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Mr. Galloway May Go to Washington, Again

Kurt Nimmo, Another day in the empire


October 25, 2005

Norm Coleman is a lot like his ideological brother, David Horowitz. Back in the day, Coleman was a 1960s leftist radical, as was Horowitz, but over time Coleman slithered to the reactionary side of the political spectrum, as did Horowitz, and when Paul Wellstone’s plane suspiciously fell out of the sky in 2002, Coleman snagged the Minnesota Senate seat. It didn’t take long for Coleman, who once organized antiwar marches at Hofstra University, to demand Bush and the neocons attack Iraq. Mission accomplished, Coleman moved on to chair a Senate panel investigating the alleged abuses of the UN’s oil-for-food program in Iraq, concentrating his wrath on the British MP, George Galloway, one of the last principled men in the whole of the British government.

Galloway, of course, never received a dime from Saddam, although he did launch the Mariam Appeal cancer charity to help a sick Iraqi girl (Mariam Hamza) and for medical aid to Iraqi children—the helpless children Coleman is responsible for, as a warmonger and member of Senate who voted for the invasion, injuring and maiming with cluster bombs and depleted uranium—that is after Clinton and Bush Senior had thinned the ranks by way of monstrous sanctions, that is to say starving kids to death and denying them medicine.

"Mr. Galloway may face criminal charges if found to have given false testimony to the committee when he defended himself against similar claims in a passionate showdown earlier this year," writes the National Enquirer of the right, the Drudge Report. "The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has accused him of giving 'false and misleading testimony’ at the May 17 hearing…. Mr. Galloway, who used the headline-grabbing appearance as the basis for a new book, denied being an oil trader, soliciting oil allocations or instructing anyone to do so on his behalf. But Republican Senator Norm Coleman, who chairs the committee, claims to have obtained new evidence proving that Saddam’s regime granted oil allocations to the Bethnal Green and Bow MP and his Mariam Appeal fund." In other words, Coleman contends Galloway received money from Saddam to help the Iraqi children Coleman and his murderous protégés shamefully attacked. Obviously, since killing a half million Iraqi children in the 1990s by way of medieval sanctions was not good enough for the necrophile neocons, they insistently demand a second go and, besides, how dare a lowly MP for Glasgow Hillhead and Glasgow Kelvin get in their faces.

Neocon sycophants and wannabes have built a cottage industry around attacking Galloway, as they boisterously go after anybody who makes a sound argument in opposition to their ghoulish rationalizations for killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Muslims. "Galloway is best known for his support of terrorists whom he refers to as 'the Iraqi resistance,’ his admiration for Saddam Hussein, his allegedly substantial involvement in the 'Oil-for-Food’ scandal, and his seething hatred of the West," writes Horowitz scribbler Rocco DiPippo. In the demented Manichean world of the neocons and their mean-spirited apostles, visceral disgust when confronting the wholesale murder of Iraqi babies and grandmothers is "admiration for Saddam Hussein" and "seething hatred of the West." Galloway "clearly sides with the suicide bombers, the beheaders and other psychopaths that murder civilians in Iraq and elsewhere" and people who agree with Galloway—the neocon invasion and occupation is morally repugnant and a crime of Nuremberg dimension—are, according to DiPippo, "cheering for their own deaths."

All of this insidious and inflammatory nonsense aside, Galloway was quick to challenge Coleman and his Grand Neocon Inquisitors. "I’m demanding that they charge me with contempt and with perjury, I’m demanding it," Galloway told the BBC. "If a Senate committee can go on the international airwaves without putting this to you, without sending me an advance and accuse me of lying under oath in front of a Senate committee, then I demand they charge me with perjury and I’ll be on the next plane to face it."

So, what evidence does Coleman supposedly have implicating Galloway? "Mr. Coleman said his investigators confirmed their evidence, which includes numerous bank records, in interviews with the former Iraqi deputy prime minister, Tariq Aziz, a friend of Mr. Galloway’s, the former Iraqi Vice-President, Taha Yasin Ramadan, and the former Iraqi oil minister, Amer Rashid," according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

It would appear Coleman’s "evidence" surfaced during "interviews" conducted on April 21 of this year with Aziz by US politicos and the CIA at the notorious Camp Cropper prison in Baghdad (as for the lovely conditions at Camp Cropper, see this report by Robert Fisk). "It is imperative that there is intervention into our dire situation and treatment," Tariq Aziz wrote about his imprisonment in a letter published in the Observer. "It is totally in contradiction to international law, the Geneva Convention and Iraqi law as we know it." Considering Bush receives his "intelligence" by way of torture and rape, anything Aziz did or did not say about Galloway should be taken with a grain of salt, to say the least.

Likewise for anything Taha Yassin Ramadan, VP of Iraq and the Ten of Diamonds in the most-wanted Iraqi deck of playing cards, or Iraq Oil Minister General Amer Rashid, have to say.

It is obvious Coleman—a former leftist, now neocon hitman with a mission from the nihilist vulcans—is itching to take down Galloway for his spot-on analysis of the Iraqi invasion and occupation. No doubt Galloway will come back to Washington in short order to face perjury allegations (Galloway is not one to back down) and Coleman and the Grand Neocon Inquisitors will attempt to throw him in the clink—and of course this will simply feed the antiwar movement, as Galloway (and Cindy Sheehan, now talking about civil disobedience) know well enough. Coleman, mired in his vindictive myopia, and obviously attempting to exorcise his 1960s demons (as Horowitz continually exorcises his), either does not understand how arresting Galloway for perjury will feed the growing ardor of the antiwar movement. Moreover, Galloway has a damn good record of refuting spurious charges, as he did in regard to the Daily Telegraph’s ludicrous accusation Galloway conspired with Iraqi intelligence (Galloway was awarded £150,000 damages plus costs estimated to total £1.2 million in a libel case against the "conservative," that is to say reactionary Tory newspaper). In short, Coleman best prepare himself for the possibility of another humiliating George Galloway tongue lashing. Either way, it will make for good television, as did the last encounter, which left Coleman and Crew, who are intellectual midgets when compared to Galloway, reeling and more or less speechless in the wake of George’s testimony last May.

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