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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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Syria News - November 12, 2013 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


Syrian man starved and tortured to death in a regime Air Force Intelligence Directorate prison in Damascus.

November 12, 2013


KafarBatna | Damascus | Martyr Saleh Zayno Starved and Tortured to Death in Regime Prison

Kafr Batna | Syrians March in Funeral for Martyr Saleh Zayno Starved to Death by Assad Air Force Secret Police


Maleha, Damascus province : This family of unarmed civilians - a father, mother and their two young children - were shot earlier today by regime snipers as they attempted to escape the besieged and devastated town of Maleha in East Ghouta, which is under a crippling regime siege and relentless aerial and ground bombardment by Assad's forces.

Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, Damascus: Footage from the scene of the massacre in the Souq al Khadra in Yarmouk camp, with four civilian residents of the camp killed and dozens more injured, many critically, including women and children, in heavy regime bombardment of the crowded market using heavy artillery and RPGs

Saqba | Damascus | Child Katya AlGhoush Murdered by Regime Forces

Duma,Damascene Ghotta: Child martyr Rana Sarboul , starved to death by regime siege

Moadamiya | Damascus | Martyr and Hero Khaled Abu Ahmad Murdered by Regime Sniper While Defending his people and land

AlGhouta | Damascus a | One Year Old Baby Starving to Death by regime siege

Outskirts of Damascus : 1 year old baby, suffering from malnutrition and dehydration caused by regime siege

Saqba | Damascus | Child Injured in Regime Shelling

Mlihah,Damascene Ghotta | kids injured by a regime sniper

Saqba | Damascus | Attempts to Rescue Injured from Regime Shelling

FSA Targets Regime Forces' Gatherings in Joubar's Outskirts, Damascus

Clashes and Shelling in Bait Sahm,Damascus Suburbs

Shelling and Clashes in Barzeh, Damascus

Rebels Infiltrate Behind #Assad Lines in Tishreen Area of Damascus

Damascus | FSA Targets Hezbollah

AlMaleeha | Damascus | FSA Provide Cover for Civilians, Regime Snipers

Assad Uses Heavy Bombs to Destroy Barzeh Suburb of Damascus

In the shadow of the tight siege imposed by Assad's forces and the militias of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on the cities and the villages of the Syrian country in the Eastern Ghouta and Homs, providing drinking water for children has become an act of luxury for people there, as well as cutting off electricity banning flour and bread from reaching the besieged people

Saqba | Damascus | Destruction from Heavy Regime Shelling

Zabadany | Damascus Suburbs | Smoke Fills The Sky As Regime Just Bombs

Smoke rises over Yalda from relentless regime bombardment

Destruction in Darya , Damascus

Shelling in Mouadamiyeh,Damascus Suburbs

Destruction in Zabadani,Damascus Suburbs


Martyr Jihad Saleh Al-Brmawy From Daraa

Nawa | Daraa | Martyr Murdered By The Regime

Daraa alBalad | FSA Target Regime Posts

Rebels Pound Assad Militia Enclaves in Daraa City


Homs l Destruction of Two t-62 Tanks in Atton Checkpoint

Al Waer, Homs: fires ignited by the ceaseless regime bombardment burning down more homes

Shelling in Agricultural Lands in Ezzedeen, Homs

Shelling in Waer Neighborhood, Homs

Shelling in Rastan, Homs


Rebels Clash With Assad Army at Brigade Base 80 in Aleppo

FSA Targets Neirab Military Airport, Aleppo

FSA Targets Thugs' Headquarters in Aleppo

AlAshrafiya | Aleppo | FSA Target Regime Forces

Old Aleppo | FSA Target Regime Posts


Retrieval of Wounded From Under the Rubble in Mariyan, Idlib

Warplanes Shelling in Saraqeb,Idlib


Rebel shelling Hama regime checkpoint. Soldiers anticipating shell, running for cover


Lattakia | Aftermath of Shelling

By the end of Thursday the Coordination Committees were able to document 65 including 4 women, 6 children and 4 martyrs under torture: 28 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs, 14 in Aleppo, 10 in Homs, 8 in Daraa and 3 in Idlib and 2 martyrs in Deir Ezzor.

