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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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Syria News - October 28, 2013 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


October 28, 2013


Martyr Child Aya From Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

Douma | Damascus | A Mother Bids her Child Farwell, Murdered by Regime Forces

Mleehah,Damascene Ghotta: martyr Ayqoun Amin

Wounded in Sbaineh, Damascus Suburbs

FSA Repelles Regime forces in Daraya, Damascus Suburbs

Clashes in Mouadamiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

Maleeha | Damascus | FSA Target AlNoor Post

Civilians Suffering in Beit Sahm, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling in Housh Arab, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling in Zabadany, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling in Douma, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling in Mouadamiyeh, Damascus Suburbs

An Air Strike in Mutahaliq Jnoubi, Damascus

Destruction in Zamalka, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling in Zabadany, Damascus Suburbs


Rescuers remove the bodies of those killed in the latest regime airstrikes and heavy artillery bombardment of Rastan from under the rubble of their destroyed homes.

Martyr Sadiq Abd Al-Mula in Waer, Homs

AlWaer | Homs | Burial of Martyr Motee AlShabaan

A resident of Rastan explains the terrible effects of the lack of even bread o flour on the people of the besieged town

AlRastan | Homs | Chopping trees for Winter

Regime forces squeeze al-Waar to bring Homs district to its knees

Rastan: Some of the devastation left by the daily regime bombardment

Destruction in Hwarein, Homs

Destruction in Talbeiseh, Homs

Shelling in Houla, Homs


Martyr Nadeen Al-Shaher in Manbej, Aleppo

FSA Targets Kweres Military Airport, Aleppo

FSA Destroys a Tank in Abo Jrein Village, Aleppo

Manbaj | Aleppo | Heavy Regime Shelling on Homes


Martyr Gamal Kassar Raadoun From Madeeq Citadel, Hama

Warplanes Shelling in Qasr Ibn Wrdan, Hama

Moment of Explosive Barrels explosion in Kafr-Nboudeh, Hama

Warplanes Shelling in Aqeribat, Hama


Destruction in Nawa, Daraa

Warplanes Shelling on Atman, Daraa

Destruction in Inkhil, Daraa

Deir Ezzor

Clashes in Jafra in Deir Ezzor military airport

Deir ezZor | FSA Battle Regime Forces Near Military Airport

Deir ezZor | FSA Targets Regime Posts


AlQunaitera | Farewel to Martyr Abdullah Mohamed AZamel


Idlib lAssad Helicopter Drops Barrel Bomb on Civilian Homes

By the end of Monday, the coordination committees were able to document 47 martyrs, including 4 women, 6 children and 6 martyrs under torture: 14 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its suburbs; 10 in Aleppo; 7 in Daraa; 5 in Idlib; 4 in Deir Ezzor; 4 in Hama; 2 in Homs and 1 martyr in Quneitra.

Moreover, the committees have documented 306 shelling points across Syria: Warplanes shelling was recorded in 20 points of which the fiercest was on Deir Ezzor neighborhoods and the cities of Daraa, explosive barrels were dropped in Sfeir in Aleppo. Surface-to-surface missiles targeted Qaboun in Damascus and Dael in Daraa. Rocket shelling was recorded in 108 points, artillery shelling in 95 points and mortar shelling in 80 points in different cities and towns in Syria.

FSA has Clashed with regime forces in 85 points across Syria through which: In Damascus and its Suburbs FSA targeted regime forces' headquarters in Teshreen Military Hospital in Barzeh neighborhood with locally-made Katusha missiles and acieved direct assaults, also FSA repeled regime forces' attempts to storm Mouadamiyeh Al-Sham and Daraya in Western Ghouta and targeted a number of their headquarters. In Aleppo FSA controlled Zeyarah and Tanb villages in the northern suburbs, also FSA targeted regime forces in Leirmoun neighborhood and Kweres military airport and achieved direct assaults, also FSA targeted Science Research building with locally-made missiles and achieved direct assaults. In Deir Ezzor FSA targeted regime forces' headquarters in Mowathafen neighborhood, also FSA killed a number of regime forces' members in clashes in Reshdieh neighborhood. In Daraa FSA bombed a regime forces' headquarter in Manshieh neighborhood. In addition FSA destroyed a number of machinery and armored vehicles across Syria.

Deir Ezzor: Mayadeen: A huge explosion shaked the city.

Deir Ezzor: Child Salwa Al-Touma was martyred due to shelling in the city.

Damascus: Qaboun: Surface-to-surface missile landed in the neighborhood.

Damascus: Qaboun: Surface-To-surface missiles fall in the neighborhood.

Daraa: Hrak: Fierce mortar and Gvozdika shelling targets the city.

Daraa: Atman: Shelling targets the town along with fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces.

Hama: Fierce artillery shelling from Al-Hmra checkpoint targets Tal Mhsar and Al-Rbyah villages in Al- Hmra township.

Daraa: Inkhil: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces east of the city near the 15th brigade.

Idlib: Talmans: Heavy machine guns shelling from Wadi Al-Dheif targets the village.

Damascus: Qaboun: Mortar shelling targets the neighborhood.

Daraa: Tal Shihab: Fierce Govzdika shelling targets the city.

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: Fierce haevy weapons shelling targets the north-eastern in the city and National Hospital way from Sahaba checkpoint.

