sidon). Several military vehicles were spotted leaving the 52nd Brigade that is stationed near Harak toward that town. This comes after the town residents had staged an evening sit-in.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Military reinforcements, in the form of two armored vehicles, three pickup trucks with rack-mounted machine guns, and three vehicles containing security operatives, have arrived to the city. Sounds of gunfire are reported near the Tahrir organization's building.

Hama: Security forces and Shabiha attempt to storm the neighborhood of Bab Qalbi from the direction of Mahatta Roundabout while there is heavy gunfire at the security checkpoint in the neighborhood of Dabagha, alerting the soldiers of the Free Syrian Army in the area.


Syria Protests January 24, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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