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List of Iraqi civilian martyrs killed in Fallujah by chemical weapons used by the Americans in their assault on the city in April 2004

Babel Centre for Studies and Media and the People’s Struggle Movement in Iraq have identified the names and addresses of Iraqi civilian martyrs killed in Fallujah by chemical weapons used by the Americans in their assault on the city in April 2004.
Signs of severe burns and disfigurations were noticed on the corpses of these martyrs which lead to their death, a clear indication that they were killed by "unconventional" chemical weapons. It was also clear that there have been no signs at all on all the corpses of those martyrs to indicate that their death was caused by any kind of fire arms...


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List of Iraqi civilian martyrs killed in Fallujah by chemical weapons used by the Americans in their assault on the city in April 2004

From the Media Office: The People’s Struggle Movement - IRAQ


December 3, 2005

Babel Centre for Studies and Media and the People’s Struggle Movement in Iraq have identified the names and addresses of Iraqi civilian martyrs killed in Fallujah by chemical weapons used by the Americans in their assault on the city in April 2004.

Signs of severe burns and disfigurations were noticed on the corpses of these martyrs which lead to their death, a clear indication that they were killed by "unconventional" chemical weapons. It was also clear that there have been no signs at all on all the corpses of those martyrs to indicate that their death was caused by any kind of fire arms.

Below are the names of those martyrs, whose bodies were accurately identified and counted through vigorous inspections and who were also identified by whoever was left alive from their families and friends. The list contains 749 names, 580 of which are males and 169 are females, and among them were large numbers of children and elderly.

While we are publishing this list in English, we wish that the entire World knows the crimes committed by the Americans in Iraq, and by those puppets brought by them to the country like Allawi, Al-Hakim, Al-Ja’afari, Al-Chalabi and the rest of the criminals, thieves and mercenaries.

Triple name ( /F = female ) Address
1. Ibrahim Ahmad Awwad Al-Andalus
2. Ibrahim Ahmad Fadhil Al-Andalus
3. Ibrahim Khalaf Ali Nazzal
4. Ibrahim Salloum Hwayer Al-Shuhada
5. Ibrahim Shlash Jassim Al-Askari
6. Ibrahim Tariq Ibrahim Al-Shuhad/2
7. Ibrahim Abbas Khalaf Al-Jaffah
8. Ibrahim Abid Ali Al-Jolan
9. Ibrahim Abboud Jdai’a Albu Ubaid
10. Ibrahim Mohammed Hassan Nuaymiyah
11. Ibrahim Mola JawadM Nazzal
12. Ahlam Hatem Sulaiman /F Nazzal
13. Ahmad Ibrahim Ali Al-Jaffah
14. Ahmad Ismail Abboud Al-Shuhada
15. Ahmad Tawfiq Khalaf Al_Hassi
16. Ahmad Jassim Hammadi Al-Khaldiyah
17. Ahmad Juma’a Iwayed Jubail
18. Ahmad Hussain Alwan Al-Askari
19. Ahmad Khalid Nsayef Al-Saqlawiyah
20. Ahmad Khalaf Hamad Al-Jolan
21. Ahmad Khalaf Dha’ayen Albu Ubaid
22. Ahmad Khalaf Abdullah Al-Andalus
23. Ahmad Khalaf Hailan Al-Mua’alimin/2
24. Bilal Ahmad Diri’ Al-Garmah
25. Ahmad Rashid Jassam
26. Ahmad Sulaiman Jdaye’a Al-Askari
27. Ahmad Shukur Jassim Al-Nassaf
28. Ahmad Shehab Ahmad Al-Jolan
29. Ahmad Salih Abdullah Al-Jolan
30. Ahmad Salah Matar Al-Risafi
31. Ahmad A’ayed Al-Jolan
32. Ahmad A’ayed Hassan Al-Mujama’a
33. Ahmad Abdullah Khalil
34. Ahmad Abed Hussain Al-Askari
35. Ahmad Ubaid Mhaidi Al-Mua’alimin/2
36. Ahmad Asal Mahmoud Al-Jaffah
37. Ahmad Ali Abdullah
38. Ahmad Ali Mikhlif Al-Askari
39. Ahmad Ilaiwi Matar Jubail
40. Ahmad Awwad Abdullah Al-Jolan
