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Syria News - January 19, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos


January 19, 2012


Idlib - Martyrs of Jabal Zaiweh : Another Massacre by Assad Forces

(01-19-12) Ma'arit al-Nu'man | Idlib | Martyr AbdelSattar Jum'a Barbash's 5 Children Cry for Father

Martyr Ammar Al-Hassan, killed by security forces, Theeban Village, Deir Ezzor, 19-Jan-12 +18

The martyr Hamedah Azmarly from Maret Noman - ildib


Shooting at Ryad Salheen mosque in Karam Zaitoun in Homs

Syria, Homs, martyr Maaroof Huseen Al Nakdali was shot by Al Assad's sniper 2012-1-19

Martyr Tammer al-Bitar, random bombing by Assad forces | Bab Houd

[19 Jan 2012] #Homs: Omar Za'roor, a civilian sniped dead by the security forces in Wadi Al-Arab area.

Homs - Bab Houd | A house is completely destroyed after bombing of the neighborhood

Bab Houd | Violent bombing at the neighborhood using mortars and destruction of one house, with civilians still under the rubble in need of being rescued

Homs - Bab Houd | Trying to get civilians from under the rubble


(01-19-12) Hama | (GRAPHIC) Martyr Alaa Al-Babidi Murdered by Assad Forces

The martyr Anas Barady from Bab Qebly in Hama

Hama: Security forces shooting at the houses in Hamidyah neighborhood

Heavy gunfire by the Regime's army in Hama


Daraa | Dael: Tanks entering the city 19-JAN-2012


The detainees Husam Ahmad Nabelsy from Banyas

Zabadani, Damascus

ENGLISH SUBTITLES: Report on the Free Syrian Army in Zabadani, Damascus

Number of martyrs today rose to 26, 7 in Idlib ,6 martyrs in Hama, 4 in Homs, 4 in Deir Ezzor, 4 in Damascus Suburbs "2 in Douma 2 Rankous" and a martyr in Qameshli.

Homs: Za'afarana: Martyrdom of Abdul Hadi Al-Akkari, 47 years old, in the current raiding campaign of the town by security forces

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Abdul Sattar Jomaa Al-Barbash was martyred from the fall of a shell on his shop in the southern neighborhood, and seven people who were there were injured when security forces launched a shell on the area.

Hama: Mahdy Ibrahim Al-Mashaan (28 years old) from Hayalein village was martyred from being shot at by security forces from Al-Saqelabia checkpoint for the military security branch. He is now in Hayalein mosque where his funeral will be tomorrow.

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: A night demonstration in the area with female participation chanting for the release of the detainees and demanding the toppling of the regime.

Homs: A sit-in is staged by the demonstrators in the neighborhood Deir Baalbeh since today at noon to protest against the position of the Arab league and the missing of the National Council to internationalize the matter. The sit-in is planned to continue until tomorrow.

Homs: Talkalakh: reports that the tanks and the armored vehicles moved from the military barracks toward the town.

Since several weeks Hussam Ahmed Naboulsy is still in the cellars of the Syrian Intelligence, he wasn’t charged for any crime, there are no legal cases against him. Hussam is from Banyas city and a father of 7 kids, he is facing daily all kinds of insulting, abusing and torturing. Some video clips leaked from the prison by one of the security elements that attended the investigation and filmed it. The video clips shows his face swollen, bleeding and he is daze. This records another brutal crime of the Syrian regime inside the prison while the Arab League Committee is still in Syria and supposed to be protecting people from the regime’s crimes. The Local Coordination Committees in Syria (LCC) condemning this egregious violation of the human rights and the International protocols that Syria’s government is committed to. The LCC is calling to release Hussam immediately and all the opinion detainees and carries the regime the responsibility on their safety.

Aleppo: Night time demonstration in Al Sakhour marched from AL Mustaghfereen mosque chanted for freedom, called to release the detainees and to topple the regime.

Aleppo: An evening demonstration in Sha'ar neighborhood and heading to Sakhor roundabout. Chants for the release of detainees and toppling the regime.

Hama: Sahl Al-Ghab: An evening demonstration in Twainy town and chants for the release of detainees and toppling the regime.

