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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 28 August 2005

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice. ( http://www.freearabvoice.org )

Sunday, 28 August 2005.

* Resistance springs deadly trap on US column near al-Qa’im on Syrian border Sunday afternoon.

* Six US troops reported killed in Resistance car bomb attack on American-occupied house on road to Saddam International Airport Sunday morning.

* Thirty-six bodies found in river near al-Kut belong to Sunnis arrested by puppet security forces in Baghdad.

Al-Anbar Province.


Resistance springs deadly trap on US troops near Syrian border Sunday afternoon.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a column of several US military vehicles on the road between al-'Ubaydi and al-Karabilah east of the city of al-Qa’im (which is located on the Iraq-Syria frontier) at 3pm Sunday afternoon.

The al-Qa’im correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported residents of al-Karabilah as saying that a detachment of Iraqi Resistance fighters armed with light and medium weapons including RPG7 rocket-propelled grenades and PKS machine guns attacked a US column. One Humvee was set ablaze and three US troops were killed and three other American soldiers wounded.

The witnesses recounted that the Resistance fighters then drew the rest of the column into an ambush that they had prepared elsewhere on the same road. There, three more bombs that had been planted by the roadside blew up when the Americans tried to pursue the attacking Resistance fighters. Two more US Humvees were set on fire and another eight Americans were killed or wounded.

The witnesses reported that the Resistance fighters were able to withdraw from the scene of the attack without having suffered any casualties.


Two US soldiers killed in roadside bombing near al-Haqlaniyah Sunday.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US foot patrol on a farm road in the al-Haqlaniyah area, southeast of al-Hadithah, some 280km west of Baghdad on Sunday.

In a dispatch posted at 5:40pm Mecca time Sunday afternoon, the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in al-Hadithah reported residents of al-Haqlaniyah as saying that a bomb that was planted by the side of an unpaved farm road north of al-Haqlaniyah exploded by a passing patrol of American soldiers on foot with four Humvees accompanying them. The blast killed two US troops and wounded a third, the witnesses said.

Resistance abducts 14 puppet army soldiers east of al-Hadithah.

Iraqi Resistance fighters abducted 14 members of the Iraqi puppet army in the area between Hit and al-Hadithah in western Iraq on Sunday morning.

Witnesses told the al-Hadithah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam that Resistance fighters stopped their Kia vehicle that was carrying the 14 men along with their driver. Apparently they were on leave, as their vehicle was on the highway heading towards Baghdad. The witnesses reported that the Resistance fighters pointed their weapons at the Kia getting it to stop and then captured the 14 puppet army soldiers and the driver. The witnesses said that several of the puppet troops tried to resist but the Resistance fighters hit them with their rifle butts and then led all of them to an unknown destination.

The Squadrons of the Hosts of the Clear Victory, a detachment belonging to the First Army of Muhammad Resistance organization, announced its responsibility for the capture in a communiqué, a copy of which was obtained by the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in al-Hadithah.


Resistance sharpshooters kill two US soldiers Sunday afternoon.

Iraqi Resistance marksmen shot and killed two US soldiers in the at-Ta’mim area south of ar-Ramadi, some 110km west of Baghdad at3:30pm local time Sunday afternoon.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in ar-Ramadi reported shopkeepers on the main road in at-Ta’mim who witnessed the attack as saying that an Iraqi Resistance sharpshooter killed a US soldier in their area. At the time of the attack, the soldier was standing in an American Humvee that was parked on the road in the midst of other members of a US patrol of several Humvees.

As American troops spread out in the area after the shooting, the Resistance sharpshooter, or perhaps a different one, picked off another US soldier, filling the surviving Americans with panic, according to the witnesses. The US troops then opened fire indiscriminately at civilians who happened to be in the area.

After the shootings, American troops recovered the bodies of their two companions and left the area in great haste.

Deputy chief of puppet police for al-Anbar Province abducted Sunday afternoon.

In a bulletin posted at 6:45pm Mecca time Sunday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent in ar-Ramadi reported that Resistance fighters had kidnapped the deputy commander of the puppet police for the province of al-Anbar along with two of his body guards in the middle of the city.

The correspondent reported eye witnesses as saying that Lieutenant Colonel Ra’id 'Ali and two of his puppet police guards were kidnapped by Resistance fighters in the as-Sijariyah area of the city after 'Ali had come out of the al-Hurriyah puppet police station on his way home.

There were no immediate reports on the fate of the deputy police chief for al-Anbar, other than one unconfirmed report claiming that the Resistance group Base Qa'idah of the Jihad in the Land of the Two Rivers was behind the capture.


Six US troops reported killed in Resistance attack on US-occupied house on Airport Road Sunday morning.

Iraqi Resistance fighters attacked a house that US occupation troops had been using as a camp on the road in the Baghdad area of ar-Ridwaniyah leading to Saddam International Airport.

In a dispatch posted at 10:31am Mecca time Sunday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported residents of ar-Ridwaniyah who witnessed the attack as saying that about 20 Resistance fighters armed with light and medium weapons, including pipe rockets and 82mm mortars, attacked the American-occupied house, destroying large parts of it and killing six US troops and wounding eight other American soldiers. Three Humvees were also destroyed in the attack.

Resistance bomb blasts fuel convoy in at-Taji Sunday morning.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a convoy of tanker trucks hauling fuel to US occupation forces on the main road leading from Baghdad to the north at 9am local time Sunday morning.

Residents of the northern Baghdad suburb of at-Taji told the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent that a bomb that was planted by the side of the road blew up as an American fuel convoy was passing by.

The blast destroyed one of the trucks, burning it up completely and killing its driver who was working for the US occupation troops.

