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Baath Party Statement
With the Resistance's unity, we shall foil the US-Iranian agreement on Iraq!

The Arab Baath Socialist Party


In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission

Unity, Freedom, Socialism

With the Resistance's unity, we shall foil the US-Iranian agreement on Iraq!

The meeting on the 28 -5- 2007 in between both the US and the Iranian ambassadors in Baghdad must be considered as an official extremely important turning point, never witnessed since the two countries severed relation in 1979, and will bear grave consequences on the future of Iraq and the Arab nation, unless they are met with a resolved Iraqi and Arab stand. In a war of words between the two, and the fueling of artificial crisis in Lebanon and elsewhere, a luring impression was needed, expressed by Khamenei who said that (Iran leads all those who oppose the US in the world) to camouflage and conceal the US - Iranian collaboration in Iraq and in the region and continue with wikedness and ruse, the Iranian role in Iraq, and at the same time, drive a wedge in between anti or pro Iranian Arabs.

The meeting, which resulted, according to the Iranian ambassador and his US colleague, at least so far, into a general agreement on the fundamental security' question in Iraq poses two essential questions: Why holding these talks in Baghdad? and what is the importance of these talks on Iraq and the region? Indeed! This meeting is a an official and franc US admission and for the first time that Iran is the US main partner into occupying Iraq since the beginning and until this very moment; and that both US and Iran and regardless of their differences on how to share the booty and the loot in Iraq and in the region, will always agree on Iraq's future and specially in wiping out Iraq's Arab identity.

Here we can ascertain without the slightest doubt that the US -Iranian agreement on Iraq, is an agreement between two partners, when you consider how the US threatened and accused Iran of wrecking peace in Iraq, in the region and in the world and at the same time, sat with it negotiating Iraq. Based on this, the region will endure Iraq's fate thanks to the US-Iranian entente against Arab interests and specially the Arab Gulf for future regional arrangements, including the great or the new middle east project, the US endeavors to involve Iran as show indicators from Washington and Tehran, the latter will use as an appropriate cover to achieve more regional benefits while planning de facto to establish a Persian empire.

The importance and the gravity of what happened today in Baghdad, are not in the signed agreements, but into officially opening wide the door for negotiation between Iran and the US and mutually accepting to exchange interests and share benefits.

It is a well known secret that years before the invasion, there were US-Iranian contacts to coordinate actions against Iraq, but these contacts were unofficial. Today there is a US consensus in between Democrats and Republicans to hail the US -Iranian collaboration. This was Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, US congress President, impression after the meeting. The US is utterly exhausted in Iraq and needs whatever buoy to be rescued, providing to save its face and conceal that it was absolutely defeated in Iraq.. Iran is ready to grant this award to the US after pushing it to invade and to get mired into Iraq's sands.. and when the US failed and got tired, here is Iran promising to help the US save its face providing to grant its puppets (Maliki and Muqtada) to collaborate even more with the US and above all signing an oil agreement the US needs, and the US sharing Iran's stooges in Iraq, for a given time at least, and both coordinating their actions against the armed Iraqi Resistance.

Our Party, the Arab Baath socialist party, while reminding this evident, repeated and pinpointed truth times and again for those Arabs who pretend that the US has exhausted its collaboration with Iran in Iraq and started to put an end or at least to limit Iran's influence in Iraq, and that Iraqis who rejected to cooperate with the Occupation, and specially the armed Resistance, must cooperate with the US in order to expel Iran from Iraq! These people's fallacy has been exposed, for we confront today a permanent US-Iranian collaboration, still alive, going strong, direct and kicking! Yes! Even the blind can see how US-Iranian mutual interests overcome their differences.. and while Britain backs off, Iran comes forward, to occupy the US' number one partner in occupying Iraq.

In the light of the above, our Party would like to explain the following essential remarks:

1- The US-Iranian alliance is the number one enemy of Iraq and of the Arab nation, for it is an official alliance and is de facto based on wiping out Iraq's Arab identity, dismembering and sharing Iraq's loot and turning Iraq's Arabs into a meaningless neglected minority.