41. Ahmad Falah Hassan Al-Mua’alimin/2
42. Ahmad Flaieyh Hassan Al-Shurtah
43. Ahmad Kamal Ahmad Al-Shuhada
44. Ahmad Majid Hamid Jubail
45. Ahmad Mhaimid Hajwal Al-Garmah
46. Ahmad Najim Abboud Al-Jolan
47. Ikhlas Khalid Thiyab /F
48. Athar Hamid Mahdi /F Al-Askari
49. Arkan Abdulrazzaq Fayadh Nazzal
50. Arkan Ali Hussain Al_Hassi
51. Usama Ibrahim Ali Al-Askari
52. Usama Mahmoud Asal Al-Jolan
53. Istabraq Ala’a Hussain Al-Jolan
54. Istabraq Kamal Shakir Nazzal
55. Isra’a Juma’a Fayadh /F Al-Askari
56. Isra’a Hamid Abid /F Al-Saqlawiyah
57. Isra’a Raed Ahmad /F Al-Mua’alimeen
58. Isra’a Sa’adoon Rajab /F Al-Mua’tasem
59. Isra’a Adel Bader /F Al-Jeghaifi
60. Asa’ad Abed Hamid
61. Asma’a Madhat Jaber /F Nazzal
62. Asma’a Jasim Mohammed /F Al-Askari
63. Ismail Hassan Sulaiman Al-Jolan
64. Ismail Ahmad Abdullah Nazzal
65. Ismail Hassan Ilaiwi Al-Jeghaifi
66. Ismail Sarhan Mahmoud Al-Jaffah
67. Ismail Sha’alan Farhoud Nazzal
68. Asil Ahmad Yasin /F Al-Shuhada
69. Iqbal Khamis Jiad /F Jubail
70. Ilham Hamid Salih /F Al-Jolan
71. Amjad Ahmad Fayadh Nuaymiyah
72. Amal Mohammed Ilaiwi /F Al-Shuhada
73. Amirah Mohammed Buru’a /F Jubail
74. Anas Hammad Ubaid 7 Nisan
75. Insaf Kwayez Attar /F Al-Jolan
76. Anmar Mohammed Aftan Al-Shurtah
77. Anwar Barat Abboud /F Nuaymiyah
78. Anwar Jamal Ismail /F Nassaf
79. Anwar Fiza’a Hamid /F Al-Jolan
80. Anwar Abdulrazzaq Ayoub /F
81. Awat Hamid Aftan Al-Askari
82. Ayeh Ahmad Dhahi /F Al-Jolan
83. Iman Fiza’a Hamid /F Al-Jolan
84. Inas Dhahi Abid /F Al-Jolan
85. Ihab Ghannawi Nayef Al-Shuhada /2
86. Ibtisam Khamis Saleh /F Al-Jolan
87. Ibtihal Khalaf Khalil /F Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
88. Ibrahim Taha Yasin
89. Abu Muhannad Al-Turkumani Al-Askari
90. Ahmad Abeid Sultan
91. Intisar Mohammed I’anizi /F Al-Shuhada
92. Basim Khamis Salih Al-Jolan
93. Basim Abid Khalaf Al-Jaffah
94. Basim Majid Hnaidi Al-Jolan
95. Basim Mohammed Khudhaier Al-Mua’tasem
96. Burhan Mohammed Madhour Al-Jeghaifi
97. Buraha Muslih Khalaf /F Bain Al-Jisrain
98. Bassam Shakir Hamid Al-Jolan
99. Basa’ad Hamid Fitnah /F Al-Mua’tasem
100. Basman Majid I’nad Dhubbat/1
101. Bushra Amer Abboud /F Nuaymiyah
102. Bushra Adnan Allawi /F Al-Andalus
103. Bushra Fadhil Abid /F Al-Halabsah
104. Bashir Fawwaz Ubaid Al-Jaffah
105. Bashir Mohammed Inizi Al-Shuhada
106. Bilal Jabbar Hussain Al-Jolan
107. Bilal Sa’ad Mohammed Nazzal
108. Bilal Sultan Khalaf Al-Jumhouriyah
109. Bilal Sabbar Hussain Al-Jolan
110. Bilal Taha Mahmoud Al-Garmah
111. Balqis Fawzi Ali /F Al-Shuhada /2
112. Baha Hussain Ali Al-Jolan
113. Baha Abid Imran Al-Risalah
114. Baha Muwafaq Shafiq Al-Jumhouriyah
115. Bahjat Kurdi Nayef Shuhada/2
116. Bahjat Ismail Mohammed Nassaf
117. Tahsin Misha’al Khalaf Al-Khaldiyah / Albu Ubaid
118. Tahsin Yousuf Abbas Al-Shuhada
119. Tarfah Jiad /F Al-Askari
120. Thaer Ibrahim Jdaia Albu Ubaid
121. Thaer Ahmad Hailsn Al-Ba’ath
122. Thaer Ahmad Yehiya Al-Jaffah
123. Thaer Anwar Al-Jumhouriyah
124. Thaer Hatem Shakhan Nazzal
125. Thaer Hamid Jdai’a Albu Ubaid
126. Thaer Ali Ibrahim
127. Thaer Misha’al Mohammed Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
128. Thaer Hadi Muslat Al-Askari
129. Thamer Abu Hisham
130. Thamer Farhan Al-Zoba’ai Jubail
131. Thamer Fahad Ahmad Al-Mua’alimin/2
132. Thamer Mubarek Al-Jumhouriyah
133. Thamer Mansour Khasan Al-Askari
134. Thamer Najem Al-Damouk Al-Jumhouriyah
135. Jaber Matar Al-Isawi Al-Jaffah
136. Jassim Hussain Ali Nazzal
137. Jassim Hammadi Humoud Al-Jolan
138. Jassim Mohammed Abid Al-Garmah
139. Jassim Mohammed Khalaf Al-Garmah
140. Jassim Mohammed Matloub Jubail
141. Jassim Mahdi Jassim Al-Azragiyah
