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Syria News - July 21, 2012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)

Local Coordination Committees of Syria + Videos



July 21, 2012 Al-Assad's Massacre in Harran Al-Awameed

Maidan, Damascus: Regime forces invade the neighbourhood and perpetrate massacres against civilians

Damascus : Mohammad & Abdulghani Salem Kheir Allah,tortured with knives & shot by Assad's gangs

Barzeh: Radwan Radiya was murdered by Assad's shelling on Qaboun. 21-7-2012

Barzeh: Radwan Radiya was murdered by Assad's shelling on Qaboun. 21-7-2012

Tadamon: Rami Abdulrazzak al-Saed, a Veterinary Dr. was murdered by Assad's. 21-7-2012

Tadamon: Samer Nadim Aslan was murdered by Assad's gunfire.21-7-2012

Diya’a al-Wadi / Kisweh / killed by security forces and his body dumped in the river.

Martyr Due to the Shelling in Yalda, Damascus Suburbs

Damascus Suburbs: Dumeir: Identifying the Decapitated Martyr Abo Othman Bakour

The Burial of a Martyr in Barzeh in Damascus

Douma| July 21, 2012 Title: Douma under shelling

Douma| July 21, 2012 Title: Regime troops loot and vandalize residents` properties.

Effects of Indiscriminate Shelling in the Tadamon District of Damascus

Shells Land near the Qara Hospital in the Damascus Suburbs

Random Shelling of Qadam, Damascus

Damascus: The Police Station in Yarmouk Camp After it was Liberated by the Free Syrian Army

Barzeh: Assad’s forces bombard the neighbourhood


Gharnata village,Rastan,Homs: Assad's forces kept shelling the village,dozens of casualties have been reported,

Rastan | July 21, 2012 | Al-Assad's Victims, Women and Chidren

Ghornata: Mohammad & Shams Makhzoum ,A brother & sister. Assad's victims.21-7-2012

(07-21-12) Al-Rastan | Homs | Elderly Husband Cries for his Martyred Wife

al-Farhanya al-Gharbya: Child Nidal Thabatih in his last moments alive. Assad's shelling21-7-12

Rastan : Child Ahmad Dalla murdered together with his family in Assad's shelling. 21-7-2012

Homs: Martyr Abdelsalam Dalah in Rastan

Martyrs Hassan Kakhia and Amer Mahmoud in Joubar, Homs

Brothers and Martyrs Ahmed and A'ammer Kardoush in Rastan, Homs

Martyr Shadi Al-Shmeir in Rastan, Homs

Gharnattah: The indiscriminate bombardment took the lives of Shams and Mohammad Makhzoum, son and daughter of the wounded father who can be seen on the floor of a field hospital while doctors are trying to treat his wounds. The video also shows the corpses of the children; Mohammad who citizens tried to rescue but failed and Shams, whose head is completely distorted

Homs: Rastan: Wounded and Martyred Civilians in the Make-shift Hospital

Hassan Kakhya /Baba Amr/ killed with gunfire by army troops.

Khalid Ahmad al-Haj Yusif /Rastan/ killed with sniper fire at al-Qaboun in Damascus.

Ar-Rastan| July 21, 2012| In a Battle to Save Lives, Makeshift Hospitals try to Treat wounded

Homs: A Field Hospital is Crowded with Women and Children in Rastan

Assad Artillery Strikes on Rastan Wound, Kill Civilians 7-21-12 Doctors Treat Injured

Homs, Rastan: a child reporter for the massacre of the children [EN,FR,RU]

Regime Forces Steal the Artifacts of Palmyra in Homs

Assad's forces shelling Talbeeseh

Jouret Shayyah | July 21, 2012 Al-Assad's Military Targets Homs with Missiles

Homs: Aftermath of the Rocket Shelling by Regime Forces in Khaledieh District


Msaifra Hisham Abdul Majeed al-Friwan murdered in Assad's indiscriminate shelling.21-7-2012

Daraa : Shafea Abdul Qadir Zreikat shot by Assad's security forces. 21-7-2012

Tafas: Unidentified victim of Assad,his body was found thrown near the national hospital21-7-12

