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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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Syria News - December 19, 2013 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


December 19, 2013


Beit Sahm ľ corpses of 18 people who were killed yesterday by regime forces.

Martyrs of Beit Sahm Massacre,Damascus Suburbs

Beit Saham,Damascene Ghotta: two martyred women who got sniped by ASSads yesterday while they were trying to flee from siege with their kids: they have been found today

Dameer,Damascene Ghotta: 5 Family members got killed by Assad Forces

Martyr Mohammad Khondy in Bait Sahm, Damascus Suburbs

FSA besieged Assad forces and killed and injured many of them

FSA broke into Zamania village and sneaked to the points were Assad forces controlled

Russian bombs on Dumayr

Destruction in Qaboun Neighborhood,Damascus

An Airstrike in Marj,Damascus Suburbs

Destruction in Zabadany, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling in Dumair, Damascus Suburbs

Shelling in Dumair, Damascus Suburbs

Airstrikes in Zabadany, Damascus Suburbs

Fall of Warplanes' Missile on Zabadany, Damascus Suburbs


DaratAzzah,Aleppo province: 6 martyrs have been found under the rubble of their demolished Family homes

Assad Bombs on Civilian Homes Kills More Innocent Children in Minbaj

Menbej,Aleppo province : martyred kids, victims of Assad's TNT barrels

Child Martyr Nour Al-Abdo in Hreitan, Aleppo

Haritan: Trying to Rescue the Wounded in Dar Azza,Aleppo

Assad Bombs on Civilian Homes Kills More Innocent Children in Minbaj Residents remove one of the bodies of civilians killed in their homes in the latest regime air raids:

Wounded by Shelling in Andan, Aleppo

FSA Takes Control Over Huge Parts in Brigade 80

Daarit Izza | Aleppo | Students Race to Safety as Regime Forces Shell

Destruction Due to Explosive Barrels Shelling in Dar Azza,Aleppo

Destruction in Andan,Aleppo

Aftermath of Warplanes Shelling in Manbej, Aleppo

FSA Targets Nubbul and Zahraa Towns, Aleppo


Martyrs Due to Explosive Barrels Shelling in Jasem, Daraa

Daraa prov: several wounded children in a field hospital after shelling by regime warplanes on Jasem

, Daraa, Jassem, is there anyone still alive ?

Jasem,Daraa: traumatized kids who survive escaped the TNT barrel massacre had to watch the ir mother Llasr moment alive

Young Girls Struggles to Survive After Injuries Suffered from #Assad Bombing in Jasim

