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Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri's speech: Full text
The speech of the Supreme Commander of Jihad and Liberation

...People! This is our problem and nothing else. You know pretty well that the barbarian invaders will not quit our country unless we oust them by force. They will quit, when their losses will be on the land of Iraq greater than their cupidity and their evil intentions and when their staying in our country will be a menace to their entire world imperialistic entity. You know also that this shall not be achieved without intensifying a growing continuous resistance as long as this occupier- invader exists on the land of Iraq and until the ousting of the last invading occupier without any condition, and according to the homeland other principles and rights...


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Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri's speech: Full text
The speech of the Supreme Commander of Jihad and Liberation

Al Moharer.net

July 20, 2008

The lion in his den, his excellency Izzat Ibrahim Al Duri, the Supreme Commander of the Jihad and Liberation, has called upon the Iraqi glorious Resistance to intensify its strikes against the bloodthirsty US invaders and their debased mercenaries.

In a lengthy speech, the legitimate vice president of martyr Saddam Hussein, advised criminal Bush not to be fooled by the US might for the glorious Land in between the two rivers, Mesopotamia, the land of revelation, the Land of civilization, the Land of the generous faith of Islam, and long before bloodthirsty US invaders, has buried with the hands of her sons and daughters other tyrannical empires such as the pagan Persian fire worshippers' empire, the decadent Roman empire and you name it.

The lion in his den, in glorious Iraq, challenged criminal Bush to tell the peoples of the US the real numbers of the US killed soldiers and mercenaries in Iraq and the accurate losses the US suffered on the hands of the glorious Iraqi Resistance, the heir of Sumer, the heir of Akkad, the heir of Babylon, the sons and daughters of the glorious Islamic faith ascertaining that s ooner or later the peoples of the US will discover the real formidable losses in men and equipment the US endured on the sacred soil of Iraq..concealed by Bush and the official Media' whores. The lion in his den, addressing criminal Bush:
"What will you, then, tell the peoples of the US? What the peoples of the US will tell you.?

Mentioning the blackout, the western Media' whores, use to ignore the deed of the Iraqi glorious Resistance which are leading to the collapse of the US evil empire, His excellency Izzat Al Duri, the Proud with the Lord, said to the bloodthirsty US president, criminal Bush:
"Stop fooling the world! Stop deceiving the US peoples.. " Haven't you had enough of killing, murdering, displacing and torturing the Iraqi people..?

His Excellency Mr. Izzat Al Duri, at the end of his speech called upon all the Resistance' factions to unite and to concentrate on to combating the bloodthirsty US enemy and his servile tails.

Here is the full text of the speech of his Excellency Izzat Ibrahim Al Duri, the supreme Commander for Jihad and Liberation.

To the comrade combatant, our dear staff general Abdel Kader Alwan al Hamad!

A salute of struggle, Jihad and love!

A greeting of respect, of honor and of pride to your generous person and your Jihadi ever ready soul, You are indeed a vanguard revolutionary militant and a courageous and heroic combatant. You are intrepid, loyal, faithful, sincere and devoted.. Your swift and precise achievement of the mission you were entrusted to, has ighly rejoiced the Jihad and Liberation High Command. You have accomplished this sacred mission with the generous spirit' principles and the honorable values of our Party and our Nation in an extraordinary difficult circumstances I know, I understand and I take into account; but I know also, courageous combatant, you are the revolutionary Baathist who is profoundly attached to the Baath' principles, a faithful and a resolved soldier. I am aware of the honorable and chaste patriotism that clad you and your combatant comrades which incarnates the historical and missionary responsibility of the men who have a vocation and want to convey a message and write history. This responsibility repudiates hesitation, and despises whatever fear, outside prudence and caution. I know men of religion who carry the message and have a mission, their doctrine and their ethics being to trust in God, the all mighty, the powerful. For He entrusted the Mujahideen believers to elevate the word of Justice, righteousness, liberation, emancipation and freedom, to wipe out the aggression, injustice and tyranny against our immaculate homeland.. The land of revelation, of prophets, the land of history, the land of civilizations, the land of the glorious Arabity and its eternal mission and its dignified Islamic faith.