Daraa: Ahmad Shehadeh Abou Nubout was shot by Assad's sniper. 21-7-2012

Ashaikh Messkeen| July 21, 2012 Munzer Al-Hariri, Targeted by Al-Assad Militias

Daraa: Adham Zreqat was fatally shot by Assad's militias. 21-7-2012

Daraa: The Martyr Bilal Khalifeh Aboud in Maraba

Samir Abou Niqta Matryred During Shelling in Tafas, Daraa

Martyr Mohammad Al-Badewy in Maaroba, Daraa

Attempt to Rescue a Martyr in Sheikh Miskeen in Daraa

Martyr Mohamad Ibrahim Al-Wadi in Al-Harra, Daraa

(7-21-12) AlMaseyfrah | Daraa | Martyr Hisham Friwan Killed By The Syrian Regime

Sahwa: Kids bid farewell to dad, Mohammad al-Dyat, murdered by Assad's. 21-7-2012

Dar'aa Al-Musaifira 21-7-12 : Shelling Offensive on Innocent Civilians Results in Multiple Injuries

The Wounded due to Shelling on Tafas, Daraa

Taffas, Daraa: FSA forces destroy a military tank

Artillery Shelling in Maaroba, Daraa

Mortar Shelling in Tafas, Daraa

Daraa #Syria | Regime destruction from continued shelling. Water storage tank supplies the northern part of the city hit by shelling no longer functions


Marat : Noman Child Amal Hasoun was murdered by Assad's barbaric shelling. 21-7-12

Saraqeb : Ali Asaad Dibl died of wounds received in Assad's indiscriminate shelling. 21-7-2012

Marat Noman : Child Walaa Ismael was murdered by Assad's vicious shelling. 21-7-2012.‏

Al-Bou Layl : Several cases of poisoning in Al-Bou Layl following Assad's shelling. 21-7-2012

Syria-ma'arrat Al-Nu'man: impact of targeting childrens homes

Mastouma: The entire population of the town flees the heavy shelling


Child Martyr Juhaina Jukhadar /al-Sakhour/ 12 years old girl killed with shrapnel and two gunshot to the belly.

Martyrs killed with gunfire fired bhy al-Assad's at their car on Aleppo - Izzaz road.

Critical Injuries in Sakhour, Aleppo

An entire house has been razed to the ground as the regimes’ forces used helicopters to bombard the city of I’zaz in the suburbs of Aleppo:

Free Syrian Army Enter Sakhoor Neighborhood Aleppo

Regime War-planes Shelling Izazz, Aleppo

Clashes Between The Free Syrian Army And The Regime Forces in Hanano Housing Area in Aleppo

Heavy Shelling on Bayanon Town in Aleppo

Effects of Shelling on Mosques in Al-Bab, Aleppo

Effects of Shelling at Homes in Al-Bab, Aleppo

Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor | July 21, 2012 | Victim Abdul Razzaq Hashter, Murdered by Assad's miltia

Deir Ezzor | July 21, 2012 | Victim Abood Elias Al-khdayer, Murdered by Assad's.‏

Deir Ezzor: Firas Ilaiwi, a defected soldier of Rastan, shot by Assad's in Deir Ezzor. 21-7-12

Smoke Rises Due to Shelling at Deir Ezzor

The Effect of Bombing on The Main Street in Deir Ezzor

Effects of Shelling in Bokamal, Deir Ezzor


Murik: 28 years old defected conscript,Yusif Hammoud, murdered by Assad's. 21-7-2012

Smoke columns in Hama city center

Tanks Deploy at Al-Assi Square in Hama


Effects of Shelling on Eedo Village, Latakia

Saturday ended with a total of 140 martyrs, among them 18 defectors, 11 children, and 6 women. Of the martyrs, there were 35 in Homs, 31 in Damascus and Damascus Suburbs, 22 in Idlib, 18 in Aleppo, 13 in Daraa, 11 in Deir Ezzor, 8 in Hama, and one martyr in each of Hasaka and Lattakia.

Daraa: Hirak: A violent artillery shelling with missiles of new modern type that can destroy within 200 meters from its hit point.

Damascus: The regime army distributes flyers to evacuate the neighborhoods of Hajar Aswad and Rikn El-Deen, threatening with shelling.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Fierce shelling on the city with mortar and heavy artillery and on the residents' houses, fires started in the city and reports about wounded civilians.

