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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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Baath Party Statement
No to the negotiations! No to Baker's report! Yes to the military solution!

The Arab Baath Socialist Party


In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful
The Arab Baath Socialist Party
One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission
Unity, Freedom, Socialism

No to the negotiations! No to Baker's report!
Yes to the military solution!

While the US Occupation in Iraq is steadily collapsing, the plotting tactics used by the US enemy become clearer by the day, to find an exit which will safe his face without giving the People of Iraq any of its demands requested by the Armed Iraqi Resistance and the Party many a times, and most lately the Liberation and Independence declaration. Those dealing with Iraq developments directly and based on a precise knowledge of the facts, know clearly and without the slightest doubt that the two basic allies: the US and Iran have been defeated in Iraq and that the Iraqi National Resistance has achieved the practical victory and this has been crowned by the Baker report and Bush personally admitting that the US has failed in Iraq. This reality has grave and dangerous consequences forcing US and Iran to desperately salvage their quest and their strategic expansion ambitions in Iraq and in the Arab homeland which the Iraqi Resistance has put in danger of dispersion and final loss.

The widening of the genocidal scope against the Iraqi people and pushing the US and the Iranian death squads for more mass murder and terrorism, are nothing but a consequence of the US and Iranian failure and it is yet an other attempt to transform the Combat into a sectarian civil strife which can guarantee the US and Iran to stay in Iraq. Furthermore, the US and Iran have purposely diverted their rivalries to Lebanon to excite some noise and divert attention from what is happening in Iraq and adorn Iran' hideous face drowned in hundreds of thousands of Iraqis blood.

But this wicked US- Iranian game has failed despite those who have fallen into Iranian and US trap. For the ones who have fallen into Iran trap, imagined that the great Arab battle is going on in Lebanon and not in Iraq, drawing naturally sympathy and support for Iran and its regional tools and not to the Iraqi Resistance. Despite Iran playing a criminal and dangerous role in destroying Iraq and mass killing thousands of its sons and daughters every month and despite that the Lebanon battle is marginal and has no other objective but to get back Shaba'a farms! Those who have fallen into the US trap believe that negotiating with the US is the only way to stop the blood bath and put an end to the Iraqi disaster through expelling Iran from Iraq. This lot has forgotten or tried to forget that those who brought Iran to Iraq and who gave it the government and specially the Interior and the Defense ministries is the United States and no body else; and that all the genocidal crimes, the expelling of millions of Iraqi Arabs from their homes inside and outside Iraq has been made with a US - Iranian direct agreement based on known strategic objectives to slowly wipe out the Arab identity of Iraq and transform it into dwarf city states dependent on this side or on the other.

Again this game has failed for the people of Iraq with all its natural components, be it Arabs, Kurds, Turcoman, Sunni and Shia Muslims, Christians, Mandeans and others have stood united resisting in front of the US -Iranian ordeal and have given and still are giving martyrs everyday for the unity of Iraq and its national and Arab Identity. Iraqis have expressed this historical stand through holding on to backing and supporting the only hope for salvation and protection of their unity and the expelling of the US-Iranian occupations, i.e. the Iraqi Resistance.

Here we must remind again that the Battle of Iraq is the decisive and the fundamental battle and all the other Arabs' battles are annexed to the battle of Iraq and their fate is decided by the outcome of the battle of Iraq. Yes indeed! For the liberation of Iraq will lead to the US defeat, the US which is the root of our every great tragedy especially in Palestine, Iraq, Sudan and the Arab Maghreb- North Africa. As for the battle of Lebanon, it is nothing but an artificial crisis, has no Lebanese or Arab strategic necessities, and serves pure Iranian and US objectives and harm the cause of our Arab nation. Thus! When we said that the battle of Iraq is the mother of all battles, we knew what we were talking about. Consider the very US watching that its defeat in Iraq will not only concern our occupied country but it will cover all the Arab homeland and US role in the world. This state of affairs will for sure put the Zionist Entity into the most dangerous impasse in its history: the defeat of the striking force which used to protect it and form a shield to defend it and to avoid its rout: the US... When the US is defeated in Iraq, the Zionist Entity will be defeated too and without any doubt. Today while the heroic Iraqi Resistance undergoes the battle of all the Arabs and Muslims, we find necessary as the Arab vanguards combating with arms on the soil of Iraq, to assert the following truths:

1- That the decisive failure and the resounding defeat of the US colonialist project in Iraq thanks to the heroic National Iraqi Resistance with all its factions exposes again the question of the negotiation with the US. Our Party has, through the Liberation and the Independence Declaration that the negotiations with the US will never take place unless the US accept the Resistance declared conditions and mainly the unconditional and complete withdrawal. That is why, the US refusing to accept these conditions and try solutions which will adorn the Occupation through adding parties and names not yet used or burnt, is nothing but ignoring the situation and that will not be a solution for its killer problem in Iraq. Rather it will complicate it even more. Yes the Resistance will once more and again, wreck every agreements between the US and marginal or isolated individuals from the Resisting action arena. Our Party asserts again that it will never accept to negotiate with the US unless it accepts the announced conditions, for the negotiations concern how to execute the conditions and not upon negotiating these conditions. This position, repeated again and again reasserts once more that our Party didn't authorize whoever to establish a contact or to negotiate with the Occupation outside Iraq. Those who attended meetings organized in Jordan and in the Occupation' Stooges' embassy in Amman in particular or elsewhere do not represent the Party whatsoever and they are the ones who have fallen into the Occupation trap and try to use the Party name for objectives bad for the people and for the Party.