Moreover, the committees have documented 462 points of shelling in Syria : Air strikes by warplanes were recorded in 38 points, explosive barrels were dropped in Al-Zour, Qasr Ibn Wrdan and Jesr Beit Al-Raas in Hama, Vacuum bombs have targeted Aqeirbat in Hama, Cluster bombs have targeted Saraqeb in Idlib. Artillery shelling was recorded in 154 points, followed by rocket shelling in 137 points, and mortar shelling was recorded in 128 points across Syria.

The FSA has clashed with regime forces in 142 points across Syria through which: In Damascus and its Suburbs, FSA targeted regime forces' gatherings in Joubar neighborhood, and targeted regime forces' gatherings in Sayeda Zainab, FSA also targeted Hezbollah and regime forces' headquarters in Hajeira Balad. In Aleppo, FSA targeted regime forces' headquarters in Old Aleppo neighborhoods, and targeted Neirab Military Airport with locally-made missiles as well, FSA also shelled regime forces' centers in Dweireena front and achoeved direct assaults, and shelled Abo Al-Fadl Al-Abbas and Hezbollah's centers with Jahannam cannons the 80 brigade surroundings as well, FSA also targeted Hezbollah's centers in Tal Shekh Youssof. In Hama, FSA targeted regime forces in Al-Kafr and Samman checkpoints with mortar shells, and targeted regime forces in Raseef, Al-Jeed and Azizieh villages in Sahl Al-Ghab with mortar shells as well. In Idlib, FSA targeted regime forces in Wadi Dheif Camp with Jahannam cannons. In Raqqa, FSA targeted regime forces in the 17th division with many shells and achieved direct assaults, and targeted Tabka Military Airport with many shells as well. In addition, FSA destroyed many machinery and armored vehicles across Syria.

Aleppo: Hayan: Another air strike launched by warplanes in the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Rankous: Artillery shelling from Deir Al-Sheiroubeem targets the town's outskirts.

Hasakeh: Qameshli: Fierce artillery shelling from brigade 154 targets Tal Eid, Baharieh and Al-Ain villages.

Daraa: Dael: Ghazy Bataha, 18, was martyred due to artillery shelling in the city.

Homs: Ghanto: Fierce gvozdika shelling targets the town.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Clashes between FSA and regime forces in the city's outskirts.

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Rocket launchers shelling from Al-Qa'a targets the camp.

Damascus: Qadam: Mortar shelling targets Madniyeh area in the neighborhood.

Aleppo: Hayan: Warplanes shell the town with heavy machine guns.

Homs: Dar Kbeira: Shelling by tanks and mortar shells targets the town.

Hama: Aqrab: Continuous artillery and rocket launchers shelling targets the town.

Homs: Ghanto: Mortar and heavy artillery shelling in the town along with clashes between FSA and regime forces and Abo Al-Fadl Al-Abbas brigade in Al-Kam area.

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces in the camp's outskirts.

Idlib: Mariyan: Mostafa Al-Mostafa was martyred due to shelling in the village.

Hama: Aqrab: Fierce shelling targets the town.

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: FSA targets regime forces in Raseef, Jeed and Azizieh villages.

Aleppo: Maaret Arteiq: Shelling with mortar shells and heavy machine guns targets the town.

Hama: Many wounded were reported due to warplanes dropped explosive barrels in Zour area between Tibet Al-Imam and Halfaya.

Homs: Mona Al-Shamaly was martyred due to shelling in Ter Maaleh.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Abdo Abo Bilal was martyred in clashes with regime forces north-west of the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Four children were martyred as a result of their wounds due to rocket launchers shelling in the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Saiyda Zeinab: 3 martyrs and many wounded were reported due to fierce rocket shelling targets city's neighborhoods along with fierce clashes in the city's outskirts.