Homs: Krak des Chevaliers: Fierce shelling in Turkman neighborhood using artillery and tanks stationed in Masyadeh village was reported in addition to clashes with regime's shabiha at Awaja roundabout.

Damascus Suburbs: Babila: Huge fire started at the gate of the base of battalion 666, Electricity power cut has occurred after fierce clashes between FSA and the regime forces.

Qamishli: Young Raad Al-Kurdy was martyred during clashes in the city.

Damascus Suburbs: Hameh: Gunfire from heavy and light machine guns resumed from Rahbeh towards Khabory neighborhood.

Raqqa: Tabaqa: Clashes between the FSA and the regime forces due to targetting the checkpoint of Aviation security and the regime forces at the city enterance.

Deir Ezzor: Fierce artillery shelling in Sheikh Yaseen neighborhood.

Daraa: Hirak: Fierce artillery shelling for the fifth day in a row

Idleb: Maaret Al-Nouman: The Female Child Walaa Hisham Al Ismail Who Was Martyred Due to the Random Shelling.

Daraa: Al Yadouda: Fierce shooting by regime forces staionned at the checkpoint in the town.

Deir Ezzor: Several shells fell on Hamidieh neighborhood.

Aleppo: Kafar Halab: Fierce shelling at the town abd several shells have fallen at the civilians' homes.

Raqqa: Division 17 storm the city and besiege all the mosques, neighbourhoods and main streets in the city.

Daraa: Daeel: Young Taher Salah Abu Zaid was martyred after being injured due to shelling in the city.

Raqqa: Evening demonstration started in Sharaksa neighborhood, demonstrators are chanting for freedom and saluting the Free Syrian Army.

Raqqa:Slouk:Evening demonstration set out in which demonstrators chanted for Freedom and in solidarity with and the disaster-stricken cities.

Qamishli: Several were wounded by the security forces and shabiha fire on demonstrators in the city center.

Latakia: Reports about shooting in Prison neighbourhood amid a raid and arrest compaign by the security forces in Port Said street, Bestan neighbourhood, Skantouri and in front of Al Bairaqdar mosque in Slaibeh project neighbourhood.

Raqqa: The regime forces have stormed the town of Tal Abyad to contain the demonstrators who exited al-Fawwaz mosque.

Lattakia: The regime's army is shelling the villages of Rabia and al-Rihaneh.

Aleppo: Kafar Hlab: A demonstration set out after the Taraweeh prayer in which demonstrators chanted in solidarity with the disaster-striken cities and demanded the regime ouster.

Hama: Mashtal: Security forces and Shabbiha have attacked a demonstration that had started in the west of town just after Taraweeh prayer.

Damascus Suburbs: Arbeen: Rhe rgime’s forces have martyred Mr. Suleiman Ali Moussa.

Hama: Al Karame neighbourhood: A demonstration set out after taraweeh prayer in which demostrators chanted for solidarity with the disaster -stricken citie and demanding the regime ousters.

Jable:The regime forces attack the demonstrators that went out in a demonstration from the two mosques of Al Shawish and Al Mansouri.

Lattakia: Security forces have started a campaign of raids and arbitrary detention in the neighborhoods of Basateen al-Hamami and Sekantoori after a demonstration started in Taha mosque.

Hassakah: Ghoweran: A demonstration started in the neighborhood. Protesters called for the regime's ouster.

Daraa: Sheikh Maskeen: Mr. Saffouk al-Hariri has been martyred by the regime's forces stationed at al-Nahyieh checkpoint.

Deir Ezzor: Boukamal: Shelling by the regime's army at the city continues

Latakkia:shelling Al Gnaimeh and Al Ewainat villages by the regime's forces.

Lattakia: Sleibeh: A demonstration has started at the al-Adidas square. Demonstrators chanted in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities and called for the regime's ouster.

Lattakia: The regime's forces attack a demonstration in Slaibeh neighbourhood and arrest demonstrators.

Daraa: Dael: Mortar shelling at the town has renewed.

Lattakia: The regime's forces open fire at a demonstration in Al Tabeyat mosque.

Lattakia: The regime's froces opens fire at a demonstration that set out from Al Ta'a mosque in Bestan Al Hmaimi neighbourhood.

Lattakia: The regime's forces open fire at a demonstration in Al Tabeyat mosque.

