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Chapters excerpted from The SUUG Of Baghdad.. Maliki, Yesterday's terrorist is Today's ally.!

Friend of the Rabita


Young Al Maliki walks in Ayatollah Khomeiniĺs funeral in Iran

October 14, 2008

The title of this paragraph is not mine; it is the title of an article of one news agency which exposed who was this man who the US put in power in spite of knowing his criminal past as shown in pictures. Here I will translate some of those articles written about this man. First I will start with what the writer Mr. Furat Naji disclosed about this man.

When I was in Baghdad I heard that this man when he entered Iraq after the invasion he went right away to Al-Hindiya district in Kerbala and killed eleven men with his own gun claiming that they were Ba'athists. He came from Iranian family which came into Iraq and settled in either the thirties or the forties of the last century. Every one in Iraq knows prime minister Maliki as the passport forger.

That was his main job in Syria. He used to live in a quarter called al-Saida Zainb there. He used to forged documents and passports for the day laborers who crossed from Syria to Lebanon. The CIA recruited him as a snitch. He spied on the Iraqis there in Syria, even those in his own party al-Daawa. When he first applied to join this party, he was rejected. He was accepted later.

He was a very hated figure in Iraq.

Iraqis nicknamed him Haliki (doomed to be perished) or Memloki (the slave). There is a widespread rumor that he also used to work as a drug dealer in the holy shrines in Syria, although selling drugs was a common job for those who called themselves Iraqi politicians put in power by the US. His wife was in charge of the voting in the Arab and foreign countries in the election that put him in power. The Integrity committee filed many charges of fictitious expenditures against her in the election that brought her husband to power. His wife now has a good job in the green zone.

Maliki, like his president Talabani, likes to keep many consultants of which he has more than 100. Needless to say most of them are just fictitious name listed so that he can take their salaries. That's the trend in Iraq with most of the high officials of the US liberation. Now let me start with what some Shiites writers wrote in the Iraqi media about this man.

Mr. Forat Naji, whose contact address is Fnaji1953@yahoo.com wrote the following: The crimes of Maliki and his relatives are not secrets in Iraq especially among the politicians and the political strata. Maliki is very well known for his harshness, bloody violence and exclusiveness. His elimination of eleven police men and Ba'athists in Tweriej town in Al-Hindiya district after the invasion is very well known in Iraq.

There is even a CD for this crime were circulated in many areas in Iraq especially in Mosul but unfortunately it disappeared a short while after Bush installed him as prime minister of Iraq. Iraqis remember that after the rigged 2005 election, a high US personnel committee was formed in the US embassy to filter and monitor the whole process.

The committee consisted of General Abazaid, General Casey and representatives of the political department in the US embassy. The committee notified Hakim's bloc, which supposedly won the election, of conditions that should placed on nominated ministers. When the bloc nominated Maliki to take the post as minister of national security the US committee rejected that very strongly. The reasons for the rejection were the bloody past of Maliki, his strong ties with the militias and Iran.

Ironically enough, the US which objected to a ministerial post for Maliki in 2005 interfered in his behalf in 2006 election, this time for the position of prime minister. The US ambassador in Baghdad, Zalmy Khalilzad, pushed very hard in support of Maliki's bid to be the prime minister. Iraqi political experts explain that Maliki gave the US a "blank check" consisting of concessions of Iraqi oil to US oil companies.

When Maliki gave the US the green light to go after the Mehdi army which had supported him a great amount of documents that inditing Maliki, his relatives and his militias in the Dawa party became widely circulated all over Iraq. One of these documents proved that Maliki was responsible for the murder of the sons of Shiekh Tayel al-Janabi, a highly respectable Shiekh in the al-Eskanderiya district in Kerbela province.

This murder was carried out by four of Maliki's personal guards in his own party headquarter in Tweriej, Maliki's home town. To suppress the evidence against Maliki, the murderers also killed the policemen and investigators who tackle this case. This story is very-well known in Kerbala and was even discussed several times at meetings of the province's board.

The other crime exposed by these documents is the murder of brigadier Adnan Nabata, head of the al-Karkh section of Baghdad. The documents show that Maliki gave orders to some of his closet guards in the Dawa party to kidnap brigadier Adnan and take him to Tweriej in Kerbala, to Janajah village to be precise. Then the guards phoned Maliki who came right away.

Maliki was accompanied by his relative Abas Hamied Hashem and Ali Hamied Hashem, Maliki's nephew and son-in-law of Maliki's brother. Maliki was also accompanied by two of his brothers in law, Yaser Sekhail sometimes called Abu Hawra, and Hussien Ahmed Hadi al-Maliki. Maliki's relatives put a board on the neck of brigadier Adnan after laying him on the floor. Maliki then climbed atop of the board and start pressing hard and jumping on the board with his feet until brigadier Adnan suffocated and died.

