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Thug Bush wants to write a Zionist Constitution for Iraqis.. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Abu Assur, Al-Moharer

September 18, 2005

About women and woman rights in Mesopotamia..
A CIA eunuch, turned legislator, declares that women rights are not critical to the Iraqi democracy..

Women who constitutes half of every society, can't be put aside, or neglected by any constitution or any country desirous to build his own citizen social progress, or anxious to gain international respectability. President Saddam Hussein and the Baath as a lay political system gave women full rights equal to those of their men counterparts. But if Iraq and mainly Saddam Hussein was a beacon in the field of giving every single Iraqi citizen his right including women or Iraqi Christian, Yezidi, Mandean, Shabak or Kurd minorities, it is also because this goes back to Iraq unbelievable traditions of tolerance throughout its thousands years of history.

Ancient Iraqi Mesopotamian texts dating from the second millennium B.C. consider the Goddess Ishtar, the symbol of femininity as the goddess of the love She is described by many hymns and ritual prayers as the shining star, a protector of the poor. She is also the model of the perfect lover.

" She is loving, she answers the prayers, she is caring,
She is in amongst gods, the most eminent
The gods in the highest listen carefully to her word."

says a cuneiform tablet dating from the highest Babylonian era.
Ishtar also was the Goddess of War. She is a priestess too.

Women in Iraq occupied all these positions. While Ancient Iraqis gave women full right and respect thousands of years ago, in the Middle ages European theologians and scholars were cogitating and asking this amazing question ; Are the women human beings, do they have souls ? Luckily a Dominican monk highly influenced by Aristotle's and mainly by the Arab philosophers, called Thomas Aquinas put an end to the debate and declared that Women do have souls. This "finding" was a true revolution. Thomas Aquinas has to bring to his rescue the Virgin Mary, this women who carried in her womb the Christian savior..Up to this day the Roman Catholic Church synods are still debating, wasting rivers of ink, while passionate polemics run high about the dogma of the Women priesthood..

In the Epic of Gilgamesh the Iraqi literary Chef d'oeuvre written some four thousands years ago, it is a women who initiates the wild and rough Enkidu to civilization and to la Dolce Vita, Excerpts (Tablet II Column 3) :

"He (Enkidu) was accustomed to suck
the milk of any wild animals,
When she (the courtesan) sets before him bread, he gazed and stared
Enkidu didn't know how to eat bread,
Enkidu had no idea how to drink mead !

Said the Courtesan: Enkidu eat the bread, this is life,
Drink this mead, this is the country's custom!
Enkidu ate from the food until he was replete,
He drunk seven cups from the mead,
His spirit rose, he became exultant,
Glad was his heart, and cheerful his face!
He rubbed oil on his hair, anointed his body with perfume and scent.
And he became human."

Hammurabbi the great Iraqi Babylonian Legislator (1795-1750 B.C.) has made of Babylon the greatest City in the Ancient world. Babylon was the world first Metropolis. Hammurabbi was called the wise law giver king. Hammurabbi most remarkable records is his code of laws, the earliest known example of a ruler proclaiming publicly to his people an entire body of laws, arranged in orderly groups, so that all citizens might read and know what is required from them. The code was carved upon black stone monument, eight feet high, and clearly intended to be reared in public view.

The Code regulates in clear and definite paragraphs the organization of the society. The Judge who blunders in a law, is to be expelled from his position forever, and heavily fined. The witness who testifies falsely is to be slain. It is from this Babylonian Code of Hammurabbi that the Jewish scribes plagiarized their law "eye for eye and tooth for tooth" as they did for many other texts such as the Story of the Flood, the psalms, the Song of songs, the book of Job, the book of the Proverbs.. etc.

In the Hammurabbi Code of laws, the position of women is free and dignified. Marriage was a contract in between a man and a woman to live together. The marriage ceremony included joining of hands and the utterance of some ritual formula of acceptance on the part of the bridegroom, as " I am the son of nobles, silver and gold shall fill thy lap, thou shalt be my wife, I will be thy husband. Like the fruit of a garden, I will give thee offspring."

The married couple formed a unit as to external responsibility, especially debts. A wife could according to the Code of Hammurabbi bring an action against her husband for cruelty and neglect and, if she proved her case, obtain a judicial separation, taking with her her dowry. Willful desertion by, or exile of, the husband dissolved the marriage, and if he came back he had no claim on her property. As a widow, the wife took her husband place in the family, living in his house and bringing up his children. Monogamy was the rule, and a childless wife might give her husband a maid (who was no wife) to bear him children. Remember here our Iraqi forefather Abraham with the childless Sarah who gave him her maid Agar.

These are some excerpts and examples of the most Ancient code of laws written in Iraq some four thousands years ago.. Today thug Bush thanks to his Iranian Mullahs allies Constitution, considers women who are half of the society, under human, and always minors. Thug Bush new constitution for Iraq treats women, in accordance with his backward Iranian mollahs allies, a mere pleasure tool to be used and to abused at will. Women rights, any way, are not critical to the Iraqi democracy according to a CIA eunuch and thug turned legislator for the US new Iraq.

This is Bush new Iraq.. with the most backward constitution in the whole Iraqi thousands years of glorious history. This Constitution, beside being based on racism, sectarianism and fanaticism, is an ideal foundation to render every Iraqi woman, a slave.

Part III, Thug Bush wants to televangelize Iraqis ! Alleluia !


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