Hama: The regime army is firing live ammunition at a demonstration in Qussour Street while on its way to Thalatheen Street.

Aleppo: Residents are fleeing Salah Dean fearing the regime's shelling and possible storming of the neighborhood.

Dair Ezzor: Boukamal:A number of people were wounded due to fierce shelling on the city by the regime's forces

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamye: Shelling sustains on the city by the regime ' s forces.

Qameshli:Regime's forces opened fire at demonstrators in the central market.

Daraa: Sheikh Miskeen: Many injuries were reported as a result of the security forces shelling at the prayers while they were going to Taraweeh Prayer at the city's roundabout.

Aleppo: Marea: Artillery shelling by the regime's army from the Privates College towards the residential buildings.

Aleppo: Hanano housing: Ahmed Alaa Rihawi was martyred in the neighborhood by the security forces, knowing that Rihawi from Mariaa city.

Daraa: Daeel: The regime's army is shelling the city after the end of the chance they have given to FSA to turn in the area.

Deir Ezzor: Abu Kamal: Shelling on the city by the regime army.

Hama: Kernaz: The regime's army is shelling the city with tanks.

Lattakia: Wady Sheikhan: The regime's army is shelling the villages in the mountain as well as the villages in Sheikhanvalley and the surrounding areas.

Daraa: Daeel: Artillery shelling of the city has started.

Homs: Qosair: Renewed heavy artillery shelling is reported on the city by regime forces stationed at the Officer's Housing in Dabaa village.

Damascus: Tadamun: Bombardment is shaking the neighborhood.

Aleppo: Clashes between the Free Army and the regime's army were reported in the neighborhood of Tareeq Al-Bab.

Aleppo: Explosions were heard in the neighborhood of Saladin as clashes were resumed between the Free Army and the regime's forces.

Daraa: Sahwa: Mohammad Abdullateef Al-Dayat was martyred and many were injured as a result of the shelling of the town by helicopters.

Daraa: Several loud explosions were heard in the Sahhari neighborhood accompanied by gunfire.

Damascus: Heavy artillery shelling is reported on Nahr Eisha, Qadam and Assali. It is accompanied by helicopters in the sky and coincides with Maghreb calls for prayer.

Daraa: Mseifra: Young Hisham Al-Friwan was martyred and many others were wounded due to the heavy artillery shelling of the town.

Qamishli: Free Syrian army controls the border crossing point of Elierbeh with Iraq after violent clashes with regime forces.

Deir Ezzor: Marba'aieh: Dozens are wounded due to fierce regime mortar and gunship helicopter shelling in the town.

Damascus Suburbs: 10 regime Zil cars loaded with regime forces are en route to Mudamieh Sham or Jadida Artouz.

Damascus Suburbs: Zabadany: Dirar Hassan Al-Rifai and another unidentified man were martyred when their car was targeted by a missile on Madaya Road.

Qamishli: Karka town (in Qamishli ,Hasaka province) has just been liberated by revolutionaries.

Aleppo: Maraa: Regime forces stationed at Masha School launched a missle at Mar'a city near the bread bakery.

Aleppo: Meng: Rima Ahmad Hasan was martyred by shelling of Meng military airport , five days ago and couldn't be pulled from the front of her house.

Hasakah: Tal Kojar: Revolutionaries take over the town of Ya'arobiyah after they freed it of regime's forces.

Damascus Suburbs: Mo'addamiyah: Regime's army is shelling the town using bombs and rockets. Several houses have been destroyed near the Barakah Square.

Aleppo: Clashes between the free Syrian army and the regime forces in the neighborhood of Taraik Albab.

Damascus Suburbs: Sayeda Zeinab: Helicopter shelling is reported on Theyabiyeh and Sayeda Zeinab.

Deir Ezzor: Htalh: A number of elements defected on Dahra barrier and they joined the free Syrian army.

Homs; Hasan Kakhya was martyred in the neighborhood of Baba Amro.

Damascus Suburbs: Masraba: Mohamad Al-Khouli, Mohamad Darwish, and defected Private Abdel Hadi Darwish were martyred in the Midan district; Maher Rasoul was martyred under torture at the hands of regime forces.

Aleppo: Alhaidariya: civilian was martyred inside his car by gunfire and rocket-RPG at a roundabout Alhaidariya.

