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A statement by the National leadership of the Arab Baath Socialist Party
Culture and information Bureau
Concerning the "Referendum" Boycott

Arab Baath Socialist Party - Al-Moharer.net


September 17, 2005

A statement by the National leadership of the Arab Baath Socialist Party

In the name of God, the Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation with eternal mission

Unity, Freedom, Socialism


Culture and information Bureau

Concerning the "Referendum" Boycott


To all Iraqis and masses of the Nation

Heroic Mujahidins,

Arab sons and daughters in the Liberation Battle,

Today the plot to divide Iraq and to wipe out its Arab identity has entered its founding and dangerous phase, through imposing a US dividing constitution based on sectarianism and racism, a constitution written by the Zionist Noah Feldman, while Paul Bremer the US civil governor declared it, a legal foundation for (occupied) Iraq. It no wonder why the US Ambassador, his President and his Secretary of State; are practicing direct pressures to fasten its endorsement, interfering in every details of its so called debate; offering every possible bribes mixed with threats to those who refuse the draft of this US constitution, or those who oppose some of its articles, to force them to get involved in the plot of dividing Iraq.

At the same time the malicious US and  its stooges of the Barzani militias in the North and the Safawides in the South are planning to impose a federal system which will turn Iraq into a centrally marginal entity, where the strong federations governments will enjoy the true authority, militarily, securitywise, economically and culturally, while the central government will be nothing but a mere coordinator in between these made up entities.

Baathists: Resistant Mujahidins,

Valiant combatants of the Second al Qadissiyah, the Mother of all Battles and the Decisive Battle!

Dignified Iraqis,

This constitution will set a legal foundation to divide Iraq and to wipe out its Arab identity, through denying its Arab character, -Arabs constitutes 85 per cent of its inhabitants- through categorizing and tearing away its citizens in between Sunni and Shia and treat them on a sectarian background and not on a national and patriotic foundations giving millions of non Iraqi Iranians and Kurds, the Iraqi nationality, in order to make the Occupied Iraq components inhabitants equally balanced. This could lead later to set a constitution which doesn't mention for the first time ever in the history of the modern Iraq State, that Iraq is an integral part of the Arab Nation, imposing a stipulating that Iraq is " a multi- national and multi-sectarian" state and that "only" the Arab people of Iraq is a part of the Arab nation.


Proud Sons and Daughters of Iraq!

Endorsing this Constitution will get Iraq into a great impasse, internally and externally. Internally the Barzani-Talabani militias in the north and the Safawides (Iranians militias in the South) will be "armies" protecting the two Kurdish and Safawi federations and the elite government will turn there into governments with full powers, while the national wealth will be divided in between these two governments to provide a material assets for the division and consecrate the racism in the North and the sectarianism in the South through overwhelming sectarian and ethnical cleansing. Iraq thus will be cut into three entities practically independent, even though framed in a link.  Externally, endorsing the constitution will give the new US imposed state of affairs, an international recognition, specially that the US is using every pressure and means to pressure and to buy consciences and to bribe every ruler, and this will lead to an extremely dangerous situation, for the liberation of Iraq from the US colonialism and the attempt of a patriot government to impose its authority on Iraq after its liberation, will be met by an international refusal, and make the Security Council issue resolutions to protect these separatist entities and provide them with every kind of support, including the military support beside the legal Arab official cover. 

Freedom loving people all over the world..

Courageous Iraqis: Ye Militants in the Iraq of Arabism and Islam!

Voting, the Referendum day, on the constitution draft, is a US, and Iranian fundamental necessity to provide a legal cover to tear and piece away Iraq and change it into three separate protectorates, submitted to the US-Iranian alliance. If any one thinks that he is able to foil this Constitution through participating into the referendum is wrong, dead wrong! For he ignores two essential truths: the first truth is the US which invaded and destroyed the State of advanced Iraq, have come with a project to divide it and turn it into three useless states, to facilitate its colonization and its loot from one hand and from the other to get rid of its national liberation system; that is why the US will not permit any legal frame opposing their stay, their occupation and their barbarian invasion of Iraq. The US will squash any attempt to foil the constitution through the referendum.

The second truth being that the US have prepared every mean to falsify the Referendum resolution, including in Central Iraq whatever will be the numbers or the quality of participation in this referendum; and whatever will be the popular refusal, the results are already well known and the referendum will be endorsed in a very comfortable proportion serving the US Zionist new-old plan to get international legitimacy. The one who participates into the referendum will give legal cover to the occupation, and provide it with internal weapons, which will hurt the national and pan Arab present, and future. He will provide it with extremely dangerous external weapons, which will hurt gravely the Arab and Islamic Nation and will, constitutes a dangerous precedent threatening the national security and stability, with the blessing of the Security Council and the United Nations. Remember the International Thirty countries aggression against Iraq in 1990-1991. This is an example of what could happen to Iraq after the liberation, if the Constitution is endorsed.

Heirs of Civilizations of Sumer, Babylon and Assur, and the Islamic Arab Civilization in Baghdad of al Rashid!  

The fate of Iraq stands now on two fundamental elements that are the Armed Resistance, the Iraqi shield, its Arab Islamic protector, and the Iraqi people masses, which are supporting the Resistance in whatever ways and means. When the Resistance increases and widen its military operations, the Zionist Constitution will get lost and at the same time the referendum boycott by all Iraqis, will be a decisive response to the plot and a true practical support to the Resistance liberating action and a historical choice to be in the global liberation trench, and a strategic attitude which will prevent creating problems inside Iraq after the Liberation, and also it will prevent the US from using the International legal cover to implement its hatred and destructive plans.  

Those who reckon that the US will impose the Constitution what ever is the case, must remember that the boycott of the majority of Iraqis will disapprove the legitimacy of the results in spite of the US and Zionist manipulations, in front of the public opinion inside and outside Iraq, helping every one who wants to back the liberated Iraq to refuse the US Zionist plan and encourage the world against the Resistance endeavor to rebuild the unified Republic of Iraq and not a broken up Iraq on sectarian and racist basis. That is why the National Arab Leadership "pan Arab leadership" launches a call to all Iraqis who are caring about the unity, the future and the Arabism of Iraq, to boycott the referendum and to not participate in the vote, under whatever pressures and challenges. 

Also we call upon the Arab Nation masses to stand seriously against this ugly plot, which targets all the nation before targeting Iraq, as a country and as Homeland, and to declare their refusal of this US Zionist plan and ask the Arab regimes to condemn it and to respect the will of the Resistant Iraq which refuses the occupation, its stooges and all its creations inside militant Iraq! 

Long live Iraq, free, unified, as a country and as homeland!

Long live Iraqi Armed Resistance, the shield of Iraq and its loyal guard!

Long live Mujahid Saddam Hussein, may the Lord free him from his enemies!

He is the symbol of the resurrected, unified and free Iraq!

12 September 2005

Translated by Abu Assur, www.al-moharer.net

:: Article nr. 15847 sent on 18-sep-2005 00:32 ECT


Link: www.al-moharer.net/qiwa_shabiya/qawmiyeh12-9-05e.htm

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