Artillery shelling in Nawa, Daraa

The 2ed Aiestrike on Inkhil, Daraa

Destruction in Jasem, Daraa

Moment of Explosive Barrels Shelling in Jasem, Daraa


Rastan,Homs: unidentified martyrd kid

Martyr Ahmad Azroun in Dar Kabira, Homs

Unknown Martyrs in Zaafarana, Homs

Ghantto,Homs they found her under the rubble of her demolished Family home

AlDaar AlKabeera | Homs | Attempts to Rescue with Continued Heavy Shelling

FSA Downs Reconnaissance Aircraft in Ghantou, Homs

AlGhantou | Homs | FSA Brings Down Regime Aerial Surveillance

AlDaar AlKabeera | Homs | Children Panic with Heavy Regime Shelling

Shelling in DarElkbeereh,Homs

Shelling in Talbiseh,Homs


Idlib l Aftermath of Shelling in Dana Hospital

AlRami | Idlib | Smoke Rises from Heavy Regime Shelling

Columns of Smoke Rise Due to Shelling in Sarja,Idlib


Explosive Barrels Shelling on Kafr Zeita, Hama

Deir Ezzor

Deir ez-Zor l Rebels Attack #Assad Militia Forces With Homemade Mortars

By the end of Thursday the Coordination Committees were able to document 134 martyrs including 23 children and 17 women: 47 martyrs were reported in Damascus and its Suburbs, 40 in Aleppo, 18 in Homs, 6 in Daraa, 6 in Ildib, 3 in Deir Ezzor, 2 in Raqqa and 2 martyrs in Hama. Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces in Reema and Salhiyeh areas along with artillery shelling targets the city. Hama: Artillery shelling targets Jinan village in the Southern Suburbs from Zour Elsous Air Defence Battalion. Damascus Suburbs: Yabroud: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces in Reema and Salhiyeh areas along with artillery shelling targets the city. Hama: Renewal of shelling in Hama northern suburbs from Hama Military Airport. Hama: Morhaf Ahamd Saleh was martyred of his wounds due to warplanes shelling on Sheep market in Aqirbat township. Daraa: Shekh Meskeen: Fierce artillery shelling targets the eastern neighborhood of the city along with heavy gunfire from Dawar checkpoint and Electricity Station. Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Young man Sobhy Abd Allah Ghazal was martyred due to shelling in the city. Damascus Suburbs: Harasta: Clashes between FSA and regime forces in the city, along with attempts by regime forces to break into the city from Damascus International Highway side. Deir Ezzor: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces in Rasafah neighborhood. Homs: Fierce artillery and heavy weapons shelling targets besieged Homs neighborhoods. Damascus Suburbs: Mqeilbiyeh: Fierce shilka shelling from Brigade 75 targets Mqeilbiyeh-Zakiyeh Road. Damascus Suburbs: Diyaa Eldeen Ali Al-Ameir, from Dablan town in Deir Ezzor, was martyred in clashes with regime forces in Ghouta. Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Ali Ahmad Tabesh was martyred due to shelling in the city. Damascus Suburbs: Beit Sahm: 50 Martyrs and hundreds of wounded were reported by regime forces and they dragged and burned the bodies, also they prevented the paramedics from retrieving the bodies, where regime forces targeted civilians with heavy machine guns and snipers after Joint Settlement Commission left the town yesterday afternoon and after promisses to open humanitarian crossing of the area through the town's entrance. Moreover 42 martyrs were documented and they are: Muhammed Muhee Eddin Jaara, Ahmad Abdul Nabi, Omar Al Jarrah, Muhammed Khawandi, Abu Haitham Abdul Nabi, Abu Natheer Mahmoud Qarmouz, Alaa Qarmouz, Abu Haitham Ahmad Rasoul Abdul Nabi, Muhammed Adeeb Al Ghourani, Maher Ibrahem An Wessi, Muhammed Al Haj Yousef, Sameer Eed Al Khateeb, Omar Muhammed Deeb, Abdul Wahab,Al Najdi, Hassam Muhammed Al Khaled, Mussa Naser Hasan, Ahmad Nour Yousef, Saleh Jalal Al Khateeb, Muhammed Ahmad Al Touri, Hussam Ahmad Khaleel, Muhammed Abdul Majeed Touhfeh, Yehya Khaleel Turkmani, Sameer Shahd AL Fallah, Hanan Malass, Nouri Khaled Sulaiman, Suha Yousef Al Mutleq, Nahla Al Masri, Nour Khaled, Faour AL Jassem, Wafaa Fanj, Mahmoud Shhadeh, Emad Hasan, Hiba Matleq, Yousef Issa Ibrahem, Issa Yousef Ibrahem. While there still many of the bodies unidentified because they were burned. Hasakeh: Tal Hmes: Explosive barrels shelling from helicopters targets agricultural bank building. Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Child Sanaa Qasim, child Sidra Qasim and child Zina Daqr were martyred due to warplanes shelling on the city. Homs: Rastan: Fierce mortar shelling targets the city. Homs: Zaafarana: Many wounded were reported due to shelling with rockets and artillery in the city and its schools and mosques, the known wounded are: Farooq Hasan Nabhan, Abir Ibrahim Sayyah, Abdelhadi Abdelkarim Azzo and Mohammad Abdelhadi Azzo. Daraa: Jassem: 7 Martyrs and dozens of wounded were reported due to explosive barrels shelling from warplanes in the city and the martyrs are: Basel Muhammed Hawarneh, Ziad Muhammed Hawarneh, Ali Muhammed Hawarneh, Fatima Muhammed Hawarneh, Leen Wael Hawarneh, Firas Hussien Abed, Ismael Saedd Amera. Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Fierce artillery shelling targets the city. Death barrels target Aleppo again: Since the early morning, Aleppo and its suburbs have been fiercely raided by regime forces, which used all kinds of weapons starting with explosive barrels and shelling with warplanes and not ending with using heavy artillery and tanks, a raid that caused the death of tens of martyrs and the wound of a huge number of people so far, besides the huge fires and the severe damages in the civilians properties. Sine early morning, Menbij, a city in the suburbs, was fiercely shelled by warplanes and with explosive barrels, which led to the death and wound of many civilians, in addition to the immense destruction in the city. Explosive barrels also targeted Darat Azza dropped by regime's warplanes which also caused the martyrdom and wound of a number of people and the huge damages in the city's infrastructure which basically has been damaged by recent strikes. In addition, Mare'a, Sfeira, Hayyan and Mayer were stricken with explosive barrels that led to the martyrdom and wound of many people. Moreover, regime forces still continue the shelling operations using warplanes against Kafr Hamra, Harytanm, Minigh and Anadan . In the city's liberated neighborhoods, the shelling by regime forces never stopped using warplanes that targeted Bani Zed and Youth Residence in the city. However, it should mentioned that the number of martyrs may increase, respecting that regime forces still shell a big number of Aleppo suburbs' cities and villages, besides the fierce shelling that targets many neighborhoods inside the city. It's noted that, the unavailability of civilians' protection means and the severe lack of the medical services provided by the field hospitals in the city participate in the martyrs number rise. Deir Ezzor: A number of martyrs and wounded were reported due to an explosion that targeted the nation security branch. Idlib: Dana: 3 martyrs and wounded were reported due to warplanes shelling Dana hospital. Daraa: Tal Shehab: Fierce artillery shelling targets the town. Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Shelling by tanks targets the city from Harsh checkpoint. Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Airstrike by warplanes targets Mahata area. Homs: Ghantou: Mustafa Abd Al-Latef Jhuani was martyred due to shelling in the city. Idlib: Jabal Zawyeh: Warplanes dropped in an explosive barrel in Shnan village surroundings. Aleppo: Mayer: Wounded were reported and destroyed more than 15 home by shelling with 6 explosives barrels on the town. Aleppo: Fierce warplanes shelling is targeting Kafr Hamra, Hreitan, Anadan and Hayan. Aleppo: Dar Azza: Amoun Ahmad Shnaq, 80, Khoula Shhadeh, 35, Thnaa Zaki Abdein, Hiba Hytham Al-Jbji,25, child Aya Amjad Abdein, 8, Husein Amjad Abdein,2, were martyred due to warplanes shelling in the city. Aleppo: Dar Azza: 6 martyrs, 4 women and 2 children, were reported due to warplanes shelling in the city. Daraa: Inkhel: Warplanes drops explosive barrel on the city. Idlib: Marret Nuoman: Fierce shelling by tanks targets Marret Shams village from Wadi Daif Camp. Daraa: Several were wounded by the fierce artillery shelling on the Arbaen neighborhood. Hama: Hlfaya: Al- Abd Al-Rhman Al-Rshed,20, was martyred due to clashes with regime forces in Hama Suburbs. Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Turkiya al-Matar was martyred by the warplanes shelling in the city. Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Female child Sanaa Qasem, female child Seidra Qasem, Female child Zaina al-Daqer and Aba Allah al-Qasem were martyred by the shelling on the city and the martyrs are originally from Harasta. Aleppo: Manbej: Martyrs number has risen to 5 due to warplanes shelling in the city, martyrs are: Child Mhmoud Ali, 13 from Sfeira, Abdullah Khloa,30, Fahid Jasim Mouhamad,50, and Yahya Al-Ali. Hama: Kaferzitah: fierce shelling using explosive barrels targets the city. Daraa: Jasim: Warplanes launch 2 airstrikes on the city. Aleppo: Hayan: Ahmad Mouhamad Sraj was martyred by his wounds due to shelling with explosive barrels in Sha'r neighborhood. Aleppo: Abdullah Mouhamad Marouf, 25 from Hour village, was martyred due to clashes with regime forces in Rashdeen neighborhood. Aleppo: Manbej: The number of martyrs that were reported due to warplanes shelling has risen to 3 martyrs. Homs: Ghantou: Wounded were reported due to fierce shelling with gvozdika and rocket launchers in the town. Damascus suburbs: Dumair: The Martyrdom of a whole family including 3 children, from Harasta, due to fierce shelling in the city. Homs: Dar Kbeira: Fierce shelling with all heavy weapons targets the town. Daraa: Nawa: Fierce artillery shelling targets the southern neighborhood of the town. Damascus Suburbs: Deir Salman: Surface-to-surface missile shelling targets the town. Damascus Suburbs: Marj: Fierce rocket launchers shelling targets Balalieh village. Aleppo: Manbej: Martyr and wounded were reported due to shelling by warplanes in the city. Damascus Suburbs: Adraa: Warplanes launch 2 airstrikes on the town. Damascus Suburbs: Dumair: Warplanes launch 4 airstrikes in the city. Damascus Suburbs: Fierce shelling from the 67 regiment targets the cities and towns of Eastern Ghouta. Aleppo: Mingh: Fierce shelling by warplanes targets the town. Aleppo: Fierce shelling by warplanes targets Bani Zaid and Sakn Shbabi neighborhoods. Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Fierce clashes between FSA and regime forces in the Camp entrance. Aleppo: Marea: Fierce explosive barrels from warplanes targets the town. Damascus Suburbs: Beit Sahim: Imad Hassan,35, and hie wife Hiba Mutliq and his 4 children, child Mouhamad Al-Qadi,9 from Thyabia, Omar Mrwan Al-Jarih,18, Mouhamad Slem Khoundi, 26, were martyred by regime's snipers gunfire when they tried to get out of town. Damascus Suburbs: Marj: Warplans launch 2 airstrikes in the area. Homs: Mig warplanes flying in the city sky. Raqqa: Tabka: Child Rghda, 3 months, was martyred due to the cold in Fkhekhah Camp in Dana hospital. Aleppo: Manbej: Fierce shelling by warplanes targets the city. Damascus Suburbs: Qalamoun: Ismael Tabish was martyred of his wounds due to the shelling. http://www.lccsyria.org/en/ https://www.facebook.com/LCCS

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