I congratulate you, you the intrepid combatant, for your courage and enthusiasm to execute the hard mission in very hard circumstances. I greet through you all the generals and the commanders, of the armies, the brigades, and legions of Jihad and Liberation and their combatants and I call them all to raise to this high level, the level of the generous principles of the Nation and the Homeland and to the level of our Jihadi supreme march and its great objectives.. To the level of our glorious history and our most cherished heritage.. To the level of the elite from amongst the Nation' men who guided its march throughout its long history..profoundly benefiting from every elements of force, creativity, heroism and sacrifice according to the will of the Lord, praised be His name and according to His orders.

Yes! We shall bring back the Nation to the position it deserves in life: a promising, and a creative nation which writes down history and builds human civilizations for the benefits and welfare of the human kin.. Thus, our blessed Nation will come back thanks to you and for you as the Lord, hollowed be His name, wanted her to be, the favorite Nation which orders the good deeds and rejects evil and has faith in the Lord.

Heroes Mujahideen!
You the joy of the Nation and its pride!

You have gone far to reach your objectives and you have achieved the most important achievements on the way of liberation, God willing, with your faith, with your perseverance, with your battle, with your heroic deeds, with your generous sacrifices. You have destroyed the barbarians' tyranny and their despotism. You have ascertained to the whole world over that you are the sons and the daughters of the ancient, very ancient Iraq, Iraq of Sumer! Iraq of Akkad, Iraq of Babylon and Assur, the sons and daughters of the cradle of all civilizations and all messages and revelations, the base of the conquest of Arabity and Islam. The people of Iraq, always protected and guarded the Nation' eastern borders throughout its history, sustaining their victories with every force, determination and resolve. On your homeland were destroyed and on your hands and the hands of your resting in peace eternal forefathers, the makers of history and the builders of civilizations on your hands were eliminated the most tyrannical and the most despotic empires rooted in the land. Broken were the fiercest evil institutions and the most harming for the Nation and for the human kind, the Persian empire with its hatred and its repulsion. The Roman empire and its aggression and ferocity. The Moguls. The Tartars and in the middle every invaders and all their supporters. Remember the last Khomeiny Safawi wave which was annihilated on your eastern borders and was squashed and the most recent large imperialistic Zionist wave which came gathering every evil, aggression and tyranny forces on earth, backed by Safawi Khomeynists and every treason, puppetry, hypocrisy, and apostasy inside and outside the Nation. Despite all that here is the glorious history of Iraq, repeats itself today on your hands and through you ..

Thus the great evil wave was put to pieces on most cherished Baghdad' ramparts, on the doorsteps of the Eastern gate of the Nation, on the immaculate and sacred land of Iraq, the land of prophecies, the land of messengers, Seth, Noah, Idriss, Abraham, Jonah and Job, may the Lord's blessings be upon all of them.. The land of Imams and the righteous, of the kindhearted men and women. The imams of the law makers, religious orders and truths. The lion of the Nation and its outstanding hero, Haidara the tireless combatant, may the Lord have pity on him and bless his face. The Nation who gave birth to the greatest martyr Al Hussein, the inspirer of the Nation to remain resolved, heroic and ready to give sacrifices until the day of Resurrection. May the Lord bless him. Also from the Nation sprout Al Zubayr Ibn al Awwam, and Talha Al Khayr and those who followed them from amongst the saint companions, and their God fearing disciples.. Lo! Our land was perfumed with the blood of these great men, hugging against her bosom their pure, scented and honorable remains. Debased and defeated were the invasion and the occupation forces under their feet.

That is how the people of the great Iraq led by its believing revolutionary vanguards records a new glorious history for the Nation and for humanity asserting its existence and renewing its role and comes back as it was always, the brain of the Arabs and the treasure of the faith.

So! Knights of the Jihad! Trust into the Lord! Ye heroes of the greatest battle. Be absolutely certain that who trusts in God, God will satisfy him and tend for him. Does the Lord forget his server? Isn't the Lord all mighty? Praised be His name, He promised from the everlasting eternity to back His servers believers, and He uttered in His righteous word: " To give triumph to the believers is Justice." and He trustworthily said too: "The Lord, defends those who believe, the Lord likes no traitors, neither unbeliever! He defends those who believe in Him and those who believe in the Jihad as the path to elevate His word and for the triumph of His religion and to convey His message. He loves them and they love Him. He is satisfied with them, and they are satisfied with Him.. He loathes traitors, hypocrites and renegades. He will not have mercy on them the day of Judgement, neither will He clear them. For their dwelling place will be Gahanna for ever and ever.