Daraa: Five fully-equipped recruits defected in Daraa in the Western Maleha town and they were able to survive with the help of the town's residents.

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: several and consecutive explosions heard and was followed with intensive gunfire in the town.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Night time demonstrations marched from Husaiba and Al Kabir mosques toward Al Hajariah and from Al Faual mosque, chanted for freedom and greet Zabadany.

Homs: The security forces' snipers are backed to position on the fire brigade bulding in Qahera Street in Bayada neighbourhood, they are targeting the people in the street which is scaring the neighbourhood’s citizens.

Aleppo: An evening demonstration in Aleppo University's campus started from the Electrical Engineering College. Chants for Zabadany, the other disaster cities and calling for the release of detainees and toppling the regime.

Homs: An evening demonstration started in Tadmur city, chanting for freedom of the detainees, demanding the toppling of the regime, and saluting Zabadany.

Aleppo: An evening demonstration in Al-Azamiya neighborhood started from Tareq Bin ziyad Mosque. Chants for the release of detainees and topplong the regime.

Aleppo: Night time demonstration marched in Kafrat village in solidarity with the disaster cities, called to release the detainees and to topple the regime.

Damascus: Qadam: Security forces are storming the neighborhood, deploying heavily, and placing temporary checkpoints in order to arrest the activists and prevent demonstration from starting.

Aleppo: A second explosion heard from Salaheldin neighbourhood and the source is still unknown.

Deir Ezzor: A massive demonstration in Hasan Al-Taha street, chanting for freedom, and for the affected cities and Damascus suburbs.

Hama: Intense gunfire by security forces in Bab Al-Taqa town.

Hama: A massive demonstration in each of the following neighborhoods: Bab Qibli, Taawoniya, Al-Faraya, Janoob Al-Malaab, Sheikh Anbar, Masha'a, Al-Qussor, Al-Arbaeen, Al-Fayha'a, Aleppo Road, Hamediye and Kazo. The protesters are chanting for toppling the regime and calling for the release of detainees.

Aleppo: A large explosion in Salah Edden neighborhood, the sound reached the surrounding neighborhoods and Hamdanieh.

Damascus: An evening demonstration started in the Old Zahera area in Medan neighborhood near Ghazwat Badr Mosque in solidarity with Zabadany and the other besieged cities. Chants for toppling the regime and calling for the release of detainees.

Hama: An evening demonstration started from Abdul Rahman Bin Awf in Qusoor neighborhood heading towards Horria square.

Damascus : Dummar Mashrou : independence flag is now raised over seven different locations, among them are: Al-Taameer, over the Third Area bridge, near the Noman Bin Bashir mosque in the Seventh Area market place, and above the Syriatel towers in the Tenth Area, and near Haseebeh mosque and above one of the shops in the Third Area.

Aleppo : Al-Atareb : a nighttime demonstration in Batbo village demanding freedom and the regime's ouster.

Jableh : a big demonstration started from Al-Iman mosque in Al-Azzi neighbourhood chanting for the besieged cities and demanding freedom for the detainees.

Aleppo: Evening demonstrations in Kafarnoran and Manbaj, the demonstrators are chanting for toppling the regime and demanding the release of the detainees.

Aleppo: Heavy security and Shabiha deployment in Salah Edden neighborhood, where three military police cars park in the warehouses (Mostawdaat) street, and two security buses in front of Al-Naser mosque.

Daraa : a nighttime demonstration started in the Qusoor neighbourhood after the night prayers, calling for the regime's ouster, demanding freedom for the detainees, and saluting Al-Zabadani.

Deir Ezzor : a big demonstration in Al-Takaya street chanting for bringing Assad to trial and solidarity with Damascus Suburbs and the besieged cities.

Damascus : a demonstration in Midan now accompanied by barricading the main road with burning tires and trash cans to slow security forces' attack. Demonstrators are chanting for freedom of detainees and the downfall of the regime.

Idlib : Khan Sheihoun : random shelling of the town by the regime's army that is stationed at the area's checkpoint.

Daraa: Dael: Very heavy shooting from all the barricades deployed around and in the town.