Deir Ezzor: Regime forces attempted to storm the Aridi distrct using a tank.

Daraa: Inkhel: Nidal Qassem Awbas was martyred at the hands of regime forces after he was arrested yesterday; his body was returned to his family today.

Hasakeh: Deirbak: Baor Deirki was martyred due to his wounds.

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Regime forces renewed shelling in the area.

University of Homs: Adham Shallaf, a student at the Faculty of Human Medicine, was arrested in Baba Amr.

Damascus: Yarmouk Camp: Regime forces renewed shelling in the area.

Damascus: Heavy shelling is reported in the neighborhoods of Qadam, Nahr Aisha, and Assali, and regime forces are deploying widely as tanks advance along the Damascus-Daraa highway to raid the neighborhoods.

Aleppo: Ahmad Khalif, a youth, was martyred under torture at the Air Force Intelligence Branch. He was a 3rd-year medical student, and was from Deir Ezzor.

Hasakeh: Darbasiyeh: Heavy gunfire was reported from this morning until noon, and intermittent gunfire has resumed but the reasons are as yet unknown.

Damascus: Qadam: A row of tanks on Damascus-Daraa International Highway near Shamseen Bakeries, heading to the neighborhood.

Damascus: Nahr Aisha: The arrival of military reinforcements consisting of 8 large buses and cars with Anti-Air, and suffocating siege on the neighborhood.

Damascus: Nahr Eisheh: Fierce shelling in the neighborhood was reported and firing at passer-by in several lanes using heavy machine guns.

Raqqa: Director of Naheyat Dabsy Afnan and two police officers, one of them is lieutenant colonel and the other one is a lieutenant, have defected and joined the Free Syrian Army.

Hama: Fall of wounded was reported in shelling by warplanes at Hawash, Hisr Beit Al-Ras, and Howaija villages.

Homs: Central Prison: Ali Aqidi from Homs, and Ahmad Jammu from Aleppo were martyred by regime forces.

Homs: Mahmoud Hassoun, from Khaldieh, was martyred at the hands of regime forces in the Central Prison.

Homs: Many are reported wounded and there are cases of suffocation due to the regime's launching of tear gas at prisoners conducting a sit-in at the Central Prison.

Homs: Teir Maala: A number of shells landed in the village and destroyed several houses. Electricity has been cut off.

Qamishli: Clashes are reported in the Central Prison in Alaya between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army, and massive military reinforcements have arrived to the prison.

Idlib: Saraqeb: Ali Asaad Deil was martyred due to wounds sustained during the indiscriminate shelling in the city a few days ago.

Damascus: Qaboun: Salah Abdel Karim and his son Mohamad Salah Abdel Karim were martyred when a shell fired from the Smugglers' Market landed on their house.

Hama: Mourad Adnan Fa'awer, 27, was martyred after regime forces raided the Aliliiat district; the forces stole his corpse and arrested his cousins and uncles.

Aleppo: Byanoun: Fierce artillery shelling in the town resumed.

Aleppo: Fierce clashes are taking place between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army in the Hanano Residential Project.

Daraa: Tafas: Samir Qassem Abou Niqta was martyred, and many others were injured, as a result of mortar shelling in the city. A great number of homes were destroyed.

Deir Ezzor: A number of wounded were reported, including a female child, when 5 missiles landed in the Howaiqa district.

Hama: Mohamad Al-Deeb Al-Zou'bi in the Al-Faraya district, and Khaled Jabbara, a refugee from Homs, were martyred by random gunfire in the Aliliat district.

Homs: Missile shelling of the Jouret Sheikh neighborhood was reported.

Hama: Regime forces conducted a random raid and arrest campaign in Aliliat, detaining dozens of activists and children below the age of 10.

Damascus Suburbs: Hosh Arab: Huge military reinforcements arrive to the village, consisting of a number of tanks and missile launchers. Random shelling on houses has started in conjunction with helicopters flying over the village.

Homs: Dair Malaa: Reports about wounded people in the village due to shelling with mortars.

Homs: Talbiseh: The young man Majed Al-Daqa was martyred amid the shelling of Western Farahnieh.

Damascus: Etaibeye: First-Lieutenant Mohammad Mousa was martyred.

Qameshli: Clashes are taking place right now near the Central Prison between the FSA and the regime's forces.