142. Jabbar Abbas Allawi Al-Jaffah
143. Jaddou Thiab Hassan Sajar
144. Jalal Shukur Abbas Al-Jaffah
145. Jamal Ismail Saleh Al-Saqlawiyah
146. Jamal Jassim Abid Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
147. Jamal Jassim Ubaid Al-Khaldiyah
148. Jamal Khalil Mansour Al-Jolan
149. Jamal Fadhel Allawi Al-Jaffah
150. Jinan Khalil Ismail /F
151. Jinan Mohammed Hussain /F Nuaymiyah
152. Hafidh Ismail Abed Saleh Albu Ubaid
153. Hamid Hadid Hamad
154. Hamid Ifat Muhaisen Al-Garmah
155. Husam Khamis Faraj Nazzal
156. Husam Mohammed Ali
157. Husam Noori Mohammed Al-Dhubbat
158. Hassan Nijris Abdullah Al-Garmah
159. Hassan Abdulsadah Jabbar
160. Hassan Abdul Majid Jassim Al-Askari
161. Hassan Mohammed Turki Al-Jolan
162. Hasnah Ghazal Abdullah /F Al-Jolan
163. Hussain Khudhaier Nayef Al-Jeghaifi
164. Hussain Khalaf Shbaij Jubail
165. Hussain Dhahi Abid Al-Jolan
166. Hussain Ali Ahmad Al-Jolan
167. Hussain Ali Samir Al-Andalus
168. Hussain Ilaiwi Mudha’an Al-Jeghaifi
169. Hussain Karim Ibais Al-Jolan
170. Hussain Mohammed Sharqi Al-Askari
171. Haqqi Ismail Abid Jubail
172. Haqqi Ismail Mahdi Al-Dhubbat
173. Hikmat Hammadi Mahdi Al-Saqlawiyah
174. Hala Rekan Inaizan /F Al-Jolan
175. Hala Sa’adoon Jassim /F Al-Dhubbat
176. Halimah Ajmi Saleh /F Al-Jolan
177. Hammad Farhan Jassim Al-Shurtah
178. Hammad Al-Shammari
179. Hamdi Kamel Hamdi Al-Mua’alimin/2
180. Hamdi Nawwaf Mohammed Al-Jumhouriyah
181. Hamid Ahmad Khlaiwi Al-Garmah
182. Hamid Thijil Fhaimi Abu Sdairah
183. Hamid Abbas Allawi Al-Jaffah
184. Hamid Abdullah Sultan Al-Garmah
185. Hamid Abid Sultan Near train station houses
186. Hamid Majid Al-Hijwal Al-Askari
187. Hamid Mohammed Rashid Al-Jolan
188. Hamid Muhaisin Abid Al-Jolan
189. Hanan Hatem Abed /F 7 Nisan
190. Hanan Hamid Hussain /F Nazzal
191. Hanan Khalaf Khalil /F Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
192. Hanan Mohammed Hassan /F Na’aimiyah
193. Hunain Mahdi Saleh Nazzal
194. Khalid Ibrahim Nael
195. Khalid Hassan Ilaiwi Al-Mua’alimin/1
196. Khlaid Hamid Hassan Nazzal
197. Khlaid Hamid Mirza Nazzal
198. Khalid Khamis Ismail Old Haswah
199. Khalid saeed Mohammed Dubbat/1
200. Khalid Abbas Khudaier Al-Askari
201. Khalid Inad Ibrahim Al-Jaffah
202. Khalid Flaieh Hassan
203. Khalid Majid Matar Al-Saqlawiyah
204. Khalid Majid Mutlag Al-Dhubbat/ 2
205. Khitam Ibrahim Rashid /F Al-Mua’alimin/2
206. Khidhir Ibrahim Nael Nazzal
207. Khidhir Mohammed Fayadh
208. Khudaier Ibrahim Fahad Al_Hassi
209. Khudaier Ibrahim Nael Al-Jolan
210. Khudaier Misha’an Abbas Jubail
211. Khudaier Nazzal Humaidi Al-Shuhada/2
212. Khaldoon Ali Hussain Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
213. Khalaf Abdullah Nazzal
214. Khalaf Ubaid Khalaf 7 Nisan
215. Khalaf Mutar Khalaf Nazzal
216. Khuloud Hadi Hamad /F
217. Khalil Ahmad Jassim Al-Risalah
218. Khalil Jihad Hammadi Al-Askari
219. Khalil Hammad Hammadi Al-Mua’tasem
220. Khlail Atallah Ahmad Al-Jaffah
221. Khamis Ibrahim Saleh Nazzal
222. Khamis Hammad Ubaid 7 Nisan
223. Khamis Ali Hussain Al-Garmah
224. Khansa Mahmoud Mita’ab /F Al-Ba’ath
225. Khawlah Abbas Fadhil /F Al-Halabsah
226. Dalia Ismail Ahmad /F Al-Jolan
227. Dawood Salim Al-Mua’alimin/2
228. Dawood Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Askari
229. Dua’a Abdulsalam Inad /F Dhubbat/1
230. Dawlah Hindi Ubaid /F Al-Askari
231. Raed Hamid Naji Al-Mua’tasem
232. Raed Abdulsattar Mohammed Al-Jumhouriyah
233. Raed Nafea’a Rahim Al-Saqlawiyah
234. Rajiha Zaki Noori /F Nazzal
235. Raja Mohammed Miza’el /F Al-Jolan
236. Rahma Khalid Hashim /F Al-Jolan
237. Rahim Nazzal Manfi Albu Ubaid
238. Rusool Mohammed Khairallah Nazzal
239. Rasool Aswad Abid Al-Azragiyah