Homs : Rastan : many wounded after security forces opened random fire on people during a dense security and army deployment in the besieged city, where no one is allowed to enter or exit.

Aleppo: Manbaj: A massive evening demonstration, chanting for toppling the regime and demanding the release of the detainees.

Daraa : Khirbet Ghazaleh : shooting from the northern checkpoint which is on the Khirbet Ghazaleh - Dael bridge.

Idlib: Jabal Zawiya: Martyrdom of the Recruit Muhaned Ali Mohammed Aloush, from Joseph Village, for refusing to fire on demonstrators in Homs.

Damascus : a big explosion in the Tadamon neighbourhood.

Daraa : Yadoudeh : a demonstration with women participation chanting for freedom and demanding the release of detainees.

Damascus suburbs: Rankoos: Martyrdom of young Zaheer Abdul Jalel from the violent shelling on Rankoos's farms right now.

Homs: Martyrdom of Haitham Afandy Beik in Bayada neighborhood by security's bullets and heavy shooting in Brazil street at the checkpoint of Al-Nakhla roundabout.

Daraa: Inkhel: Violent and feral attack by security forces on a demonstration in solidarity with the besieged cities and chanting for freedom.

Damascus Suburbs: Rankoos: There are violent clashes now between the regime's army and the Free Syrian Army in the town's farms.

Idlib: Kafar Tkharem: Intense shelling on the civilinas' homes and shooting from heavy machineries.

Deir Ezzor: Iyash: Martyrdom of the recruit Moussa Ahmad Ibrahim, 21 years, from Bousriyah. He had defected from the army with a group of soldiers in the area of Maaloula in Damascus Suburbs.

Deir Ezzor: Thayban: The young man Ammar Hamidi Hassn from Touh in the town of Zayban was martyred. His body was found in the outskirts of the town of Tiyaneh this morning after he was injured and then arrested at a demonstration yesterday.

Damascus Suburbs:Artouz: Heavy gunfire at a massive demo that started after the resident buried their police man martyr Bassam Mustafa.

Damascus Suburbs:Douma: Checkpoints are being set up at Nazlet Zeft and Mosallakh Road and near Baghdadi Sharqi Mosque.

Hama: Massive demo in Hamedieh neighborhood with the protection of the FSA demanding the fall of the regime.

Damascus: Detaining of the fourth year French Literature university student Ibrahim Ahmad Khaled Abo Zaid who's originally from Daeel.

Aleppo University: The head of the Mathematics department in the faculty of science assaulted one female student by beating her just because she participated in one of the demonstration.

Hama: A military security brigadier, Adel Moustapha, was killed at the hands of soldiers who refused his orders to shoot at civilians in the Bab Qilbi area. The brigadier had previously overseen many killing and arrest operations.

Aleppo University: Heavy presence of regime security at the Faculty of Sciences after the heavy clashes that took place after shabiha attacked students.

Hama: The regime's forces cordoned off the Bab Qibli area at the Madina district side.

Aleppo University: Clashes are reported between students and shabiha at the Faculty of Sciences after another demonstration started there.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: The naked corpse of a young man, approximately 19 years old, was found on Aleppo Street. The body bore signs of torture. The regime's security forces kidnapped the body and arrested several civilians.

Hama: Qastoun: Random gunfire by the regime's army stationed at the Sad checkpoint.

Hama: Gunfire is reported in most of the neighborhodds, particularly in Bab Qibli and Hamidiyeh. Electricity has been cut off in the Sabounieh area.

Hama: Gunfire at mourners at the Falah Mosque; security forces and shabiha have also sealed off the roads to Salmiyeh and Homs.

Banyas: Bayda: A demonstration started in front of security forces; participants are awaiting the arrival of the Arab League observers.

Aleppo University: A student demonstration started in the Faculty of Sciences and is heading to the Faculty of Economics; participants are calling for the fall of the regime.

Hama: Security presence reported near the Horani Hospital and snipers are stationed on the roof of the Electric Company building west of the gardens near the hospital.

Idlib: Jisr Shoghour: The regime's army forces are spreading through police stations and outposts, and snipers and BRD tanks have been deployed at the prison courtyard.

