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End Gaza Siege
End Gaza Siege


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Baath Party Statement
The liberation of Iraq from the nationalization of the oil until the expelling of the invaders.

The Arab Baath Socialist Party


In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission

Unity, Freedom, Socialism

The liberation of Iraq from the nationalization of the oil
until the expelling of the invaders.

Masses of our Great people!

Today June the first 2006 we celebrate the anniversary of the nationalization of the Oil and the expelling of the western Oil cartels' usurpers which looted Iraq petrol for long decades, plunging our people in poverty and deepening the backwardness, illiteracy and disease' state Iraq inherited from the Ottoman and foreigners' rule and mainly Persian war lords who controlled the country, after the decay of the Abbassid Caliphate. Moreover Iraq lost his historical role and was controlled by foreigners the latest being the British colonialists who didn't only loot and persecuted Iraqis but it purposely exercised intensive under developpement policies that is why the British colonialist era is considered as the one of the worst global decaying period in the life of the Iraqis, which incited them to arrange their national battle priorities for liberation and to get rid from the colonialist grip as the widest door to get rid of all kind of backwardness and social deviations

When our Party got control over the government in the wake of the July 17th 1968 glorious revolution and as committed to this national plan of action, the Revolution leadership in Iraq set the Oil Nationalization on the top of its targets' list, planning this resolution with precision and wisdom to put it into practice in order to guarantee victory and avoid any failure in the nationalization's battle.

This is why the Nationalization success formed an outstanding decisive leap in the history of the modern Iraq, Yes! Indeed! When the Revolution used the Oil resources to achieve giant development steps for the people, the society and the national wealth, was born a powerful and an advanced Iraq void of poverty, illiteracy and widespread diseases setting the foundations of self sufficiency and reducing the dependency, strengthening its national identity as a vanguard Arab country and a splendid model for a system committed to principles and putting them into practice and making the masses the first beneficiaries from the liberation, the development and the nationalization.

Militant Baathists!

The patriotic program based on achieving Iraq national liberation objectives based on economical liberation, scientific and technological progress, a system ruled by the social justice, building a national and a strong patriotic army and the wise use of Iraq resources, all this provoked international colonialist and Zionist forces for they understood that the development plans of the July 17th - 30th 1968 revolution and its liberation program and, in particular holding on the complete right of the Palestinian people on its soil and its homeland is nothing but a first step towards liberating the entire Arab homeland economically and recuperating all its usurped lands to achieve Arab unity and liberate the other Arab resources from the claws of the western colonialist loot. For this very reason the Revolution has encountered many and multiple plotting from various international and regional parties and was a victim of imposed wars, economical, political and technological blockades and embargoes which ended by the invasion of Iraq in 2003 on the hands of the same powers which the Oil nationalization operation expelled from Iraq.

But as the revolution confronted and resisted the loot of Iraq through the Oil nationalization, the colonialist invasion of Iraq has met the greatest shock in its history made by the national Armed Resistance immediately after the occupation of Baghdad and the transformation of the war from a traditional war into a global popular liberation war never equaled by any par in the wars of liberation' history in might, extension, progress, and success, routing and defeating the occupation to the point that the US the sole mightiest superpower found itself impotent and stunned from the unbelievable disaster it is confronting in Iraq.

In this Nationalization anniversary we celebrate a dual heroism: the heroism of the Armed Resistance against the US occupation of Iraq and the heroism of the Oil Nationalization and the recuperation of the Iraqi national wealth from the western usurpers' claws.. The men in both occasions being the same heroes of the Baath and the liberation. In 1972 the Baath accomplished the mission of the liberation of the Iraqi national wealth investing its resources to build a new, economically and politically independent Iraq and in 2003 the Baath inaugurated and started the greatest Armed Revolution in the human history for it depends only on itself in an aggressive regional and international environment and with this transformed the US' Occupation from being a disaster only for the Iraqi people, but also to be a disaster for the US too forcing the doors wide open to the liberation of Iraq exactly how the nationalization' might opened every door to build a powerful, independent, free and sovereign Iraq on its soil and on its riches.

Sons and daughters of our glorious Arab nation!

Iraq which confronts the US colonialism backed by international and regional enormous capabilities, is living today the greatest decisive battles where the Iraqi people is undergoing a bitter and a decisive struggle in between the Iraqi people led by its vanguard the Armed Resistance with all its Jihadi factions from one hand and the US colonialism backed by Zionism and the countries of the region and in particular Iran, the number one US colonialism partner in the invasion and the destruction of Iraq. In this struggle, the National Resistance weight is highly preponderant, dragging the US colonialism, Zionism and Iran alliance in a trap it will be unable to escape in spite changing its tactics and styles; including the mass murder of thousands of Iraqis using horrible means and ways as it happened in Haditha or the assassination and the threatening to rape all the city or the village women as undertaken in Dhuluyia, attacking Mosques and Hussyniats to excite sectarian ill feeling, spreading lies about negotiating with Resistance factions to sow confusion and divisions in amongst the Mujahidins' ranks, undertake sectarian and racist cleansing to create permanent vendettas in amongst Iraqis.. etc.. But in spite of the horrible US colonialism means and those of its allied Iran, the Armed Resistance stayed the decisive force in Iraq and the Iraqi people remained with all its components the unshakable fort which protects the Resistance and provides it with whatever it needs without submitting to the blackmail and the terrorism of the Occupation and its Iranian stooges.