240. Rasool Hashim Al-Jumhouriyah
241. Rasha Barakat Ubaid /F Nazzal
242. Rasha Sha’aban Mijbas /F Al-Garmah
243. Rasha Abbas Ali /F Nazzal
244. Rashid Ahmad Khlaiwi Al-Garmah
245. Ra’ad Abdullah Mushawwah Al-Jeghaifi
246. Ra’ad Muharib Yasin
247. Ra’ad Mohammed Dhahi Al-Jolan
248. Raghad Noori Sanad /F Al-Mua’tasem
249. Rafa Ali Ibrahim /F
250. Rana Adel Jamil /F Al-Shurtah
251. Randah Jamal Yasin /F
252. Rawa Khalid Theab /F Al-Jumhouriyah
253. Rawa Rasool Abid /F Al-Wihdah
254. Riyadh Ahmad Hussain Al-Mua’alimin/1
255. Riyadh Hammad Najim
256. Zahra’a Juma’a Hassan /F Al-Mua’tasem
257. Zahra Falah Hammadi /F
258. Zahra Mohammed Abid /F Nuaymiyah
259. Zahrah Tuma Nasir /F Nazzal
260. Zahrah Kurdah Qanbar /F Al-Jolan
261. Zawjah Ahmad Hammadi /F Al-Jaffah
262. Zawjah Falah Hammadi/F Al-Jaffah
263. Ziyad Khudaier Abbas Al-Jaffah
264. Zaid Dhia Mohammed Al-Jolan
265. Zainab Ibrahim Najim /F
266. Zainab Fiza’a Hamid /F Al-Shuhada
267. Zainab Mohammed Ahmad /F Nazzal
268. Sarah Juma’a Fayadh /F Al-Askari
269. Sarah Ali Dhahi /F Al-Jolan
270. Sarah Mohammed Sabti /F Al-Andalus
271. Salim Hamid Al-Askari
272. Salim Hilal Jassim
273. Samir Sattar Jubair Al-Shuhada
274. Sattar Jabbar Hamoud Al-Garmah
275. Sattar Abdulwahab Mohammed Al-Garmah
276. Sattar Mohammed Ali Nazzal
277. Sajjad Ayad Khalid Al-Jumhouriyah
278. Saja Mohammed Dhahi /F Al-Jolan
279. Saja Mohammed Ilaiwi /F Al-Shuhada
280. Suroor Karim Ahmad Nazzal
281. Sura Ibrahim Jassim /F
282. Saad Jabur Ghali Nazzal
283. Saad Dhaye Jubail
284. Saad Abdullah Al-Jumhouriyah
285. Saad Abdullah Ahmad Nazzal
286. Saad Fayadh Farhan
287. Saad Mohammed Dhahi Al-Jolan
288. Sa’adi Awwad Al-Mua’alimin/2
289. Sa’adiah Ahmad Jassim /F Nuaymiyah
290. Saeed Mohammed Ahmad Nuaymiyah
291. Saeed Mohammed Aifan
292. Saeedah Saleh Attiyah /F Al-Jolan
293. Salam Jabbar Abbas Al-Jaffah
294. Salam Abdullah Al-Jumhouriyah
295. Salman Ahmad Khalil
296. Salman Dawood Jassim Jubail
297. Salamh Jassim Mohammed Nuaymiyah
298. Samah Thaer Husni /F Al-Shurtah
299. Samar Nabil Ghalib /F Nazzal
300. Sana Shallal Hussain /F Al-Askari
301. Sundus Salah Khalil /F Nazzal
302. Suha Abdulrazzaq Abdulrahman /F Al-Shurtah
303. Siham Fadhil Ali /F
304. Suha Abdulkarim Dakhel /F Al-Jolan
305. Suhailah Salman Dawood /F Nazzal
306. Susan Hussain Ibrahim /F Al-Mua’alimin/2
307. Saif Al-Deen Jassim Mohammed Jubail
308. Saif Al-Deen Mohammed A’aed Al-Jolan
309. Saif Ali Dhahi Al-Jolan
310. Saif Khamis Salih Al-Jolan
311. Saif Bahjat Kurdi Al-Shuhada/2
312. Saif Mahmoud Nawwaf Al-Askari
313. Shakir Al-Suwaidawi Nazzal
314. Shakir Mahmoud
315. Shamil Ibrahim Ibda’a Al-Mua’alimin/2
316. Shamil Khudaier Hammadi Al-Shurtah
317. Shughaf Hussain Ali /F Al-Risalah
318. Shukriah Ubaid Abbas /F Al-Shuhada
319. Shlash Jassim Al-Mamouri Nazzal
320. Shahad Ahmad Khalid /F Al-Jeghaifi
321. Shahad Hamid Aftan /F Al-Askari
322. Shuwaishah Hammadi Fayadh /F Nazzal
323. Shireen Talib Misha’al /F Al-Shurtah
324. Shaima Ibrahim Rasheed /F Al-Mua’alimin/2
325. Shaima Abbas Fadhil /F Halabsah
326. Shaima Ali Khalaf /F Al-Jolan
327. Shaima Mohammed Ahmad /F Nazzal
328. Sabreen Ibrahim Mahmoud /F Nazzal
329. Salih Sarhan Abid Mua’alimin/2
330. Salih Awwad Abid Nuaymiyah
331. Salih Mahdi Judai Al-Jeghaifi
332. Sabah Noori Sayyah Al-Garmah
333. Sabah Ahmad Al-Jolan
334. Sabah Jassim Ahmad Al-Askari
335. Sabah Dahal Fayyadh Al-Ba’ath
336. Saddam Hatem Abdulrazzq Al-Shurtah
337. Saddam Hussain Salih Al-Jaffah
338. Saddam Ali Hussain
339. Sadiqah Abid Bdaiwi /F Al-Shuhada
340. Safa Mahmoud Mahdi Old Haswah
341. Safa Mohammed Ahmad Al-Mua’tasem
342. Safa Mahmoud Khalaf Nazzal
343. Salah Jiyad Ali
344. Salah Sulaiman Abdullah Al-Jolan