Damascus: Midan: The two young men Mohammad Salen Kheirullah and Abdulghani Salem Kheirullah were martyred when security forces entered their home and tortured them with knives and then opened fire on them.

Damascus Suburbs: Babila: A general strike for the sixth consecutive day is in effect in response to the massacres committed by the regime.
Daraa: Nuaimeh: Bilal Khalife, 22, of the FSA was martyred in Maraba while defending civilians.

Daraa: Ahmad Shahade Abou Nabout was martyred in Bousra square by snipers.

Homs: Qusair: Khaled Mahmoud Amer, Basel Abdel Hakim Amer, Mhamad Ahmad Amer,Nadim Barqa, were martyred in addition to a large number of wounded by the fierce shelling of the city with mortar and artillery shells.

Daraa: Maaraba: Muhammad Ibrahim Al Shaqran was martyred after regime forces targeted him with a shell.

Hama: Salamieh: Somar Satouf, Mohamad Satouf and Luai Al-Nizami have been arrested at their workplace by security forces.

Damascus: Barzeh: Continuous shelling of the neighborhood by helicopter, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. Some people were wounded in the besieged neighborhood in the last 2 days, there is a shortage of medication and medical aids, residents are appealing for help to alleviate the shelling on the neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Hosh Arab: Reports of a some several martyrs due to the fierce helicopter shelling of the village.

Dair Ezzor: Mrs.Afaf Hala Al Rayash from Mayadeen was martyred due to her fatal injury she suffered from the regime's forces live amunition, as did Alaa Eddin, a member of the FSA and the child Manar Raed Ezzawi, 6 years, who were martyred due to the injuries after a rocket fell on their house.

Homs: Rastan: Large military reinforcements arrived to the city, heavy fighting is taking place now at the northern and the southern entrance in conjunction with heavy shelling and reconnaissance planes flying over the city.

Damascus: Kafar Souseh: Mohammad Zain was martyred by the regime army's bullets.

Hama: Reports of several martyrs and injures due to intense shelling of Faraya.

Damascus Suburbs: Moadhamiet Sham: Massive explosions are shaking the city while the city is being shelled with mortar shells.

Daraa: The two young men Adham Mohammad Fateh Abu Zareeq and Shafea Abdulqader Abu Zareeq were martyred by a sniper's bullets in the Arbaeen neighborhood.

Damascus: Mezzeh: The Free Syrian Army gains control of Saeeqa Military Camp that is used a location for the gathering of Regime security and army forces.

Hama: Security forces storm Bab Qibli in search of activists.

Deir Ezzor: Mayadeen: Ms. Afaf Hilal Al-Riyash was martyred in gunfire by the regime's army.

Deir Ezzor: Reports of rocket and helicopter shelling of Sheikh Yaseen, Hamidiya, Aardi and Aamal neighborhoods

Saturday morning started with 11 martyrs in Syria; 8 in Mastouma Village (Idlib),1 in Deir Ezzor, 1 in Daraa, and 1 in Hama. Friday’s martyrs reached 286, including 124 martyrs in Damascus and its Suburbs (Dumair, Tal, Zabadani, Hameh, Yalda, Harasta, Irbeen, Rankos, Haran A’ameed, Daraya, Seit Zaynab, Deir Asafeer, Jadida Artouz, Zayabeh, and Kafarain), 41 in Aleppo including 12 unidentified bodies, 36 in Idlib, 29 in Homs, 25 in Deir Ezzor, 21 in Daraa,8 in Hama, and 2 in Lattakia.

Damascus: Barzeh: The shelling has experienced intense shelling since the early hours of the morning with tanks, artillery and mortars.

Deir Ezzor: Helicopters are shelling Hweiqa neighborhood.

Daraa: Helicopters are shelling the the areas between Maarebeh and Ghasm Sahweh.

Hama: Taqsees: Defected army recruit Mohammad Ameen Hamada was martyred while protecting civilians in the village.

Lattakia: Salma: Reports of intense shelling with artillery and mortars of Wadi Sheikhan, Marj, Ghaneema and Nawahi Rabeea.

Darra: Maarba: The town is under siege by security forces and the army while it is also under intense fire from various weapons.

Aleppo: Atareb: Ahmad Abdulrahman Faj, an FSA commander in the city, was martyred during clashes in a battle for the police academy yesterday.

