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Media Shifts Attention from SAS Screw Up to Iran

Kurt Nimmo, Another Day in the Empire

September 21, 2005

Leave it up to the Moonie-owned United Press International to attempt a none-too delicate effort to steer attention away from the fact British covert intel goons killed a cop and bystander and were caught red-handed cruising around Basra in car loaded with explosives and detonators. "Attacks on British forces in southern Iraq may be directed from Iran," reports the UPI. "The clashes and the arrest of two undercover British soldiers was almost certainly triggered by the arrest at the weekend of Sheikh Ahmed al-Fartusi, the leader of the Mahdi Army, a banned militia loyal to Moqtada al-Sadr."

Indeed, al-Fartusi, commander of al-Mahdi’s militia in Basra, was arrested by the Brits in a Gestapo-like raid, thus leading to "the spread of a great number of members of al Sadr Militia in al Basra streets and the gathering of many of these men near a building in the city center, which contains the headquarters of Al Sadr movement," explains al-Mendhar News. "Eyewitnesses said that they are still in their locations hiding their weapons. Sheikh Mohamed Al Ka’bi, a member of Al Sadr trend in Baghdad, confirmed, 'Our office in Al Basra ordered us to remain calm and adopt political means to release our Sheikh and his men.’"

Editors on the Moonie payroll grabbed their story from the Times. "Political assassination, murder, smuggling and extortion: the activities of a 50-strong gang of Iraqi policemen in Basra [dubbed the "al-Jameat gang"] whose members seized two British servicemen on Monday were brought to the attention of the Iraqi government six months ago, according to official sources in the city." claims Anthony Loyd for the Times, not making mention of the fact the arrested "British servicemen" were dressed up as Arabs and driving around in a car packed with weapons and explosives. According to Loyd, this "50-strong gang" of Iraqis, supposedly led by al-Fartusi, is "allegedly connected to a terrorist cell responsible for recent attacks on British units in the city," a terrorist cell of course linked to Iran. Al-Fartusi’s alleged

terrorist cell is said to be a splinter group of the Mahdi Army, whose followers are loyal to Moqtada al-Sadr, the firebrand cleric at the centre of last year’s Shia insurgency. Now more of a populist, political figure, al-Sadr is not believed to have been aware, or in control, of al-Fartusi’s activities. Al-Fartusi, 32, had been sacked from a command position in the Mahdi Army. Iran, however, was aware of his operations. This year an influx of sophisticated shape-charge devices appeared in southern Iraq. New methods and materiel bore the hallmarks of the Iranian-funded Hezbollah movement.

Of course, it all makes sense—the irresponsible and impulsive Moqtada al-Sadr, who had the impertinence to go up against the occupation when he should have had the common decency to throw rose petals at the invaders, spawns a break-away gang involved in "assassination, murder, smuggling and extortion," and these ruthless thugs are naturally linked to Iran and Hezbollah, thus attempting to buttress the oft-demonstrated bogus claim outsiders are running the resistance in Iraq and maybe stirring up trouble amongst pacified Shi’ites in southern Iraq. Instead of an explanation of why the Brits are running a pseudo-gang of phony-baloney terrorists in wigs and headdresses—careless enough to blow their cover and get apprehended red-handed with the goods—the British media is diverting attention away from the exposed truth—the SAS is responsible for at least some, probably a lot of the terrorism in Iraq—and are brazenly attempting to shift blame in the direction of Iran and Hezbollah, two of the usual suspects.

It should be obvious the two Brits arrested—and subsequently released after British tanks knocked down the building where they were held—are part of a larger plan to destabilize Iraq and foment civil war. Is it possible the Brits are behind a series of suicide bombings in Basra (73 people were killed and 200 wounded, including the incineration of 17 children, on April 21, 2004, and 68 were killed on June 24, 2004, to name but two) or are we to believe it was the work of the Shi’a-hating al-Zarqawi, determined, as we are told in various audio and video tapes released with curiously appropriate timing, to wipe every Shi’ite Muslim off the face of the earth?

"British military intelligence has concluded that Iran has been supporting a local terror group run by Abu Mustafa al-Sheibani, who is blamed for the murder of at least 11 British soldiers. And in a secret report, military intelligence warned commanders that attacks on British forces were being deliberately intensified," concludes the Moonie Times, excuse me United Press International. Abu Mustafa al-Sheibani is "working for Iran," warns Time Magazine. "According to a U.S. military-intelligence document obtained by TIME, al-Sheibani heads a network of insurgents created by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps with the express purpose of committing violence against U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq…. the U.S. believes al-Sheibani’s team consists of 280 members, divided into 17 bombmaking teams and death squads. The U.S. believes they train in Lebanon, in Baghdad’s predominantly Shi’ite Sadr City district and 'in another country’ and have detonated at least 37 bombs [described as "shaped" explosive charges] against U.S. forces this year in Baghdad alone." Considering the track record of U.S. intelligence—from overthrowing democratically elected governments (in Iran for example) to customizing lies in preparation for the invasion of Iraq—we can trust the al-Sheibani campfire story about as far as we can throw it. In other words, it has about the same degree of veracity as the al-Zarqawi campfire story—that is to say none, since virtually everything the U.S. and its corporate media disinformation ministries write or report about al-Zarqawi is undocumented fear-mongering.

As should be obvious, the Iraqi resistance has almost completely stalled the Anglo-American effort to pacify the country and reconstruct (or rather deconstruct) it into an acceptable model for the neocons and their carpet-bagging neolib co-conspirators who entertained high hopes to "structurally adjust" the Iraqi economy and steal its natural resources—not simply oil but also its minerals, natural gas, phosphates, sulfur, hydropower, and other resources of commercially exploitable importance, including cheap human labor. In lieu of the neocon promise that Iraqis would welcome this thievery with open arms, the Bushites and their British collaborators are working to split the country into three distinct pieces along religious and ethnic lines through civil war—and thus SAS goons (and their counterparts in the Pentagon who have yet to stupidly blow their cover) are running around with explosives and detonators, pretending to be al-Zarqawi Arabs engaged in a mindless jihad. Of course, it will not work and the Iraqis will eventually be victorious.

Unfortunately, here in America, we have an installed president—not the guy from the fake cowboy ranch in Texas, but the other guy, the chicken hawk from Wyoming—who talks about lobbing around nukes if millions of people (mostly Arabs and Muslims) don’t assume the position. If indeed the Iraqis (and the Iranians) eventually eject the U.S. military from the Middle East (as Hezbollah did in Beirut on October 23, 1983), irradiating the entire region or at least significant portions will become a distinct possibility with the current crew in control of the levers of mass murder. Of course, this would only be an increase in magnitude, since the U.S. has already nuked and poisoned Iraq (and Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia) with depleted uranium (half-life of 4.5 billion years), a crime that rivals anything the Nazis have done in terms of outright viciousness since Iraqis will be getting sick and dying from various cancers for a very long time to come.

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