345. Salah Matar Aied Al-Risafi
346. Dhuha Khamis Salih /F Al-Jolan
347. Dhia Khamis Abboud Al-Jolan
348. Dhia Adnan Abdullah Al-Jolan
349. Tariq Ali Hussain Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
350. Tariq Mahal Khalaf Albu Ubaid
351. Talib Khamis Al-Jolan
352. Talib Murawah Mahmoud
353. Talab Hammad Mita’ab Al-Garmah
354. Talab Khamis Mislat Al-Jolan
355. Taha Abu Yasin
356. Taha Asal Mahmoud Al-Shuhada
357. Taha Kadhim Hussain Al-Jolan
358. Taha Yas Hassan الAl-Risafi
359. Aisha Ahmad Khalaf /F Al-Shuhad/2
360. Adil Ibrahin Nawwaf Al-Askari
361. Adil Al-Falahi Al-Jumhouriyah
362. Adil Kharbit Challoub Al-Askari
363. Adil Salih Hassan Al-Askari
364. Adil Aifan Udwan Al-Mua’alimin
365. Asi Salman Nazzal
366. Amir Ismail Abboud Al-Shuhada
367. Amir Hamid Al-Shuhad/1
368. Amir Khamis Sulaiman Al-Askari
369. Amer Safi Abdullah Al-Jolan
370. Amer Abdulhamid Al-Jolan
371. Amer Abid Abdullah Al-Jumhouriyah
372. Amer Adnan
373. Amer Ali Hussain Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
374. Amer Yasin Ali Al-Mua’alimin/2
375. Amer Younis Abid Al-Jolan
376. Abbas Ahmad Abdullah Nazzal
377. Abbas Al-Kurdi Al-Jolan
378. Abbas Jassim Abdullah
379. Abbas Fakhri Miza’el Al-Mua’alimin/2
380. Abbas Mohammed Ali Nazzal
381. Abbas Fakhri Mita’ab Hai Al-Sina’ai
382. Abduljabbar Fayyadh Ibrahim Nazzal
383. Abdulhafidh Ahmad Jassim Al-Risalah
384. Abdulhamid Abubilal Al-Muhammadi
385. Abdulhamid Abboud Hantoush Al-Shuhada
386. Abdulraouf Abdulkarim Al-Askari
387. Abdulrazzaq Abdulrahman Hassan Al-Shurtah
388. Abdulsattar Jassim Mohammed Al-Garmah
389. Abdulsattar Jarrad Jaed Nazzal
390. Abdulsattar Ali Firas Albu Ubaid
391. Abdulghafour Shihab Ahmad
392. Abdulkarim A’ashour Al-Mua’alimin/2
393. Abdulkarim Hamid Khamis Al-Askari
394. Abdulkarim Abdullah Abid Dubbat/2
395. Abdulkarim Abdullah Al-Jumhouriyah
396. Abdulkarim Hadi Dawood Al-Shuhada
397. Abdullah Hamid Abdullah Al-Jolan
398. Abdullah Abid Hammadi Al-Mua’alimin/2
399. Abdullah Ali Hmoud Al-Ba’ath
400. Abdullah Nia’ama Ibrahim Al-Shuhada/2
401. Abdulnasir Ali Jawad Al-Jolan
402. Abboud Hatim Jida’an Al_Hassi
403. Abir Hamid Abid /F
404. Uthman Sattar Khalaf Al-Jolan
405. Uthman Shihab Ahmad Nuaymiyah
406. Uthman Ali Ahmad Al-Ba’ath
407. Uthman Muhsin Majid Albu Isa
408. Uthman Najeeb Salih Nassaf
409. Adnan Hussain Ali Al-Jolan
410. Adnan Abid Khalaf Al-Jaffah
411. Adnan Midhir Hamad Nazzal
412. Uday Thamer Ali Al-Garmah
413. Uday Fraih Abdullah Al-Jolan
414. Uday Karim Abdullah Al-Jolan
415. Aslah Abid Jarrad /F Nazzal
416. Isam Abu Abdullah Al-Mua’alimin/2
417. Isam Shakir Hamid
418. Isam Tami Al-Ithawi Al-Khaldiyah
419. Isam Abdulamir Hassan
420. Aftah Ali Mohammed /F Nazzal
421. Aqil Hamid Khalaf Al-Jumhouriyah
422. Aqil Karim Ijrish Al-Azraqiyah
423. Alaa Ismail Hussain Al-Dhubbat
424. Alaa Jassim
425. Alaa Jassim Mohammed Dhubbat/2
426. Alaa Hussain Matar Al-Garmah
427. Alaa Thahi Abid Al-Jolan
428. Alaa Abbas Hraimus Al-Jolan
429. Alaa Abdulla Jida’an Albu Ubaid
430. Alaa Abid Juma’a Nazzal
431. Alaa Najim Abdullah Al-Jolan
432. Alaa Hadi Al-Askari
433. Allawi Abbas Allawi Al-Jaffah
434. Ali Ibrahim Turki Al-Askari
435. Ali Asa’ad Abbas Al-Jolan
436. Ali Ismail Abid Al-Jolan
437. Ali Turki Al-Mua’alimin/2
438. Ali Jabir
439. Ali Juma’a Fayadh Al-Jolan
440. Ali Hassan Mahmoud Nazzal
441. Ali Hussain Aifan
442. Ali Ahmad Khalaf Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
443. Ali Hamad Muhsin
444. Ali Khalid Nsayef Al-Saqlawiyah
445. Ali Sajer Hussain Al-Jolan
446. Ali Sami Awwad Al-Garmah
447. Ali Sami Awdah Al-Garmah
448. Ali Shihan Dakhil Dhubbat
449. Ali Saber Sadiq Al-Askari