US acknowledges prisoner escaped from Abu Ghurayb.

The US military occupation authorities admitted on Sunday that a prisoner being held in the notorious Abu Ghurayb prison camp had succeeded in escaping from the facility.

Agence France Presse (AFP), as monitored by Mafkarat al-Islam reported the US as saying that a prisoner, whose nationality was not disclosed, had escaped. The American statement said that the jailers found the prisoners missing during a roll call. In the course of an investigation, the Americans found to holes in the fence surrounding the compound, through which the prisoner is thought to have escaped.

Escapes from American occupation prisons in Iraq have increased in August. Five Iraqi prisoners escaped from Camp Bucca in Umm Qasr in the south of the country on 22 August.

As volunteers to puppet army dwindle, "Ministry of Defense" calls on pre-invasion Iraqi officers to join the regime’s army.

The "Ministry of Defense" in the US-installed regime in Baghdad issued a call on Sunday morning to officers in the Army of the Republic of Iraq – the national army that was formally declared "dissolved" after the US invasion in 2003 – to return to the "ranks of the army" but this time to serve the US occupation rather than to fight it.

Sa'dun ad-Dulaymi, a spokesman for the "Defense Ministry," told a press conference in the Defense Ministry building in Baghdad that a call had been issued to former Iraqi Army officers, particularly those who had served in the areas of supply, transport and intelligence, calling in them to join the puppet army in return for "attractive" salaries of as high as 10 times what they were paid before the American invasion.

Ad-Dulaymi said that the "Ministry" feels an urgent and pressing need for the services that these former officers can provide because of their experience – as he put it.

Recruiting centers in July and August have seen a severe decrease in the number of young volunteers seeking to join the ranks of the puppet army and police, following a series of nearly daily Resistance attacks on such offices.

Salah ad-Din Province.


Resistance bomb blasts joint US-Iraqi puppet army patrol in al-'Amrushiyah late Sunday morning.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a joint US-Iraqi puppet army patrol on the main road in the al-'Amrushiyah area northeast of the city of Samarra’ at 11am local time Sunday morning.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent reported residents of al-'Amrushiyah as saying that a bomb that was planted by the side of the road blew up as the patrol passed by. The explosion destroyed one Nissan pickup belonging to the Iraqi puppet army and damaged an American Humvee. Four Iraqi puppet soldiers were killed and a fifth wounded. One American soldier was also injured in the blast.

Diyala Province.


Three Americans reported killed midday Sunday when Resistance fighters lob hand grenades into their camp.

Iraqi Resistance fighters armed with hand grenades attacked a US military camp on the old road in the area of al-'Azim, east of Diyala (which is northeast of Baghdad) at 12:30pm local time Sunday.

The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the area reported residents of al-'Azim as saying that Resistnce fighters in a pickup threw seven hand grenades into the American camp on the old road. The attack set fires burning in one American vehicle and inflicted great material damage on the camp. Three US troops were killed and another four were wounded, the witnesses reported.

The Resistance attackers were able to withdraw from the area without having suffered any casualties.

Babil Province.


Three US troops reported killed in car bomb attack on checkpoint early Sunday.

An Iraqi Resistance martyrdom fighter drove an explosives-laden car into a checkpoint jointly manned by US troops and Iraqi puppet army soldiers in al-Musayyib, south of Baghdad, on the main road leading to provinces in the Middle Euphrates area of Iraq south of Baghdad at 8am local time Sunday morning.

The al-Musayyib correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported a source in the Iraqi puppet army’s "rapid deployment force" as saying that the Resistance fighter drove his car bomb into the checkpoint despite efforts to stop him. The source said that the blast killed three American soldiers and wounded two more. Two Iraqi puppet army troops were killed and four more of them wounded. One American Humvee and two pickups belonging to the Iraqi puppef forces were set on fire.

Ninwa Province.


Five US troops reported killed in roadside bombing in Mosul early Sunday.

An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US foot patrol in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul at 8am local time Sunday morning.

Residents of as-Sikak neighborhood in the south of Mosul told the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in the city that a bomb that was planted in a garbage container exploded by a US foot patrol that was nearby. Five US troops were killed and three more American soldiers were killed.

The correspondent reported a source in the Iraqi puppet army as saying that the blast left a number of American troops dead and wounded but did not give specific numbers. After the blast, US military vehicles and Marines encircled the scene and began searching the area in an operation that lasted for a full hour. The US troops found nothing and arrested no one, according to the source.

Wasit Province.


Thirty-six bodies belong to Sunni victims of puppet security forces.

Independent Iraqi sources have revealed that the 36 bodies discovered in a river near the southern Iraqi city of al-Kut are the remains of Sunni Iraqis who were arrested by "Interior Ministry" forces of the puppet regime in Baghdad.

Sources have told Quds Press that the victims were members of the Sunni al-Mushahdah tribe and that the so-called "shock troops" of the puppet regime’s "Interior Ministry" arrested them in the al-Hurriyah district of Baghdad on the night of 24 August.

Two days later their bodies were found, all of them shot in the head, execution style. The bodies were dumped in the river in an attempt apparently to hide the evidence of the murders.

Quds Press, meanwhile has learned that the puppet "Interior Minister" Bayan Jabr has refused to carry out the order of US-appointed "Iraqi President" Jalal at-Talibani to release all the prisoners arrested by his "Ministry" in the al-Mada’in area, southeast of Baghdad, who reportedly number 1,315 people and include women and children.

(See "Residents appeal to world for help as puppet regime security forces storm al-Mada’in arrest hundreds, loot property," in Iraqi Resistance Report for Thursday, 25 August 2005.)




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