If the Lord gives you triumph, no one will prevail upon you! He will throw, in the hearts of your enemies fear and deception. Know for sure that the true faith of God is the faith of the Arabity, it is its eternal message.. It is none of the sects, groups and clans. It is not the religion of charlatans, liars and destruction.. It was the eternal message of the Nation to salvage humanity from the darkness of impiety, polytheism, aggression, injustice, ignorance and backwardness and every kind of vice, and brings it to the light of the truth, justice, freedom, and emancipation. and from the jungle law where the bigger devours the smaller and where the powerful enslaves the weak to the celestial law. A revelation which spreads justice, truth, freedom, security, safety and peace and resuscitates the Nation anew to play its civilization role.. renewing its life, enabling it to bloom, to prosper and continue build the human civilizations where human beings find their happiness according to the will of the Lord, hollowed be His name.

Be sure, ye hero Mujahideen belonging to every factions of the patriotic, national and Islamic Resistance, that at the very time we undertake the Jihad to liberate our most cherished homeland to purify it from the filth of the barbarians-occupiers-invaders and from their puppets we carry a message to all the world, to the homeland and to humanity, that here on your land, the immaculate land of Iraq the Nation will triumph, humanity will triumph and justice will triumph. Evil shall be defeated. Here on our land, freedom shall triumph and the sun of the truth will shine in the universe.. chasing away the darkness, destroying the aggression and in that day the believers will rejoice with the Lord' granted victory.

And I say in your name, Mujahedeen, and in the name of the glorious Iraqi people, to the invaders occupiers and to their puppets and servile tails, and I say to the sons and daughters of our Nation, rulers and ruled and in particular our brothers, the rulers, kings, presidents and princes and we say to our great Arab people and to its Parties, organizations, institutions and specially its Arab leagueand we say to the world, countries and peoples, institutions and international and regional organizations, and mainly the United Nations and its institutions. I tell them all that our homeland is occupied, invaded by the US imperialists and the international Zionism, backed by the Safawi Khomeynism.. They have destroyed our homeland, they murdered our people, they displaced it, scattered it and they continue to destroy, to divide, to murder and to displace in the daylight and in front of the world eyes and ears.

People! This is our problem and nothing else. You know pretty well that the barbarian invaders will not quit our country unless we oust them by force. They will quit, when their losses will be on the land of Iraq greater than their cupidity and their evil intentions and when their staying in our country will be a menace to their entire world imperialistic entity. You know also that this shall not be achieved without intensifying a growing continuous resistance as long as this occupier- invader exists on the land of Iraq and until the ousting of the last invading occupier without any condition, and according to the homeland other principles and rights.

We the resisting people of Iraq, we are most concerned with our right and our homeland and we inform you that all the projects which are cooked and suggested inside or outside Iraq, which don't recognize or don't back the armed Resistance the sole and unique legitimate representative of the people of Iraq will not be accepted and on this basis the Iraqi glorious Resistance is resolved to go ahead with combating the enemy until the utter and complete liberation from any kind of colonialism, hegemony, exploitation and blackmail.

Here we seize this opportunity to warn every Arab organization and mainly the Arab League and every international institution and specially the United Nations from starting to get involved and participate into such projects which are cooked and prepared in the US' CIA and Zionism dark cuisine. We tell the invaders first and to president Bush, that the people of Iraq is the people of civilizations, of humanity and of a message and vocation. The people of Iraq belongs to the land and the land belongs to the people of Iraq and has a long glorious history it wrote and made. The Iraqi people belongs to the glorious Nation chosen by the Lord. It belongs to the Islamic religion which has a message to convey and its religion is its life which shone all over the universe. How this glorious great people can ever abandon its homeland on which it built the most important civilizations and which it watered with its pure blood..How can it ever abandon its ancient long and glorious history it wrote with its precious blood. How can this people abandon its Arabity which is the one of the most cherished pearl it safeguards dearly? How is it possible for the people of Iraq to abandon its religion, identity, belonging, principles and values?

Don't get it wrong Mr. president and don't fool your people. The truth can't be hidden by a rag when it is shining like a sun day and night.

