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Rove Vows Forever War

Kurt Nimmo

March 12, 2006

Karl Rove, the Donald Segretti understudy of dirty tricks and political sabotage, told the gathered at a Republican fundraiser at Bowling Green State University the administration will not pull American troops out of Iraq until victory is won, the Associated Press reports. It should be obvious the United States will never achieve "victory" in Iraq and the situation grows more dismal with each passing day, but the neocons and their operatives create their own reality and we are here to follow along. Rove is not simply preaching to the faithful in Ohio, and his avowal of "victory" in Iraq is basically a rhetorical device. Karl Rove is telling us what the neocons have in mind—a generational conflict, a Thirty Years’ War, perpetual war for perpetual death merchant profit. Bush’s neocons, followers of the fascist Strauss and Schmitt ideology, fully intend to not only reshape the Middle East, but American society as well.

In the perfect neocon world, the American people are completely militarized, indoctrinated, and have the "stomach" (as Robert Kagan deems it) to engage in endless, open-ended war against dehumanized others, a faceless horde of evil-doers. In order to get an idea of how this works, go out and rent Starship Troopers, a film that portrays a fascistic and militaristic future where society is obsessed with battling giant alien bugs. In the current context, Muslims are alien bugs. According to the neocon script, it is kill or be killed—or end up converted to an alien bug religion at the point of a sword or muzzle of a Kalashnikov.

As Mark Twain knew, fantastic lies are required to convince the people war is in their best interest. In the process of selling mass murder and destruction, "the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception." In America, a hundred or more years after Twain penned these words, our "grotesque self-deception" is a knee-jerk reaction and "conscience-soothing falsities" are pedaled relentlessly via the most effective propaganda medium devised to date. "The news media glorify the war and militarism," writes Charley Reese, "we get the same dose on television, in the movies and in video games. If the American people aren’t careful, they will wake up one day to find out they’ve become a nation of mindless heel-clickers." It can be argued a large percentage of the American public are already devoted heel-clickers, that is to say eager little fascists, armchair warriors cheering on the Mobile Infantry (see Starship Troopers) as they decimate alien Muslim bugs.

In his book "Defying Hitler," the German author Sebastian Haffner writes that the political situation in Germany in the 1930s was "deliberately arranged so that the individual had no room to maneuver," one had to agree with Nazi propaganda and doctrine, remain silent (or face violence), or flee the country. In America, circa 2006, at best most Americans are sheepishly ambivalent or have, as Haffner wrote about Germany during the reign of the Nazis, "yielded and capitulated" to the dictates of the neocon Jacobins as they maneuver the nation toward a police state, a requisite domestic enforcement component of the forever war against stereotypical Muslim alien bugs.

In Ohio, Rove told us those who remain in the largely useless Democratic party and oppose the police state and its mechanisms will be exposed and roundly defeated in the coming mid-term elections. "Rove says a key issue in this year’s midterm elections will be campaigning against Democrats who voted against the Patriot Act," reports the Associated Press. In essence, this will be an exercise in neocon propaganda, sending a strong message to the American people—resistance, the Borgs droned, is futile—because "elections" in America are nothing of the sort, especially in Ohio (no Republican has won the presidency without carrying the state, or stealing it by way of Diebold voting machine).

Only a handful of Democrats remain in opposition to the Bushian forever war against Muslim alien bugs (and eventually and insanely Chinese and Russian alien bugs). After the last principled Democrats have fallen, the neocons will come for the rest of us—that’s what the massive NSA snoop and dossier apparatus is all about, not "al Qaeda" phone calls or email messages. Our Jean-Paul Marat and Robespierre, leaders of the Jacobins during the French Revolution, are ready to call out enemies of the state and march them to the guillotine, or at least the wilderness. Bush, as dictator rei publicae constituendae ("Dictator for the Constitution of the Republic") has unveiled his final proscription par excellence against recalcitrant Democrats.

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