When Maliki became a prime minister he appointed most of his relatives to high ranking positions in the government in spite of the fact that those relatives hadn't the least requirement qualifying them for these positions. He gave some of those relatives high military rank and put them on controlling position in Kerbala, for example, he gave his nephew Ali Hamied Hashem al-Maliki a four star officer rank and he is now the chief of the police forces in Kerbela.

Now let translate what an other Iraqi news media wrote about Maliki. The Iraqi Rabita wrote on the 22th of December 2007 the following article whose title I used as title for this chapter. Maliki's real name is Jawad Kamel al-Maliki. Between the years 1981-1982 al-Dawa party ordered him to form an assassination cell in Beirut, he named it "al-jihad al-Aslami". This cell was supported and supervised by Muhtashimi, the Iranian ambassador to Syria who later headed the Iranian Interior ministry.

The leading men in this cell were Muhamed Abid al-Haim alzhairy, Emad Jawad Meghniya and Ali al-Musawai sometimes called al-Haj Elias. The latter was arrested and jailed in Kuwait for terrorism. He fled jail after the Iraqi army invaded Kuwait. The main aim of this cell was bombing the American and Iraqi targets in Arab countries especially in Syria and Lebanon.

The first mission of Maliki's cell "al-jihad al-Aslami" was the bombing of the American Embassy in Lebanon in 1981. This mission was followed by the explosion and the destruction of the Iraqi embassy in Beirut in 1982 and the attack on the French embassy in Beirut at the same year.

After these attacks, Maliki and the big cell leaders fled to Iran fearing US retaliation. Years after these attacks Maliki showed up with up with hijackers of the 487 airplane belonged to TWA company. The airplane was hijacked by the militia of the Amel Movement, this movement is, according to the US, a terrorist organization affiliated to Iran. The hijackers took the plane back and forth between Beirut and Algeria for 21 days. As is shown in the pictures, the pilot and his crew were sitting at the table, Maliki was standing behind them surrounded by members of Amel Movement.

Maliki at that was working both as a media deputy for the Nabih Bery, head of Amel terrorist organization and in the al-Dawa party. In fact he was working as a double agent, spying for both.

The pictures were taken during the press conference held after the killing of John Steddem, an American Marine and one of the hostages. Steddem was brutally slaughtered and his body was thrown to the ground from the door of the hijacked plane. Behind Maliki was a tall bearded man called Akeel Hmiya who was with the internal security cell for the big terrorist Emad Meghaniya. Hmiya later left Amel Movement and joined the terrorist party of Hezbolah because Amel Movement wasn't "Radical enough" for him.

Those are the main points of Iraqi Rabita's article on Maliki's background. Interestingly enough this article opened the way to other media outlets begin to expose other hidden aspects of Maliki's past. The article was quoted in many other news media. Put in mind that the significance of this article is that it showed the terrorism of Maliki against US which years later supported him and put him in as a prime minister of Iraq. As for the terrorist actions of Maliki against Iraqis especially against the Shiites, these have been shown from the first days of his holding power in Arab and independent foreign media news outlets all over Iraq.

As soon as this information circulated in the news media, people began sending reports about Maliki. An Iraqi man called Essam al-Zubaidi wrote the following. "I have a friend living in Syria who joined the Dawa party during the nineties but left it a short time later after discovering the reality of this party. He got to recognize that this party has nothing to do with patriotism and religion as he thought it at that time, it is just a criminal Persian party,.

This friend was from the Theqar province in the south. Though he left the party he maintained some relations with their members in Syria because he was afraid of their retaliation should they learn of his total rejection of the party. One day shortly after the fall of Baghdad, he was sitting in one of Damascus' local coffee shops and Maliki was sitting with a group of al-Dawa party people. Maliki was really a slob at that time; his cloths were messy, smelly and wrinkled. A phone call came to him from Iraq.

The caller asked him to return to Iraq immediately since Iraq was under Iranian control now. The caller said also that the "Sadeh," the leaders of Iran, asked all the loyal followers of Imam Khomeni to return to Iraq and to be put into power immediately. Maliki said that he would not go unless the Iranian leaders gave him what he had been dreaming of for a long time and that was to be mayer of Twareej, the small town he grew up in.

When the phone call ended, my friend told Maliki, it would had been better if he had asked for a higher position than mayor, at least for the governorship of Kerbala.. Maliki laughed and said "do you believe that they will give me a mayor position, Hakim and his relatives and Militia will sweep away all the governmental position for themselves.

As you know, Hakim's family is sitting in the lap of Iran, so everything will be for Baker Hakim and he will distribute all the positions in the government among his family and the Badr brigade militia. It will be a great thing if they will give me a mayor position or even deputy mayor.".

