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How has the #MB become the biggest challenge to #Jan25 Revolution ?

Zenobia, Egyptian Chronicles

March 16, 2013

I wanted to write this post from a long time but as usual I was lazy enough to do it but my dear friend Bassem Sabry’s latest column in Al Monitor made me to write it. 
 4/20/2012 protest One hand to build the nation
I began to believe that the Muslim brotherhood has become the biggest challenge to the 25 January Revolution and its biggest liability ever. I am afraid that the famous group that nobody can deny its participation in the revolution is hurting and even jeopardizing it in the worst ways ever especially with their policies and plans the whole idea of 25 January revolution.
Of course here when I am speaking about the Muslim brotherhood as in Presidency , Freedom and Justice party and the  Muslim brotherhood.
The intelligentsia in Egypt know that the Muslim brotherhood took over the rule breaking all the promises they gave to the fellow revolutionaries whom for years stood to defend the group against Mubarak regime. The intelligentsia also know very well how the MB and their policies are completely opposite to what the 25 January revolution called for from principles "Bread, Freedom , human dignity and social justice".
The Muslim brotherhood’s neoliberal policies will not reach to social justice nor it will provide bread. We have seen what happened so far to human dignity and Freedom especially with the continuing violation of human rights cases from torture and that hate towards media in Egypt nowadays.
When Mohamed Morsi was elected a president he chose several Pro-revolutionary faces like Ayman El Sayad , Sakina Fouad and Samir Marcus as advisory and aides yet he did not listen to them at all. I do not need to bet that if he just listened to them things will be different. Of course  I do not need to say that he is listening to the MB guidance office.
The MB says that the political opposition forces "mainly from revolutionary faces like ElBaradei and Sabbahi" are working to make Morsi fail where actually the MB is doing the job perfectly. Morsi and MB are the ones who digging their failure grave by pursuing the same dark path of dictatorship in order to fulfill Hassan El Banna's big vision of MB Caliphate. 
Still I fear that the average Egyptians do not look to the MB as a danger on the revolution but rather a product of the revolution. I fear that the average Egyptians will hate the revolution day after day with the failures the President and MB are causing in the country. I fear that the average Egyptians who were happy to oust Mubarak and took the streets will see the MB’s control as a direct result of the revolution.
Of course people do not want to admit that they chose and brought the MB willingly through democratic processes aka elections. People elected the Muslim brotherhood and refused to try other alternative because " They knew MB and the MB is good as they are Islamists"
I fear that people will miss the Mubarak days even if they were not from the privilege class that enjoyed these days yet they are missing that feeling of state control and security.
From two weeks ago "Ana Asf Ya Rayas" { I am sorry Mr. President} Pro Mubarak page reached to nearly 900,000 likes since its launch from two years ago. The Pro Mubarak/Shafik/Omar Sulieman supporters and apologists are having their dreams come true using all their talent to spread lies on how Mubarak’s era was much better than the MB’s rule and how the revolution is bad.I see daily posts in my Facebook timelines from friends sharing on how things were better in time of Mubarak at least when it comes to security and some how "economy" was allegedly much better.
I fear that people are having short memory because things were not that better in time of Mubarak , it was on the verge of explosion sooner or later. We had fuel and water shortage from time to time. All research centers all over the globe were predicting unrests after Mubarak whether caused because of his regime’s economic policies or because the fight over power between the military and Gamal Mubarak as well Islamists and Gamal Mubarak. Many people believe that Mubarak and his regime were right to violate human right
Unfortunately the MB’s failures in Egypt are not affecting the revolution in Egypt but also in the Arab world as well. Recently more people in Egypt began to see the revolution in Syria as another foreign attempt to bring it down using the Islamists and the MB who are destroying Syria in the same way they have done it in Egypt. I am not speaking about uneducated Egyptians but rather educated Egyptians.
The MB and their allies in Gaza from Hamas are hurting the Palestinian cause for the first time in Egypt. The Anti-Palestinian sentiment is finding a place in Egypt for the first time since 1948. Average people wonder why President Morsi care for Gaza than Port Said. Average people also fear that Hamas may have a hand in killing our soldiers and began to think that the president is not telling the truth. I do not need to speak on how that "Palestinians are coming, Palestinians are coming" media machine is working like hell. Yes they are differentiating between Hamas and Palestine but in real world people do not differentiate.  
In the end the MB has become a burden on the revolution and we have to admit it not only in Egypt but in the Arab world.


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