Hama: All roads leading to the city have been sealed, and minute inspections are taking place at most of the security checkpoints spread all over the city and the surrounding areas.

Qamishly: Marwan Moustapha Antar, an Army Private, was martyred by security forces' gunfire.

Hama: One person was martyred as he was driving along Alamein Street, and other was martyred in the Bab Qibli area.

Daraa: Daeel: There are reports of renewed clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army. Military reinforcements have arrived around the Hasan Mosque and the city has been completely sealed off by security forces and the regime's army.

Idlib: Ibleen: 21 soldiers defected and took all their military equipment, at the town's checkpoint at dawn this morning.

Hama: A massive explosion rocked Alamin Street a short time ago, and a number of wounded, many of them critically, were reported in the Jarajmeh area as a result of random gunfire at a residential area by security forces and shabiha.

Hama: Anas Barada'i was martyred and four others were wounded by security forces' gunfire in the Bab Qibli area.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: A women's sit-in is taking place in front of the courthouse to demand the release of detainees.

Hama: Alaa Lababidi, 28, was martyred in the Aliliyat neighborhood by security forces' gunfire.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Heavy and widespread security presence along Jalaa Street.

Hama: The Free Syrian Army is protecting the Hamediyeh neighborhood from being raided and arbitary and intense gunfire by the regime's army.

Homs: Martyrdom of Ma'aroof Hussain Al-Nakadli, he was shot while he was driving his taxi car though Al-Jajeh checkpoint.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: The news of Ziad Saada's martyrdom was broadcast through the minaret of the Grand Mosque; details about his death are not yet known.

Daraa: Daeel: Regime's army is so heavily deployed on Tafas-Daeel road.

Hama: Widespread presence of armored vehicles along Jazdan Street and the Mahata area in neighborhood around Bab Qabli, where random gundire resulted in a number of wounded. Security operatives from the regime's army started spreading through the streets neighboring the Hama citadel a short time ago.

Idlib: Ma'arata: Martyrdom of Mohammad Hashem Al-Abdullah be security members' gunfire.

Daraa: Daeel: Two soldiers were martyred during a defection at the checkpoint in front of the Hussein Mosque; two civilians were injured. A captain from the regime's army was killed and six tanks have been stationed at the above-mentioned checkpoint.

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawiyah: Martyrdom of four men when they were riding a car under the Basanqol bridge and the car was targeted by security members. The martyrs are: Ammar Othman (from Barra town), Najeeb Al-Zeen (from Ma'arata town), Muhannad Omar and a one called Abo Sharoof (from Ma'arata town).

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: An armored vehicle full of thugs (Shabeha) at the back door of the Convention Center in the city.

Daraa: Daeel: Shooting was intensively continued between the Western checkpoint and the roundabout's checkpoint with all kind of machineries.

Daraa: Harra: A massive demonstration has started with participants chanting to topple the regime.

Hama: Security forces are raiding the Bab Qabli area amid heavy gunfire. There are sounds of explosions in the area surrounding the Hama citadel. Security reinforcements have arrived at the Ajzeh Roundabout.

Aleppo University: A student demonstration this morning and chants for toppling the regime.

Deir Ezzor: Mayaden: Martyrdom of Ma'an al-Humaidi Al-Hassan Al-Hafal in Al-Theban town. His corpse was found this morning with a bullet in his head after he was injured in yesterday's evening demonstration and arrested.

Banyas: An evening demonstration in the Marqab town chanting for toppling the regime and welcoming the Arab League observers who were thoroughly accompained by security members.

Daraa: Daeel: Security reinforcemnets arrived to Daeel's roundabout with an electricity blackout in the entire city.

Daraa: Daeel: Intensive gunfire from all the checkpoints in the town.

Dier Ezzor: In Swer, defections occured within the military security platoon. Violent clashes have been reported between the defected soldiers (FSA) and the regime’s soldiers. On the Free Syrian Army side, two soldiers were martyred and six fully equipped soldiers survived with the aid of the town’s people. Several deaths and casualties have been reported amongst the regime’s forces.


Syria Protests January 19, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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