2- Dismembering and sharing Iraq's loot in between the US and Iran is but a first step towards dismembering and sharing the influence in between the US and Iran and of course the Zionist Entity, and specially in the Arab Gulf and the Arab peninsula.

3- The US-Iranian differences were and still are on how to share the booty in between a world power, an exhausted US due to a disastrous invasion but still resolved to have some reward from the invasion whatever are the consequences, and a regional power, Iran, which played a decisive role into helping the invasion to succeed, and got thanks to the US, removed, the regional fundamental barrier to its influence and expansion: the Iraqi barrier.. Thus there is nothing which can prevent Iran from playing a role far greater than the one played before Iraq's invasion, and the US doesn't object this Iranian role as long as it suppresses Arab Iraq's role.

4- Any US-Iranian solution in Iraq will always be on the detriment of its regional unity, and its Arab identity and will leave grave consequences on all the Arab countries without exception.. US recognition of an Iranian principal role in Iraq will automatically lead to similar Iranian roles and perhaps even more dangerous in other Arab countries.

Our Party based on its historical responsibility, after pinpointing the looming danger calls for an Iraqi and an Arab coordinated and well studied riposte based on the following:

1- All the armed Iraqi resistance factions and all the Iraqi patriots forces, must reject every plotter US-Iranian agreement and never deal with it and do whatever possible to wreck its very foundations, and assert that Iraq's fate is decided only by its sons and daughters and not by the colonialist' Occupation, be US or Iranian!

2- To immediately put an end to the squabbling in amongst elements belonging to the Resistance factions in Iraq, and link the problems in between the Resisters along the US -Iranian plan to drive a wedge into the Resistance ranks and destroy it with its own tools! If it were not for these elements' provocative and narrow minded stand, the US would have not dared organizing official meeting with Iran and declare that there is a US wish to find a solution for the Iraqi problem through Iran... and not through accepting the Resistance's conditions and negotiating with it.

3- The Resistance rejects again any negotiation with the US unless based on its announced condition from one hand and stands resolved to never involve Iran directly or indirectly into finding a solution for the Invasion and Iraq's future, from the other..

4- All the Arab regimes should draw the right hard lesson given by Baghdad meeting in between US and Iranian ambassadors, i.e. all the Arab regimes with no exception are on the list of the US-Iranian deals and compromises regardless of how much these regimes give up and service the US in Iraq and elsewhere, for they don't link their services with any requests from the US, exercise no pressure or don't maneuver with force or intelligence as Iran does! Rather these regimes collaborate with the US without any precise condition. Therefore the only remaining rescue buoy for all the Arab countries, as regimes, people and identity must be through backing the Iraqi resistance materially and morally and putting an end to the hesitation period for it is a killer period and wastes any opportunity to salvage the nation.

Our Party was clairvoyant from the very beginning when understanding the US-Iranian collaboration' nature, and was not bathing into utopia as were some Arab elements and groups, which pretended that there are a deep US-Iranian contradiction, thus showing support for Iran.. inspite of being a principal partner into the invasion and the destruction of Iraq.

Thus we remind and we assert again that Iran is against the Arab liberation movement. Iran is a colonialist regional power which collaborates and completes the US colonialist role and the Zionist invasion in the framework of regional big roles' sharing as to redraw the region from the geographical and population point of view, for interconnected, interrelated and accomplished projects for each: the US capitalism, Zionism and Iran. All these aim at dismembering the Arab countries, deform their Arab identity and amputate more parts of their territories.

The only way is to keep on holding to the Iraqi Resisting gun and never give it up for whatever reason.. Indeed! This Iraqi gun has humiliated and defeated the US, and this gun will force the US to negotiate after accepting the Resistance' conditions.. Therefore, the historical and the decisive riposte against the latest US-Iranian move, should be the intensification of the Resistance Armed operations based on its combat unity, to reject joining the so called political process, and to stand firm against every divider who wants to create problems in amongst the Resistance ranks under whatever pretexts or reasons. The Resistance unity is the only secret password to defeat the US-Iranian invasion and there is no other..

Iraq Leadership
Iraq Culture and Information Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party Baghdad,
Martyr Saddam capital City

28th May 2007

*Translated by Abu Assur. al-moharer.net

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