Just remember, and be cautious of the day where you will stand with the other tyrants and despots such as pharoe, Nemrod and bloodthirsty Hulagu and Genghis Khan, Mussolini and Stalin in front of the All mighty for your judgment and your harsh punishment.

The great people of Iraq will combat you whatever time this may take and despite your arrogance, tyranny or lies. And God willing and with His help and support, it will be Iraq and its soil that will witness the collapse of your evil empire in the world.

I tell you honorable president and in the name of the great people of Iraq and in the name of the glorious Arab nation, that the people of Iraq will continue combating you until the day of judgement. So quit our homeland, you adulterous - invader. Haven't you had enough from murdering, displacing, destroying and demolishing the people? Haven't you had enough from the epical battle you suffer with the people of civilizations and its soldiers who belong to the army of the Merciful, these angel-ghosts who petrify you and harass you in the day and don't let you sleep in the night. They destroyed your hollow arrogance, your day dreams and your evil intentions! Stop lying and stop fooling your people and deceiving the world.

The heroic patriotic Resistance is growing and widening and we shall fight you open endlessly as long as you have a colonialist existence on our soil either military, political, economical or dealing with security. Don't be drunk with your might. Before you, there were more evil and powerful than you when they said: who is more powerful than us and they were given the answer from the God all mighty.

Today you see with your eyes proper your might collapsing on our soil.. and your allies and friends and men cutting and running one after the other.. Don't be fooled by those who clap hands for you from amongst the spies, and the puppets who drools running behind you to get some alms from illegal stolen money. These have no significance whatsoever! They will go when you will to the dustbins of history cursed by the Lord, the angels and the human kind. You must know too, that everything is within the people of Iraq's hands which knows everything about your ruse and your wickedness.

Also you should know, you adulterous-invader that this people has established its life on continuous growing battle. This is the way the people of Iraq has decided and trusted the Lord and victory comes only from the Lord, the wise the almighty.

You adulterous invader, our Resistance is not a regular official army that you oppose with your official army superior with equipment and men to get some victory in this town one day and tomorrow in an other.. Our Army is not also al Qaida which allowed you to slaughter its men, and it is neither the Mahdi army which convinced you through its backward style to liquidate it, militarily, with my due respect and my profound love and my pride for everyone who combat you on the soil of Iraq to liberate Iraq.

You must know, you the US president that our Resistance is made of the soldiers of the Merciful, invisible to you and your hands can't seize. They are protected by the Merciful and nobody knows except Him when they will reach you and where they will strike you and kill your bloodthirsty army rabble and destroy your hyper developed war machine. They are the only ones who decide when and where to start and choose the quality, the volume and the objectives of any battle. They reject any battle that you plan and you decide.. For the land is their land and the people is their people and the homeland is their homeland, the society is their society, and they have every time they need, for the initiative is within their hands in every detail of the struggle.

Again! Stop fooling your people and deceiving the world and lying now for more than five years. Our Resistance is growing, prospering and widening! If it were not for al Qaida' strategic errors, your occupation would have been collapsed from the first year of the struggle.

And you know Mr. president better than any body else this truth. I call you too to frankly announce the real numbers of your killed and the huge amount of your losses which the US peoples will divulge soon either you wanted or not.. So what will be your answer to the peoples of US ? and what these US' peoples will answer you?

I call upon all the Jihad factions to whatever parties and organizations they belong to unite and to target first and before all the occupier for he is the head of the snake. Comes, then his known agents, the symbol of the puppet authority and the titles of the supreme treason. They should not combat any one else but those who opposes them and must not mix in between traitors, puppets, the authority and the so called army, police, the Sahawat - awakening bands, and the administration services, for all these are with the people and with its heroic Resistance. Necessity and need forced them to join these services.

Combat the symbols of treason and puppetry who undertook a formidable amount of supreme crimes collaborating with the occupation of their country and the dispersion of its people. Combat no one but those who oppose you, and combat in the name of the Lord, those who deliver combat against you..

Don't aggress any one for God likes not aggressors.God is trustworthy in His word.

So continue to intensify the strikes against the enemy every where open-endlesslyin order to see this year as a start for the final decisive victory, with the Lord's will and His force to destroy the enemy and liberate our homeland.

Peace be upon you and the graces of the Lord and His blessings.

17 July 2008

*Translated by Abu Assur. http://www.al-moharer.net

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