My friend continued, after returning to Baghdad Maliki became a prime minister, a thing he would never imagine one day to be. My friend called Maliki on his cell phone to congratulate him on his prime minister position and to chat with him about their old days and how he had been dreaming of only a mayor's position.

Hearing my friend Maliki started cursing him and calling him dirty names. Then he hung up". Essam al-Zubaidi's story ended there.

This next story is from an Iraqi man called Kamel Jamal who writes: " I just want to correct one little thing in the Iraqi Rabita story and that is that Maliki's character and personality is too shallow and banal for him to head a cell at that time. He was a member of the Dawa party but he was a just worked as a servant. They used him as a spy or a hired killer.

Maliki was too low to be a leader; for more information about his criminal records contact the head of the Lebanese information department, Mr. Wessam al-Hassen. This department is affiliated with the Independent party in Lebanon. The "Islamic Jihad" cell was established by the Lebanese Shiite Iatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadhelalah.

The cell inaugurated its operations by bombing and destroying the Iraqi embassy in Beirut in 1983. The Amel Movement was the only Shiite organization in Lebanon at that time and it was called the Lebanese Resistance Brigade and it was founded by Mousa al-Sadr to curb and confront Israeli attacks against southern Lebanon. But when Mr.Mousa al-Sadr was killed mysteriously, he was succeeded by Nabih Berri who diverted the aim and direction of the Amel Movement from confronting the Israelis to attacking and annihilating Arab Sunnis and Palestinians in Lebanon.

The most well known attack was the hideous massacre of Sabra and Shatella in which thousands of Palestinians were slaughtered in 48 hours in 1983. Another point I want to make is that the smart and dynamic brain of this cell was Emad Akel Meghniya who was most wanted by US and France for his terrorist action against American and French targets. This Meghniya was collaborating with an other terrorist cell headed by a man called Ez-aldeen Salim who entered Iraq after the US-led invasion and was killed in Baghdad in 2004.

Both terrorists were behind the explosions of local coffee shops "Maqahi Shabiya" in Kuwait in 1983. In the picture, the man behind Maliki was Meghniya himself. My main point is that Maliki is too low, shallow and insignificant to head any cell or organization but he was member of these terrorist groups not a leader. I think he was the one who brutally slaughtered the marine John Steddem and threw him from the front door of the plane". That is the end of Mr. Kamel Jamal's story.

This story comes from a former Iraqi Intelligence officer, who didn't give his name. The officer story begins as follows: " The pictures shown are just a few of the many pictures which the Iraqi Intelligence Department did have. This Maliki was living in one of the Shiite mosques,"Hesainiya" in the district of al-Saideh Zainb.

Syria was his safe haven and he participated in the explosion of the Iraqi embassy in Beirut in 1982. Maliki is a well known hired terrorist in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq who has an excellent experience in wiring cars with explosives. He is a man who loves blood and carrying out killing with his own hands. His murders in Twereej in Kerbala after the invasion were well known to every one in Iraq especially his killing of brigadier Adnan Nabateh.

And this information was even affirmed by some high official Sadrists in Kerbela. The Sadrists disclosed also Maliki's kidnapping and assassination of many patriotic Shiites in Kerbela. Maliki has a gang composed of his relatives and some of people close to him from Twereej who assassinated dozens of his former colleagues and competitors from the Dawa Party.

He assassinated them and at the same time blamed other parties and opponent figures for that. Put in mind that he was behind most of the explosions that took place in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities in the 70s and 80s". Here the story of the Intelligence officer ends.
This story was told by an Iraqi man who called himself Aqeel al-Iraqi.

He titles story " Witness to Haliki's (that is what Iraqis called him) terrorism and his bastard gang."

"I reached Beirut in late July,1979. In Sabra I went to a hospital for medical surgery. My roommate was an Iraqi Shiite. We got acquainted with each other. He was discharged days before me. He visited me in the hospital just 24 hours after his leaving the hospital.

The strange thing about him was that he was accompanied by four men and a beautiful young women. He introduced them as members of Amel Movement. They offered me a good place to live and told me that if I in needed a wife this beautiful young woman would be more than willing to marry me. They said that I could work with them, and I understood that there were four other Iraqis working in their group which belonged to the Amel movement.

These Iraqis were tempting and attracting other Iraqis who were living or visiting Beirut to join the Amel Movement. I didn't like that visit and all those people. In fact, my heart was very depressed when I was listening to them. They left promising to visit me again the next day. As soon as they left I asked the doctors to discharge me.

I left a request at the hospital that if anyone comes and asks about me to please say nothing and not to give my address to anyone. Weeks later I found out from some Palestinians that those who visited me were one of the death squads of the Amel Movement which were financed by Syria and Iran in their attack on the Iraqi and American embassies.