450. Ali Abdulkarim Salloumi Nazzal
451. Ali Abid Jassim Nuaymiyah
452. Ali Abid Gharib Al-Jolan
453. Ali Farhan Mis’hir Al-Jolan
454. Ali Fayadh Mohammed Al-Mua’alimin/2
455. Ali Mohammed Hamid Al-Jumhouriyah
456. Ali Matar A’ayed Al-Risafi
457. Ali Manthoor Ali Albu Odah
458. Alia Hamid Mita’ab /F Al-Ba’ath
459. Alia Sabah Ahmad /F Al-Jolan
460. Alia Fadhil Abid /F Al-Halabsah
461. Alia Hammad Mohammed /F Al-Risalah
462. Imad Khudaier Abbas Al-Jaffah
463. Ammar Jabbar Ali Al-Askari
464. Ammar Jabbar Krout Albu Ubaid
465. Ammar Jassim Hammadi Al-Risafi
466. Ammar Khamis Sulaiman Al-Askari
467. Ammar Abdullah Khudaier Al-Mua’tasem
468. Ammar Ali Hussain Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
469. Ammar Mahmoud Abid Al-Saqlawiyah
470. Omar Ibrahim Khalaf
471. Omar Akram Jamil Al-Mua’alimin/2
472. Omar Akram Mousa Al-Jolan
473. Omar Al-Alwani Nazzal
474. Omar Al-Mara’awi
475. Omar Hamid Matar Al-Shuhada
476. Omar Khamis Salih Al-Jolan
477. Omar Thiab Ali Nazzal
478. Omar Thiab Munif Al-Jolan
479. Omar Raikan Inaizan Al-Jolan
480. Omar Zaman Nazzal
481. Omar Zaidan Khalaf Al-Askari
482. Omar Abduljabbar Jubail
483. Omar Abdulkarim Al-Mua’alimin/2
484. Omar Abdullah Khudaier
485. Omar Abdullah Siyaghah Al-Jolan
486. Omar Abid Abdullah Al-Jolan
487. Omar Adnan Riyadh
488. Omar Ali Ahmad Al-Mua’alimin/2
489. Omar Falah Kadhim Al-Askari
490. Omar Kurdi Mousa Al-Jolan
491. Omar Mohammed Abid Al-Jumhouriyah
492. Omar Mahmoud Matar Al-Dhubbat
493. Omar Misha’al Mohammed Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
494. Omar Mamdouh Fawwaz
495. Omar Naif Sadoun Al-Shuhada
496. Awatif Abdulsattar Sulaiman /F
497. Aidan Hassan Al-Isawi Al-Mua’alimin/2
498. Ghanim Mohammed Mutlag Al-Jumhouriyah
499. Ghafran Abdulaziz Dhirgham /F Al-Jolan
500. Ghafran Mohammed Abid /F Nuaymiyah
501. Ghafran Naji Ahmad /F Al-Jolan
502. Ghulam Kassar Farhan Albu Odah
503. Faiz Khalifa Aifan Al-Mua’alimin/2
504. Faris Fadhil Nazzal
505. Faris Naji Ifain Al-Shurtah
506. Farouq Abdullah Al-Rawi Al-Jumhouriyah
507. Farouq Abdullah Mhaimeed
508. Fadhil Abid Hassoun Al-Dhubbat / 2
509. Fatima Hamid Jawhar /F Nazzal
510. Fatima Aied Abbas /F
511. Fatima Falah Hammadi /F Al-Jaffah
512. Fatima Mohammed Ahmad /F Al-Mua’tasem
513. Fakhri Fiza’a Ali Al-Jumhouriyah
514. Firas ……..
515. Firas Mohammed Jassim Mua’alimin/2
516. Firial Abid Muhsin /F Al-Askari
517. Fadhilah Ismail Ibrahim /F Al-Jolan
518. Fadhilah Fadhil Abid /F Al-Halabsah
519. Falah Jassim Ahmad Abbas Jubail
520. Falah Jassim Mohammed Al-Garmah
521. Falah Hashim Jassim Al-Askari
522. Fahad Salam Jabbar Al-Dhubbat/2
523. Fahad Karim Abid Sement Houses
524. Qasim Adnan Ahmad
525. Qasim Mohammed Dawwah Al-Saqlawiyah
526. Qasim Mohammed Aifan Jubail
527. Qusai Hassan Al-Saqlawiyah
528. Qusai Flaieh Hassan Al-Saqlawiyah
529. Qusai Qasim Mahdi Al-Askari
530. Qais Ali Ibrahim
531. Qais Ali Aifan Nuaymiyah
532. Kadhim Hussain
533. Kadim Rija Haddad Al-Jaffah
534. Kamil Jabbar Fayadh Al-Sha’ab
535. Gurgi Salih Mohammed Jubail
536. Karim Ibrahim Ubaid
537. Karim Al-Tornachi Al-Mua’alimin/2
538. Karim Mohammed Warid Jubail
539. Karimah Mahmoud Midhan /F Al-Jaghfi
540. Kamal Jisir Fayadh
541. Kamal Abdulrazzaq Hassan Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
542. Kawthar Nawwaf Aftan /F Al-Jolan
543. Luai Abid Sattar Wahid Al-Jolan
544. Latif Nsayef Jassim Al-Shaiha
545. Lafta Ubaid Hassoon Nazzal
546. Laith Khalil Daham
547. Layla Ibrahim Ismail /F Al-Mua’alimin/2
548. Layla Ahmad Abdullah /F Nazzal
549. Muayed Abboud Jassim Nuaymiyah
550. Majid Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Mua’tasem
551. Muthanna…… Nazzal
552. Muthanna Ibrahim Zaidan
