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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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Clueless in Gaza: The Australian Greens

Syd Walker

December 31st 2008

I’ve just about had it with the Australian Greens.

Senators Bob Brown and Christine Milne

Tasmania's Green Senators: Bob Brown and Christine Milne

It’s not that I don’t like their environmental policies. I do. It’s not that I don’t think they have better policies and do a better job in the Australian Parliament than the major parties. They do, although that’s not hard.

My problem, with the Greens in Australia is that they behave like poodles on foreign affairs - and on most matters relating to the creeping police state.

They provide no voice for the millions of Australians disgusted at the Zionist bias in Australian mainstream politics. They have, it seems to me, chosen to be 'electable’ in terms defined by the mainstream media. That means they shut up when they’re told – and placate Zionists both within the party and outside. As a consequence, they are like quislings and useful idiots. It’s sad.

Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia McKinney

This week, the wonderful Cynthia McKinney, leader of the American Greens in the 2008 election, joined the good ship Dignity, rammed by Israeli navy-pirates as it tried to reach Gaza to deliver emergency medical supplies.

The Dignity returns to Gaza, a relief boat rammed by the Israeli navy

The Dignity, a relief boat rammed by the Israeli navy and prevented from entering Gaza

McKinney, a former Democratic Senator from Georgia, used her time in Congress to ask tough questions. Almost alone among the hundreds of congressional members, she openly queried the Government’s official line on 9-11. She stood up courageously for Palestinian interests. Toppled from Congress after a sustained campaign by the Israel Lobby, she returned to lead the American Greens in this year’s Presidential campaign. She didn’t win, but her integrity is undiminished.

To me, you’re an inspiration, Cynthia! The kind of Green I respect.

What about the leaders of the Australian Greens? What are they doing about the looming war in Palestine – which at minimum looks like it may result in many thousands of deaths in Gaza?

Judging by their websites, nothing. That’s right! I took a look at all the Green Senators websites just now. I didn’t see a single item about Gaza. Nor can I find a single media release from the Australian Greens about this latest crisis in Palestine.

Another Gazan Victim of Israeli Bombs

Australian Greens: Silent on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

Leader Bob Brown apparently gives higher priority to an appeal to the Pope to change his approach to homosexuality (talk about tilting at windmills!). His webpage lists Bob’s 'issues’. They include Tibet, a worthy cause for sure. But where is Palestine? Not on the Greens map, it would appear. Has it been wiped off? Yesterday, the new Senator Scott Ludlum, a promising young politician, issued a press release relaying a Message to (Prime Minister) Rudd from 100 A-Bomb Survivors – Take Leadership to End Nuclear Age. A good idea, for sure. But does this largely symbolic gesture have greater immediate priority than Palestine under assault from F-16s? It seems the Australian Greens leadership think it does.

I’m disappointed, but not surprised.

BBC Reporter Jane Standley reports on Collpase of WTC-7 before it happens

BBC Reporter Jane Standley reports on Collapse of WTC-7 before it happens! Australian Greens snooze on...

Since 2001, I’ve written several emails to Greens politicians and prominent party members. I try not to 'do’ ignorant rants. My emails were reasonably well argued and typically well referenced. I raised issues such as obvious flaws in the official version of the 9-11 mass murders (in which many Australians, among others, met their death). I made the case for demanding an inquiry into the 1978 Hilton Bombings to stave off pressure to cede yet more power to our unaccountable, misleadingly named 'Intelligence’ Services. I raised serious questions about the Port Arthur massacre - another probable miscarriage of justice (no inquest or inquiry once again). I pointed out – as the Parliament was stampeded into passing yet more 'anti-Terrorist’ laws following the London Bombings of July 7th 2005 - that the culprits for those bombings were unknown because the British Government refused to hold an inquiry (it still does). I wrote of the need for a strong voice in Parliament against an essentially bogus 'War on Terror’. I discussed the blatant injustice of Israel’s polices and of Australia’s moronic, unquestioning support for Zionist policies.

To my knowledge, I received not a single reply.

A couple of years ago, a senior Greens Senator visited Cairns along with a small entourage. I was able to join the local Greens for dinner with the visitors. Finding myself next to a pleasant and obviously intelligent political assistant, I raised the issue of 9-11. Were people in Canberra completely unaware that 9-11 was a false flag operation, I asked? Don’t they use the Internet? Don’t they ask questions? Don’t they use their own brains?

Actually, I asked these questions in rather a more subtle and less offensive way than that. We had a lengthy, pleasant and interesting chat. The staffer expressed interest and asked me to send material. I did. Again, no reply.


Voltaire. Refused to Believe in Absurdities

It’s as though the Australian Greens let George Soros determine their agenda (I’m not saying this is the case, but it might as well be). Sure, they support many good causes. But on issues which might cause old George to raise an eyebrow, they won’t say boo to a goose. The Greens in Australia would rather disconnect from reality than make an utterance that might be lampooned in the Murdoch press.

Voltaire famously remarked: "people will continue to commit atrocities as long as they believe in absurdities".

In Australia, The Greens seem utterly determined to believe in absurdities. If there’s evidence to the contrary, they prefer not to look. If they do look, they keep their mouths shut. They’d rather make sniveling quips about 'conspiracy theories’ and get straight back to ABC-defined reality. Consequently they are pathetically ineffective in preventing atrocities.

I hope they wise up and fast. If not, at the next Federal election, I’d like to see challenges in every State by environmentally-conscious candidates for the Senate who aren’t afraid to think outside the (TV) box and ask the hard questions.

We need Greens in Australia like Cynthia McKinney. Senators who don’t just go along to get along.

Greens with guts!

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