Jawad Maliki, and that's the real name of Nori al-Maliki, was with those death squad groups. He was insignificant, banal and very much hated by the Iraqis in Lebanon. He was with in the group that broke into and robbed the stores of the Lebanese traders and merchants in addition to their terrorist attacks. The big heads of his cell were Mohammad Abid al-Haliem al-Zahry, Emad Meghniya, Ali al-Musawi who was nicknamed al-Haj Elias and a man called Shieck Sabah al-Tufaiyly. Those people were ostracized by Iraqis living there. When he left for Syria he was working as snitch for the Iranians and the Syrians at the same time". The story ended.

Who are the Direct Bosses of Maliki

The British Sunday Times mentioned, Dec, 2007, that the leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard sneaked to the "Green Zone" to give Maliki the Iranian orders and conditions to negotiate with US. The British daily continued that general Muhammed Ali al-Jafari managed to pass very easily through all the check points leading to the green zone.

No one dare to stop him even though he is the most wanted Iranian terrorist for the US and he even prohibited from entering Iraq let alone the green zone. The daily also added that al-Jafarri ordered Maliki to push US to release the Iranian diplomats who US arrested in Arbeel north of Iraq on 2007.

Some Iraqi news outlets published on the 15,Jan, 2008 an article by which disclosed the following. "When the Integrity Committee exposed the corruptions and the money laundry of the Finance minister, the committee began to prepare for suing him. The committee was serious about that matter, Solagh start showing some concern and little bit of fear, you can see it on his face when he showed on the TV. For the first time from the US led invasion this man who terrorize, torture, murder hundred of thousands of Iraqis and thanks to US start to show some fears.

But who can touch the spoiled boy of the Ramsfield and Paul wolfwatz and the cousin of the Iranian ambassador to Iraq Kadhomi Komi. As soon as this news reached the Iranian ambassador, who Iraqi people consider the real ruler of Iraq, he went right a way to Maliki and gave him a hard rebuke. The ambassador shouted in the face of Maliki and ordered him to close the case against Solagh, the Iraqi finance minister who is at the same time son of the sister of the mother of the Iranian ambassador to Iraq Mr. Kadhomi komi.

Maliki tried to defend himself in front of the Iranian ambassador replied angrily " But don't forget that I'm more loyal to Iran than Solagh". It's important to know the the Iranian ambassador to Iraq is a high ranking officer in al-Quds brigade which is considered a terrorist organization by US. A last thing worth knowing about Maliki is that his family is living now in Iran in one palaces of the ousted Iranian Shah.

They are traveling to and forth the green zone and their palace in Iran. The cost of their living in the Iranian palace is more then $200 thousand dollar every month. This cost includes the the payment of their servants, drivers and their food which is often ordered from Paris.... Do you know now who are the real bosses of Maliki in Iraq?

Maliki's Nephew is the torturer of Kerbala City

This story is an example of the way Maliki's relatives treat and deal with the Iraqi Shiites let alone the Sunnis. Maliki appointed his nephew who has no militarily or police certificates as head of the police forces in the holy city of Kerbala. The police forces were completely purged and replaced by the militia of Dawa party, Maliki's division. This purging started during the time of the previous prime minister al-Jaffary. The Maliki's militias consisted mostly of al-Quds Revolutionary Guards. Maliki gave his nephew Ali a four-star officer position. Our Shiite civilians in Kerbala described this Ali as a mass murderer with tremendous ability to torture. Everyone in Kerbala is horribly afraid of him. The story took place on 2nd of January,2008.

Ali and a group of policemen, most of them from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, came to the General Hospital bringing with them a man who had been harshly tortured by them and they asked one of the doctors to test and treat him. During the testing the Iranian Guards didn't stop beating and kicking the man, so the doctor asked the guards to stop beating the man and leave the room and give him time to do his job. Instead of listening to the doctor the Iranian police men began to beat the doctor and kick him with the butt of their guns.

After that they dragged the doctor to the hospital reception hall and force all the other doctors and some patients to be present in the same place. Maliki's nephew and the police men started torturing the doctor, they ended up taking out the doctors eyes with a screwdriver. Maliki's nephew and at the same time his son-in-law made a loud threat after that saying "We have no problem in torturing any body even doctors, that's our job.

If any one says no, he or she will be taken to the prison to sample our hospitality". Watching this horrendous incident, the medical staff in the hospital went on strike and took to the street to demonstrate. A lot of civilians joined in the demonstration. They shouted slogans against Maliki, the governor of Kerbala and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. One of the demonstration banners said "The police and National guard have no respect for the simplest human values and exceed all the limits of criminal atrocities"..

During Basra turmoil which erupted in the 23rd of March 2008, I heard a female MP from the Sadrist speaking on the al-Iraqiya TV(sponsored by Maliki's government), describing Malikis nephew as the most wanted criminal of Kerbala.

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