beirut destroyed 03_fp2.jpgBut frankly not as long as the images of broken, torn and twisted Lebanese children. The USA of course vetoed an UN Resolution calling for a ceasefire.

Blair lost the respect of the British people years ago, Kim Howells with his apparently lobotomy between visiting the Lebanon and criticising Israel and then arriving in Israel the next day and criticising the Lebanese resistance ensures that the Labour party itself will lose respect.

What is the difference between Olmert's invasion of the Lebanon and Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, very little in actual fact although it could be claimed Saddam had more justification. Israel's excuse for bringing death and destruction to the Lebanon seems to be centred on the arrest of two Israeli solders, the two soldiers were captured in Lebanese territory, in the area of A´ta Al-Chaab close to the border, whereas Israeli television indicated that they had been captured in Israeli territory.

Israel's second excuse that they were under attack by Hezbollah, but the reality is that there's no record of Hezbollah having attacked Israel BEFORE Israel had already illegally invaded the Lebanon. Hezbollah is described as a "terrorist" organisation but then again any organisation that opposes Israel's expansionist policies or the USA's oil imperialism are described as terrorists.

Hezbollah had of course already become a part of the democratic process holding 12 seats in the Lebanese Assembly, they were well on their way to accepting the political process rather than violence in solving their problems.

Israel also claims that they are enforcing UN Resolution 1559, which is a little rich because firstly they haven't complied themselves, they still occupy Sheba Farms but in any case Israel has ignored more resolutions than any country on earth, what on earth gives them the right to become an "enforcer"?

The fact is of course is that if Israel had a problem with the Lebanon they should have addressed those fears to the democratically elected government, if that didnĺt bring success, addressed their fears through the United Nations. Instead they prefer to break International Law, and also with their action in the Lebanon they have compromised the Geneva Convention. The Israeli leaders are now war criminals.

The reality of course is that Israel wasn't reacting to immediate circumstances at all, the Jerusalem Post on the 12th July 2006, the same day as the two Israeli soldiers were arrested, let slip That Israeli reserve forces had been mobilised "weeks ago". It reported.

"Only weeks ago, an entire reserve division was drafted in order to train for an operation such as this." Well what a coincidence that is.

It gets worse, according to the San Francisco Chronicle this invasion of the Lebanon was planned over a year ago

bush and blair at g8_s.jpgCan there in fact be any doubt that what we are seeing in the Lebanon and the unleashing of Bush's attack dog, is an illegal invasion which was done totally with the prior agreement of Bush and his poodle?

Israel must be made to pay for the damage they have caused and pay compensation to their victims just as Iraq was in the case of Kuwait. The difficulty caused by the USA/Bolton being an instrument of sabotage as far as the UN goes can be overcome by the non Security Council members initiating an "Uniting for Peace" Resolution which essentially requires a two thirds majority in the UN and allowing the Security Council to be bypassed. We need International, not just personal, boycotts of Israeli produce and they should continue until the apartheid state is dismantled.