553. Majid Khalid Hammadi Al-Garmah
554. Majid Ubaid Judaie
555. Majid Shahatha Ja’aed Al-Mua’alimin/2
556. Mohammed Abu Ain
557. Mohammed Ahmad Khalaf Albu Ubaid
558. Mohammed Ibda’a Ahmad Al-Mahamdah
559. Mohammed Hatem Sulaiman Nazzal
560. Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim Train station houses
561. Mohammed Haqi Mohammed Al-Khaldiyah
562. Mohammed Hamza Rajab Al-Jolan
563. Mohammed Hamza Ali Dhubbat/2
564. Mohammed Khadim Musarbat Nazzal
565. Mohammed Sa’adoon Jassim Al-Jolan
566. Mohammed Sulaiman Jarrad Al-Jolan
567. Mohammed Sabah Khalaf Al-Shuhada
568. Mohammed Dhahi Khalaf Al-Jolan
569. Mohammed Abdulrahman Askar Al-Jolan
570. Mohammed Abdullah Khalaf Al-Jaffah
571. Mohammed Abid Sirheed Albu Ubaid
572. Mohammed Abboud Mnajid Al-Saqlawiyah
573. Mohammed Adnan Allawi Al-Shuhada
574. Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Al-Nassaf
575. Mohammed Ali Al-Kubaisi Mua’alimin/2
576. Mohammed Ali Abdullah Al-Garmah
577. Mohammed Ali Abdullah Al-Jolan
578. Mohammed Ilaiwi Hamza Al-Shuhada
579. Mohammed Falah Khalaf
580. Mohammed Fahad Al-Jolan
581. Mohammed Kadhim Fayadh Mua’alimin/2
582. Mohammed Kamil Hamdi Mua’alimin/2
583. Mohammed Kurdi Hammadi Al-Saqlawiyah
584. Mohammed Karim A’ajmi Nazzal
585. Mohammed Mahmoud Fahad Al-Jolan
586. Mohammed Mikhlif Ubaid Albu Alwan
587. Mohammed Matar Mohammed Al-Jolan
588. Mohammed Mutlaq Fayadh Al-Jolan
589. Mohammed Mahdi Salih Al-Nassaf
590. Mohammed Mahdi Abbas Al-Jolan
591. Mohammed Naji Farhan Nazzal
592. Mohammed Nawwaf Mohammed
593. Mohammed Yasin Mohammed Al-Saqlawiyah
594. Mohammed Yousif Fayadh Al-Nuaymiyah
595. Mahmoud Ibrahim Salih Al-Saqlawiyah
596. Mahmoud Ibrahim Abid
597. Mahmoud Hamid Rashid Nazzal
598. Mahmoud Khalaf Hmoud Al-Mua’alimin/2
599. Mahmoud Sulaiman Ali
600. Mahmoud Salman Ali Dhubbat/2
601. Mahmoud Salman Rajab
602. Mahmoud Abid Mohammed Al-Jolan
603. Mahmoud Kurdi Salim Al-Jaffah
604. Mahmoud Mansour Numan Al-Jolan
605. Murtadha Ibrahim Abid Al-Shuhada
606. Marwan Mahmoud Abid Al-Jolan
607. Marwan Abid Mohammed Al-Jolan
608. Marwah Abdulrazzaq Mohammed /F Jubail
609. Marwah Kadhim Ubaid /F Al-Askari
610. Marwah Mohammed Khalaf /F Al-Shuhada
611. Marwah Walid Ismail /F
612. Mariam Ibrahim Inad /F Nazzal
613. Mariam Ismail Mohammed /F Al-Askari
614. Mariam Sabah Mahdi /F Al-Jolan
615. Mizher Abid Ahmad
616. Mustafa Ismail Khalil Nazzal
617. Mustafa Ahmad Khalaf
618. Mustafa Khalid Hamid Jubail
619. Mustafa Saeed Abbas Al-Risalah
620. Mustafa Taha Nawwaf Al-Jolan
621. Mustafa Abid Dhahi Al-Jolan
622. Mustafa Fadhil Salman Jubail
623. Mustafa Mohammed Ahmad Nazzal
624. Mustafa Mohammed Al-Hamdani Nazzal
625. Mustafa Mohammed Hamad Al-Askari
626. Mustafa Mohammed Khalaf Al-Jolan
627. Mustafa Mohammed Ilaiwi Al-Shuhada
628. Mustafa Nabil Ghalib Nazzal
629. Mutlib Khamis Mustafa Al-Jolan
630. Mutlag Hammad Abid Al-Askari
631. Mutlag Hammad Abdullah
632. Mudher Ibrahim Mutlib Al-Garmah
633. Ma’ani Kurdi Hammadi /F Al-Saqlawiyah
634. Ma’ad Mizher Abdulrazzaq
635. Ma’youf Iftaikhan Mohammed Al-Azragiyah
636. Ma’youfah Iftaikhan Mohammed /F
637. Manar Imad Hashim /F Jubail
638. Manal Sultan Khalaf /F Nazzal
639. Munthir Abid Khalaf
640. Manwah Salih Abdullah /F Al-Jolan
641. Muna Sabah Mahdi /F Al-Jolan
642. Muna Abdulrazzaq Mohammed /F Jubail
643. Mahdi Salih Abdullah
644. Mahdi Abdullah Hamad Al-Dhubbat
645. Muhannad Hadi Jassim Al-Jolan
646. Muwaffaq Challoub Khalaf Al_Hassi
647. Muwaffaq Fraih Hassan Al-Jolan
648. Muwaffaq Hashim Ahmad Mua’alimin/2
649. Meea’ad Inad Abboud /F Al-Mua’tasem
650. Milad Utham Mijbas /F Al-Andalus
651. Naji Adwan Ali Al-Wihdah
652. Badir Khamis Salih Al-Jolan