Daraa: Dael: Feirce rocket launchers shelling from 175 regiment in Izraa targets the city.

Daraa: Dael: Surface-to-surface missile fall east of the city.

Daraa: Mzeireeb: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targets the western neighborhood in the town.

Idlib: Qmeinas: Shelling with gvozdika cannons from Talae' Camp targets the town.

Hama: Madeeq Citadel: Sahar Mohammad Khatab, Mona Ahmad Al-Deiry and Gamal Kassar Al-Raadon were martyred due to continuos shelling from Nahl checkpoint in the city.

Hama: Shelling from Azizieh checkpoint targets Hweiz, Haweigeh, Tmanaa Al-Ghab and Jesr Beit Al-Ras villages.

Idlib: Qmeinas: Shelling with gvozdika cannons from Talae' Camp targets the town.

Idlib: Maaret Nouman: Heavy machine guns shelling from Wadi Dheif targets Maar Shamsheh village.

Aleppo: Rasm Aboud: Warplanes shell with heavy machine guns the village and Kweres military airport surroundings.

Hama: Deir Sonbl: Fierce artillery shelling targets the village and surrounding villages.

Hama: Madeeq Citadel: Two martyrs were reported due to shelling in the city.

Homs: Regime forces launch a raid campaign in Sharqieh farms in Deir Baalba neighborhood affected many young.

Aleppo: Deir Hafer: Warplanes shell the city with heavy machine guns.

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Renewal of heavy artillery shelling from Ras Nabe' and Jabal Sayeh targets the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Fierce shelling targets the residental neighborhoods in the city.

Homs: Dar Kbeira: Shelling with gvozdiks cannons target the town from military college.

Damascus Suburbs: Sbaineh: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targets the city.

Hama: Aqrab: Artillery shelling targets the village.

Aleppo: Warplanes shell with heavy machine guns Kasteilo area in Ashrafieh neighborhood.

Daraa: Shekh Meskeen: Heavy gun fire from Dwar and Nahieh checkpoints in the city.

Hasakeh: Qamishli: A huge expolsion shaked Al-Wahda neighborhood in the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targets the city neighborhoods

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Reem Al-Sayed Salman was martyred due to acute shortage in food and medicine.

Hama: Madeeq Citadel: Gamal Kassar Raadoun was martyred by regime's snipers gunfire.

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: A number of wounded, all from one family, were reported due to a mortar shell fall in Loubia street.

Hama: Qasr Ibn Wrdan Regime's helicopters shell the village.

Hama: Latamna: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city.

Aleppo: Minbij: Number of wounded were reported due to warplanes shelling in the city.

Damascus suburbs: 2 children and more than 15 wounded were reported due to mortar shells fall in Adra Al=Ummaleh.

Deir Ezzor: Akedat: MS. Smahir Hasan Nasir and child Jmeilah Turki Al-Mikhlif were martyred due to shelling in the town.

Damascus: Barzeh: Free Army targets at Tishreen Military Hospital, which is a military barracks for the regime's forces with local-made Katyusha rockets.

Hama: Salamia: Regime's warplanes launch air strikres in Mkemin village.

Damascus Suburbs: Fafr Batna: Fierce shelling with rocket launches targets the city's farms.

Daraa: Saida: Regime's warplanes launch air strikes in the town.

Damascus Suburbs: Wafiden Camp: Abd Al-Hadi Al-Mleh, from Douma, was martyred by regime's snipers gunfire.

Idlib: Maaret Al-Numan: Omar Muohamad Al-Jrk was martyred due to hie wound by an air strike in Deir Shrqi village.

Hasakeh: Fierce mortar shelling targets the east side from Ghowran neighborhood.

Daraa: Atman: Regime's warplanes launch 6 air strikes in the city until this moment.

Damascus: Regime forces are deployment in Kbir Atkeh and Swaiqa neighborhoods.

Deir Ezzor: Khsham: Regime's warplanes launch an air strike in the town.

Damascus: Tishren Neighborhood: Fierce artillery shelling targets Al- Hfeireh area.

Damascus suburbs: Zabadany: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town.

Homs : Fierce artillery shelling targets Waer neighborhood from the Military College and gatherings of regime forces in Mazrah and Raqqa.

Deir ezzor: Regime's warplanes launch air strikes in Sheikh Yasen, Hamidyeh and Ommal neighborhoods.

Homs: Sadiq Abd Al-Mula was maertred due to clashes with regime forces in Waer neighborhood.

Daraa: Atman: Regime's warplanes launch 2 air strikes in the city.

Deir Ezzor: Regime's warplanes launch an air strike in Sheikh Yasen neighborhood.

Damascus: Qaboun: Regime's warplanes launch an air strike in Industrial Area.

Idlib: Joubas: Khalib Ibn Amir was martyred under torture in regime's prisons.

Homs: Sakhneh: Idris Darwish was martyred in clashes with regime forces in the city.

Hama: Madeeq Citadel: A number of wounded were reported due to rocket launchers and cluster bombs shelling from Nahel checkpoint targeting the city.

Aleppo: Clashes between FSA and regime forces in Al-Ithaa'a neighborhood.

Damascus Subburbs: Beit Sahm: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces in Damascus International Airport highway and the International School along with Fierce shelling in the town.



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