Ye heroes Mujahideens!
One of the degraded US colonialism styles is to transform the so called (tibunal) into a blackmail tool! For the US imagines that in threatening to execute his Excellency the Leader Saddam Hussein and his heroes companions, it will be able to force the Resistance and the people to back off and to surrender or that the execution will blow off the inferno of the Armed Revolution, that terrorizing the defense witnesses and sue them will frighten Iraq sons and daughters from divulging the truth and exposing the tribunal's testimonies' and proof falsifications. But cursed are all these! The President and his courageous companions fear not death! They have always been and still are ready to sacrifice themselves for Iraq and for its people! Moreover the armed Resistance doesn't make any compromise on its objectives at whatever cost. Last but not least, the defense witnesses chose the sacrifice when deciding to stand in a front of an illegal tribunal created by the Occupation to torture Iraqis and their national symbols. Our Party would like to ascertain again that harming the leader and his comrades, aggressing and blackmailing the defense witnesses will have gravest consequences on the Occupation and on the Occupation's stooges now and in the future. We remind here that those who executed the martyrs Nadhem al Tabaqchali, Rifaat al Haj, Fadhel al Shagra and hundreds others never escaped their deeds and were exposed to the Iraqi people just punishment. The ongoing events of the so called tribunal have proved that the one who set it, i.e. the Occupation, is being eradicated and is about to be expelled soon, very soon, from Iraq.. and those appointed in this tribunal will be pursued and will never ever escape the people punishment wherever they may set foot and wherever they will choose to flee.

Ye sons and daughters, who Arab blood flows in your veins, wherever you are!
Iraq is witnessing right now fierce combats on the vast majority of Iraq soil, starting from heroic Basra which is teaching the pigs-Brit and Iran' stooges lectures they will never forget, to Al Anbar, Diyala, Mosul, Salah al Din and many others, where ongoing fierce battles continue unabated to liquidate the Occupation' bases and its stooges and to set the Resistance control over. While Saddam's Capital city, Baghdad, the Mujahideens have succeeded to control it in spite of all the massacres and the criminal acts made and still undertaken by the Occupation specially in al Adhamya. Furthermore the Green Zone stayed as the only area in Baghdad where hide the Occupation and the Occupation' stooges.

The national resistance was able and succeeded to make the occupation impotent to hold on a single area and to control permanently a single city in the day or at night! Iraqis know and the world that Iraq at night belongs to the Resistance and in the day it is a burning battle field harvesting the Occupation army heads and its stooges.

Ye patriots all! Parties! political powers and independent personalities!
Ye religious leaders, protectors of the Iraqi national unity!
Ye Tribal leaders, protectors of the homeland dignity, and its eternal traditions!

Our Mujahid Party calls upon you to rapidly establish the national front to include all those who oppose the Occupation such as parties, patriotic forces and personalities, religious and tribal leaders, independent militants, to rapidly expel the Occupation from one hand and to guarantee the establishment of a national government representing all those who opposed the Occupation from the other.

When ascertaining this, our Party absolutely believes that the after the Occupation period imposes the building of a new Iraq purified of the blind partisanship, the ignorance of the other, and authority grabbing, ruled by a popular democracy ensuring for every Iraqi a role to determine Iraq's destiny and draw Iraq future. The Mujahideens, the gun bearers, have succeeded to build their alliance, it is high time that the supporters of the Armed Resistance follow suit and set a wide national front.

The oil nationalization will remain a great national step which snatched the people riches back inspite the bloodthirsty US!
The Iraqi Armed Revolution will remain the fundamental liberation tool!
Long live the Iraqi Armed Resistance with all its Mujahideens factions!
Long live Iraq, free, Arab and sovereign!
Long live Saddam Hussein our Party Secretary General, who engineered, set, designed and started the armed Resistance, the symbol of its youth, and of the modern Arab nation' renaissance dignity and heroism!
A salute to our heroes resisting comrades in the Occupation's jails and in the masquerades called tribunals!

Long live comrade Izzat al Duri, Iraq Deputy Secretary General, the field commander of the National Iraqi Resistance!
Long live our Party as the symbol of the nation Resistance, the vanguard of its guards, the permanent motor of the components of its Renaissance, its global liberation, and its unity from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arab Gulf.

Long live the National Iraqi Front, which is a guarantee for victory over the Occupation, and on the stooges after the occupation.

The Arab Baath Socialist Party
Iraq Leadership

Culture and Information Bureau
Baghdad on June the first 2006

*Translated by Abu Assur. al Moharer.net

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