653. Nasir Hussain Ali Nazzal
654. Nasir Raikan Unaizan Al-Jolan
655. Nasir Najim Al-Damouk
656. Nadhim Jassim Mohammed Al-Dhubbat
657. Nahidah Younis Turki /F Al-Jolan
658. Najim Abdullah Ahmad Al-Mua’tasem
659. Najim Abdullah Yousif Al-Askari
660. Najim Abid Mohammed Jubail
661. Najwah Abdullah Hamdan /F Al-Shuhada
662. Nida Hussain Abdullah
663. Nada Abdulaziz Dhirgham /F Al-Jolan
664. Nada Mohammed Abid /F Al-Jumhouriyah
665. Nazar Allawi Mahdi
666. Nisreen Mohammed Hassan /F Nuaymiyah
667. Nasha’at Hassan Mutlag
668. Naser Ahmad Sarhan Al-Garmah
669. Naseer Ghazi Naseer Nazzal
670. Nidhal A’arif Nail /F Jubail
671. Nidhal Mansi Farhan /F Al_Hassi
672. Al-Numan Monther Abdullah Mua’alimin/2
673. Nagham Abdulrazzaq Ibrahim /F Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
674. Noor Aldin Mohammed A’aied
675. Noor Sabah Ahmad /F
676. Noor Ghalib Shihab /F Nazzal
677. Noor Falah Khalaf /F
678. Noor Majid Mita’ab /F Nazzal
679. Noori Farhan Al-Jumhouriyah
680. Nawfal Nawwaf Abbas
681. Nawfal Abdullah Al-Fahdawi Al-Jolan
682. Hajer Khamis Sulaiman /F Al-Jolan
683. Hadi Yasin Kadhim Al-Garmah
684. Hashim Abdullah Salih
685. Hibah Mohammed Thiyab /F Al-Jolan
686. Hibah Naji Ahmad /F Al-Jolan
687. HKhalid Ibrahim Dhubbat/2
688. Hadir Fawzi Ali /F Al-Andalus
689. Hadirah Hashim /F Nazzal
690. Hadil Fawzi Ali /F Al-Andalus
691. Hisham Jubair Farhan
692. Hisham Abbas Jassim Al-Jaffah
693. Hisham Abdulmalik Salih Nazzal
694. Humam Hashim Mohammed Al-Andalus
695. Hana Salih /F Al-Saqlawiyah
696. Haitham Hamid A’agoul Nuwwab Al-Dhubbat
697. Haitham Adnan Fayadh
698. Haitham Mohammed Abdullah Al-Jaffah
699. Haifa Abdulsattar Sulaiman /F
700. Haifa Ali Khalaf /F Al-Jolan
701. Haifa Mohammed Mhaimeed /F 7 Nisan
702. Wahid Rodhan Frayeh
703. Wahidah Fayadh Hammadi /F Al-Sajar
704. Wardah Malallah /F
705. Wuroud Talib Khamis /F Al-Jolan
706. Wisam Khudaier Fayadh Al-Jolan
707. Wisam Salah Mohammed Nazzal
708. Wisam Mohammed Humoud Al-Jolan
709. Wisam Mahmoud Asal Al-Jolan
710. Wisam Mua’am Latif Al-Shuhada/ 2
711. Watban Ismail Abboud Al-Shuhada
712. Wafa Juma’a Hassan /F Al-Mua’tasem
713. Wafa Hussain Ali /F Al-Risalah
714. Wafa Yasin Taha /F Al-Jolan
715. Walid Anwar Mohammed Al-Shuhada
716. Walid Khalid Bardi Jubail
717. Walid Khalid Abdulrazzaq Al-Askari
718. Walid Khalid Mohammed Al-Jolan
719. Walid Rzouqi Dawood Al-Dhubbat/2
720. Walid Shakir Abid Al-Jolan
721. Walid Talal Noman Al-Shuhada/1
722. Walid Abdullah Hamid Al-Shuhada/1
723. Walid Abid Hamid Al-Shuhada
724. Walid Inaied Abbas Al-Jaffah
725. Walid Isa Al-Igaidi Al-Jolan
726. Walid Mohammed Hadid Al-Jolan
727. Walid Hadi Shihab Nazzal
728. Yasir Jassam Dhahir Al-Askari
729. Yasir Khamis Talab Al-Jolan
730. Yasir Taha Nawwaf Al-Jolan
731. Yasir Adel Rashid Al-Shuhada
732. Yasir A’agoul Rashid
733. Yasir Adnan Allawi Al-Shuhada
734. Yasin Jassim Ihmoud Al-Garmah
735. Yasin Jali Abdullah Al-Risalah
736. Yasin Challoub Al-Wihdah
737. Yasin Hamad Shihab Nazzal
738. Yasin Shihab Ahmad
739. Yasin Taha Shukur Al-Azragiyah
740. Yasin Mohammed Shihab Al-Askari
741. Yahya Jada'an Abdullah Al_Hassi
742. Yahya Abid Suru Al-Jolan
743. Yahya Mahdi Abbas Al-Jolan
744. Yusra Ahmad Abdullah /F Nazzal
745. Yousif Shakir Muhsin
746. Yousif Mahmoud Khalaf Al-Jolan
747. Younis Al-Muhammadi Nazzal
748. Younis Jassim Hammadi Al-Dhubbat/2
749. Younis Allawi Salih Nuaymiyah

In the meantime, we ask the international community to intervene in every possible way to protect the innocent Iraqi civilians from the horrible crimes committed continuously against them by the occupiers in other cities of Iraq.

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