Damascus: Qaboun: Fierce mortar shelling targets the neighborhood.

Daraa: Inkhel: Mahmoud Awad Al-Naser was martyred under torture after arresting him, 1 week ago, at Kassara checkpoint between Zamrein and Salmeen towns.

Hama: FSA targets with mortar shells Al-Kafr and Samman checkpoints along with fierece artillery shelling.

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Renewal of Fierce rocket launchers shelling in the city.

Daraa: Yadouda: Fierce shelling from artillery battalion targets the town.

Homs: Qunaeitrat: Rocket launchers shelling from engineering college targets the town.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Aamer Zaaroura was martyred due to shelling in the city.

Aleppo: FSA targets with artillery Hezbollah and Abo Al-Fadl Al-Abbas brigade's members in the 80 brigade surroundings.

Homs: Mahmoud Yasser Jdeia was martyred by regime's snipers gunfier in Kam area.

Damascus Suburbs: Talfeita: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town's outskirts.

Hama: Warplanes drop explosive barrels in Qasr Ibn Wrdan area.

Aleppo: Hayan: Shelling by mortar shells targets the town.

Damascus Suburbs: Wadi Barada: Continuous clashes between FSA and regime forces near brigade 104.

Hama: Aydoun: Fierce artillery shelling targets the village from engineering battalion.

Damascus: Raid and arrest campaign launched by regime forces in Malik Faisal street in Sadat neighorhood.

Idlib: Binnish: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city from the brick factory.

Damascus Suburbs: Sayeda Zainab: Fierce rocket launchers and artillery shelling targets the town.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: Child Ghalya Al Ghoush,12, Was Martyred Due To Shelling in The City.

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: 4 Martyrs and a number of wounded were reported due to shelling in the vegetable market in Urouba neighborhood.

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: A number of martyrs and wounded were reported due to shelling in Taqadum neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces in Hajera Balad and Hajar Aswad towns outskirts.

Homs: Ghanto: Fierce rocket launchers and mortar shelling in the town.

Damascus: Qaboun: Renewal mortar shelling in the neighborhood amid fierce clashes with regime forces in the neighborhood outskirts.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Fierce rocket launchers and artillery shelling targets the city from Al Housh and the Camp checkpoint.

Damascus Suburbs: Qalamoun: Air strikes launched by warplanes in Damascus-Homs highway outskirts amid fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces.

Damascus Suburbs: Deir Attieh: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targets Deir Attieh farms.

Damascus: Barzeh: Continues of artillery and mortar shelling in the neighborhood amid fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces.

Damascus Suburbs: Bait Sahm: Fierce artillery and gvozdika shells shelling targets the town.

Idlib: Saraqeb: Cluster bombs shelling by warplanes targets the city amid fierce artillery shelling.

Damascus Suburbs: Kafr Batna: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targets the town.

Daraa: Nawa: Child Hasan Salim Al-Swoudi, 14, was martyred of his wounds due to shelling in the city yesterday.

Hama: Fierce warplanes shelling targets Aqirbat township.

Damascus Suburbs: Hamouriya: Ghiath Mahmoud Jomaa was martyred by regime forces snipers gunfire.

Damascus: Qaboun: Fierce artillery shelling targets the area by regime forces located in Qasyoun mountain.

Homs: Mahin: Warplanes launch many airstrikes on Mahin and Houarin and its vicinity.

Hama: Jisr Bait Ras: Explosive barrels shelling by warplanes in the town.

Daraa: Mahata: Jihad Al Barmawi was martyred due to clashes with regime forces in the town.

Daraa: Nuaimeh: Sha'alan Mouhammed Al Zou'bi, he is from Saida in Darra, was martyred due to clashes with regime forces in the town.

Daraa: Atman: Fierce heavy artillery shelling targets the town.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Child Taiseer Saryool was martyred due to lack of food and medicine in the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Renewal of fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces in the east of the city from Mashroa side.

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: Renewal of artillery shelling from the 4th division headquarter targets residential neighborhoods in the city.



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