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Post-Neocon Neolibs Have No Use for al-CIA-duh

Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire

September 17, 2005

Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, an ivory tower professor and associate director of the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research out of Harvard, believes it is time to talk with Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. "How can the war be brought to an end? Neither side can defeat the other," Mohamedou writes for the Boston Globe. "The United States will not be able to overpower a diffuse, ever-mutating, organized international militancy movement, whose struggle enjoys the rear-guard sympathy of large numbers of Muslims…. Though dismissed widely, the best strategy for the United States may well be to acknowledge and address the collective reasons in which Al Qaeda anchors its acts of force. Al Qaeda has been true to its word in announcing and implementing its strategy for over a decade. It is likely to be true to its word in the future and cease hostilities against the United States, and indeed bring an end to the war it declared in 1996 and in 1998, in return for some degree of satisfaction regarding its grievances."

Of course, "al-Qaeda" has but one "grievance," as elucidated by the now dead Osama bin Laden, and that is for the United States to get out of Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Muslim world. It’s a reasonable demand, even for a dead CIA operative, but not one that will be considered by the United States, under the rule of the neocons, as it moves in the opposite direction, invading Middle Eastern and Asian countries and planning to invade (or bomb) others.

Mohamedou is barking up the wrong tree—in fact, he is barking up a tree planted by the CIA, Pakistan’s ISI, and the British MI6. It’s a tree well protected and watered, as the "al-Qaeda" myth needs to be cultivated and grafted elsewhere (Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad, now merged with "al-Qaeda" in Iraq, a sort of franchise to legitimize the occupation, is a prime example). For Mohamedou, there is an Osama and "al-Qaeda" to ring up and schedule a meeting with and settle differences. Indeed, before Osama checked out due to renal failure, such a meeting may have pointlessly occurred, but it would have been an entirely incestuous affair—the Pentagon or the neocon members of the Bush administration meeting with CIA-ISI-MI6 spawned operatives and a brood of fanatical patsies and deluded fellow travelers brainwashed in ISI-controlled madrasas.

Meanwhile, the less hot-headed and not so obviously murderous faction of the neolibs, as represented by the "liberal" globalist George Soros, is now pushing to reconsider the neocon "war on terrorism" in favor of a more moderate (or less transparent) approach. "We are the most powerful nation on earth," Soros declared in a full-page advertisement in the War Street Journal recently. "No external enemy can defeat us. We can lose our preeminent position only by our own mistakes and misconceptions. The 'war on terror’ has been a tragic misconception. Only by forging a new consensus on fighting the terrorists can we correct our mistakes and regain our preeminent position in the world."

In other words, the Bushian "war on terror" is alienating milquetoast neolibs, or those who do not subscribe to the neocon worldview of globalism with its back-to-back invasions and embarrassing public relations disasters. Soros, as a Hungarian-born Jewish-American currency speculator—and, through his Quantum Fund, a facilitator of the Latin American drug trade (neoliberal globalism and the international banking "industry" depend on such mega-profitable and tax-free rackets to augment their ill-gotten gains)—would rather overthrow pesky and recalcitrant nations (for instance, Venezuela) through less visible, more covert behind-the-scenes activity. Soros, through his Open Society Institute, would rather subvert elections—as he did in Georgia by lavishly funding members of the anti-Shevardnadze Otpor (Resistance) movement (see Georgia revolt carried mark of Soros, Globe and Mail)—and paint a thin veneer of legitimacy over rigged elections, something the neocons don’t have the patience to do. Soros did much the same in Ukraine when he poured millions into the campaign against Viktor Yanukovych in favor of Viktor Yushchenko, a central banker with ties to "Old Europe" and the globalist European Union scam.

Soros and the milquetoast, behind-the-scenes neolibs don’t want to talk with al-Qaeda—instead, they want to basically ignore them and "foster democratic development" in the Middle East. In other words, rig elections and put into power a new crop of autocrats who are media savvy, unlike Bush’s buddy Karimov of Uzbekistan, who has a penchant for boiling his political opponents to death, and none too discreetly. The sine qua non of Soros neoliberalism is the velvet glove stretched over the iron fist and is essentially no different than the exposed neocon iron fist dripping with the blood and gore of countless victims. Soros neoliberalism desires the same thing neocon neoliberalism desires—"market discipline" and "laissez-faire, capital market driven, privatization and trade arrangements," that is to say a free-wheeling ability to enter countries and "privatize" (i.e., steal) natural resources and impoverish local populations in the process. Soros wants to do this through rigged elections; the neocons—due to impertinence, a blustery chicken hawk machismo, and adherence to the Machiavellian tenets of their demented philosopher, Leo Strauss (building on the "insights" of the Nazi Carl Schmitt), would rather invade and subdue "markets" through massive and unrelenting bloodshed as fantasized by the neo-fascist Mussolini admirer Michael Ledeen.

Ultimately, the Soros version of neoliberalism will prevail due to the unavoidable fact the neocons are essentially self-destructive nihilists destined for the dust bin of history (but not before they kill thousands, possibly millions of people—note Dick Cheney’s enthusiasm for the use of nukes against Iran and other nations). It is said Bill Clinton was indifferent to the "growing threat" of al-Qaeda and there was of course a good reason for this: "al-Qaeda" was never a "threat" until the neocons capitalized on their highly exaggerated potential as a scary bogeyman. Prior to the neocon ascension, "al-Qaeda" was a small outfit of latter-day mujahideen, used for small operations in the Balkans and Chechnya. It was not the world-class terrorist threat manufactured by the Straussian neocons, who, due to their Hobbesian-Machiavellian orientation, understand there must be a threat in order for the leader to assume unprecedented power. However, as more pragmatic neolibs understand, the same result—prying open "markets," in other words unchecked thievery—can be accomplished under the gloss of "democracy."

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