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Sheehan: Itĺs About PNAC and the Neocons

Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire

August 14, 2005

In response to a comment posted on this blog—claiming I am an anti-Semitic conspiracy nut who blames everything on the poor Jews—allow me to quote Cindy Sheehan: “Am I emotional? Yes, my first born was murdered. Am I angry? Yes, he was killed for lies and for a PNAC Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel. My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel. Am I stupid? No, I know full-well that my son, my family, this nation, and this world were betrayed by George [W.] Bush who was influenced by the neo-con PNAC agenda after 9/11. We were told that we were attacked on 9/11 because the terrorists hate our freedoms and democracy…not for the real reason, because the Arab-Muslims who attacked us hate our middle-eastern foreign policy. That hasn’t changed since America invaded and occupied Iraq…in fact it has gotten worse.”

Is Cindy Sheehan a Nazi-loving anti-Semite who wants to shove Jews in crematoria ovens—or is she simply telling the truth (and a well-documented truth, albeit consistently ignored by the corporate media)? Naturally, it didn’t take long for the far right-wing apologists to scream “Sheehan’s a Jew-hating anti-Semite” from the rooftops—or from the depths of the blogosphere, anyway (see this knee-jerk entry at Israpundit).

According to the concentration camp apologist Michelle Malkin, Sheehan is a dupe for “the far Left and in the MSM” (translation: the “MSM,” or mainstream media, read corporate media, reported this story, so they are complicit in the treasonous plot to bring the troops home). As Ms. Malkin sees it, the “Cindy Sheehan juggernaut has resulted in an uptick in profanity-laced moonbat hate mail from Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferers incapable of rational debate.” In other words, arguing that the Iraq invasion and occupation is an untenable disaster indicates one is “incapable of rational debate” (as defined by Malkin and the neocons) and opposition to such lunacy as killing 140,000 (give or take 10 or 20 thousand) innocent Iraqis predicated on a stinking passel of lies is a symptom of the “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” However, it would appear Malkin suffers from a mental illness of her own—not uncommon in Bushzarro world—because she believes the “MSM” is infiltrated with America-hating leftists (for instance, the American-hating folks at General Electric, who manufacture jet engines for Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and other military aircraft makers, and also own and control NBC, CNBC, Telemundo, and msnbc.com).

But anyway, the point here is that you cannot avoid reality—even from the murky depths of Bushzarro world where the Michelle Malkin apologists for mass murder and forever-war reside. I keep citing the following news article as a primary example of how indeed the invasion and occupation of Iraq is in Israel’s interest (War Launched to Protect Israel - Bush Adviser) but this fact is studiously ignored. It is also well-established that the invasion of Iraq was pushed by the likes of neocon “think tanks” such as PNAC, as Sheehan notes, and also the American Enterprise Institute, Middle East Media Research Institute, Hudson Institute, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Middle East Forum, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Center for Security Policy, and others less influential. Again, this is not some Elders of Zion conspiracy theory but established fact (for more detail, see Jason Vest, The Men From JINSA and CSP).

On February 19, 1998, in an “Open Letter to the President,” the Machiavellian neocon Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf proposed “a comprehensive political and military strategy for bringing down Saddam and his regime,” in other words killing even more Iraqis than they had killed up to that point (around a million, half of them children, through medieval sanctions). “Among the letter’s signers were the following current Bush administration officials,” notes Stephen J. Sniegoski. “Elliott Abrams (National Security Council), Richard Armitage (State Department), Bolton (State Department), Feith (Defense Department), Fred Ikle (Defense Policy Board), Zalmay Khalilzad (White House), Peter Rodman (Defense Department), Wolfowitz (Defense Department), David Wurmser (State Department), Dov Zakheim (Defense Department), Perle (Defense Policy Board), and Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense). In 1998 Donald Rumsfeld was part of the neocon network and already demanding war with Iraq…. Signers of the letter also included such pro-Zionist and neoconservative luminaries as Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Gaffney (Director, Center for Security Policy), Joshua Muravchik (American Enterprise Institute), Martin Peretz (editor-in-chief, The New Republic), Leon Wieseltier (The New Republic), and former Rep. Stephen Solarz (D-N.Y.).” Such facts are easily obtained and hardly constitute a crack-brained conspiracy theory, as some allege. Fact of the matter is pro-Zionist neocons engineered the invasion of Iraq and Cindy Sheehan is absolutely correct (and allow me to add): her son died for a gaggle of racist and hateful chicken hawk Likudnik-lovers bent on “reshaping” the Muslim Middle East (i.e., destroying Islamic societies and culture).

Of course, for the neocons—ensconced in the Bush administration and their right-wing funded foundations, or criminal organizations—the invasion and occupation of Iraq is only the beginning. If they have their way more Casey Sheehans will be slaughtered (and thousands, possibly millions, of Muslims). Just so we understand where the Straussian neocon Machiavellian clash of civilizations crowd stands, consider the following, penned by the dynamic duo of all-war-all-the-time, Robert Kagan and William Kristol, in 2002:

When all is said and done, the conflict in Afghanistan will be to the war on terrorism what the North Africa campaign was to World War II: an essential beginning on the path to victory. But compared with what looms over the horizon—a wide-ranging war in locales from Central Asia to the Middle East and, unfortunately, back again to the United States—Afghanistan will prove but an opening battle…. But this war will not end in Afghanistan. It is going to spread and engulf a number of countries in conflicts of varying intensity. It could well require the use of American military power in multiple places simultaneously. It is going to resemble the clash of civilizations that everyone has hoped to avoid.

As Sniegoski notes, we can only conclude, considering the facts (and follow the above link to Sniegoski’s article to get the whole story), “not only that the neoconservatives are obviously in the forefront of the pro-war bandwagon but also that pro-Israeli Likudnik motives are the most logical, probably the only logical, motives for war,” although, the “deductions drawn” from Sniegoski’s essay “seem obvious but are rarely broached in public because Jewish power is a taboo subject. As the intrepid Joseph Sobran puts it: ‘It’s permissible to discuss the power of every other group, from the Black Muslims to the Christian Right, but the much greater power of the Jewish establishment is off-limits.’”

Cindy Sheehan has broached this taboo—and with millions of people watching—and this is driving the neocons and right-wingers bonkers, as Malkin’s nonsensical blog entry demonstrates. Meanwhile, feeling threatened and pissed off that the “liberal” media (owned by war profiteers such as General Electric) would even give Sheehan one sound bite, the rabid right-wingers have mobilized. “Demonstrators backing President Bush’s war on terrorism [or war on dark-skinned Muslims] traveled to Crawford, Texas, on Friday and Saturday—as the media continued to focus on Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan’s anti-war protest outside Bush’s ranch,” reports NewsMax. “On Saturday, reinforcements arrived in the form of ‘The Heart of Texas’ Chapter of FreeRepublic.com, which staged a support-the-troops rally that drew 250 people, according to WCBS Newsradio 880.”

FreeRepublic is the freedom-loving web site or forum that loves to drop a dime on the FBI, CIA, and IRS and rat out people like Justin Raimondo who they love to hate (and hate is their raison detre). Considering how the “Freepers” consistently target activists (they are fond of calling clergy and church-based activists who disagree with them “commies”) it is entirely possible there will be a lot of screaming and confrontation when this contingent arrives in Crawford, a few miles from Bush’s faux cowboy ranch.

Any “violence” will, of course, bring an end to Cindy Sheehan’s embarrassing protest and Bush’s stubborn refusal to meet Sheehan—and no doubt such an outcome will bring a smile to the face of Michelle Malkin and Matt Drudge and neocons far and wide who—like vampires—hate the light of day.

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