Homs:very violent and heavy shelling on Khaldieh,Joret Shayah and Qarabes neighborhoods along with several explosions that shake these neighorhoods now.

Daraa: Khirbet Ghazaleh: Shelling with helicopters over the town.

Daraa: Maliha: Flight of helicopters over the city towards Hirak city.

Homs: Detainees continue their sit-in in the courtyards of Homs Central Prison. Thus far, there are no reports of a break-out nor martyrs.

Hama: The regime's army has surrounded al-Aliyyat neighborhood from the direction of al-Heirsh, the Courthouse and the Finance offices.

Homs: Deir Foul: The Free Syrian Army continue to clash with the regime's army in an attempt to thwart the regime forces' attempt to strom the village. More than 200 shells have reportedly fallen.

Aleppo: 5 huge explosions were heard in Salah Eddin neighborhood along with the calls for Dawn prayers. They were accompanied by heavy gunfire from heavy and medium-grade machine guns.

Raqqa: Two demonstrations set out in Thakneh neighborhood and from Fawwaz Mosque after Dawn prayers to chant for Freedom and in solidarity with the disaster-stricken cities.

Deir Ezzor: Ashara: Heavy artillery shelling is reported on the city.

Damascus: Midan: Regime forces commit a massacre against 11 martyrs who were in one of the buildings by Majed Mosque, most of them children and women. 5 of them were identified so far, while the others are still unidentified due to regime forces abusing the corpses. The known martyrs are Rima Salahi Al-Asbahi, Saeed Al-Khateeb, Bayan Al-Khateeb and Nour Al-Huda Al-Khateeb who are two female children and Wasem Al-Khateeb, a male child.

Deir Ezzor: Heavy artillery shelling is reported on Shehail, Qouriyeh and Sbeikhan villages.

Homs: Disobedience was reported in Homs Central Prison where prisoners took control of courtyards and the Main Square. Hefth Al-Nitham Battalion is trying to regain control of the prison by using tear gas and firing in the air. Note that this prison houses more than 1700 prisoners of the revolution in Homs.

Damascus: Barzeh: Regime snipers targeted Tamam Sa'ab ,a prominent activist since the beginning of the Revolution. In the beginning, he was unlawfully detained by regime forces and severally tortured and later released to continue on the path to freedom. He was slaughtered by snipers.

Daraa: Daeel: Fierce clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime's army in the city.

Homs: Palmyra: The defected military soldier Mohammed Rateb Alhafean born in 1992, was mayrtred by the regime army fire in Rastan.

Damascus Suburbs: Hama: Renewed fierce artillery shelling with mortar shells in the city amid heavy gunfire.

Damascus: Tadamon: Intense artillery and rocket shelling was renewed, resulted in the destruction of several homes and a state of terror among residents.

Daraa: Sheikh Miskeen: Khalas Rushdi Awad was martyred when the regime's army opened gunfire on a demonstratin after Taraweeh prayers.

Jableh: Regime forces storm the neighborhood of Darbiya amid intense gunfire.

Idlib: Ariha: Artillery shelling at Kourein, Nehlaya, and Bakfalon village by regime's army.

A Statement to The Public Opinion:

There has been a lot of gossip and rumors regarding the Kurds secession pursuit in the Eastern Province of Syria. Taking into consideration, that there are members of the Free Syrian Army, a great player of the Syrian revolution, who are now residing in the "Jazeera" (island) area in Syria. Besides them, there are many military defected recruits who had previously left the country and currently returned to work on our only goal; the regime's ouster.

Out of the question, no one at the moment is thinking of secession issues and getting busy in anything but toppling the regime and protecting our civilian peace and national unity.

As members of a Kurdish revolutionary movement, we appeal the Kurds Political Movement to declare their stance, which we have been waiting for so long, of both: the Syrian revolution and the regime's ouster as well as the recent rumors. This is to avoid any other concerns in this revolution and to disapprove any matters that might weaken our unity or concerted goal. All other issues can be negotiated after toppling the regime. We, hereby, confirm that the Kurdish citizens in Syria do not need a statute of nationalism from anyone but we had to refer to this subject.

Syria 21/7/2012


Syria Protests July 21, 2012 : A Video Roundup

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