The only way for negotiation is to accept the announced Resistance conditions and to negotiate with the symbols which represent the Party and the Resistance and which will be determined by the Resistance when the US will accept the conditions and never before... Here, we must remind again that the only and sole representative of the people of Iraq is the Armed Iraqi National Resistance, (and those who are politically connected to it), and it is the only one which can negotiate in the name of Iraq and in the name of its Mujahid people.

2- Our Party has thoroughly studied Baker's report and declares that it is a failed recipe whose objective is to steal time to accomplish a criminal mission inside Iraq, mainly to lure some into collaborating with the Occupation. The most important thing in the report is to give a phased solution starting to prepare political and military new ideas and ending by staying in Iraq in a military formula outside the cities for undetermined time.

In order to achieve the victory requirements we must widen and expand our military operations to an unprecedented record, putting the US to face either humiliating and degrading defeat and the chaotic cutting and running or to negotiate with the Resistance only after frankly accepting its conditions.. There is no solution and no exit whatsoever for the US in Iraq to endure minor damage except through accepting the Armed Resistance conditions, and this is the answer of our Party to the Baker's report.

3- In the light of the US and Iran hysteria in Iraq, intensifying the death squads operations and in the region through setting an artificial crisis in Lebanon whose objective for the US right now is to divert attention from the US defeat in Iraq and from the Iranian point of view is to go ahead with adorning Iran's ugly face and that of its regional tools backed by some Arabs and allowing it to continue destroying Iraq, expelling millions of its citizens from their homes, and replacing them with Iranian colonialists -Persians, and Kurds from Iran- and transform Iraq's Arabs into a torn minority in the middle of a total Arab silence. Furthermore there is a great possibility that the US and Iran are preparing a bloodthirsty military global campaign, announced by US newspapers, against the Arabs of Iraq and specially in the liberated areas, based on this, we call upon all the Iraqi patriots and specially the Resistance factions to strengthen the militant unity of all the Mujahedeens in Iraq and resist the last forms of the US - Iranian plotting against Iraq and against its Arab Identity, and to get ready for the coming decisive battles as one man and as one heart.

Our Party draws the Arab attention be it masses and organizations to the US-Iranian alliance scope, the last being the call by US parties to cooperate with Iran to solve the problem of Iraq, the Iranian repeated calls to the US to cooperate with the US to salvage it from the Iraq quagmire, the refusal of the new US Defense Secretary, Gates, in front of the Congress to increase tensions with Iran and to pressure the US administration to favor agreeing and cooperating with it to find a solution for Iraq problem.. In the light of all that our Party asserts that there are grave, strong, and preponderant indications and possibilities, if the Arabs don't resist it, unified, that the US will sign a deal with Iran on Iraq and Arab Gulf countries' detriment and mainly Bahrain, the Arab Emirates and the holy shrines in the Saudi Arab Kingdom. Our Party knowing this truth has asserted in a previous statement that our only and most important motto for the Arab Nation is our Arab identity first. There is no other interpretation to this slogan but the Arab Nation to stand whole in its masses and the regimes which are willing to do so as one rank to protect the Arab identity of our Great Homeland, its interests, and its national identity threatened by Iran and the Zionist US.

In our Party and despite the role played by Arab governments into destroying Iraq, we overcome our wounds and our feelings and we put our national interest above the countries' considerations and we remind everyone that regimes come and go but the Arab identity remains and we must safeguard it with all what we possess, and if the Arab identity is harmed or deformed there will be no possible resurrection for the Arabs and may be for hundreds of years to come.. This is why safeguarding the Arab identity of Iraq and the Gulf and protecting the other Arab countries from sectarian dispersion is most important for our Party and for our Iraqi Armed Resistance, for it is the only one capable to defeat Iran and US plans to share the Arab Homeland loot as the Iraq experience proved . If these regimes fear the US reactions, they must choose in between safeguarding their countries unity and their Arab identity through backing the Iraqi Resistance, which humiliated and defeated the US and in between deposing all the Arab governments and replace them with others serving either Iran, the US or the Zionist Entity.

Long live the heroic Iraqi Resistance, the greatest hope for liberation and Independence!
Long live our glorious Arab nation!
Down with the US-Iran and Zionist alliances!
Victory to the Iraqi Armed Revolution!
Long live the Baath as an invincible rampart protecting Iraq and the Arab homeland's Arab Identity!

Iraq Culture and Information Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party
Baghdad on the 9th December 2006

*Translated by Abu Assur. Al Moharer.net


Palestine is Arab from the river to the sea
One Arab Nation United and Free


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